The Zailo Conspiracy Theory

The following outline is a general idea of the birth of the Zailo conspiracy theory and the extreme measures the conspiracists have taken in an attempt to make it sound credible.   Everyone is entitled to their opinion and theories but when there is no evidence other than false information to support a theory it’s time to let it go. It is also not right to intentionally mislead the public with false information.

Shortly after Dateline aired in 2010 many people believed the Zailo’s were involved.  The theory grew stronger as the years went on based on fabricated/misleading information, and gossip.  Some people moved on from that theory after becoming aware that the majority of the information about the Zailo’s was false and that they are innocent.  Other supporters remain, staunch believers, the Zailo’s are guilty and have taken further steps to promote that theory by intentionally fabricating ridiculous stories about the Zailo family.  The following outline is what the conspiracists consider “STRONG EVIDENCE” which resulted in their conclusion the Zailo’s are responsible for the murder of Lindsay.

 a) Jason allegedly parked his vehicle in two different spots at the crime scene. b) Jason allegedly did not display any emotion in public after Lindsay’s murder. c) although the autopsy results were sealed the conspiracists insist they know the extent of Lindsay’s wounds and exactly how many times she was stabbed.  d) Jason allegedly looked directly up at the surveillance camera at SHC even though that camera was not even in working order and if you review the footage you cannot even see Jason’s face. The conspiracists insist they can see Jason’s face.   This is the extent of the so-called damning evidence they claim to have to support their conspiracy theory that the Z’s are guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.

 The conspiracists allege the Z’s are involved and have made further false allegations the police are too based on what they consider to be “strong evidence”.  The following is the conspiracists evidence:    a. the Z’s worked with Lindsay.  b. the police must be corrupt because the police cleared the Zailo’s on a single polygraph exam(false) and have ignored the conspiracists “strong evidence.” (it’s all assumptions)  c.  Jason allegedly parked his vehicle facing away from Torquay so he could peer out his rearview mirror(that was actually a theory someone posted 8 years ago that somehow morphed into a fact/strong evidence).  d.  Jason remained in his vehicle with his friend instead of going inside the house to check on Lindsay.  e.  Jason showed no emotion.  f. Jason ran straight to the master bedroom.

That is all the conspiracists needed to develop their conspiracy theory, but there were a few other things they added along the way to make the conspiracy theory sound even juicer. They claimed the Z’s had the help of Law Enforcement and claimed that Law Enforcement directed the killers on how to carry out the murder.  It doesn’t matter to the conspiracists that most of the information is false, misleading, fabricated or inaccurate,  promoting the conspiracy theory is all that matters to them.  They use every platform available on social media to convince gullible people to believe in their conspiracy theory and encourage them to share it.

The conspiracists take facts/details of the case out of context (to intentionally cause confusion) and spin them around to their liking. They elevate obscure minor incidents to center stage (eg: where Jason parked his vehicle), juxtaposed unrelated events(2013 Ziggy drug bust which happened 5 years after Lindsay was murdered),  OBSESS over mere coincidences (Jason arrived at the crime scene same time suspects were seen attempting to flee out the front door), point to a lack of evidence that (if it existed) would support their theory that Jason contaminated the entire crime scene so now there is no forensic evidence to support their theory, and they always, always provide pictures with big red arrows pointing to NOTHING in particular.

The conspiracists stitch together anything that vaguely supports their theory and calls into question the real facts provided by the investigators who have first-hand knowledge of the case.  They IGNORE OR DENY EVERYTHING THAT DOES FIT as the strongest motive. (The Calgary drug bust, facts/details shared by the investigators).  The conspiracists will attempt to have you believe that what they say is all facts/evidence and what the police say is all assumptions/fabrications. Basically, they say the complete opposite of what the investigators say.

The conspiracists mislead as many people as possible into believing and sharing their conspiracy theory. Their conspiracy theory needs to be heard and one person crying in the wilderness will unlikely be heard. Worse, they do not want to be silenced by the so-called Zailo supporters (anyone who disagrees with their conspiracy theory).   They use multiple alias names to give the appearance they have hundreds of supporters who agree with their theory.)

