Who Is Really Responsible For Misleading The Public With False Information About Lindsay’s Case?

The comments #1- #60(below) were posted on social media.  It is important to address some of the misleading/false/fabricated/skewed information in these comments and point out who is really responsible for misleading the public with false information about Lindsay’s case.  The information is NOT COMING FROM THE SAANICH POLICE DEPT like some are claiming.    The false information is coming from people on social media.  Mostly ill-informed case followers (C.F.). They are attempting to turn Lindsay’s case into a huge conspiracy claiming Police and Government corruption.  The C.F. started a very public smear campaign against the SPD in hopes of gaining media attention.  Everything they claim is 100% false.

The C.F.  are intentionally misleading the public and they have a huge motive for doing so.  They want publicity.  These people are to blame for the inaccurate/false information published on social media about Lindsay’s case.   Put the blame where it belongs.  Freedom of speech comes with responsibility and accountability.


Please read the following false/fabricated information in the comments.  The accurate information has been inserted in [BOLD TEXT]

Comments  #1  –  #60:     By  the C.F.   (CASE FOLLOWERS)

1. At the February 5, 2008 press conference, Const. Brad Brajcich said the Saanich communication centre received a 911 call at 6:15 p.m. from someone who said they were worried about a person inside the house. A few minutes later, police received a second 911 call from inside the house by the person who found Buziak’s body (Victoria Times Colonist, February 6, 2008). Other news outlets like CTV News Vancouver and CBC News BC reported the same information.  That’s the information that the public believed, because it was provided by the Saanich Police Department.

[The SP did not provide the information in the above news article. The reporter was paraphrasing information and it was NOT accurate.  The article below reported that two 911 calls came in around 6:00 pm then in the same article it was reported the first call was at 6:15 pm.  We know from accurate details shared by the SP that the 1st call was at 6:05 pm and the 2nd call was at 6:11 pm.]

[ Feb 7, 2008 news report – So far, Saanich police have refused to identify Mr. Zailo as the person who made two 911 calls Saturday around 6 p.m. about Ms. Buziak’s welfare. Saanich police have said emergency crews raced to the home on Saturday evening after receiving two 911 calls. The first call at 6:15 p.m. came from outside the house. The caller asked the police to check on Ms. Buziak. Louise Dickson, Canwest News Service · Feb. 7, 2008]

2. Then on Dateline NBC, that information changed. The information provided by the Saanich Police Department to them was that Jason made the first 911 call at 6:05 p.m. and a second 911 call came in at 6:11 p.m.

[The information provided by the SP on Dateline was accurate information.  It did not change. The only people who change factual information is the C.F.   The SP has always provided a consistent timeline and consistent statements.  ]

3. On February 5, 2008, The Saanich Police Department had the records for the 911 calls. If the calls were made at 6:05 and 6:11, why didn’t they say so then?

[Members of the public cannot make demands upon a police department and advise them when to share details about a criminal investigation.  The police will share information when they are ready to share it.  They are in charge of the investigation, not the C.F.]

4. On February 3, 2009, the Saanich Police Department released suspect descriptions:   Lindsay Buziak met with a couple inside the home the day she was killed, Saanich police revealed for the first time yesterday.  Police arrived at the descriptions through statements from several witnesses, Price said. But he would not confirm whether the couple was seen near the house at 1702 De Sousa Pl. on the day Buziak, 24, was killed. (Victoria Times Colonist, February 4, 2009)   Saanich police wouldn’t confirm where the couple was when the witnesses saw them. They didn’t say Lindsay greeted them in the driveway, and they didn’t give any times. They did say Lindsay met with them inside the home.  During the February 2, 2010 Saanich Police Department press conference, “Lindsay met a man and a woman just before 6:00 p.m. on February 2, 2008.”  They don’t say here that she met them in the driveway either.

[One or two witnesses reported seeing Lindsay greet the couple in the driveway.  If the investigators made a decision to share certain details in 2017 rather than in 2010 that does not change the accuracy of the information nor does it mean the event did not take place.   The C.F. should focus on the details provided by the investigators rather than intentionally publishing false/inaccurate information about Lindsay’s case. The C.F. cherry-pick bits of the information reported by the media then spin it around and claim the SP made inconsistent statements about Lindsay’s case.  Most of the people who do this are people who have a personal vendetta against the police.  These people are trying to persuade impressionable, unsuspecting, overtrusting viewers that the SP are not credible sources of information.  The C.F. are the ones who are not credible. ]

5. A year after Lindsay was murdered, A Crime Stoppers Video was released, and the information provided by the Saanich Police Department was that the prospective buyers arrived at the home at just after 5:30 p.m. and met with Lindsay in the driveway.  On Dateline NBC, the information provided by the Saanich Police Department was that, “As police blanketed the neighborhood after the murder, they did turn up more than one witness who provided key information. They had seen, in the fading sunlight of a February Saturday, Lindsay greeting the man and woman as they arrived at the home at around 5:30 p.m.”.

[SP cannot force reporters to write word for word what they share with them.    Both statements above are accurate, just different descriptions.]

6. On June 30, 2010, the Victoria Times Colonist reported, To nail down the sequence of events, police looked at the time when the lock box was accessed on the home’s front door, which is consistent with the 5:30 p.m. scheduled meeting between Buziak and the couple, and with testimony from witnesses who saw Buziak greet the pair at the front door.  This provides a window of Lindsay greeting the man and woman between 5:25 p.m. and 5:59 p.m. (about 5:30 p.m. could mean just before or just after 5:30, and just before 6:00 p.m. could mean from 5:46-5:59).

[The investigators have a very accurate timeline.  It was based on CCTV footage, cell phone data, lockbox data, eyewitness accounts,  and information provided by family, friends, etc. Lindsay accessed the lockbox at 5:29 pm and was seen greeting the couple at 5:30 pm while Jason was seen leaving SHC.   It is simple for people to figure out if they focus on details provided by the investigators rather than inaccurate/false information from C.F. or from a reporter who was paraphrasing what the SP said. The complete timeline has been published and the C.F. are aware of the timeline so cherry-picking bits and pieces from media sources and spinning it just makes you look even more dishonest.]     

7. I don’t think it was ever mentioned what time Lindsay texted Jason back, “Okay. I’ll see you in a bit. I gotta go. The Mexicans are here”.

[There was no time mentioned because Lindsay never texted Jason back in regards to “the Mexicans”. That was likely mentioned in a PHONE call between Jason and Lindsay. (refer back to Dateline) In one of the SP media releases, they said just before meeting the suspects Lindsay placed a PHONE CALL to Jason. ]

8. On June 30, 2010, the Victoria Times Colonist reported, They also looked at Buziak’s text messages, and found that she responded to text messages during the showing until sometime between 5:42 and 5:44 p.m., indicating the attack occurred then.

[It is rather obvious the reporter, in this case, reported an inaccurate timeline.  It should have read 5:38 pm-5:41 pm.  Interesting C.F.  intentionally tries to cause confusion by willfully sharing inaccurate/false information then claim the SP said it.  The C.F. are not credible sources of information. If you notice, all the people behind the podcasts and youtube videos repeat the same inaccurate information from each other. The same story told by a different person.]

9. But they said Lindsay hadn’t opened the text Jason sent her at 5:38 p.m. saying “Just a couple of minutes away”. And what about that pocket dial at 5:41?

[The C.F. are only cherry-picking inaccurate information and posting it. The motive is to discredit the police because the police informed the general public about all the fabricated information that has been posted. ]

10. Have Saanich police made things up as they’ve gone along? What are they covering up, or who are they covering for?

[The C.F.  fabricate information on a weekly basis.  Why are they intentionally misinforming the public?  What are they trying to cover up?  The truth?  The SP has been very consistent with the information they have shared with the public. The C.F. are not very accepting of any information shared by the SP because it goes against their Zailo theory.]  

11. On February 4, 2009, the Victoria Times Colonist reported, Police said, for the first time yesterday, they’ve cleared Buziak’s live-in boyfriend as a suspect. “We’ve never said Zailo was a suspect,” Sgt. John Price said. “Zailo was a person of interest, as would anybody be who was found at the scene of a homicide investigation.”  At this point, why didn’t the Saanich Police Department release an accurate timeline of events to squash rumors and speculation? It would have been the appropriate time to do so. They had finally confirmed that Jason was the person who had made the two 911 calls, so why not release a timeline of events. Didn’t they want to take the spotlight off Jason and put it onto the man and woman whose descriptions they had just released? Releasing an accurate timeline would possibly have generated more tips and leads from the public as well.

[The public are not in charge of running police investigations nor can they dictate when the investigators should release timelines, etc.  The investigators have released some details about this case and it has NOT STOPPED SPECULATION or taken the focus off Jason.  We are now in year 11 and even though the SP have shared details about Lindsay’s case and publicly cleared the entire Zailo family that has not stopped the C.F. from spreading malicious rumours or waging a smear campaign against the SPD.  It is the C.F.  who intentionally put out false information that is fueling the rumours which keeps the focus on the Zailo’s. It’s being done intentionally.  Let’s put the blame where it really belongs.  In the comment above the C.F. acknowledge Jason was cleared in 2009 but in a follow-up comment, they claimed Jason was only cleared AFTER DATELINE aired in 2010. They can’t seem to keep their lies straight. ]

12. As for those suspect descriptions, the composite sketch of the woman and the sketch of the dress/skirt – why did they wait a year to release that information? They said they’d had the information for months. When asked why they hadn’t released it sooner, Sgt. John Price said police wanted “to ensure that it met with our investigative needs” (Victoria Times Colonist, February 4, 2009). What does that mean?

