Transcript of Crime Watch Daily Episode – Murder For Sale

The conspiracists would like you to believe the Zailo’s are responsible for Lindsay’s murder based on their assumptions of Jasons actions and events at the crime scene. (e.g. they claim Jason stalled and sat outside so killers could escape, Jason parked in two different spots so his friend wouldn’t see the killers escape, Jason ran straight to the master bedroom, Jason brought an alibi witness to the crime scene, Jason showed no emotion, etc.) They attempt to try and discredit anyone who does not fall in line with the Zailo theory.  They have resorted to making false/unfounded claims against the police department simply because the police will not share details of their investigation with the conspiracists.  Most of the information from the Zailo conspiracists is inaccurate or fabricated.    Having a theory/opinion is one thing but to intentionally fabricate stories and participate in character assassination is appalling and desperate.

The following is a transcript of the Crime Watch Daily episode which aired in 2017. I have inserted my own thoughts in parentheses.


A million-dollar listing, two very motivated buyers and a young up-and-coming real estate agent found stabbed to death in the master suite.

Was it a crime of passion, a business deal gone wrong, or was the vicious murder of 24-year-old Lyndsay Buziak all part of one giant cocaine conspiracy?        (Many people have determined this murder to be personal based on the number of stab wounds that were incorrectly reported in the media.  It was incorrectly reported Lindsay was stabbed 54 times.    February 2014: “A previous version of this story mistakenly stated police said Buziak was stabbed 54 times. In fact, police have never released details of the stabbing. Feb 03, 2014 5:28 PM PT”.     The autopsy report was sealed and the SP has never released details on the extent of Lindsay’s wounds other than to say she was “stabbed multiple times”. People can fabricate stories about Lindsay’s wounds but the reality is, they don’t know. The first responders would have only seen wounds that were not covered up by Lindsay’s clothing.)

Buziak was targeted — that much authorities say with confidence. Why? That’s something Lindsay Buziak’s loved ones still struggle to understand.

Lindsay Buziak was the kind of girl other people wanted to be around. Especially people like Jason Zailo.

“She was with Jason, at the time, and I knew that she was extremely happy,” said Sara Buziak, Lindsay’s sister. “I absolutely adored him.”     (Lindsay’s Mother and Lindsay’s sister adored Jason)

“Lindsay and Jason had probably been dating for a little less than a year, around a year, somewhat in that period,” said Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak. “They did move in together. Jason’s mom Shirley bought an expensive waterfront property, and so they moved into there.”  ( Shirley is a top producing realtor and owns multiple properties as do many other realtors/people with successful careers.  It is not out of the norm for someone to purchase a lakefront property.  No one has access to Shirley’s financial records so where is the evidence to support the claims she purchased real estate by criminal means and with cash?  There is no evidence to support the Zailo’s are guilty of money laundering.   Shirley is not a drug trafficker but Erickson Delalcazar and his group are. They have criminal records to prove it. Does Shirley have a criminal record?  No.)

Lindsay’s father felt there was something boiling underneath.

“He adored Lindsay, but he was overprotective, over-possessive, jealous, and that really bothered Lindsay,” said Jeff Buziak.  (It was reported Lindsay initially had plans to attend a stagette in Vancouver the night she was murdered.  It was reported that Jason had encouraged Lindsay to attend the stagette and even offered to do the Desousa showing for her.  Lindsay decided to forgo the stagette because work came first and decided to attend a friends birthday party which was on the night Lindsay was murdered.(friend confirmed birthday party during CHEK news interview).   Does that sound like a jealous, over-possessive boyfriend to you? If Jason was involved in Lindsay’s murder why would Jason offer to do the showing for Lindsay and encourage her to go to the stagette?  Wouldn’t that have foiled his own plan to have her murdered if he was involved?) 

