Timeline Of The Calgary Drug Bust and the Timeline Of Lindsay Buziak’s Murder

There is only one motive that seems to make the most sense and that’s the Calgary drug bust. The known facts surrounding the timeline of the Calgary bust and some of the individuals involved in the drug organization align with the timeline of Lindsay’s murder.  There is no evidence to support any other theory. None that makes sense anyway.

People who are manufacturing false confessions in an attempt to support a nonsensical Zailo theory is ridiculous. Fabricating events that did not happen in an attempt to support a theory is desperate.  Certainly, there are people who will spin the yarn and claim they have an abundance of evidence to support a particular theory other than the Calgary connection but it’s nothing but tangled yarn.   The Zailo conspiracy theory is based on gossip.


Calgary Drug Bust (January 22, 2008)

  • “Officers had been WORKING on the investigation for about TWO MONTHS when, around 9:00 pm Tuesday, they witnessed what they believed was a DRUG TRANSACTION between TWO vehicles.” This vehicle search LED the officers to the home on Hawthorne Dr.
  • Information obtained from court transcripts supports the theory that someone snitched about the Calgary drug operation approx TWO MONTHS (November 2007) before Erickson was busted(Jan 22/08). The joint Calgary City Police and RCMP Investigation began in November 2007. 

Calgary Police had witnessed a drug transaction between Erickson and Graham on the night of Jan 22, 2008, which resulted in their arrest.( It was mentioned on Crime Watch Daily https://truecrimedaily.com/2017/06/09/who-killed-lindsay-buziak-realtors-murder-believed-to-be-targeted-hit/ that the Calgary group were aware that someone had spoken to the police about their drug operation.)  An additional 42 kilos of cocaine were found in the safe that was seized on Jan 22/08. (It was opened on Jan 28/08).  After the Calgary bust, the head of the Calgary operation(Leo Beltran) went on the hunt to find out who the informant was! Based on the fact that Lindsay was lured to a vacant home and murdered shortly after the additional 42 kilos was found it is highly probable someone lied to Leo and told him  Lindsay was the informant. The loss of millions of dollars in revenue is a HUGE MOTIVE for MURDER.  The killer’s made a mistake though.  Lindsay was NOT THE INFORMANT! The real informant is still out there and Leo knows someone lied to him about Lindsay.

It was mentioned in the media the home on Hawthorne was the home where the suspects resided. The two suspects who were arrested that night were Erickson and Graham.  Since Alycia and Miguel were both allegedly charged with “conspiracy to traffick cocaine” it’s safe to assume one or both of them were the persons named on the “tenancy agreement” of the Hawthorn residence. Alycia’s fingerprint was also found on a brick of cocaine that was found inside a gun style safe in the garage of the residence.  That safe was seized on Jan 22/08 and contained the additional 42 kilos of cocaine.  At the time of the initial bust on Jan 22/08, police were unaware of the cocaine stash inside the safe because they did not open it that night.  The safe was NOT OPENED until January 28th when a tactical team pried it open.  The police were surprised when they found an additional 42 kilos of cocaine inside the safe.  The total amount of cocaine seized in the Calgary bust now totalled 67 kilos. (5 kilos seized in Erickson’s vehicle, 20 kilos seized inside the Hawthorne residence on Jan 22/08 and the additional 42 kilos found  inside the safe on Jan 28/08.)  It’s safe to assume the planning of Lindsay’s murder began approx TWO DAYS after the safe was opened based on the fact the burner phone used by the killers was activated approx. the same time.

An additional 13 kilos were seized months later(Alycia was busted with 8 kilos in November 2008).    https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/police-crack-safe-find-42-kg-of-cocaine-1.726827

The following are excerpts from various news stories published on Wed Jan 23 , 2008, that supports the drug investigation began two months before Erickson was arrested. Someone tipped off the Calgary police about the drug operation and it wasn’t LINDSAY!    Leo knows Lindsay was not the true informant and he knows he was lied to. 