[The C.F. would know what it meant if they stopped cherry-picking bits of information and putting their own spin on it.  They should try sharing all the information from the article instead of bits and pieces.] (article below)

  “We still believe there are people out there that have information that is crucial to our investigation,” Sergeant John Price told a news conference where a large photograph of a smiling Ms. Buziak was displayed. He said the composites are based on descriptions from a witness or witnesses and have been in hand “for months.” The police chose to release the details right after the anniversary of Ms. Buziak’s slaying to attract maximum exposure in the news. Published February 4, 2009 The Globe and Mail]

13. Speculation: Maybe what it means is that it was all made up. Someone at the department brought in a dress and a sketch was drawn and colored to look somewhat like that dress. Then someone said, “Hey, Sgt. _____ ______ turn to the side so they can sketch you”. And to the artist, “Change her features a little so she looks kind of Mexican”.

[One of the witnesses drew the sketch of the dress. An RCMP artist did the composite sketch of the female suspect.  Most of what is fabricated comes from the C.F.  who have no direct knowledge of the case, have a personal vendetta against the police, or just simply enjoy fabricating stories to put the focus on their personal theory. They even claim the case is cold when they know it’s active.  No wonder TV crime shows like 20/20 and Fifth Estate did not pick up this story.  

Here is a better dress story that is TRUE and it doesn’t involve the SP.   One of the C.F. went into a thrift store and purchased a dress then lied and claimed it was the EXACT same dress the female suspect wore(logically, how would they even know that?)  If you look at the suspect dress that was on display at the police presser and compare  it to the dress from the thrift store the dresses look nothing alike. So they lied!   The dresses are not even the same colour or the same pattern.   The dress from the thrift store has a beige colour on it and no pattern on the back.   Who are the people making up stories here?  The C.F. that’s who.]

14. With so many inconsistencies, it’s hard not to speculate.

[The inconsistencies are coming from the C.F.  who falsely report that the SP are putting out misleading information. The C.F. refuse to accept the details provided by the SP about Lindsay’s case and even with all those facts, they continue to publish false information surrounding certain events and some events didn’t even happen.]

15. An accurate timeline can mean everything to an investigation when police are trying to get public input in the form of tips and leads.

[If the C.F. believe an accurate timeline is important to an investigation then why do they keep changing it and posting an inaccurate timeline?  An accurate timeline was shared by the SP  and it has been consistent.  Unfortunately, the C.F.  continue to publish a false/inaccurate timeline/information which results in false tips and leads.  Police resources are being wasted investigating false tips/leads when the resources could be better utilized investigating the real perps.    The C.F.  ignore the accurate timeline/information and run around in circles chasing things that aren’t there.  The dress find at the thrift store and the TWO fake “confessions” they claim happened but didn’t are a perfect example of wasted resources and false leads.]

16. The Victoria Times Colonist reported on September 21, 2010, Saanich police did not see the Dateline show before it aired.  My response to that is, “Are you kidding me?” The Saanich Police Department has the responsibility for making sure that the information they provide to the media is accurate, and that it is reported accurately. They should have been reading news articles listening to podcasts and viewing t.v. shows that they provided information for before they were released to the public, and if anything was incorrect, they should have made sure it was corrected. Of course that only works if the information they are providing is accurate in the first place, and is not skewed.

[The SP shared accurate details about Lindsay’s case with the media but it is the responsibility of the reporters, and people on social media,  to share the information accurately.   The SP had no control over the Dateline show or the editing.   Even today the SP continues to provide accurate information but there will always be that group of people (mostly the ill-informed C.F.) who continue to post false information then claim the police reported it. ]

17. About the decision to do the Dateline NBC show, Inspector Rob McColl said, “I wanted to ensure that it was the best possible representation to give us the best shot at catching the bad guy and gal”. (Victoria News, February 2, 2011) Would the Saanich Police Department really have allowed it to air without it being viewed first? It seems doubtful.

[SP had no control over any aspect of the Dateline show.   The C.F. are just distorting information again by cherry-picking bits of information from news article.  September 2010: “Saanich police released the information locally this afternoon. They would not provide the photos and video sooner, saying they had AN AGREEMENT with producers of the NBC show that the documents would not be released before the show on the unsolved killing of Buziak was aired last week. “

There were OTHER PROVISIONS IN THE AGREEMENT  AS WELL.  Dateline producers are the only ones who had full control of the show.]

18. If, as Jeff says, Saanich police are spending time on this site reading through the comments, then they could have spared the time to read news articles, listen to podcasts and watch t.v. shows prior to them being put out to the public to “take as the gospel”.

[The SP is not responsible for the false information posted by the C.F.    Why don’t the C.F.  spend their time more constructively and focus on publishing the more accurate, detailed, information shared by the SP?  Those who intentionally mislead, fabricate, etc are responsible for their own actions. ]

19. The interviews on Dateline NBC represented the information that those people interviewed wanted the public to know about Lindsay, and about her murder. If anyone had a problem with the information they provided, they could have approached Dateline right away and asked for it to either pulled or changed, since the interviews were in June, 2010, and the program aired in September, 2010.

[The people who granted interviews to Dateline had no idea what portion of the information they provided would actually air on Dateline after EDITING.  These people did not have the authority to tell Dateline how to run their show.   The dateline viewers did not get to hear ALL the information provided by the people who were interviewed(on or off camera).   The viewers only saw the EDITED VERSION, therefore, the information provided to Dateline by those interviewed was not a true representation of what they shared.  The Dateline episode was approx. 120 minutes excluding the commercials.  Dateline had hours and hours of interviews.   For example, Shirley and Jason may have had a two-hour interview in which they shared many details but Dateline only aired a snippet of what they shared.  

I did notice Dateline did not edit out what some of what Lindsay’s friends and family shared about Lindsay.   Josh: “many of Lindsay’s friends had an explanation for why Matt was on Lindsay’s mind around the time of the murder. It was likely they say because she was thinking of leaving Jason and getting back together with Matt. Her Father said Lindsay said as much on her trip to visit him just six weeks before her death, she said “Daddy I miss Matt so much”  she said, “I’m really confused, I don’t know what to do.”  “It hurt me to see her like that.  She knew it was over but she had not gotten over him.”  Her friends said Matt a hold over Lindsay.   The investigators shared information about the Calgary drug bust angle. Josh said: “that’s a criminal conspiracy of some significance to wipe out this young realtor.  What set of facts possibly fits with that? Inspector McColl said: “a large amount of money, a large amount of drugs, a considerable wrong done to whoever the financier is behind this.”  Josh:  “a drug angle has emerged as a leading theory in her murder.  Is there any evidence that Lindsay used recreational drugs?”  Detective Horsley:  ‘no.”  McColl:  “And there’s no evidence that she committed any criminal offences either.”  Josh:  “was she associated with or friends with people who were involved in crime?  McColl:  “yes, yes she was. There was an element of people that she associated with that were involved in crime.”]

20. I don’t think Jason was the one lying about what he saw when he drove onto De Sousa Place, because Jeff said on Brain Scratch that the information Jason provided on Dateline was the same information he had heard since the beginning, and that was that Jason and his friend saw the outlines of people through smoked glass.

[No one was lying.  The information about the couple attempting to leave out the front door has been on social media for years,  well before Dateline and podcasts aired.  Jason most likely provided Dateline with the FULL details of seeing the couple about to leave but part of the information was EDITED.  The only part the dateline viewers heard was Jason’s description of the two people behind the smoked glass.  The first part of his description was EDITED OUT.   Dateline is a TV show.  Think EDITING!  I don’t expect the C.F. to accept this accurate information because it blows their theory to bits.  They will continue to repost the same inaccurate content over and over again. ]

21. What is interesting, though, is that A News Vancouver Island reported on June 29, 2010, “…despite seeing Lindsay’s car in the driveway, Zailo could see no one in the home.”

[Jason could see no one in the house when he went to check on Lindsay at 6:05 pm. ]

22. Once again, this is information that was provided by the Saanich Police Department, and if it was reported incorrectly, they should have asked for it to be corrected prior to it being released to the public. According to this, even though Jason saw Lindsay’s car in the driveway, he couldn’t see anyone in the house when he drove up. It’s possible the information was different because the Dateline show hadn’t aired yet, but if that was the reason, then why say anything at all?

[Once again, SP are not responsible for correcting a reporter’s paraphrasing or errors unless they deem it necessary (ie: error of reporting 54 stab wounds was corrected )   SP are not responsible for proofreading every word published on social media or by media outlets.  The C.F.  don’t seem to care about all the false/inaccurate information they post so why are they picking apart the inaccurate information in news articles? ] 

23. Det.-Sgt. Chris Horsley was the one who gave different accounts of what Jason and his friend saw on both the Case File True Crime Podcast in 2016, and on Crime Watch Daily in 2017. “The fact of the matter is the people were actually seen, the door was open, and the witnesses actually observed the male suspect exiting the house…” (Podcast) and “The killers were actually about to walk out the front door and leave, and he turned into the cul-de-sac and interrupted them leaving. If he had been five seconds later, he would have driven right into the suspects walking out here into the driveway. And his assumption is, these are the clients, and the showing is just starting, as the door closes.” (Crime Watch Daily)

[those are not different accounts.  Horsley is saying the same thing in both accounts but using different words.   The people were seen, the door was open, they were exiting the house,  the killers were about (indicates movement) to walk out the front door and leave.   When you put it all together it looks like this – the killers were seen at the front door and the male was IN FRONT of the female and the male may have had ONE FOOT out the door and then turned around and walked back inside and shut the door.  If Jason arrived 5 seconds later the killers would have been ALL THE WAY OUT OF THE HOUSE and in the driveway.   What Horsley said makes perfect sense.  The C.F. just like to put their own spin on things to make it appear as though the SP is being inconsistent.]