The conspiracists publicize their conspiracy theory anywhere they can, non-credible websites, blogs, Podcasts, YouTube, and FaceBook groups.  At one time the conspiracists were going to make pamphlets but decided the internet is a wonderful tool to use instead.  Not just for telling make-believe stories but also for finding and conversing with like-minded conspiracy believers just like them. There were many alternate ideas to communicate, but the dilemma was how to convince a perhaps doubtful public of their conspiracy theory.  They decided, to narrate their conspiracy theory like a newsreader. They would be loud and obnoxious if they had to be. They would do whatever it took to generate publicity.

In the later stages, once their campaign to promote their conspiracy theory was well-developed, they continued to repeat their theory over and over and over again.

The conspiracists denounce skeptics and other bloggers who debunk their claims the Zailo’s did it and make it clear that anyone who doubts their theory is either a member of the Zailo family, someone working for the police,  or an internet troll.

The conspiracists compiled a list of a tiny number of “experts” (retired Lawyer/Solicitor, Anti Money Laundering Investigator, Ret. FBI Agent) and used the pseudo-experts to post comments in an attempt to lend a veneer of credibility towards their conspiracy theory. (no one buys it)

The conspiracists fabricated events, timelines, and so-called evidence to try and make it fit their conspiracy theory. (still doesn’t fit)

Update: The conspiracists have added a new twist to their original conspiracy theory and now claim Jason was the snitch in the Calgary drug bust and blamed Lindsay to save his own skin. They claim his Mom helped him.  There is ZERO EVIDENCE to even remotely suggest the Zailo’s were involved in the criminal element.  Since the evidence is so overwhelming that Lindsay’s murder was related to the Calgary drug bust the conspiracists can no longer ignore those facts.  Now the conspiracists have to put a new spin on their Zailo theory.  At first, they claimed the murder was personal because Shirley was jealous of Lindsay and Jason was controlling.  They claimed Lindsay was planning on leaving Jason so that was the motive.  Hardly a motive.  Couples break up every day.   Since there was no evidence to support that theory they had to morph their Zailo theory into the only theory that ever made any common sense.  The Calgary drug bust theory.   In order to make their new spin try and fit, they fabricated another story that Jason was a drug dealer and his Mom was involved in money laundering, etc, etc.  They can’t seem to let go of the Zailo’s so they just fabricate some random story to make it fit.   They still have zero evidence to support their claim that the Zailo’s are involved in drug trafficking, money laundering or that they are associated with drug traffickers besides Ziggy, who was Shirley’s tenant.  Just a bunch of gossip. To choose random people and accuse them of drug trafficking without any evidence is plain reckless. The conspiracists never believed Lindsay’s best friend RG had anything to do with Lindsay’s murder or that the Calgary drug bust was connected to Lindsay’s murder (and attempted to silence anyone who spoke about it) even though one of the men charged (Leo) in the bust has ties to a Mexican drug cartel. Furthermore,  Lindsay even referred to the suspects as “the Mexicans”.   The conspiracists insisted only a realtor could have set up Lindsay’s murder when in fact Lindsay’s best friend RG had access to the same listing info any realtor had and they knew that.  RG actually had very personal information about Lindsay that Lindsay’s co-workers did not have.  One of the Zailo conspiracists even emailed the admin on this site in 2017 and said we had it all wrong. (even though this person is now quoting some of the info from this site as “new info”) This person used to make false claims the Calgary drug bust connection was just a distraction by the police to take the focus off the Zailos.  None of the info on this site about the Calgary drug bust connection is new. It’s been around for 11 years.  We did not name the Zailo’s on this site because we do not believe they are involved in Lindsay’s murder and we do not believe any of the fabricated stories/misleading information about the family.

NOTE:  Lindsay’s case certainly needs to be kept in the public eye and justice needs to be served.  However, it’s not fair to innocent people who have nothing to do with Lindsay’s murder to be crucified on social media based on fabricated information.   I am not just referring to the Zailo family.  There are many people who have been accused of being involved in Lindsay’s murder based on gossip.  The people who are really involved in Lindsay’s murder have been enjoying the fact that all the focus has been on the wrong people for 11 years.