  • “Staff Sgt. Monty Sparrow shows off the goods from a massive drug bust made in Calgary Tuesday night. Drugs were seized from a car and later more were found at the home of the suspects along with cash, four weapons and body armour.”
  • “Calgary police seized 25 kilograms of cocaine after witnessing a drug transaction in progress. The surveillance led them to the cache of drugs, guns and $200,000 in cash in the car and in a subsequent search of a home on Tuesday night.”
  • “On Tuesday night a two-month investigation proved fruitful when officers observed a drug deal and followed one of the vehicles to an alley in Thorncliffe. When they searched it they found five kilos of cocaine and $100,000 in cash.”
  • “A search warrant was then executed on a home in the 300 block of Hawthorne Dr. NW where police found another 20 kilos of cocaine, another $100,000 in cash, three handguns, a rifle and body armour.”
  • Police have charged 30-year-old Graham Scott Taylor of Calgary and 28-year-old Erickson Lopez Delalcazar of Victoria with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. They remain in custody.

In another news story “Documentary On Realtor’s Murder Nets 100 Tips”  it was stated there was a TWO MONTH UNDERCOVER CALGARY POLICE INVESTIGATION that was established prior to Erickson’s arrest. The police said the cocaine bust and any connection it could have with Lindsay’s killing has been “exhaustively investigated” by Saanich Police.  It was mentioned in the news story police must have come against a wall in that line of inquiry.   (I think what happened was, NO ONE came forward with key information in relation to Lindsay’s murder and the number one probable suspect LEO BELTRAN was deported out of the country on April 2010) The logical reason the Investigators appeared on Dateline in 2010 was in the hopes of generating new leads as they “hit a wall.”  The investigator’s primary focus seemed to be the Calgary drug bust and some of the members of that organization. The Dateline experts reviewed some information about Lindsay’s murder and the Calgary connection and tossed around theories as to who could have killed Lindsay and why. While their theories VARIED, all seemed to agree Lindsay was specifically targeted, the killer(s) had a criminal past and a history of violence.  There are those who believe the Calgary drug bust had nothing to do with Lindsay’s murder based on the premise that the burner phone used in her murder was purchased November 2007 which was prior to Erickson/Graham’s arrest on Jan 22, 2008 and that Lindsay wasn’t the true informant.(what is relevant is that someone(persons) likely lied to Leo Beltran and told him Lindsay was the informant that caused the dismantling of the Calgary operation and the loss of millions of dollars in revenue. That is a huge motive for murder.) 

Although the burner phone was purchased in November of 2007 that does not indicate the killers were planning Lindsay’s murder at that time.   The burner phone was likely ONE OF MANY that were purchased months in advance and used in the Calgary drug operation. The killers simply used one of the burner phones from the supply they had and activated it for the sole purpose of using it to communicate with Lindsay and lure her to the vacant Desousa property.   That burner phone was only used to communicate with Lindsay and was never used again after her murder. Leo’s sister Mila lived in Burnaby and was most likely the female with the heavy Spanish accent who called Lindsay.  Mila does have a very heavy Spanish accent.

The investigators were obviously aware the burner phone had been purchased prior to the Calgary drug bust yet they continued to focus on the individuals involved in the Calgary drug operation. I don’t believe the purchase date of the burner phone is irrelevant.  I believe the DATE it was ACTIVATED is what is important here.

The investigators have gone on record and stated the Calgary connection is one of their leading working theories.  They have publicly cleared Jason, his Mother and his Brother of any involvement in Lindsay’s murder.   It was also reported in the media that Matt (Lindsay’s ex) was cleared too.  The Zailo conspiracists claim the motive behind Lindsay’s murder was that she was leaving Jason and Jason overheard Lindsay tell her friend her plans(in Dec 2007).  The problem with that theory is that the burner phone was purchased PRIOR(NOV) to Jason overhearing Lindsay tell her friend(in DEC) she was thinking about leaving him.  So that theory does not make sense. The police have never confirmed that story anyway so highly probable it is false.

The conspiracy theorists have never provided any sensible evidence in any form to support their theory the Zailo’s were involved in Lindsay’s murder. Any so-called circumstantial evidence they claim to have has all been fabricated. (TWO false confessions, and naming hundreds of people as being involved in Lindsay’s murder)


  • Erickson Del Alcazar and Graham Scott Taylor arrested on January 22, 2008, while the remaining TWELVE individuals were arrested MONTHS later. (AFTER LINDSAY WAS MURDERED) 
  • January 22, 2008 (total of 25 kilos of cocaine seized that night)($217,000 in cash)
    January 28, 2008 (42 kilos of cocaine found inside a safe that was seized earlier in the week on Jan 22/08)
  • The total combined amount of cocaine seized from inside the Hawthorne residence and Erickson’s vehicle was 67 kilos.  
  • months later (13 kilos seized (8 kilos of that was found in Alycia Faithful’s van November 2008)      total80 kilos 
  • “The cocaine would be worth $8 million on the streets, said Staff Sgt. Darren Cave of the drug unit. In addition, police executed numerous search warrants and recovered the packaging for an additional 20 kilograms of cocaine that reflects the level and sophistication of the group in moving more than 100 kilograms of this drug.”The active part of the investigation ENDED in DECEMBER 2008.”