24. This does raise the question, however, that if what Jason said on Dateline was the truth, why did he not dispute what Det.-Sgt. Chris Horsley said on the Podcast and on Crime Watch Daily? It could be because he didn’t know about them or about what Horsley said, but it seems unlikely, especially considering that in Victoria, everybody knows everybody. Someone would have told him.

[ Jason saw the couple at the front door AND again behind the smoked glass portion of the door after they SHUT IT.  Jason saw TWO different views of the couple.   He described both to Dateline and one part was edited out. Why would Jason need to dispute anything Horsley said?]

25. At first glance, it might seem that Jason had several lapses in judgment and made some poor choices on February 2, 2008. Upon closer inspection, however, there are things that just don’t add up.

[everything adds up if the C.F. accept the details shared by the investigators instead of willfully posting false information about the case.The investigators have interviewed hundreds of people and corroborated/substantiated the information.   The police know the FEMALE suspect called Lindsay from the Vancouver area but they never confirmed the story that the MALE called Lindsay to say he was coming alone.  So, only the police know for sure. The C.F. do not have the ability to corroborate/substantiate any info. All they can do is fabricate it and hope gullible people believe it.]

26. Friends have been open about the fact that Lindsay told them things weren’t working out between her and Jason and she was going to break up with him.  On Dateline, when asked if there was any truth to what people were saying, Jason said, “There’s none. No. There’s no truth to that”.

[It was also reported on Dateline that some family and friends said Lindsay was thinking about breaking up with Jason to get back together with Matt but later softened and decided to stay with Jason(January after the ski trip).     The C.F. said they believe everything on Dateline so why are they questioning this portion of information?  Jason was most likely telling the truth when he was asked if there was any truth to what people were saying.  Most women do not go to their partner and say:  ” I’m thinking about leaving you for another guy.”  Josh asked Jeff if Lindsay told Jason she was thinking about leaving him and Jeff said “Not that I’m aware of” ]

27. What would the harm have been in Jason answering this question truthfully? “We were having some problems, but we were working on them.” “We had some problems in the past, but we worked them out.” It wasn’t the first time Lindsay had tried to end the relationship. When they were living together at Shawnigan Lake, she started looking for a place of her own in Victoria, but he convinced her to stay with him, and they moved back to the city together.

[Jason did answer the question truthfully and there is supporting evidence to go along with that.  Where is the evidence that Jason lied?  Where is the evidence that suggests Lindsay tried to end her relationship but Jason talked her into moving to the city?  Many people have described Lindsay as a very driven, independent woman who could be feisty at times.   She was not afraid to tell you exactly what she thought of you.  “If she was mad at you, you would know it,”  said her ex, Matt.   That doesn’t sound like a woman who could be convinced into staying with a man she didn’t want to be with.  Lindsay’s sister said Lindsay and Jason were extremely happy.  She adored Jason. Every relationship has bumps in the road and people work them out.   If you look at the whole picture Lindsay’s actions support she was happy with Jason. She went on a ski vacation with Jason and his family in January.  She was living with Jason and spending time with Jason.   All the photo’s of Lindsay and Jason depict a very happy looking couple. She was on a lunch date with Jason the day she was murdered.]

28. Jason told Saanich police that on February 2, 2008, he and Lindsay had a late lunch together at Sauce. Then they split up, Lindsay to go to the house at De Sousa Place, and Jason to take a contract to SHC before meeting Lindsay at the house to drop off some papers. (Dateline NBC, September 17, 2010)    On Dateline, according to what Jason told police, Lindsay headed to the house right after they had lunch together. If this is the truth, it changes the entire scope of the events leading up to her murder.   Jason would have known what Lindsay’s intentions were when she left the restaurant. She would have shared that information with him. If she was going home to change her clothes, as was mentioned on the podcast, he would have known. Why not share that information on Dateline?

[ The podcast is full of inaccurate/false information. The podcaster has no direct knowledge of the case nor does the  Youtubers.  I don’t recall ever hearing the investigators give a minute by minute account of Lindsay’s movements after she left Sauce.  They gave a timeline based on Lindsay’s movements once she arrived at the DeSousa property.  If Lindsay went home first to change the SP would have evidence of that period. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t.  Why do people quote all the inaccurate/false information provided by Podcasters and  YouTubers who have no direct knowledge of the case yet they don’t quote factual detailed information that was shared by investigators who have direct knowledge of the case?  What is the reason behind that? I think the reason is, the police facts don’t work with the C.F. conspiracy theories so they have to try and discredit the information shared by the police.  The Podcasters and Youtubers are merely following a script and do not even acknowledge the factual details provided by the SP.  The C.F. have one agenda and that is to discredit the SP because the SP reported to the media that all the information on social media is false/fabricated/misleading. That did not sit well with the C.F. ]

29. If Lindsay had gone home to change, it’s likely people would have seen her. At that time of day on a Saturday there would have been people around.

[If Lindsay went home to change the investigators would have the evidence to support that based on cell phone data and eyewitness accounts of the clothing Lindsay was wearing at Sauce and Desousa]

30. Family, friends and co-workers said Lindsay felt apprehensive about the showing and that she had asked Jason to meet her at the house.  While Saanich police said during the February 2, 2010 media release, “Just prior to meeting the potential clients, Lindsay made a phone call to her boyfriend, Jason Zailo, who agreed to meet her at the house”, the Victoria Times Colonist reported on June 30, 2010, Saanich police said Lindsay wasn’t apprehensive about the showing and that Jason went to the house because he had real estate documents for her to sign. What is the truth? Saanich police have Lindsay and Jason’s cellphone records.

[The truth is, there were also family, friends, and co-workers who said Lindsay was not apprehensive about the showing rather she was excited about the possibility of making a  large commission. Some of Lindsay’s colleagues were in the office with Jason and Lindsay when they were discussing the 5:30 appt. and it was reported by one colleague that the plan was that Jason would meet Lindsay shortly after the 5:30 showing.  Jason had a pre-planned meeting at SHC.  “media reported widely that Buziak expressed trepidation at the showing, but Saanich police yesterday dismissed those reports, saying while Buziak felt the showing was unusual because she was not the listing agent, she wasn’t apprehensive about it. While some reports indicated Buziak asked her boyfriend, real estate agent Jason Zailo, to check on her at the house, Horsley said Zailo went to the house because he had real estate documents for Buziak to sign.”  The deal was not mortgage-related as reported in 2010 but it was time-sensitive.  It had to be dealt with prior to Jason’s hockey game and the Birthday party Lindsay was going to attend.

 Lindsay made a phone call (not a text) (this information was on the Saanich Police website) to Jason prior to greeting the couple and investigators said Jason was going to MEET not CHECK on Lindsay at the house.  “checking” on someone versus ‘meeting” someone are two different scenarios.]

31. Lindsay wanted Jason to meet her at the house. She made that clear to everyone she talked to.

[How does the C.F. know what plans Lindsay and Jason had?   Did the C.F. talk with each and every person like the SP did?  The C.F. said Lindsay was afraid of Jason and was going to break up with him so why would she ask Jason to come to protect her if she was so afraid of him? How does that even make common sense?  The investigators have interviewed hundreds of people and corroborated/substantiated the information provided by those people.  Not everyone has the same story outlined above.  Many other people said Jason was supposed to meet Lindsay at the house AFTER the 5:30 showing and he arrived at that time.  The investigators said Jason was supposed to meet Lindsay later to drop off documents. Jason had a meeting and if he was supposed to be with Lindsay at the house he would not have gone to his meeting.  He would have travelled with Lindsay to the house.  Lindsay had never called the police on Jason but she did call the police on Matt three times.  No charges were ever laid on Matt.]

32.Lindsay told co-workers about the phone calls, and about feeling apprehensive about the showing. She told them Jason was going to meet her at the house.

[No one knows with certainty what Lindsay’s exact words were to other people.  People are saying Lindsay told them this or that.  Some of those people are saying she was NOT apprehensive and Jason was NOT supposed to be with Lindsay at 5:30 while others are saying the opposite. What we do know is some of the details the investigators shared.  The C.F. cannot accept these facts and will continue to spin the information to suit their personal agenda. ] 

33. Shirley Zailo, Lindsay’s boss and Jason’s mother, had been selling real estate on Vancouver Island for ten years. She must have recognized that there were things about the clients that didn’t add up. As a seasoned professional, wouldn’t she have encouraged Lindsay to get more details from the clients? As the mother of Lindsay’s boyfriend, wouldn’t she have insisted that Jason accompany Lindsay on all showings with the clients?

