The Suspect Couple – Mexican’s or Caucasian’s?

One of the men charged in the Calgary drug bust was a citizen of MEXICO with ties to a MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL. His sister lived in Burnaby and she had a thick Spanish accent.    It’s very likely the suspect couple who murdered Lindsay were Leo and Mila who were living in Canada at the time.   The “Rodriguez” surname is a common name in Mexico and that was the name used to register the burner phone. Police said in 2010 they did not believe the killers lived in the Victoria area. The investigators clearly have evidence to support that conclusion because Leo and Mila are no longer living in Canada. Leo was actually deported from Canada in 2010.  If the killer’s murdered Lindsay to send a message, it would make perfect sense why they also registered the burner phone under the name “PAULO RODRIGUEZ”.   It was another veiled message of sorts.

The surname “Rodriguez”  is most likely a surname that was familiar to them.   The name “Rodriquez” is a popular name in Mexico where the suspect originated from. In fact, some of their personal friends have the surname “Rodriguez”

 Many viewers have confused the spelling of the name “RODRIGUEZ” with “RODRIGUES” which is a common surname in Portuguese language.   The suspects used the surname “RODRIGUEZ” with a “Z” NOT “ES”. (Rodrigues Name Meaning. Portuguese).

The ten most popular Mexican last names:

Rodriguez, Lopez, Garcia, Martinez, Gonzalez, Perez, Sanchez, Gomez, Flores

  • The cell phone used to lure Lindsay to her murder was registered under the name “Paulo Rodriguez.”    The suspect killers (Leo and Mila) probably chose that surname because it was familiar to them.    In 2008 Leo was living in Canada illegally and deported in 2010. His sister Mila was living in the Burnaby area at the time of Lindsay’s murder.   Leo is now currently living in SD, California and Mila is living in LA, California.  The rest of their siblings are residing in LA, California,  Culiacan, Sinaloa,  Obregon, Sonora, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora and various other areas around Mexico.
  • It was reported on Dateline that Lindsay said the female caller sounded “kind of Spanish.  The SP had this to say in 2010 “After exhaustively investigating this crime for the past two years, this is what we know.  We know that a woman with an ACCENT made contact with Lindsay using this crime phone. (they never made mention of a male ever calling Lindsay).  This is the woman who is believed to be involved in Lindsay’s murder.” The police did not say“the woman used a fake accent.”
  • Apparently, Lindsay did not know the name of the suspect couple and it was reported she stored their phone number in her contact list under the name “The Mexican’s”.   (This was not confirmed by police publicly).  What made Lindsay refer to the couple as “the Mexicans?” )