– Erickson Lopez Delalcazar, 

Miguel Ernesto Rivas Franco,   (Medardo’s Brother)

Leopoldo Fernando Rojo Beltran,  (former Brother-in-law of Miguel Rivas Franco.)  (Leo was charged with “possession of proceeds of crime” and those charges were later stayed)

– Graham Scott Taylor,    Alycia Lynn Faithful-Lebrun,  Christian Balmore Zepeda,  Thuan Xuan Ngo,  An Xuan Go,  Kayla Elizabeth Wright,   Duncan Howard Bailey,  Kevin James Wambolt,   Anthony Raymond Middlekoop,  Carlos Enrique Aguirre,   Roberto Stanley Olmedo-Rajo,

  • “The involvement of police in Victoria suggests the cocaine may be transported from Mexico along the coast — avoiding the United States — and coming in through Victoria, he said, adding he believes the lack of marine border security on the coast leaves an “open gate for drug smugglers.”



  • The key to the murder timeline and the connection to the Calgary drug bust timeline is the date Erickson/Graham were busted (Jan 22, 2008),
  • the date the additional 42 kilos was found inside the gun-style safe (Jan 28, 2008)  which was actually seized on January 22, 2008,
  • the activation date of the burner phone (approx. January 30/31, 2008),
  • the date the female suspect first telephoned Lindsay(approx. Jan 30/31)  (there were multiple other calls from the female suspect to Lindsay over a three day period),
  • the date the female suspect called Lindsay again (Feb 1st) to request a 530 appt time to view  the vacant Desousa property,
  •  the date the burner phone traveled to the Island (Feb 1st)

The timeline of when the burner phone was activated and when the female suspect first called Lindsay was TWO DAYS after the additional 42 kilos was found inside a safe (seized Jan 22nd) in the Hawthorn residence.(safe opened January 28, 2008).

There are those who believe since the burner phone was purchased(Nov 07) which was before the bust(Jan 08) there is no connection to Lindsay’s murder. Bear in mind drug traffickers regularly keep a supply of unactivated burner phones on hand and what is relevant in this case is the date the killer’s activated the burner phone, not so much the purchase date.

There are those who also believe Lindsay’s murder took months to plan based on the date the burner phone was purchased. If you look at the known facts about the Calgary bust timeline I think the planning of Lindsay’s murder began after the additional 42 kilos was found inside the safe on January 28th. The investigators said the individuals were aware someone had spoken to the police which resulted in the bust. The head of the Calgary operation was trying to find out who the informant was.  It’s possible sometime after the 28th of January when the ADDITIONAL 42 kilos was found inside the SAFE, someone(persons) bold-faced lied to Leo Beltran and told him Lindsay was the informant. (note: Investigators confirmed Lindsay was not the true informant).  Based on the above timeline it appears Lindsay’s murder took only a few days to plan not months.  Most likely more than one person convinced Leo Lindsay was the informant.

Some of the key dates to keep in mind are:

  • December 2007 Lindsay was in Calgary visiting her Dad. It was reported by Investigators that Lindsay tried to make contact with a family member of Erickson Delalcazar.
  •  The date the Desousa property was re-listed January 9, 2008.  The MLS listing was entered into the system on that day by Lindsay’s best friend Rianne Gracia.  RG only became aware of that property on January 9, 2008, which would have been fresh in her mind when the killers were looking for a vacant home to commit the crime.
  • Jan 22, 2008 Erickson was arrested.
  • January 28, 2008, an additional 42 kilos found inside the safe although safe was seized on Jan 22nd.