[Lindsay was not an “employee” of re/max.  Lindsay was an independent, responsible woman who had shown clients vacant properties alone many times before, just as thousands of other realtors had done.  In 2006 Lindsay was holding open houses on brand new vacant townhomes.  The Desousa Property was not the FIRST time Lindsay showed a VACANT property.   Lindsay had no reason to be apprehensive since she had shown vacant properties in the past.  The only thing that was unusual was that the couple contacted Lindsay directly rather than one of the listing agents on the Desousa property and they did not provide their name.     The investigators said the female suspect spoke with a foreign accent not FAKE. The C.F. claim the female suspect spoke with a FAKE SPANISH ACCENT.    Jason was to meet Lindsay at the house shortly after the 5:30 appt. so Shirley would have had no concerns knowing that Jason was to be there.   If you remove all the clutter surrounding the appt and stick to the details shared by the SP it is understandable why the SP dismissed reports that Lindsay was apprehensive.  Since she showed brand new vacant townhomes in the past it is understandable why Lindsay would not be apprehensive about showing the vacant DeSousa property.  ]

34. Lindsay and Jason lived together. He spent time at the office where both Lindsay and his mother worked. He knew exactly how Lindsay felt about the clients and about the showing. He knew she felt uneasy and he knew she wanted him to be there. No matter how much Jason and the Saanich Police Department try to pussyfoot around that, it’s the truth.

[The C.F. do not know anything about Jason.  No matter how much spin they put on the information it’s not the truth.   The SP along with many others, including some of Lindsay’s former colleagues said Lindsay was not apprehensive about the showing.  The SP has evidence whereas the C.F. can say whatever they like based on no evidence.  All we have to do is look at the track record of what the C.F. have already falsely posted on social media to know they are not credible sources of information. ]

35. Why was it so important for Jason to take the contract to SHC before heading to the house? Why did he spend an hour at SHC? He knew Lindsay was waiting for him, and he had plenty of time to make it to the house before the showing. Instead, he waited until the time of the showing, and he texted Lindsay to tell her he would meet her in 10-15 minutes.

[Lindsay was not expecting Jason until shortly after 5:30 and that was pre-planned. Jason did not wait until the time of showing then TEXT Lindsay to say he would meet her in 10-15 minutes.  Jason spoke with Lindsay on the phone just before 5:30 pm.   Lindsay initiated the call to Jason (per SP press/website information )  “just before meeting the clients Lindsay called her boyfriend” and as per DATELINE Jason said:  “I’ll come meet you and I’ll be 10 – 15 minutes or so” and she said “okay I’ll see you in a bit I gotta go the Mexicans are here”.    Lindsay had the opportunity at that time to tell Jason if she was worried, scared, or knew the people who had arrived and she had not.]

36. The surveillance video at SHC became part of Jason’s alibi.

[The surveillance camera at SHC was NOT in working order.  The CCTV footage of Jason leaving was actually captured by the surveillance camera from the business next door.  Jason did not need CCTV footage to establish any part of his alibi.  He had eyewitness accounts, cell phone data, etc.   Jason would have been cleared regardless of the CCTV footage. He had many eyewitnesses and I am sure other CCTV footage that captured his travel route to DeSousa.  The C.F. have no evidence to support Jason should be a suspect.]

37. Jason asked a friend (CO) to go for dinner with him. CO met Jason in the parking lot at SHC.  Jeff Buziak talked to CO, and CO said he didn’t know Jason well. They were colleagues. He couldn’t understand why Jason was so persistent with trying to get him to go for dinner. At first he turned him down, but later changed his mind.

[The C.F. are merely repeating hearsay information which has not been corroborated to be true.  CO and Jason worked together on a daily basis in the same office and played hockey on the same team for years.  CO is currently working for Jason Zailo.   Jason and CO had a hockey game at 10:10 pm at Pearkes arena that night and that is the reason they were together. They were going to have dinner and a couple beers before the game.  That’s what friends do.   The SP has the details about Jason and CO’s relationship and the dinner arrangements that night.  The C.F. has no evidence to support their ramblings.]

38. Everything that has been put out in the media is that CO was a friend of Jason’s. The Saanich Police Department wants the public to believe that CO was a friend of Jason’s. “Jason and a friend went to De Sousa Place.” “Jason and his friend had entered the front of the home.” “Jason and his friend have been ruled out as suspects.”    Jason and CO worked together, and they played hockey together on the same team not long before Lindsay was murdered. Was it true that they didn’t know each other well?

[The C.F. want you to believe that Jason and CO were not friends. Everything they put out on social media is either false or inaccurate.  The SP wants the public to know the truth and that is why they share the truth with the public. Sure investigators will also at times put out false information for investigative purposes but if they are seeking the assistance from the public to come forward with more information they are certainly not going to put out false information about the case year after year.  Why would the investigators try and misdirect the public for 11 years and make them think INNOCENT people were involved in murder if they knew they were not?     Makes no sense.   Why do the C.F. doubt the truth?  What is their purpose for doubting the truth? The C.F. who put out false/inaccurate information on social media wants you to believe the Zailo’s are responsible and want you to believe the complete opposite of what the SP said.   Pay attention to the information provided by investigators instead of false information published by C.F. who don’t know anything.  The C.F. are trying to cover the truth up!]

39. CO became part of Jason’s alibi.   Jason texted Lindsay, “I’ll come meet you. I’ll be 10-15 minutes or so”, and then he started driving.    Lindsay already knew he was coming to meet her, and she knew how long it should take him to get there. Had Lindsay sent Jason a previous text asking where he was? If she had, then Jason’s text would make more sense.

[ Jason was speaking to Lindsay on the phone when he said “I’ll come meet you and I’ll be 10 – 15 minutes or so” and Lindsay said “okay I’ll see you in a bit I gotta go the Mexicans are here”.]

40. Lindsay texted Jason, “Okay. I’ll see you in a bit. I gotta go. The Mexicans are here”.

[Lindsay said that in a phone call…re-watch Dateline and listen to Jason’s own words. It was also acknowledged that just before meeting her clients at 5:30 Lindsay called Jason. There were also eyewitnesses at SCH who heard Jason talking to Lindsay on the phone. The only evidence the C.F. have is fabricated stories.]

41. The “Mexicans” plural would indicate that both the man and woman had shown up, even though it was reported that the man had called to say he would be coming alone. There’s no mention that Jason questioned this at all.

[The SP don’t share every little detail of who said what. ]

42. The whole thing with “The Mexicans” is weird. On Crime Watch Daily, “The Mexicans are here” is left out, and Det.-Sgt. Chris Horsley says, “She told Jason, ‘They’re here’. No mention of “The Mexicans”. Was that intentional, or did Crime Watch Daily not allow the use of the nickname? Or, maybe it was because that’s not what Lindsay texted?

[ It was already reported Lindsay called Jason just before meeting the clients.  On Dateline Jason said that Lindsay said, “I got to go the Mexican’s are here”.  Jason passed a polygraph exam and the SP would have asked Jason if Lindsay spoke those words to him.   The SP has never publicly used the term “the Mexican’s”  on Dateline, CWD, or in any other pressers that I have seen. ]

43. When Jason found out the clients were at the house, he didn’t put pedal to the metal to get there. He actually didn’t know where he was going, so he had to call his brother for directions. CO must not have known how to get there either.

[Why would Jason need to rush to the Desousa house? He was not expecting Lindsay to be in any sort of danger. Jason was due there approx. 5:45.  Jason had GPS but unfortunately, DeSousa was a new street and could not be found by his GPS as it had not been entered into google maps yet.  According to sources  Lindsay was texting Jason the directions but then it was said that Jason called Ryan for directions.  The SP know the details that is all that matters.]

44. Jason texted Lindsay, “Just a couple minutes away”.  Why? Unless, of course, she had texted him earlier to ask him where he was, and he knew she would be anxious, and she wouldn’t be happy with him. Otherwise, she already knew he was on his way and how long he would be. He had already told her that.

[It was reported that Jason had a hard time finding the Desousa address because it was a new street and was not yet entered into google maps so his GPS could not find the street.  After getting the proper directions he was just reaffirming to Lindsay that he found his way and would be there shortly “Just a couple of minutes away”.  It is not uncommon for people to touch base with their partner and say, “hey honey I’m just leaving the grocery store now, see ya soon.”  The C.F. are putting way too much spin on this one.] 

45. Jason pulled onto De Sousa Place from Torquay Drive and he saw, according to his own words, outlines of two people through the smoked glass.

[Jason reported to the SP and Dateline(edited out) that he saw the couple about to leave and the male turned around, went back inside and then shut the door.  After the door was shut Jason could only still see the two people through the smoked glass portion of the front door. The C.F. have put so many different spins on what Jason did they can’t even remember what they said anymore.  Their narratives keep changing. ]

46. This didn’t prompt him to go to the door to see how the showing was going and to check on Lindsay. Instead, he parked past the house, facing away from it, and he sat in his vehicle with CO for ten minutes. He didn’t text or phone Lindsay to ask how things were going.