Exactly how much was revealed later. But for the most part, her family says Lindsay seemed happy. Especially when it came to her new career selling houses in upscale Victoria, British Columbia.   (Rumours have circulated for years that Lindsay was afraid of Shirley. If Lindsay was afraid of Shirley why would Lindsay continue to work in the same real estate firm as Shirley?   Why would Lindsay take a long walk with Shirley and go for dinner with her the night before the murder if Lindsay was afraid of Shirley? It has been confirmed that Shirley and Lindsay did spend hours together the night before her murder.  Why would Lindsay move into another property owned by a Zailo family member after apparently FLEEING from the Lakefront home?  Interestingly enough, Lindsay’s best friend RG who worked at the same office also claimed she was afraid of Shirley yet she had no explanation for her fear. When RG was asked about her “fear”  she had nothing to say other than “just because.”  If you were afraid of someone wouldn’t you have an explanation/reasons for why you fear the person?  Why would you work for someone you feared?  RG never went back to the re/max office after Lindsay’s murder because the only thing RG feared, was a set of HANDCUFFS!!!! )  

“Getting into real estate was a big thing for her,” said Sara Buziak. “She loved it.”

In fact, roughly a year into her job, Lindsay Buziak was suddenly approached with the kind of deal many agents wait their whole careers to get, which she wrote about in her day-planner.

“She received a cold call out of the blue from clients requesting to purchase a house over the weekend,” said Saanich Police Sgt. Chris Horsley. “The lady phoned said ‘We need to have a house set up,’ some fairly specific parameters: it needed to be immediately move-in ready, had to be within 15 to 20 minutes from town. And they were looking at a home in the million-dollar range.” (This is a plan RG could have come up with in my opinion. Maybe she conspired with the killers.  It’s quite similar to the way her boyfriend was murdered years before. He too was LURED to a house and attacked from BEHIND! Interestingly enough, his body was discovered on February 2, 2002. Lindsay was murdered on February 2, 2008.  Does that specific Month and Day have a special meaning to RG?   Women are detail oriented and natural planners. RG worked at the same office as Lindsay and experts on Dateline said “someone in the same real estate firm as Lindsay planned this”, RG was one of Lindsay’s best friends  and experts on Dateline said, “someone very close to Lindsay planned this murder.” RG was privy to the Desousa listing as it was her job to enter MLS data into the computer(January 9, 2008) Lindsay had 5 homes to show the couple on Feb 2nd. The female suspect requested to view the vacant Desousa property FIRST, at 5:30 pm and someone must have directed the suspect to that particular property.  You did NOT need to be a realtor to know about the Desousa listing!    RG was aware Lindsay was going to the Desousa property alone and Jason would be meeting her there later.   I believe the true conspirators tried to set the murder up to give the appearance Jason was involved but in hindsight, they put the focus on themselves.  Bear in mind, the true conspirators had connections to the Mexican drug cartel and one of them had the power to order a hit. Perhaps even participate in the murder himself. This person does not even live in Canada anymore.  RG was obsessed with “Forensic Files” and other true crime shows. The killer’s left NO DNA or fingerprints behind.  That was NOT BY LUCK.  The conspirators were aware of what types of evidence would be required for criminal charges and to secure a successful conviction.  The conspirators likely know they are the prime suspects but they also know the investigators don’t have solid evidence.   These people are loyal to one another and they are confident in each other that no one will talk.  Someone always does though. The Zailo conspiracists continue to insist  Shirley is the only one who could be the mastermind. They claim only a REALTOR would know about the Desousa property and Lindsay’s past clients. They claimed Lindsay was not murdered because of drugs and that her murder had nothing to do with the Calgary drug bust yet they are now morphing their original theory into the Calgary drug bust theory. They claim only someone who worked with Lindsay could give the killers her cell number but in fact, Lindsay’s personal cell number was listed on her public FB account, her business website, real estate advertisements, etc. and was available by doing a simple google name search.  It is more than likely though that her best friend RG gave the killers Lindsay’s phone number.   The Zailo conspiracists can dismiss whatever they want to, regarding the information on this site but are they doing so because they choose to want to be right in their position?  Would it not serve them to stay open-minded and follow the evidence?  )

But was it too good to be true? Apparently, Lindsay had some doubts.

“She said ‘Daddy, there’s something weird I’m sensing about this,’ and I said, ‘Well what’s going on honey?’ And she said ‘Well, the woman sounded weird.'”

Not at the company number on her brochures, but on her personal cell phone.