  • Leo Beltran conducted a witch hunt and demanded to know who spoke to the Calgary police.  At this stage, a person(s) could have lied and said it was Lindsay.  It may have been a person(s) who wanted Lindsay dead and used the Calgary drug bust as the perfect opportunity to achieve that goal.
  • Approx Jan 30/31 2008 burner phone activated and the female suspect placed the FIRST call to Lindsay. (1/2 a dozen calls were made to Lindsay in total)
  • Erickson denied bail Feb 1, 2008
  • Feb 1, 2008, female suspect calls Lindsay again asking to view the Desousa property at 530 on Feb 2, 2008.
  • Feb 1, 2008, the burner phone traveled to the Island.
  • Feb 2, 2008, Lindsay murdered between 538 pm – 541 pm.
  • Investigators begin investigating Lindsay’s murder.
  • Multiple agencies are involved in the investigation and the focus of their investigation appears to be on some core members of the Calgary drug operation and Lindsay’s best friend RG.
  • 2009 Jason is publicly cleared as a suspect in Lindsay’s murder. So is her ex-boyfriend Matt.
  • April 2010 Leo Beltran who was head of the Calgary drug operation was deported back to the US.
  • June 2010 investigations release new details https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/slain-b-c-realtor-may-have-been-wrong-target-1.885428 surrounding Lindsay’s murder. They believe that while Buziak was clearly the intended target, she may have been slain based on misinformation. (this supports the theory someone lied to Leo Beltran and told him Lindsay was the informant).
  • In September 2010, investigators appeared on Dateline http://www.theprovince.com/news/Police+release+video+photos+interior+house+where+Lindsay+Buziak+killed/3557109/story.html and set up an international tip line hoping for new leads. (Leo Beltran was deported back to the US  before investigators appeared on Dateline.)
  • The investigation is still active but remains unsolved.

Lindsay was murdered 5 days after the additional 42 kilos was found inside the safe and the female suspect telephoned Lindsay TWO DAYS after the cocaine was found in the safe. The safe was confiscated from the Hawthorne residence on January 22, 2008, but not opened until the 28th.

According to info obtained from Crime Watch Daily,  people were pulled out of their beds in the middle of the night by someone(probably Leo) who wanted to know who spoke to the police about the Calgary drug operation. Leo was the guy in charge so it makes sense he would also be the guy yanking people out of their beds!

It has been alleged Lindsay’s best friend Rianne Gracia was in a relationship with VID at some point who was allegedly involved in the Calgary drug operation.   RG was employed at the same Re/max office Lindsay worked at.  After Lindsay was murdered RG abandoned her position and did not return to the Re/max office.  RG has openly admitted to some of her friends that she was very envious of Lindsay. It is important to note that RG and some members of the Calgary drug operation have never cooperated with the investigators or participated in a polygraph examination. It’s highly unlikely they ever will either.

Based on known facts shared by investigators publicly over the years it is reasonable to assume the head of Calgary drug operation(LEO BELTRAN) believed Lindsay was the informant based on misinformation OR, someone(persons) bold-faced lied to him and told him Lindsay was the informant. It was confirmed publicly by the investigators that Lindsay was not the true informant.  It is also reasonable to assume that some of the core members of the drug organization believed Lindsay may have had some knowledge of the drug operation through her connection to her best friend RG.)   The Detectives who appeared on Dateline in 2010 had this to say  “It is also possible Buziak’s killers were under the mistaken impression she had REVEALED INFORMATION she shouldn’t have, he said, or perhaps that she was somehow CONNECTED to a dangerous person without knowing it”. (it is my opinion the dangerous person they may have been referring to is “Leopoldo Rojo Beltran”. Leo is from Culiacan, Mexico and he is connected to a Mexican drug cartel. He is currently living in SD, California.  Staff Sgt. Darren Cave  said, “some suspects charged are believed to have been involved in the upper echelons of the organized-crime network and the investigation disrupted its activities.”   Cave said investigators believe the operation disrupted in Calgary has links to a distribution network spread through the “United States, beyond that to Mexico and South America.”

It is quite apparent the guy who called the shots in the Calgary operation was Leo Rojo Beltran.  Based on legal transcripts  CBSA was aware as early as April 20, 2008, that Leo Rojo Beltran was in Canada and had information about his location but he was not arrested until December 3, 2008.  Leo was not charged with any drug trafficking offenses. He was charged with “possession of the proceeds of crime” and those charges were later stayed in June 2009.  The most likely reason Leo was not arrested sooner was so investigators could surveil him and gather intel regarding Lindsay’s murder. Since Leo was in Canada illegally CBSA could have arrested him as early as April 2008 but they did not.