[SP said when Jason saw the couple at the front door he assumed the showing was just getting started so he drove through the cul-de-sac and pulled ontoTorquay where he remained for over 10 minutes. (as depicted on Dateline) Why would he need to check on Lindsay?  Were there any signs she was in distress? No.   After not receiving a response to the text he sent Lindsay “are you okay” he went and peered in the window and saw Lindsay’s shoes but no people.   He found the front door locked and that is when he called 911.  The C.F. have repeatedly said that Jason parked on DeSousa for 10 minutes facing away from the house then pulled onto Torquay where he remained for another 10 minutes.  They have said this is very strong evidence to support Jason’s guilt of murder because if Jason was innocent he would not have parked in two different spots.  Is that what they call strong evidence of a murder? As per the media:   “Zailo and his friend had arranged to meet Buziak at the Gordon Head house. When they drove up at 5:45 p.m.,  Zailo said he didn’t want to appear like a “meddling boyfriend,” so DROVE AROUND THE CORNER AND WAITED.” (evidence he parked on Torquay) Remember, the couple was about to exit so Jason didn’t want to pull in the driveway and wait.  Jason was not there to check on Lindsay, therefore, Jason had no reason to text Lindsay and say “hey, I’m here” nor did he have any reason to go inside the house at that point.   Where did the C.F. get the info that Jason parked in two different spots for 10 minutes each and did this intentionally to allow the killers to escape?   All fabricated.  The killers escaped while Jason was in the process of driving to the end of the cul-de-sac to turn around.  All his actions regarding his parking is not even relevant as the killers were long gone. ]

47. If Jason believed the showing was just starting, what did he think Lindsay and the clients had been doing for fifteen minutes? Did he not find it the least bit suspicious that Lindsay’s car was the only vehicle parked in the driveway, and there were no vehicles parked on the street?

[Firstly, how does the C.F. know there were no cars parked on the street?  Maybe Jason thought Lindsay and the clients had been chatting for 15 mins. which would be perfectly normal considering how sociable Lindsay was.   Lindsay likely already shared with Jason how the couple was getting to the property so he was not suspicious about the absence of a vehicle in the driveway.    Most agents will pick their clients up and drive them to the appt.  Since this was a planned murder the suspect couple would have given Lindsay an excuse for not requiring a ride to the appt.  Maybe they told her they had relatives who lived in the area and they would be picking them up and dropping them off at Desousa.  They obviously came up with an excuse as to why they would not have their vehicle parked in the driveway. Another point I would like to raise, Jason and CO saw the couple attempting to exit out the front door and there was obviously no one in the driveway or parked in front of the house waiting to pick the suspects up. It appears to me the suspects must have had their own vehicle nearby(probably parked on Torguay).  I don’t believe the suspects would walk anywhere close by and hideout. The K-9 dogs would have been able to pick up their scent regardless of what the C.F. have to say about K-9 dogs. I recall a story of a local B&E. The police brought in K-9’s and found the suspect BLOCKS away hiding behind a building. I think if people get into a vehicle or water that is how a scent is LOST!]

48. After ten minutes, Jason drove through the cul-de-sac, past the house, and then turned right onto Torquay Drive. He parked at the side of the house where he couldn’t see the front door. He did this because he didn’t want to appear to be the meddling boyfriend.  Really? How does this make any sense at all to anyone? He missed two opportunities to pull into the driveway and go to the front door to check on Lindsay.

[The killers had already fled out the side patio doors after Jason and Co spotted them trying to exit out the front door first.   If Jason was involved he had no reason to remain in his vehicle for any reason or park in different spots. It is ridiculous to focus so much time on where Jason parked when it has no relevance to anything and it’s all been fabricated anyway.  The killers were already long gone.  As depicted on Dateline Jason turned onto Desousa, saw the couple and assumed the showing was just getting started so drove through the cul-de-sac,  then turned right onto Torquay and parked his vehicle in the indented spot by the side of the house. That is where he waited for over 10 minutes.  He did not park in two different spots and even if he did, it’s of no relevance as the killers were long gone already. Jason had no reason to go check on Lindsay when he arrived at 5:45 pm. The killer’s had already fled by the time Jason got turned around in the cul-de-sac. If Jason was involved what would the reason be for Jason to sit there in his vehicle until 6:05 pm?  The C.F. are just creating clutter to confuse.  None of this noise is even relevant or true.]

“Zailo and his friend had arranged to meet Buziak at the Gordon Head house. When they drove up at 5:45 p.m.,  Zailo said he didn’t want to appear like a “meddling boyfriend,” so drove around the corner and waited.”

49. Jason sat in his vehicle with CO for another ten minutes before he texted Lindsay, “Are you okay?”  No. She was not okay.

[Jason believed the showing was just getting started at 5:45 when he arrived.  Showings typically take about 15-20 minutes.  A little after 6:00 pm he sent a text to Lindsay “are you okay” she did not respond.  He grew concerned so he and CO went to the front door. He peered in the window and saw Lindsay’s shoes and no people. He checked the door and it was locked.  He likely rang the bell and called out her name too.   He called 911 to say his girlfriend was in the house with clients and the door was locked and he couldn’t get in. He probably told dispatch other details and officers were sent to do a welfare check. Welfare checks are actually pretty common.  Jason told dispatch he was going to try and get in while the police were en route. The C.F. have a whole different spin so it jives with their ridiculous conspiracy theories.]

50. Jason walked to the front door, saw Lindsay’s shoes in the foyer and found the door locked. No one answered the door. He checked the lockbox but there was no key. He tried to find an alternate way in, and when he found the garage door had an electronic keypad, he called his mother, Shirley Zailo, to ask if she had the code. She didn’t, but said she would make a call to see if she could get it, so Jason waited for her to call him back.

[According to the C.F.  SZ was the mastermind and killer who walked to the house but now they are claiming Jason called his Mother on the phone to ask for the garage code.  Jason must have heard his Mom’s phone ringing from inside the house because the C.F. said on a previous occasion that SZ brought her cell phone with her to the crime scene.  Everything they claim makes zero sense!  What really happened was, after disconnecting from his Mother Jason and CO found a way into the house. ]

51.  Instead of breaking into the house by either forcing the front door or breaking a window, Jason wasted time calling his mother. At this point, he should have been freaking out because Lindsay hadn’t answered his earlier texts, and he could see only one pair of shoes, Lindsay’s, in the foyer. After trying to get Lindsay’s attention by ringing the bell and banging on the door, no one answered. He knew something was wrong.

[Jason sent Lindsay a text around 6:00 pm “are you okay” and she did not respond.  Jason grew concerned around that time because the showing should have ended, he had not seen the couple leave, and now Lindsay had not responded to his text. This prompted him to go check on her.  He checked the front door and found it locked. He called 911 and explained the situation. He told them he was going to try and get in the house while they were en route.   He did everything right for a person who was concerned about his partner.  He called 911  and allegedly called his mother to see if she had the garage door code. Jason and his friend found an open door and Jason boosted his friend over the patio fence because his friend was MUCH SMALLER.   People under pressure like that sometimes have many things going on in their head at one time.  One part of the brain is telling them to bust down the door while the other part of the brain is telling them, “it’s okay the police are on the way, calm down, I will find a way to get in, I am just panicking, Lindsay is okay etc, etc.. ” Jason had already told dispatch he was going to try and get in and he knew the police were on the way.  If Jason didn’t take any of these steps and busted in the window people would be saying “why didn’t he call 911 first, what made him panic and break a window?  He can’t win no matter what he does. The C.F. have no clue about this case.  All you have to do is listen to the American YouTube videos and podcasts to know that. They are literally embarssing themselves while reporting this case.]

52. Jason called 911 and he told the dispatcher he was going to find a way in or break in or something.  So, he wasn’t opposed to breaking in, he just chose not to.

[He didn’t have to break down the door because he found one that was already open.  That was his “WAY IN.”  He told dispatch he was going to FIND A WAY IN.]

53. Instead of staying on the phone with 911, he disconnected.

[This was a “welfare check” the caller is not required to stay on the line. How would the C.F. know what Jason did anyway?  They can’t even figure out what happened in the 30-year-old unsolved murder cases in their own Country yet they think they can solve unsolved cases here?  Just watch all the YouTube videos the C.F. publish.  They are lost when it comes to detective work. The only thing they are good at is spinning and fabricating information.]

54. Jason boosted CO over the patio fence, and CO found the patio doors open. He went through the house and unlocked the front door for Jason, who ran upstairs and found Lindsay’s body in the master bedroom. Jason made a second 911 call.  Jason said Lindsay was lying on her back not moving so he went straight to her and tried to do CPR, but realized from the feel of her skin that she had already passed away.  How long was Lindsay dead before Jason found her? Would the feel of her skin have changed in that amount of time?

[It was said on Dateline that Lindsay was murdered during a three-minute time span 5:38 – 5:41,(SP said her murder was quick and savage) (Killer’s would not have left the house unless they knew she was dead.)   Jason got in the house approx. 6:15 pm.    The SP know the time of death and all the other details.  That’s all that matters.]

55. The criminal profilers on DateLine are respected experts in the field. They were allowed to see at least some of the evidence. They easily ruled out a drug related hit. They said it was artfully planned by amateur murderers. They said it was planned by someone close to Lindsay who likely worked in the same office. That narrows the suspects down to a few people. Why is the SPD completing ignoring the collaborative analysis of these experts? Those people were publicly cleared by the SPD right after the show aired because it was obvious to all, who in her life fit the description and had a motive.