“‘And they gave me the name of one of my clients, and said that client had given them my name,'” said Jeff. “I said ‘Well, call your client,’ she said ‘I did. They were out of town.’ Convenient.”  (There have been multiple reports claiming the female suspect told Lindsay they received her name from one of Lindsay’s past clients and that Lindsay was the one who chose the Desousa property, not the suspects.  The following information was found in media releases and based on this information it makes more sense that Lindsay was specifically requested to show the Desousa property at 5:30 pm:  “Lindsay was working as a real estate agent when she got a call from a woman wishing to see a home that was for sale on Desousa Place.  Arrangements to view the home were made and Lindsay met a man and a woman just before 6:00  pm on February 2, 2008.    Buziak was lured to the home by a man and a woman who said they were interested in viewing the million-dollar property at 1702 De Sousa Pl. in Gordon Head. A woman used a cellphone, purchased exclusively for the crime, to call Buziak. The victim was asked to show the house at 5:30 p.m., even though she wasn’t the listing agent. The two women who were the listed real estate agents for the De Sousa Place home — but were never called by the female suspect with the foreign accent — say they still think about their slain colleague.   Agent Laurie Lidstone, who shares the listing for the $964,900 house with Nancy DiCastri, said the buyer never called either of them for an appointment.   “It really makes you wonder,” said Lidstone. “Someone specifically called this girl to show a vacant house. It sounds preplanned. It sounds premeditated.”   Lindsay also had her personal cell number listed on her website, Brochures, etc.   It would make sense to me if the couple asked to view the DeSousa property why Lindsay would wonder how they got her name since she was NOT the listing agent for DeSousa Place. Lindsay would not find it odd that someone had her personal cell number because that was public information.)

It wasn’t enough for Lindsay to back out of the deal, but according to her dad, she did want backup.

“She said ‘I asked Jason, he’s going to be there.’ That put me at ease. Jason is 6’3″, 240 pounds, ex-semipro hockey player — an intimidating presence if he wants to be,” said Jeff Buziak. (It’s possible Lindsay just told her Dad this information to keep him from worrying. Sometimes children will tell a white lie to their parents to keep them from worrying.  There were reports from others including an employee from re/max that stated Jason was supposed to meet Lindsay at the house a little after  5:30.)

And with that plan in place, Lindsay started hunting for houses, finally settling on a brand new three-bedroom-three-bathroom in the town of Saanich.

“She had arranged a private showing for clients. That was set up for a Saturday afternoon at 5:30 in the evening,” said Sgt. Horsley.

Staff Sergeant Chris Horsley takes us back to that house to discuss what police know about the night.

“Lindsay showed up and she met the client here on this private little street, we did have witnesses that viewed the interaction between the parties,” said Horsley.

Those witnesses remember seeing Lindsay talking to a blonde woman wearing a distinctively colorful dress and a 6-foot-tall Caucasian man with dark hair. After that, the three went inside. And from there, police have what they believe to be a disturbingly accurate timeline of Lindsay Buziak’s last minutes alive. (No mention of a BLONDE WIG.  The female suspect may have truly had blonde hair (natural or dyed) but for years people have claimed she wore a wig. It’s also possible the suspect did wear a wig but only the investigators have that info.  There was never any official report from LE or the press that the suspect wore a blonde wig. )

“The lockbox has computer access, we did get those records, it was unlocked just before 5:30. So 5:29 the lockbox is open,” said Horsley. “We know that Lindsay showed the main floor of the home and then they went upstairs.”

Upstairs to the master bedroom. Police say it was just nine to 11 minutes after entering the home. And how are they so sure?

“At 5:41 there is a dial-out on her phone. It goes to a friend she hasn’t spoken to in some time, and all you can hear is muffling on the message,” said Horsley.

It was a pocket-dial with deadly implications.

“When they went upstairs, there’s a master bedroom and an en-suite bathroom,” said Sgt. Horsley. “We know that when Lindsay turned to show the en-suite bathroom she was then attacked from the rear. There’s no defensive wounds whatsoever. We don’t believe she had any pre-indication that something was amiss.”

And as for that pocket-dial?

“So we believe that was actually at the point of attack, when the couple attacked Lindsay, somehow it hit buttons on the BlackBerry and it sent out a phone call,” said Horsley.