Info obtained from legal transcripts:

  • In furtherance of Operation High Noon, a tracking device warrant was obtained and was installed on the Quest in June 2008 while it was still located at the Edmonton address. Later, the Quest was driven back to Calgary and parked in the garage of the residence of Mr. Rivas-Franco’s brother-in-law, a Mr. Leopoldo Beltran.
  • On December 3, 2008, Canada Border Service Agency (“CBSA”) Inland enforcement unit was contacted by the Calgary Police Service  and advised that on that date the accused Leopoldo Rojo Beltran (“Rojo Beltran”) had been one of several individuals arrested at Calgary, Canada as part of a sweep of arrests, the result of an approximately one year long CPS drug investigation named “High Noon.”
  • The delay in prosecuting Leo Rojo Beltran was explained in the Agreed Statement of Facts as the offender was a target in another ongoing investigation.(Lindsay’s murder investigation)
  • 2010 Leopoldo Rojo Beltran entered a guilty plea to an offence of returning to Canada without the prescribed authorization, contrary to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, S.C. 2001, c. 27.
  • The offender submits that he will not fight removal from Canada. (Leo couldn’t wait to get out of Canada considering he was aware he was the number one suspect in Lindsay’s murder!)
  • April 2010 Leo Beltran deported back to the US.

Media stories in reference to Leo Rojo Beltran:

Thursday,  June 11, 2009, 05:25 AM – Toronto Star

One of several individuals picked up this week in a massive cocaine bust was deported several years ago.

Canada Border Services Agency has charged Leopoldo Fernando Rojo Beltran with returning without authorization.

The 34-year-old was one of 14 people arrested in one of the largest cocaine busts in Alberta history which led police to finding 80 kg of cocaine with a street value of $8 million.

The operation allegedly moved the drug from B.C. into Alberta.

CBSA spokeswoman Lisa White said Beltran was deported in 2000 and 2003.

While she said he faces charges for returning without authorization under federal immigration laws, because the case is before the courts she could not elaborate.

The foreign national, said to be from Mexico, was charged in Operation High Noon, a year-long drug investigation, involving police forces in B.C. and Alberta.

CBSA had been working with police for some time on the case.

Police say the arrests are a substantial crackdown on the drug trade.

In 2004, charges were laid after border officials found $10 million worth of cocaine at the Coutts crossing.

The investigator’s working on Lindsay’s case has appeared on Dateline and Crime Watch Daily.  It’s not too far of a stretch to assume what the investigators shared on these shows was meticulously crafted for investigative purposes. They have openly discussed their main working theory that Lindsay may have been murdered due to the Calgary drug bust.   Lindsay was associated with SOME of the individuals of the drug ring but had no idea how dangerous some of them were.(Leopoldo Rojo Beltran)

Leopoldo Beltran was in the smuggling business for years before climbing the ranks.   Leo and his Father were both caught smuggling marijuana from Mexico into San Diego, California by using hidden compartments in their vehicles.  Leo was apprehended with 52 lbs of marijuana while his Father was apprehended with 232 lbs of marijuana. Interestingly enough, Leo’s charges were dismissed.

A younger “Leo Beltran”                    Leo 2012

Quotes from some of the Investigators working on Lindsay’s murder case:

  • “You can be a person who just works and minds their own business in Victoria, yet through a VERY BRIEF NETWORK of FRIENDS, you could be absolutely CONNECTED to people that are involved in VERY BAD THINGS,” Horsley said.
  • Horsley said the brutal nature of the slaying might have been intended to make it APPEAR to be a crime of passion or to send a message to someone.
  • Police say there’s no evidence to indicate Lindsay Buziak was involved with crime or drugs but it is clear she knew people who were.
  • Sgt. Horsley stated: “There is nothing in her life — and we’ve conducted an extensive background [check] — that would indicate that she was involved in anything criminal, in anything of a domestic violence relationship, and that is the most perplexing thing.”