[The only evidence the experts on Dateline saw from the Saanich Police were approx. ten crime scene photos and some video footage which was then released to local media outlets AFTER Dateline aired September 2010. The C.F. are fabricating and spinning information again.  The experts on Dateline did not rule out a drug hit but they did easily rule out Jason.  The experts did not say the murder was planned by someone close to Lindsay who likely WORKED IN THE SAME OFFICE.   So, that does not narrow down the suspects to only a few people like the C.F. want you to believe.  The C.F. have narrowed down their suspects to only a few people because they want you to believe the Zailo’s are the only people who could have planned Lindsay’s murder. They are covering up the TRUTH!   Lindsay was a very popular girl and had a WIDE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS she was close with.  This broadens the suspects to a LARGE number of people. The C.F. said no drug dealers are involved in Lindsay’s murder so they have already ruled out ziggy, vid, delalcazar’s and anyone else who has a criminal record for trafficking in narcotics. How does that make any sense when they claimed earlier that Vid picked the killers up from the ferry terminal?   Now they have spun the story even further by now claiming that Jason was involved in the drug trade and he and his Mom are the ones who hatched the plan to have Lindsay murdered by claiming she was the snitch in the Calgary drug bust to say their own skin.  They have also now incorporated Rianne into their theory but prior to that they said Rianne was a red herring. The Zailo’s have already been ruled out by the SP so I don’t know who the C.F. are going to name next as suspects.  Their suspect list changes weekly.

The only people ignoring all the facts and details shared by the respected experts and the SP are the C.F.  The experts and the SP have said this murder will not be solved based on forensics yet the C.F. repeatedly claim the crime scene had loads of physical evidence, specifically DNA, skin cells, sweat, footprints, etc. How would they even know this?    At the same time, the C.F.  make a point of saying the Dateline experts are WELL RESPECTED IN THEIR FIELD.   So why is the C.F. not respecting what the Dateline experts shared on Dateline about the crime scene being a forensic nightmare and that Jason was cleared as a suspect?  Why is the C.F. not respecting the experts who agree with the SP that Lindsay’s murder will not be solved based on forensics and that someone with first-hand knowledge needs to come forward and share what they know in order to solve this case?   The C.F. are basically calling the respected experts liars now just like they call the SP.    The C.F. believe they are detectives and they go on social media and publicly clear people when they have no direct knowledge of the case.  Why is the  C.F. completely ignoring the collaborative analysis and the evidence of experts, investigators, RCMP, etc?  It is obvious to everyone why the SP and experts cleared the Zailo’s.  They had nothing to do with it and had ZERO MOTIVE.  Based on forensic evidence, a timeline of communications, witnesses, CCTV footage, bank records, VISA records, phone records, etc. they know the Zailo’s are not involved in Lindsay’s murder.   The C.F. have no access to any of this information yet they continue to pick and choose their suspects and convict them of murder based on their own thoughts. How is that even REAL?

The C.F. have dissected every piece of accurate information on this site. They have twisted it, put it through the spin cycle, omitted facts, distorted it, etc, etc.  Nothing they do will change the fact that most of the information on this site is 100% accurate.  The C.F. are trying to cover up the TRUTH!

What the experts really said on Dateline :

Josh ManKiewicz: The killers may or may not have known Lindsay, but certainly they knew how to carry out a terrible crime and then cover their tracks. Could they be professionals? Had someone sent them? Was there more to Lindsay’s life than met the eye? “Detectives began by focusing on those closest to Lindsay. The boyfriend and the Ex, could it of been one of them?

Josh: “Jason Zailo was a suspect for a long time in this case.”

Alan Jackson: “Right.”

Yolanda McClary: “Right.”

Alan: “It wasn’t Jason.”

Josh: “You don’t think it was Jason?”

Alan: “No, and look, let’s not forget, what’s rule #1 of committing a homicide? you don’t bring a witness to a homicide. He had somebody with him. The perfect alibi is not that you drive right to the house, where the murder took place, that you hired or had anything to do with, you don’t do that, the dumbest criminals don’t do that.”   (why are the A.C.F. not respecting what the experts say about poor Jason?)

Josh:  “And a full year after Lindsay’s murder  Saanich Police did in fact publicly announce that they had cleared Jason.  So then, who and why?  Our team agreed, Lindsay was specifically targeted in a scheme that was well thought out.” (The A.C.F. claim Jason was only CLEARED AFTER DATELINE AIRED.)

Josh: “There is a significant degree of planning in this murder.”

Dwayne: “Absolutely.”

Yolanda: “Oh totally.”

Dwayne Stanton: “Artfully designed, work went into this. Someone sat around a table like we are doing right now and came up with that plan.

Josh:  “And that planning paid off perhaps even down to the dress worn by the mystery woman. The dress which made such an impression on the eyewitnesses.”

Dwayne: ‘The dress is very unique, and I’m kind of thinking it was designed to say something they teach us in investigative school, do something out of the norm, to draw attention from yourself, look at this opposed to seeing what I look like.”  (The A.C.F. claim they found the exact same dress but that was a lie)

Yolanda: “You know, you’re absolutely right and it might have worked because everybody seems to have this great description of the skirt but the only thing they remember about the girl is that she had blonde hair down to her shoulders.” (Since Yolanda called the dress a skirt the A.C.F. are now going to dissect this info and accuse the SP of telling Yolanda it was a skirt not a dress. The ACF will then accuse the SP of lying.)

Dwayne: “They remember the skirt.” (Oh no, now Dwayne is calling the dress a skirt.  The A.C.F. will now accuse the SP of lying to Dateline)

Josh: “our team also explored the theory that the killer’s may have been hired professionals with specific instructions to express the anger the anger that someone else felt towards Lindsay.”

Dwayne: “I think someone got paid to go commit that murder.

Josh: “and they were told, make her suffer, make it brutal?”

Dwayne: ” I believe that.”

Alan: “I just don’t see it that way. I think that what happened inside that house was equal parts opportunity and equal parts panic. She was stabbed so many times, over and over, repeatedly, multiple stab wounds that were completely, 100 percent unnecessary, but I don’t see that as sending a message. I don’t see that as being personal.”  (The respected expert here does not see the stabbing as being personal.)  (See note ** The A.C.F. put this through the spin cycle)

Josh: “ Police recently have floated this idea that she was killed by mistake.”

(Police never actually said she was killed by mistake, meaning the killers got the wrong person. The police said that Lindsay may have been murdered based on MISINFORMATION.   The police said on Dateline that Lindsay was not an informant. The SP said “it is also possible Buziak’s killers were under the mistaken impression she had revealed information she shouldn’t have, he said or perhaps that she was somehow connected to a dangerous person without knowing it.”  The police were likely referring to Leopoldo Rojo Beltran as that dangerous person.  He has connections to a Mexican drug cartel and had the power to take care of business himself.  He was in charge of the Calgary operation.)

Alan:  “It happens, doesn’t seem very reasonable.”

Yolanda:  “Not reasonable.”

Alan: “If there is no evidence they have uncovered that suggests that she was an informant that she was diming off drug dealers or a cartel or anything like that then where is the evidence that the cartel would have that she was doing that?  It just seems like a red herring to me.”

Yolanda:  “I think her just being there for the weekend to go see her Father does not add up.  She doesn’t sell drugs.  She’s not in their business.”

Josh:  “So the idea that this is some impersonal hit being ordered by drug dealers half a Country away”

Alan Jackon:  “Makes no logical sense.”

Dwayne: “Whatever the motive is, it’s personal.”

Yolanda:  “No, I don’t think it’s drug cartel.”

Josh :   “Is the person behind this somebody Lindsay knows or is the person behind this someone unknown to her?”

Dwayne Stanton: “someone she knows.”

Yolanda McClary: “somebody I think, very close to her.”

Alan: “I agree, I think it’s somebody that she knows.”

Yolanda: Somebody in the same type of business?

Alan:  “correct, I mean in the same real estate firm, ummm who knows.”

Josh: “The man and woman who actually committed this murder, what do you think is in their background of the male and female?”

Alan: “They’re going to have a criminal history and more than likely I would look for violent crimes. It’s an unusual complexion of a case that they work together, a man and a woman, a male and a female working in tandem to commit this type of violent crime. I also am not convinced these were highly polished professionals. The way that the crime was committed itself to me shows a level of panic, uhhh it shows a level of unsophistication.”   (The C.F. agree with the respected experts in that the Zailos have no criminal history or any history of violent crimes.  That is another reason the experts and the SP ruled them out as suspects.)

Yolanda: “Planned, not necessarily professional but planned.”

Dwayne: “well planned.”

Josh: “Is there any chance although these killers were not known to Lindsay, they weren’t planning on murdering her until they went in the house together, then in there something happened a fight started and she gets killed?”

Alan: “And the people pull a butcher knife out of their purse or out of their sock?” “ummm no it doesn’t seem right.”

Dwayne: “If there’s a chance, it was a minut, this small.”

Josh: “what needs to happen for an arrest to be made?”

Dwayne: “someone needs to come forward.”

Alan: “yes, agreed.”

Yolanda: “Unfortunately, you have an empty house, you have very little that was touched, so it is a forensic nightmare.”

Alan: “this case is not going to be solved based on forensic evidence, this case is going to be solved by loose lips, somebody is going to talk about something.”

(The C.F. all agree with the respected experts and the SP that this murder will not be solved based on forensics.  The SP has been saying all along that someone needs to come forward who has first-hand knowledge of the case.  The suspects did not leave any identifiable physical evidence behind.)

The Calgary group had a serious motive to want Lindsay dead if they believed Lindsay snitched on Erickson and the Calgary drug operation.  Lindsay was in Calgary weeks before Erickson was busted.  The Calgary group lost millions in revenue. One of the guys in the group was Leo Rojo Beltran who had connections to a Mexican drug cartel.  Leo had the authority to order Lindsay murdered or take care of it himself.  Lindsay’s best friend RG worked in Lindsay’s office and RG was in a relationship with a member of the Calgary group. Lindsay was acquainted with some of these guys.)  Lindsay’s friend abandoned her job without explanation after Lindsay was murdered.   The investigators have participated in two TV shows (Dateline and Crime watch Daily).  The only theory they have openly discussed is the Calgary drug bust link. ) The Calgary group and Lindsay’s best friend have never cooperated with the authorities or agreed to a polygraph exam.  The Zailo’s did. It was reported that some members of the Calgary group confronted Jason and demanded to know what he saw when he arrived at the DeSousa property.   The Calgary group knew Jason saw the killers. If they weren’t involved why would they confront Jason?