The last communication of any kind from Lindsay Buziak.

Police say real estate agent Lindsay Buziak was stabbed to death on Feb. 2, 2008 while showing a home to some new clients she never met before. Now they needed to determine just who the couple is that she was meeting with.

Lindsay Buziak was stabbed, according to media reports, more than 40 times in a surprise attack so lethally efficient, authorities say it had to be a hit. Her wallet, purse and cellphone were not taken, and she was not sexually assaulted. (Notice, Sgt. Horsley does not discuss the extent of Lindsay’s wounds.  It is the media who reported the number of wounds as being 40 to 54 and that info was deemed to be INCORRECT.  Over the years people have also made claims about the nature of Lindsay’s injuries as being a slit throat, mutilated breasts, severed spinal column, etc. The autopsy reports were sealed and no one knows the extent of Lindsay’s wounds other than she was stabbed. We can safely assume that first-responders would have seen wounds that were not covered by clothing.)

At the time, police knew nothing of the couple they now believe carried out the attack, or how they were able to slip out of the house undetected. Only who they found when they arrived on the scene — Lindsay’s boyfriend Jason Zailo and one of his friends.

“We locked down the house immediately. Mr. Zailo and his friend were both taken into police custody,” said Saanich Police Sgt. Horsley.

Turns out, it was Zailo who called police to the house. And at the station, he gives investigators a breakdown of his whereabouts that day. Zailo and Lindsay finished a late lunch at a local spot before splitting up. He was going to meet a friend at a nearby business and she was getting ready for that open house. (According to some of Lindsay’s former colleagues  Jason was going to meet Lindsay after the showing.  Based on Lindsay’s response to Jason: “Okay, I’ll see you in a bit, I gotta go”  it appears as though Lindsay was expecting Jason to meet her after the showing, otherwise one would assume her response would have been more like: “where the hell are you, it’s 5:30 you were supposed to be here with me?” )

An hour later, surveillance video shows Zailo and his friend leaving their location just as it’s believed Lindsay is opening the door for her suspected killers.

Around that same time, Zailo texts her: “I’ll come meet you and I’ll be 10 – 15 minutes or so.” Lindsay responds: “Okay, I’ll see you in a bit, I gotta go.” Her texts showed no signs of trouble.

“She told Jason ‘They’re here,'” said Horsley. “But at no time did she say anything that would be cause for warning — ‘I’m worried,’ ‘I’m scared,’ ‘These people creep me out.'” (Jason had no indication anything was amiss when he arrived on scene.  As Sgt. Horsley pointed out, everything appeared normal.  So, Jason saw people at the front door and they turned around and closed the door.  What was so odd about that? There was a showing taking place. )

At 5:38, Jason Zailo texts “just a couple of minutes away.” That text was never opened.

Only three minutes later, a pocket-dial went from Lindsay’s phone. Police believe that happened during the stabbing.

“We’re quite confident that at 5:41 is when the attack took place,” said Sgt. Horsley.

Jason Zailo tells police he drives up to the house just four minutes later at 5:45, and then he tells them that he may have actually seen the murderers: a tall Caucasian man, and a blonde woman wearing a colorful dress.

“The killers were actually about to walk out the front door and leave, and he turned into the cul-de-sac and interrupted them leaving,” said Sgt. Horsley. “If he had been five seconds later he would have driven right into the suspects walking out here into the driveway.” (It makes sense why Jason would assume the showing was just getting underway or perhaps still in progress.  All Jason saw was people at the front who turned around and shut the door.)

Instead, he tells police the couple turned around and closed the door.

“And his assumption is these are the clients and the showing is just starting as the door closes,” said Horsley. “He then parks outside because he is waiting for the showing to end.” (Makes perfect sense and explains all Jason’s actions outside the home.)

Approximately 20 minutes later Zailo texts Lindsay: “Are you okay?” No answer. (I can understand Jason growing a little uneasy since it’s now been 20 minutes since he saw the couple and he has not seen anyone leave.  He was parked next to the only exit from the property(by car) and he had obviously not seen anyone drive or walk by!