There is a lot of false information on social media.  None of the Zailo conspiracists have ever provided any type of credible leads or tips in support of the theory the Z’s were involved in Lindsay’s murder. They have never provided any credible information to support any of their baseless allegations (itemized below).  The information on social media about the Zailo’s is ALL fabricated. There is no credible information that supports the claims that the Zailo’s associated with any members of the Calgary drug operation or any other known high-level drug traffickers other than the brother’s played hockey with ONE known drug dealer ZM. Other people also played hockey with ZM so does that make them all criminals and murder suspects too?   Just because someone is associated with a drug dealer be it through work, sports, being at the same club, FB friends, etc. does not mean you are in the business of trafficking drugs or money laundering with said person.   As was mentioned by some of the Zailo conspiracists Victoria is a small town and everyone knows everyone.   Just because you may know a drug dealer does not make you involved with drug trafficking/money laundering.  The same rules apply to the Zailo’s.

The following is a list of baseless allegations against the Zailo’s by the Z. conspiracists:

  1.   No criminal records associated with any member of the Z family who the Zailo conspiracists claim are dirty.
  2.  No evidence of a history of violence with any member of the Z family.
  3.  No evidence to support the claim the Z’s were involved in money laundering or drug trafficking. (fabricated story)
  4. No evidence to support the claim that SZ purchased a $1.3 million dollar home in CASH FOR Jason and Lindsay(they just lived in it temporarily).  (SZ purchased the home for family use and still owns the home today)
  5. No evidence to support the claim that SZ spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on renovations or furnishings for the condo and Shawnigan property. Even if she did she is no different than any other person who does home renos.
  6. No evidence to support the claim that Jason was supposed to accompany Lindsay to the 5:30 showing.
  7.   No evidence to support the claim that SZ intentionally called NB and spoke with a fake accent.  The police have evidence that supports the phone call was an accident.
  8.    No evidence to support the claim that Lindsay made a final decision to break up with Jason prior to her murder. (Lindsay’s actions support she was not breaking up with Jason anytime soon)
  9.   No evidence to support the claim that SZ arrived on foot to the Desousa property prior to 6:30 pm. (All access to the crime scene had been blocked before Shirley arrived by vehicle.) Police have supporting evidence  SZ was at her Colwood residence and drove to the crime scene after Jason called her for the garage door code. SZ went to the crime scene because she could sense the urgency in Jason’s voice that something was wrong. When she arrived in the area all access was blocked and a police officer informed Shirley that her son was at the police station.  She then left and drove to the police station. Common sense would tell you that unauthorized personnel such as Shirley would not get past the crime tape)
  10.  No evidence to support the claim that Lindsay was stabbed 40+ times or the extent of her injuries.  The investigators said the autopsy report was sealed.  The first responders would not have seen the full extent of Lindsay’s injuries as Lindsay was fully clothed. They would have only seen wounds not covered by her clothing. Her body would have remained in the position she was found in.  It was a crime scene and she was deceased. Most of the injuries the conspiracists claim Lindsay had have been fabricated.
  11. No evidence to support the claim that Jason parked in two different locations (10 min each) at the Desousa property. Even if he did, it’s irrelevant because the killers had already fled the scene as Jason was driving towards the end of the cul-de-sac.
  12. No evidence to support the claim that JDS said “the little bitch got what she deserved”.  (Someone who disliked JDS fabricated that story and claimed JDS said that when they in fact said it.)
  13. No evidence to support the claim that SZ was in the Desousa home one week before Lindsay’s murder because JDS had offered SZ the listing. Does it really make sense SZ would turn down the Desousa listing and give the listing to two realtors in her own office?  Not only that,  the property was already listed January 9, 2008 so the timeline doesn’t even make sense.
  14. No evidence to support that PB fled back to the Netherlands after Lindsay’s murder in 2008.   (PB did, however, move back to the Netherland(his homeland) FOUR YEARS after Lindsay’s murder after he and Shirley split and he entered into a new relationship with a woman from the Netherlands.)
  15. No evidence to support the claim that PB and JDS owned a coffee shop together. No evidence that SZ was good friends with JDS.  PB was an acquaintance of JDS.
  16. No evidence to support the claim of police or government corruption. BC rail scandal not relevant. One of the conspiracy theorists has a huge hate on for politicians and has tried to morph Lindsay’s murder in with political issues for her own personal agenda.  It’s the same agenda with all the cop haters.