Jason was cleared in 2009 prior to Dateline.  The conspiracy theorists want you to believe their spin that the Zailo’s were only cleared after Dateline aired in 2010 because they were the only ones with a motive.   The SP held a news conference in September 2010 because of all the rumours about Jason and his family.    Sgt. Jantzen said most of the tips were from viewers of the Dateline program with “suggestions and theories” that have already been RULED OUT by police.      “Many of these theories and suggested avenues of investigation are REDUNDANT in nature,” Sgt. Jantzen said. ”  

September 2010:

Speculation about the killing of a Victoria real estate agent has prompted police to hold an extraordinary news conference to quell rumours about the involvement of the victim’s boyfriend and his family.

A story on the U.S. television news show Dateline last Friday about the slaying of the 24-year-old led to speculation that Buziak’s boyfriend and his family were responsible, police said Wednesday.

“We feel that it was important to clear the air,” said Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen. “Fingers had been pointed as a result of this program.”

Jantzen said police willingly participated in the Dateline story in the hope it would generate new leads in the investigation.

But the news story also created problems for the family of Jason Zailo, Janzten said.

Jantzen said Zailo and his family are not suspects in the case.
“The Zailo family … have met with our detectives … of their own free will, voluntarily, and have satisfied every investigative request that our detectives have had of them,” Jantzen said.

He said Saanich police have received several hundred calls about the case since the show aired and was seen by about six million U.S. viewers.

But the majority of calls contained suggestions about how detectives should proceed rather than hard evidence, said Jantzen.

Since the show, about 100 tips have been received.   Saanich police Sergeant Dean Jantzen said Tuesday that police detectives had processed more than 160 tips and were working to clear dozens more even as e-mail and phone calls continued to come in.]



SP did not release the autopsy report to Dateline .   What the SP has said is that the only thing Dateline knew was that Lindsay died from “multiple stab wounds”. 

Josh on Dateline said Lindsay was stabbed “dozens of times”.  (dozens means “a lot”) Saanich police did not share that information with Josh like the C.F. claim.   In other media reports, it was incorrectly reported Lindsay was stabbed 54 times. People make mistakes in reporting and for the C.F. to say the SP told the reporters and Dateline that information is completely false.     Josh also reported most of Lindsay’s injuries were to her HEAD and chest. The SP did not share any such info with Josh regardless of what spin the C.F. want to put on it.   There have been many false reports on social media in regards to what areas of the body Lindsay suffered her injuries.  That information has never been disclosed by the SP.  The C.F are the ones falsely reporting the extent of Lindsay’s injuries along with the gory details.  They even claim to know the exact number of times Lindsay was stabbed.   Some reports have said Lindsay’s spinal column was severed, she was stabbed 54 times, she was just about decapitated, etc, etc.  Other reports are saying she was stabbed in the head and face, then just in the chest, then in the chest and the back, etc. etc.  it changes depending who is sharing the info. I am sure first responders were able to see some of Lindsay’s wounds but not all of them as she was fully clothed. There are those who claim they know ALL of Lindsay injuries because some first responders shared those details.  That is impossible.   How would a first responder know if Lindsay was stabbed in the back of her neck and the wound severed her spinal column? Lindsay was found laying on her back fully clothed.  No one knows the extent of Lindsay’s injuries except people involved in the case.  People on social media are merely guessing about the extent of her injuries or fabricating that information.

The C.F. will continue to report false info and blame it on the SP because they are trying to discredit the factual information shared by police.   Dateline did, in fact,  report on their own the information about Lindsay being stabbed in the head as Saanich police did not provide that information. The SP did not review the taped interviews prior to the show airing.  Sgt. Dean Jantzen was not referring to the manner of death when he said some of the information shared with Dateline may have been new to the public, but not to them.  He was referring to the details that they shared with Dateline and NOT the local media.  After Dateline aired in 2010, the SP reviewed the Dateline interviews and provided the local media with the info they had shared earlier with Dateline.  The C.F. tried to put their own spin on this too but what they report is completely false.  

The producers of Dateline also had full control of every aspect of the show which makes them totally responsible for any inaccuracies in the show.  Just like reporters are responsible for the articles they write.   

Media report: ‘At the same time, investigators confirmed that Ms. Buziak died from multiple stab wounds, according to a forensic autopsy conducted Tuesday. But in order to protect the ongoing investigation, they wouldn’t reveal the extent of her injuries, other than to say there was no evidence she was sexually assaulted.’“There are many aspects of this file, such as the extent of the injuries Lindsay suffered, that must be protected in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation, and prevent any negative impact in its course,” Brajcich, said.  (The C.F. provided their own fabricated version of this story.)

Information from a retired police officer:   (The A.C.F. will spin this info too)

“The SP did say that REPORTS of injuries were GREATLY EXAGGERATED by CHEK 6 news. The total number and nature of wounds are a VERY closely guarded SECRET.”

“So where did this internet “truth” come from??? I would urge you to consider this information.”

“Keeping “holdback” info on a murder is a tough thing.”

“In this CASE, I believe SP kept a TIGHT LID on the information. Their comments regarding Dateline were not about any INJURIES. Dateline were NOT given this info either. Safe to say that Lindsay was stabbed to death and in this respect, Dateline was not incorrect. Other than that, Dateline knows no more than you do.”

“We are trapped in this cyber world whereby we take peoples information and attempt to assess the truth or veracity of the information. This is almost IMPOSSIBLE to do when we do NOT know these people.”

“In short, everything on here is HEARSAY. We do not have access to the FACTS.

“Do not become so focused that you develop “tunnel vision” and make your theories FIT no matter what the evidence states.”

56.  The mastermind knew how to cover her tracks. She did not go to Vancouver I assure you. Vid was sent to the Ferry to pick up the burn phone I believe, to point the finger at him because he was known by many as Matt’s friend. Someone with knowledge about cell tower pings and burn phone tracking, helped the mastermind. Vid is awful and deserves whatever he gets but I think it is possible he didn’t know the phone could he be tracked or he would not have brought his phone with him. Did he even know what he was picking up? It could have been in a box and was told to take it home and someone would pick it up in the morning. I think he was set up knowingly or unknowingly so the police would be distracted from the Zailos and suspect Matt. This is the part of their plan that falls apart. Everyone knows how much Matt loved Lindsay and we all clearly see how much the Zailos did not.

[That was no finger Vid was pointing, it was a loaded gun. He allegedly pointed it directly at Jason right after Lindsay’s murder and asked Jason “WHAT DID YOU SEE?” Since Jason saw the killer’s(how would Vid know unless he was part of the conspiracy), Vid was concerned enough to attempt to get that information out of Jason. I guess the C.F. will now claim that SZ told Vid to point the gun at her own son to make it look good. I hate to break it to the C.F. but a criminal mastermind does not need anyone’s help that’s why they are the mastermind. This is the sole reason the murder remains unsolved. The mastermind knew what they were doing. No electronic tracks that could lead to the identity of the killer(s) and no useful forensic evidence that could be traced back to the killers/conspirators.   Apparently, the C.F. think they are smarter than the mastermind now. The C.F. made earlier claims that  RG was not smart enough to be the mastermind that only SZ had the brains to be the mastermind. Now the C.F. are saying SZ needed help. I wish they would make up their minds.

I have never heard the SP say the burn phone came over to the Island by FERRY or that Vid picked it up. Where did that tidbit come from? The C.F.? The SP has appeared on two crime shows and appeared in numerous media interviews and I have never heard them mention the burn phone travelled to the Island by BC Ferries. The SP said, “We know a woman with an accent made contact with Lindsay using this phone, and we know the phone travelled from Vancouver to the Greater Victoria within 24 hours of Lindsay’s murder.” The ferry is NOT the ONLY MODE of transportation to the Island. Maybe they used the ferry maybe they didn’t.  The SP ruled out the Zailo’s and I will assume they remain focused on the same large group of people they have been focused on for years. These suspects have never cooperated with the police like the Zailo’s did. The killers likely don’t even live in Canada anymore.]

57.  IHIT solves a completely random murder in just over one year: http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/police-to-share-significant-update-in-murder-of-burnaby-teen-marrisa-shen.   Saanich Police have been in charge of Lindsay’s case for over 10 years and everybody knows the players, yet Saanich police “need a confession”.        Saanich police say that IHIT doesn’t take on cold cases. IHIT has a COLD CASE TEAM that takes on – you guessed it – COLD CASES

[More fabricated information from the C.F.  The SP was referring to VIIMCU, not IHIT.   Lindsay’s case is not COLD and never has been. The SP joined VIIMCU in 2013. VIIMCU is comprised of SPD, RCMP, VPD, CSPD, OBPD. The unit’s mandate includes homicides, missing persons where foul play is suspected, and unsolved homicides. The C.F. keep demanding the SPD hand the case over to the RCMP but the SP has been working alongside the RCMP for years. Every homicide case is different so to compare one against the other is ridiculous. Rumour has it that the man they arrested in Marrisa Shen’s murder confessed and there was physical evidence. In Lindsay’s case, no one has confessed and there was no physical evidence that could be traced back to the killer’s.  Both IHIT and VIIMCU have MORE UNSOLVED homicide cases than Saanich.  Some files are YEARS older than Lindsay’s case.]