“They then go and try the door because they’re becoming concerned,” said Sgt. Horsley. “And it’s at the moment that they realize the front door to the home is locked that he becomes alarmed.” (I can understand Jason going into panic mode because the door was locked, Lindsay had not responded to his texts, phone calls,  doorbell, calling her name, etc. He had not seen the couple leave either so in his mind, he might have believed something was wrong.  A perfectly reasonable assumption for a caring boyfriend to have.)

At 6:05 p.m., Jason Zailo calls police to express his concern.(calling to request a welfare check is very common when people are concerned about someone.  Jason had every reason to be concerned.)

“Between the police arrival and that first 911 call Jason and his friend noticed a rear French door is ajar on the home,” said Horsley. (from my recollection there was a rumour that there were 3 missing boards in the fence that allegedly the owner kicked out to allow the painters easy access to their paint which was reported to be stored in the patio area outside.   If you look at the patio area Photosit is extremely hard to believe the owner would kick out fence boards. It was confirmed the owner carefully removed the boards to allow the painters to access the patio so they could finish staining the patio fence and store the tins of stain in the patio area. This would alleviate the need for the owner to meet them at the house, let them in and walk through the house with tins of dripping stain to get to the patio area.  It’s also possible the killer’s climbed over the fence when they made their escape just like Jason’s friend did after finding the open patio door.  The police never released any information about how the killer’s escaped other than they left out the patio door.)

Then, as seen in police video recorded at the crime scene shortly after the murder, Zailo tells investigators how his friend entered through the back and let him in through the front.

“The second he unlocked it I pushed it open. Uh, he was already in front of me, and I said ‘I’m running upstairs,’ and I was yelling ‘Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay,” Zailo says in the video. (There is nothing unusual about Jason’s actions in my opinion.  He was really concerned about his girlfriend at that point.  I would do the same under the same circumstances.    Why wouldn’t Jason run straight upstairs?  His friend had just walked along the main area of the home and unlocked the door and he had not seen Lindsay, (see floor plan Photos) so perfectly reasonable for Jason to want to run upstairs.   Once Jason got to the top of the stairs the master bedroom was right there and he could see Lindsay’s body on the floor.  He did not have to go searching for the bedroom like some allude to.   So, Jason’s actions are perfectly reasonable given the circumstances.)

From there, Zailo says he ran straight to the master bedroom, where he found Lindsay’s body and called police again at 6:11 p.m.

“So I was running inside the house, uh, I just came running up the stairs,” Zailo says in the video.

Police say the evidence supports Jason Zailo’s version of events. But Lindsay’s father says he’s got some questions. (What is important here is that the investigators have the evidence that supports Jason’s version of events.  The general public does not have the same information the investigators have so they have doubt.)

“There’s certain things I don’t buy there,” said Jeff Buziak. “For me personally, one, I would have gone and checked as soon as I saw somebody dart in and out of the front door. That concerns me. (Why would Jason need to go and check on the couple just because he saw them turn around and go back inside?  Jason wasn’t expecting Lindsay to be murdered and there were no signs Lindsay was in any distress.  It appeared to Jason there was a viewing taking place.  There was nothing unusual about the couple’s movements.  It would have been a different story if Jason and his friend saw them carrying a weapon and blood on their clothes.   Jason was not expecting his girlfriend to be murdered and saw no signs of danger,  therefore, he remained in his vehicle until the showing ended.   

“The other thing that’s odd to me is supposedly Jason had never been in the house,” said Jeff. “Why would he push the front door open, run up the stairwell right into the master bedroom without stopping?” ( Jason was clearly distressed at that point. He had already placed a call to 911.  I think given the circumstances I would have pushed the door open myself.   As you can see in the reenactment”  Jason put his hand on the door and pushed it slightly.  The stairs were right in front of Jason so why not run straight upstairs?  His friend had just entered on the main level and perhaps Jason asked him if he saw anything.  The master bedroom was the FIRST BEDROOM at the top of the stairs and Jason would have seen Lindsay laying on the floor. )

And that’s not all he’s saying. Lindsay’s dad, who was living more than 600 miles away in Calgary at the time, also says his daughter confided in him, saying her relationship with Jason Zailo was far from perfect. (There were never any calls made to police on Jason for domestic reasons. However, calls were made to the police on Matt, three separate times. No charges on Matt either. )