  • Leopoldo Fernando Rojo Beltran was a Mexican citizen with ties to a Mexican drug cartel.”  He is  6′ with dark hair and light complexion. He could easily be mistaken for a Caucasian male. Leo was head of the Calgary drug operation. 
  • “Cave said investigators believe the operation disrupted in Calgary has links to a distribution network spread through the “United States, beyond that to Mexico and South America.”
  • “The involvement of police in Victoria suggests the cocaine may be transported from Mexico along the coast — avoiding the United States — and coming in through Victoria, he said, adding he believes the lack of marine border security on the coast leaves an “open gate for drug smugglers.”
  • Based on information from court transcripts Leopoldo Rojo Beltran was the TARGET of another investigation which was likely the Lindsay Buziak murder investigation. This is likely the reason CBSA did not arrest Leo Beltran in April 2008 when they were aware he was in Canada illegally.  This was TWO MONTHS after Lindsay’s murder.  They were probably surveilling him to gather intel.
  • “Sometime between November 6, 2003, and his latest arrest on December 3, 2008, Rojo Beltran once again entered Canada illegally. It is unknown to the CBSA how or where he entered the country. However, the CBSA was aware as early as April 20, 2008, that Rojo Beltran was in Canada and had information about his location. He was not legally authorized to be in Canada during this time period.”
  • [9] The offender’s personal circumstances include that the CBSA was aware of his presence in Canada illegally, but yet the CBSA delayed charging and prosecuting him for a lengthy period of time.
  • [21] The offender submitted that his time in custody and lengthy house arrest upon release should be considered in his application for a discharge. He also argues that the CBSA delayed prosecuting him and in doing so, allowed him to stay in Canada.
  • [22] I am not persuaded by these arguments.
    The delay in prosecuting was explained in the Agreed Statement of Facts as the offender was a target in another ongoing investigation.
  • In June 2008 the investigators were aware that a vehicle used to courier cocaine in the Calgary drug ring and belonging to Leo Beltran was parked in a garage at the residence of LEO BELTRAN. That vehicle then returned to VANCOUVER where it was parked in front of a home in BURNABY, BC belonging to Leo Beltran’s SISTER.  
  • “In furtherance of Operation High Noon, a tracking device warrant was obtained and was installed on the Quest in June 2008 while it was still located at the Edmonton address. Later, the Quest was driven back to Calgary and parked in the garage of the residence of Mr. Miguel Rivas-Franco’s brother-in-law, a Mr. Leopoldo Beltran.”
  • “The Quest then returned to Vancouver the next day on June 12, 2008, and went dormant for a period of approximately 4 months. For almost the whole of that time, the Quest was stationary, either in an underground parking garage in Surrey, BC or parked in front of a home in Burnaby, BC occupied by Mr. Beltran’s sister.”
  • The investigators were aware the vehicle sat dormant from June 2008 to approx. Oct of 2008.  It’s safe to say, Leo Beltran was under surveillance during this time period(and likely longer) and that is likely why CBSA did not arrest him in April when they had the opportunity.  We know that MULTIPLE OTHER AGENCIES were working together with the SP on Lindsay’s murder investigation.
  • The female suspect called from the VANCOUVER area and the cell phone used in this crime traveled from the Vancouver area to the Island.”
  • Mr. Leopoldo Beltran has a sister(a citizen of Mexico who spoke Spanish) who lived in Burnaby at the time of Lindsay’s murder. She now lives in California as does Leo.
  • “Investigators found no fingerprints, DNA or other physical evidence in the house. Buziak’s boyfriend, who found her dead at the house, and an ex-boyfriend have both been cleared by police.”
  • The suspect couple was described as being “Caucasian”.   Note: not all Mexican’s are dark skinned for those that may imply the witnesses would have been able to ID a Hispanic couple by their skin color. There are many Mexican’s who are light-skinned and could be mistaken for a “Caucasian”. The investigators know based on forensic evidence that there were only TWO other people in that house with Lindsay at the time of her murder.
  • ” Investigators said they DO NOT BELIEVE THEY LIVE in Victoria.”  Saanich Police took the unusual step of appearing on an American news magazine show with hopes of generating tips. An international tip line has been set up as well as a local one.”  
  • “This is completely different [than other homicides] in the sense that we have people who have been SENT or HIRED to set up the victim — to go to the house and commit the murder,” he said. This makes the investigation extremely complicated, Horsley said, in that the killers might have come from OUTSIDE Greater Victoria.”
  • For more than two years SP has been on the hunt for the killers of local Real Estate agent Lindsay Buziak. And as “A” Vancouver Island reports, tonight investigators say when they do catch Buziak’s killer, THEY WON’T FIND THEM IN THE VICTORIA AREA.
  • Based on information from the investigators it sounds more likely that they are aware the suspects are now living in the California area and that was the reason the investigators appeared on Dateline and set up an international tip line.  Leo returned to California in 2010 the same year investigators appeared on Dateline and set up an international tipline. Leo’s sister left the Burnaby area and is living in LA, California.

“Little evidence found at Buziak crime scene. All DNA traced to slain real estate agent, none from killers, police say.”

“One indication that HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED killers may have been behind Lindsay Buziak’s slaying is that REMARKABLY little forensic evidence was found at the crime scene. All DNA evidence extracted from the house, which had been professionally cleaned the afternoon of the killing, was traced back to Buziak, Det.-Sgt. Chris Horsley said yesterday. Police investigators tracked everyone who had entered the home, including tradespeople, real estate agents, and their clients but found no fingerprint or footprint matches.”

Investigators obtained volumes of data from cellphone towers in Vancouver and Victoria to look for matches between the cellphone used by the suspect couple and any other cellphone transmissions, but to date, police have not been able to find a match that might provide information leading to their identification. Horsley said that doesn’t mean the evidence doesn’t exist. “There are literally hundreds of thousands of transmissions, and we could still find that link,” he said. To nail down the SEQUENCE OF EVENTS, police looked at the TIME when the lockbox was accessed on the home’s front door, which is consistent with the 5:30 p.m. scheduled meeting between Buziak and the couple, and with testimony from witnesses who saw Buziak greet the pair at the front door.

Horsley would not give any details on the condition of the house but said investigators know EXACTLY what MOVEMENTS the KILLERS made through the home AFTER the attack, including that they left through the french door at the rear that Buziak’s boyfriend Jason Zailo DISCOVERED open around 6:15 p.m.

“This (killing) was very organized,” said Saanich police spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen. “There was a lot of planning and effort and forethought. These are the most complex crimes. And this is the most egregious crime and often they can become long-term and complicated. “There are people in the community who are withholding information. We know there is a bit of cone of silence around this.”