Local media reported in 2010 –

Three years after it opted out of an Island-wide homicide investigation team on the grounds it was capable of solving murders on its own, the Saanich Police Department is negotiating to get on board.

This week, Saanich police spokesman Const. Dean Jantzen confirmed that, over the past six months, the department’s senior management has been talking with police brass from the major crime unit about joining.

“This is NOW AN ESTABLISHED UNIT WITH GOOD RESULTS and we’re reviewing whether we wish to be involved in that unit,” he said.

But a decision has yet to be made, and Jantzen said he doesn’t know when that will happen.

Jantzen insisted the department’s reversal ISN’T BASED ON LACK OF RESULTS in the Buziak investigation. “This is not driven by any one event or one investigation … or any one person.”

However, it is unclear whether Buziak’s killing would be handed over to the major crime unit if Saanich were taken into the fold.

The unit’s mandate is to handle NEW HOMICIDES that happen in its jurisdiction, said Island district RCMP spokesman Cpl. Darren Lagan. “[It is] NOT A COLD CASE OR HISTORICAL HOMICIDE UNIT.”

The major crime unit is staffed by six Victoria police officers, two West Shore RCMP officers, and 10 OFFICERS FROM ISLAND RCMP detachments. Some departments, such as Central Saanich police, pay a portion of the unit’s annual budget but do not contribute officers.

The unit is investigating more than 70 cases, including 51 homicides.

Lagan said the major crime unit can call on resources from the RCMP’s provincial section, E Division, and from units across the country.

Saanich Det.-Sgt. Chris Horsley, one of 10 investigators trying to solve Buziak’s death, said earlier this week that one of the factors hampering the investigation is that if the killers were hired professionals, they might be from outside Vancouver Island.

Last year, the RCMP conducted an investigative- standards review on the Buziak case and determined the Saanich police investigation was thorough and complete, Horsley said.

He said Saanich investigators have received help from police partners across the country and in the U.S., and he hopes a Dateline NBC episode on Buziak’s death — which has yet to air — will give the case the international attention it needs.

Local media reported in 2012 – The Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit, made up of 18 officers from RCMP detachments and municipal forces on the Island, was formed in 2007 to investigate serious cases such as murders, missing persons and police shootings. The Saanich Police Department is set to join the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit — the Island-wide homicide team it opted out of when it was formed in January 2008 — but police management is still hammering out the details.

But the specialized unit doesn’t take on old cases, so Lindsay’s file will remain in Saanich police’s hands. Unsolved major crimes in Saanich – like the 2008 murder of Lindsay Buziak – won’t be taken over by VIIMCU for investigation.

58. The reason I can’t hook into the del alcazar’s is because Jason was overheard Lindsay telling her friend Nikki that she wanted out of relationship plus Jason’s behaviour when he arrived at the house is so telling. The burner phones were bought before Lindsay went to Calgary, is that correct. I think that as soon as Jason overheard Lindsay and Nikki, SZ started planning Lindsay’s murder.

[More evidence the C.F. don’t think things through before they make a nonsensical comment.  Burner phone was purchased end of November 2007.  N.B. and Lindsay had the conversation in December(see chek news story August 2010).   (AFTER THE BURNER PHONE WAS ALREADY PURCHASED)  HOW DOES THAT TIMELINE WORK FOR YOU?     C.F.  claim the motive for the murder was Jason overheard Lindsay tell NB she was thinking about leaving him.  The burner phone was purchased BEFORE the conversation in December so that timeline makes no sense.  The C.F. will now change the timeline of the conversation to fit with the ACTIVATION OF THE burner phone rather than the PURCHASE DATE. (eg. they will claim the conversation took place IN JANUARY when the phone was activated)   Anyone knowledgeable in drug operations knows there is always a large stock of burner phones on hand. They are not always purchased from the same location either.  It did not take months and months to plan Lindsay’s murder.  A few phone calls were made and Lindsay was lured to the vacant home which was already on the market.   The careful planning aspect of the crime centered around ensuring no physical evidence was left at the crime scene that could trace back to the killers identity.  The activation of the burner phone (end of Jan 08) is directly related to Erickson’s arrest (Jan 22nd) and the 42 additional kilos found in safe Jan 28th)]

“Investigators now know that the cell phone used to call Buziak was purchased in Vancouver in late November 2007. The phone was activated late January 2008 in Vancouver under a user name of Paulo Rodriguez with a Vancouver address. Police have since determined that while the address exists, it is not connected with the crime. Police also believe the Paulo Rodriguez name is an alias. Fast says police are interested in hearing from anyone who may also have encountered that name. The phone was deactivated after the murder.”

59.  “I do not believe there was a snitch at all. LE knew about the Lopez/DelAlcazar cartel for years. All they had to do was use simple surveillance on the gang of goofs to see the obvious cocaine trafficking routes. They were being watched for about one year from both Victoria and Calgary and LE finally busted them using a simple traffic stop. For the DelAlcazars to believe Lindsay was a snitch even if the Zailos lied and said she was, is a far reach for anyone to believe. The elaborate planning for Lindsay’s murder could not have taken place during January 22nd and February 1st. That is ridiculous to believe.”

[The C.F. have attempted to fabricate a new timeline for the Calgary drug bust by claiming that LE had the group under surveillance for ONE YEAR before they were all busted which is completely false.  The  C.F. are also trying to mislead the viewers by spinning the information to suit their personal agenda.    As per the court transcript and news articles, investigators were aware of the Calgary drug ring as early as November 2007 and began their investigation at that time (High Noon).  Erickson and Graham were under surveillance and were busted TWO MONTHS later on January 22, 2008, not a YEAR.  The Calgary group were aware someone snitched on them which resulted in the arrest of Erickson and Graham.  On Jan 28th an additional 42 kilos was found in a safe. Shortly thereafter the burner phone was activated!!!!!    The other 12 members of the group were busted after Lindsay was murdered (the last person in the group to be arrested was the Leo who headed the Calgary operation.Leo was arrested on December 3, 2008).  Some of the members of the Calgary drug ring were under surveillance after Lindsay’s murder because they were suspects in her murder.   So, based on the accurate timeline of the Calgary bust provided by the real investigators, not the armchair detectives, the only motive that makes any sense is the Calgary drug operation and subsequent bust.   There is zero evidence or motive to implicate anyone else in this murder.  

There was no elaborate plan necessary to lure Lindsay to the Desousa property nor did it take MONTHS to plan.  After the bust January 22, 2008, and the 42 kilos that were found in the safe on the 28th, all the conspirators had to do was use one of the burner phones they purchased months before and make a phone call to Lindsay to book an appt to view the Desousa property(provided by her friend RG).  That didn’t require a lot of work. The vacant property was re-listed in January 2008 and Lindsay’s best friend was aware of the vacant property because she entered the listing into the computer system.  The activation of the burner phone is key to the timeline of Lindsay’s murder.  The C.F. have fabricated a new timeline as a distraction because the number one suspects in Lindsay’s murder are members of the Calgary drug ring along with RG and not the Zailo’s.]

Officers had been WORKING on the investigation for about TWO MONTHS when, around 9:00 pm Tuesday(January 22, 2008) they witnessed what they believed was a DRUG TRANSACTION between TWO vehicles.” This vehicle search LED the officers to the home on Hawthorne Dr. The joint Calgary City Police and RCMP Investigation began in November 2007. 

On Tuesday night a two-month investigation proved fruitful when officers observed a drug deal and followed one of the vehicles to an alley in Thorncliffe. When they searched it they found five kilos of cocaine and $100,000 in cash.

Calgary police seized 25 kilograms of cocaine after witnessing a drug transaction in progress. The surveillance led them to the cache of drugs, guns and $200,000 in cash in the car and in a subsequent search of a home on Tuesday night (January 22, 2008).

60.  “A lot of time and energy has been wasted in an unsuccessful attempt to derail Jeff’s attempt to get those responsible for his daughters death, brought to justice. If you agree or disagree with the persons he believes are responsible, at this point what does it matter? It is not your place to dictate what other people think. The immediate problem is not who did it but what is going on in the SPD. Who did it, is an opinion until someone is charged. Opinions are like Uranus, we all have one. So what? If you have a problem with that, you need help.If you are a good person and genuinely want to Be a good human being and help out, write to the agencies posted all over the site and ask to have the case handed over to a different agency.”

[No one is attempting to derail anything despite the C.F.’s attempted spin on things. It appears the C.F. are spinning the yarn again to get media attention.  Contrary to their delusional thinking and spin-doctoring no one is trying to dictate how other people think except for them. The problem appears to be them and their unhealthy need for control and an unhealthy obsession with spinning the yarn. It’s not their place to dictate who can share their thoughts about this case and who cannot. The truth will prevail no matter how much they try to cover it up! A lot of their time and energy continues to be wasted on their unsuccessful attempts to defame and discredit others who do not fall in line with their idiotic conspiracy theories and intentional falsehoods.  When things don’t go the way they anticipated them to go they are quick to lay blame on others to distract away from the obvious.
None of their trumped-up stories have had a negative impact on anyone except themselves. If they are a group of decent humans the only thing that should matter to them is truth and justice. ]




“When truth is on your side, you don’t need support.” – Hrithik Roshan