“She just felt Jason was overbearing and demanding, and you know, jealous, possessive,” said Jeff Buziak. “She came out to Calgary to speak to me about that.” (Jealous boyfriends don’t encourage their girlfriend to go to Vancouver for a party.  They usually do the opposite and demand they stay home. )

And that was just six weeks before she was killed. (January 22, 2008, an acquaintance of Lindsay’s was arrested in one of the largest drug busts in Alberta history.  The acquaintance(Erickson Delalcazar and crew) may have wrongly believed Lindsay was the snitch.  It’s also very possible that someone close to Lindsay like her good friend RG, who refuses to cooperate with the police told Erickson and the group that Lindsay was the snitch.  Maybe they came to that conclusion on their own as someone reported that Lindsay hated drug dealers and was known “to get in their face, strip them down and read them the riot act.” The police have been investigating this group for 11 years. It doesn’t appear as though they are investigating the Zailo’s, in fact, they cleared them as POI along with other suspects. One of the men involved in the drug bust has ties to a Mexican drug cartel and he had the authority to order a hit or take care of business himself. The only info he would require would be Lindsay’s phone number and a vacant home. The rest of the people in the group, including RG could have very easily provided that information.)

Crime Watch Daily reached out to Jason Zailo for an interview. He declined, but he did talk to police. (Jason has always fully cooperated with investigators.  Did RG, Vid, Del’s, Medardo, Leo, Charbal, etc?  NO)

“Mr. Zailo and his friend were under intense police scrutiny. However, Mr. Zailo was cooperative with police,” said Sgt. Horsley. “He also partook in a polygraph exam, and he passed.  (People now want to point the finger at the polygraph examination and put out false information and claim a CVSA machine was used.  Especially, when they know that is FALSE information.  “Insp. Rob McColl, who is head of Saanich’s detective division (and Sampson’s boss) said the force stopped using the CVSA device for criminal investigations in 2007, not because they lost faith in its ability to detect lies, but because the RCMP INSTALLED A POLYGRAPH OPERATOR in Victoria, which made it more economical to use that device. He said Saanich police still use the CVSA device to screen prospective recruits.  He says the CVSA was NOT USED at any point during the unsolved Lindsay Buziak case, though POLYGRAPH TESTS were administered IN THE INVESTIGATION.” )

“Based on forensic evidence, timeline of communications, witness testimony, video surveillance, we know he’s not the killer,” said Sgt. Horsley. “Was he perhaps somehow involved in the planning? Well he successfully passed a polygraph and he successfully took part in all these interviews with us. So at this point in time he’s not considered a suspect.” (Jason was not cleared based solely on a polygraph exam like some want you to believe.   Sgt. Horsley made it very clear Jason successfully took part in all interviews as well as a polygraph which he passed. )

So then who is? The one thing both Lindsay’s father and police definitely agree on is that this was no random killing.

“It certainly has the hallmarks of being pre-planned and pre-orchestrated, without a doubt,” said Horsley.

And executed, police believe, by those two pretend house-hunters who called Lindsay on her personal phone to set the whole thing up.

“Lindsay actually wrote down the number,” said Sgt. Horsley.

Unfortunately, the number is attached to a “burner” phone, purchased with cash nearly three months before and registered under a fake name.

“The phone was only ever used for one thing and that was to phone Lindsay Buziak,” said Horsley. “It’s a level of planning that clearly shows Lindsay Buziak was the target. The issue is Was she really the target or was she a scapegoat of convenience?”

According to one theory, the answer to that may be tied to somewhere Lindsay went the December before her February murder.

“In January before her murder, the largest drug bust in Alberta history occurred,” said Sgt. Horsley. “We’re talking millions upon millions of dollars’ value in cocaine. The people that lost the drugs know that someone spoke to the police.”

(that is a very strong motive to want someone dead.)

Police in Greater Victoria, British Columbia has interviewed hundreds of people, followed up on nearly a thousand leads, but who carried out the savage stabbing death of Lindsay Buziak remains a mystery.

In the immediate aftermath of the murder, police focused their efforts on identifying the couple that set up the open house where Lindsay was killed.