  17. No evidence to support the claim the police bungled the case and contaminated the crime scene.
  18. No evidence to support the claim the police said the case was cold. The police have stated multiple times in the media that the case has NEVER BEEN COLD.( boxed and put on a shelf)
  19. No evidence to support the claim that SZ told Lindsay’s friends to shut their mouth. She may have told them not to talk to people about the crime because there was an ongoing homicide investigation and the police likely advised all of them not to disclose certain information. Most of these people would be considered witnesses for the Crown.
  20. No evidence to support the claim that Lindsay saw something she shouldn’t have seen involving the Zailos and it was the motive for her murder. It was reported in 2010 that Lindsay told her Dad  in 2006 and again in 2007 that she saw something that really scared her. Police have never confirmed this story.
  21. No evidence to support the claim the Z’s lavished expensive gifts on Lindsay to buy her silence. No evidence to support the claim that Lindsay had dirt on the Z’s that would require her to be silenced. No evidence to support the allegations that Lindsay saw the Zailo’s involved in something criminal.
  22. No evidence to support the claims that Lindsay witnessed a murder, snuff films, human trafficking, etc.
  23. No evidence that Jason is a Mason or the Masons were involved in Lindsay’s murder or cover-up.
  24. No evidence to rule out the Calgary drug bust as the leading motive for Lindsay’s murder.  Saanich Investigators shared some facts/details surrounding the Calgary drug bust(people involved) and possible connections back to Lindsay. The Zailo conspiracists want to discredit anyone who shares any information that goes against their ridiculous Zailo conspiracy theory.  It’s a fact that conspiracists will never accept the FACTS of anything that’s why they are conspiracy theorists. If a TV show or podcast doesn’t go their way they will attack that show/podcast the same way they attack the police and anyone who disagrees with them. Conspiracy theorists hate to be wrong and hate when the true facts are told. The more facts that come out the wilder the fabricated stories become.
  25. No evidence to prove Jason showed no emotion after Lindsay’s murder.
  26. No evidence to support the claim that Vid picked the killers up at the BC ferry terminal then shuttled them back to his residence or that cell phone ping data placed the burner phone at Vid’s residence the night before Lindsay was murdered. No evidence to support the killer’s stay at Vid’s residence the night before the murder. Only the investigators would have knowledge of ping data.
  27. No evidence to support Lindsay was at the Desousa property at 5:00 pm like the conspiracists claim.
  28. No evidence to support the claim the female suspect wore a blonde wig.
  29. No evidence to support the claim that the Z’s were cleared based on a polygraph examination alone. Other investigative techniques were utilized as well. Everyone knows a polygraph is not conclusive or admissible in court.
  30. No evidence to support the claim that the Zailo’s were the only people cleared.   Maybe they were the only ones publicly cleared.  Police have already explained due to privacy laws they cannot name suspects or persons of interest.
  31. There is no evidence to support the allegations that the killer’s  DNA was found at the crime scene.
  32. There is no evidence to support anything the conspiracists have said about Lindsay’s case.  They have produced NOTHING.  It’s all hearsay or fabricated.
  33. No evidence that a third person was hiding inside the home or that the suspect couple was just used as decoys.
  34. No evidence to support the false allegations that the Zailo’s were associated with major cocaine traffickers or anyone connected to the Calgary drug organization.  Ziggy Matheson played on the same hockey team as Jason and Ryan Zailo as did many others. Shirley rented property to Ziggy who she believed was gainfully employed at the time.  SZ was not aware ZM had a prior criminal record before she rented her property to him.   There are many people who unknowingly rent property to drug traffickers who they believe are gainfully employed.  So, does that make them all criminals too?
  35. There is no evidence to support the claim that Jason refused to give a sample of his DNA.  As stated on Dateline “Jason was arrested, questioned for hours, and asked to provide a DNA sample before being released.”  Since Jason was considered a suspect, by law he would have been required to provide a DNA sample.  If you look at this with some common sense, Jason had already cooperated fully with the investigation and it would make no sense for him to then turn around and not voluntarily submit a sample of his DNA.  Jason met the criteria below(DNA WARRANT) so even if he DID REFUSE the police had grounds to obtain a sample.   DNA WARRANT:   A Judge will give police a “DNA warrant” to get a sample from a person if they can convince the Judge that they can meet the following TWO  CONDITIONS: 1. they have reasonable grounds to believe you were involved in a serious indictable offence, including offences like MURDER, sexual assault, arson or rape; and 2. DNA evidence will link you directly to the crime or prove your innocence.





“I think the truth is black-and-white.” –  Nancy Grace



Author: FAC