“We do know from the forensic evidence that both the man and female did go through the home,” said Sgt. Horsley. “We do have evidence of them leaving the home, however we don’t have anything in the form of DNA or fingerprints which would lead to a suspect identification.”

In fact, almost all they have in the way of identification comes from an eyewitness who described a tall Caucasian man, and a woman with shoulder-length blonde hair, and a uniquely colored dress.

“We think we may have even found the exact brand of dress,” said Horsley. “It wasn’t a designer high-end name brand, unfortunately, it was something that could commonly be bought in the department store. So, unfortunately, the dress lead didn’t pan out for us.”

One of the things making it so hard to find the couple, or any suspects at all, is the fact that no one can definitely say why anyone would want Lindsay dead in the first place.

“She does not personally appear to have any enemies, so what is the motive for the killing?” said Horsley.

Police do have some strong theories though. One of them tied to a trip Lindsay Buziak made to Calgary just six weeks before her murder.

“This was in December and the murder was in February,” said Sgt. Horsley.

Apparently, while Lindsay was in Calgary, she reached out to an old acquaintance from Victoria, once by phone and another time through Facebook.

“We don’t know the nature of the call. We don’t know why she called him. We don’t know why she was on his Facebook site,” said Sgt. Horsley.

What they do know is that the person she contacted was the family member of a man named Erickson Delalcazar, and that shortly after Lindsay went back to Victoria, Delalcazar, along with 13 other people, was caught in the biggest drug bust in the history of the province. (Delalcazar and Graham Scott Taylor were the only two arrested on January 22, 2008. )

“What we can say is that people lost a lot of money and the people that lost the drugs know that someone spoke to the police,” said Horsley. “A witch hunt occurred where people were being questioned, people were being pulled out of their beds in the middle of the night and asked ‘Who have you spoken to?’ because they know someone spoke to the police.”  (Sgt. Horsley is not talking about the Zailo’s here, he is talking about the REAL SUSPECTS in Lindsay’s murder.)

Someone like Lindsay?

“That’s one of the working theories,” said Horsley. “Lindsay Buziak was the target of this murder but it may have been a target of opportunity where they needed to solve a problem and she was the solution.”

But then why would Lindsay Buziak be so well-known to people in the drug trade to begin with?  (One of her best friends R.G. was dating Vid.  Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend MMD was also tied to these people.  The majority of these people refuse to cooperate with the investigators unlike Jason and Shirley, who fully cooperated.  From my understanding, Matt was cooperative too.  Some of these people pointed their fingers at the Zailo’s from day one as being the conspirators. )

“Victoria, everybody knows everybody. It’s that simple,” said Horsley.

“If you really ask the police, this is a complicated murder,” said Jeff Buziak. “It has many twists and turns, there are killers and there are conspirators. The killers were the mechanics in her murder. They [didn’t] necessarily know her.

Who does Buziak really think hired those “mechanics?” He’s not saying outright, but on his website,, he and others regularly share their theories, often calling out individuals by name and demanding they step forward.

“I get threatened probably weekly with lawsuits, but I haven’t seen one yet,” said Buziak. His efforts do often put him at odds with authorities.

“Really, what it’s become is a modern-day witch hunt, and it’s just an internet witch hunt,” said Sgt. Horsley. “So it’s an ongoing issue and whether it affects the potential trial down the road, I don’t know. I’ve had those discussions with Mr. Buziak because it is potential that it could impact our successful prosecution.” (The witch hunt is not helping the case at all. Over the years some people may have believed in the Zailo’s guilt based on misleading information/fabricated information/gossip, etc. but there is a big difference when others are conducting a witch hunt by intentionally spreading FALSE/FABRICATED information and ignoring information already shared by the investigators.

But Jeff Buziak and his family vow to keep up the fight.

“I believe the people who made the decision to kill her are cowards, and cowards need to be caught,” said Buziak. “These people have to know that they’re not going to get away with murdering Lindsay Buziak.”

“This is a solvable case and we are confident that Lindsay’s murder can be solved,” said Sgt. Horsley.

If you have any information about Lindsay Buziak’s death, submit an anonymous tip to Crime Watch Daily.