The Five Ws

The Five Ws, are questions whose answers are considered basic in information gathering or problem-solving. They are often mentioned in research and police investigations. According to the principle of the Five Ws, a report can only be considered complete if it answers these questions starting with an interrogative word.

  • What happened?
  • Who was involved?
  • Where did it take place?
  • When did it take place?
  • Why did that happen?

Personal?  Organized crime group?  Contract killing?  Staged to misdirect the investigation to another person?  A little bit of everything?

  • Calgary drug bust – Series of seizures spanning a year – January 2008 – December 2008. Erickson Delalcazar and Graham Taylor arrested January 22, 2008. The other twelve individuals arrested after Lindsay was murdered.
  • The investigation was conducted by the Drug Undercover Street Team from November 2007 to December 2008. “A criminal organization used hidden compartments in vehicles to funnel cocaine into Calgary.”   (someone snitched on Erickson Delalcazar sometime in November 2007 which resulted in the start of the investigation)
  • “Cave said investigators believe the operation has links to a distribution network spread through the “United States, beyond that to MEXICO and South America.”
  • “The involvement of police in Victoria suggests the cocaine may have been transported from MEXICO along the coast — avoiding the United States — and coming in through VICTORIA, he said, adding he believes the lack of marine border security on the coast leaves an “open gate for drug smugglers.”
  • One of the persons charged in Calgary drug bust was a foreign national. Leopoldo Fernando Rojo Beltran was a Mexican citizen with ties to a Mexican drug cartel
  • Also charged was Miguel Ernesto Rivas Franco, who was facing “conspiracy to traffick cocaine” charges. (Miguel was offered a deal in exchange for information pertaining to Lindsay’s murder. Obviously, he did not talk. Miguel is Erickson’s best friend.  Miguel remains loyal to Erickson.) Miguel is the Brother of MEDARDO RIVAS and Miguel and Medardo’s brother in law is Leopoldo Fernando Rojo Beltran. Leopoldo’s sister lived in Burnaby and one of the vehicles used to transport the cocaine to Calgary was parked outside her residence for a few months. Medardo is SANDY DELALCAZAR’S best friend.  The female suspect called Lindsay from the Vancouver area.
  • November 2007: Lindsay got a job at the re/max office for her best friend RG. RG was aware of the vacant property at 1702 Desousa Place.  RG was in a relationship with Vid before, during and after Lindsay was murdered. (Police said on Dateline: “Lindsay was connected to SOME VERY BAD PEOPLE.”  They were not referring to the Zailo’s I’m sure.)
  • December 2007: Lindsay allegedly told her Father “I saw something I shouldn’t have.” Lindsay first mentioned this to her Father in 2006 when she lived in Vancouver and again in 2007. (Lindsay’s Father said he did not know if the two events were related)   There have been rumours circulating for years that Lindsay was in the company of Emerson Delalcazar while he was on the phone with his bro Erickson discussing drug business. Allegedly, Lindsay overheard what Emerson said to Erickson and Emerson was aware Lindsay overheard it. Shortly thereafter Erickson was busted (January 22, 2008). Rumour has it that Emerson and the other Del’s were told by someone that Lindsay snitched on Erickson and they may have used that earlier telephone call Lindsay overheard as their evidence against Lindsay. One of Lindsay’s friends was dating Vid at the time and she was present at the house when Lindsay overheard the telephone call. It could have very likely been Lindsay’s friend RG who lied to the others and said: “yes Lindsay snitched on Erickson after she heard what Emerson said on the phone.”(speculation) The police know Lindsay was not the snitch because they know the true identity of the real snitch.  The Del group were aware that someone had spoken to the police about their drug operation which resulted in Erickson’s arrest.  (Police stated on Dateline: “It is also possible Buziak’s killers were under the MISTAKEN impression she had revealed information she shouldn’t have, he said, or perhaps that she was somehow connected to a dangerous person without knowing it” AND “You can be a person who just works and minds their own business in Victoria, yet through a very brief network of friends, you could be absolutely connected to people that are involved in very bad things,” Horsley said )
  • It’s highly possible Lindsay never said: “I saw something I shouldn’t have seen”. (Maybe she “HEARD SOMETHING?”)   Not once have the investigators ever mentioned this scenario on Dateline, Crime Watch Daily, or during the multiple news conferences they held.  If Lindsay told people she saw something she shouldn’t have and was then murdered one would think the investigators would have mentioned this publicly.
  • December 2007: As stated on Dateline: “Many of Lindsay’s friends said they knew why Lindsay may have had MMD on her mind around the time of her murder. It was likely they said because she was thinking about leaving Jason and getting back together with Matt. Her Father said “Lindsay said as much on her trip to visit him in December. She said Daddy I miss Matt so much, I’m really confused, I don’t know what to do.” Her friends said, “Matt had a hold on Lindsay.”  
  • January 22, 2008: Erickson Lopez Delalcazar and Graham Scott Taylor were the FIRST TWO arrested in the Calgary drug bust. The others were arrested AFTER Lindsay’s murder. If Lindsay was murdered because someone labeled her a snitch then the timeline of Lindsay’s murder fits with the timeline of Erickson’s arrest.  The Del group went on a witch hunt shortly after Erickson’s arrest and wanted to know who spoke to the police about Erickson and the drug operation. The Del group knew a lot about Lindsay because she associated with them from time to time due to her relationship with MMD and RG. The drug cartel down South did not know Lindsay.  The Del group were also aware that Lindsay overheard Emerson talking to Erickson about the drug operation.  The Del group owed money to the cartel for the seized cocaine so if they didn’t pay their debt the cartel would have gone after the Del group not Lindsay. The Del group paid up that’s why none of them were murdered.  The Del group not only lost huge money, they lost their status and their supplier.
  • Last week of January 2008: Allegedly Lindsay and MMD girlfriend had a physical altercation.
  • Sometime between January 23 and January 29, 2008 –  The Del group conducted a witch hunt according to Investigators working on Lindsay’s case.”What we can say is that people lost a lot of money and the people that lost the drugs know that someone spoke to the police,” said Horsley. “A witch hunt occurred where people were being questioned, people were being pulled out of their beds in the middle of the night and asked ‘Who have you spoken to?’ because they know someone spoke to the police.”  “That’s one of the working theories,” said Horsley. “Lindsay Buziak was the target of this murder but it may have been a target of opportunity where they needed to solve a problem and she was the solution.”
  • January 30/31, 2008: Burner phone activated and female suspect called Lindsay and began the process of luring Lindsay to her execution. (called half a dozen times from the Vancouver area.)
  • February 01, 2008: Erickson Delalcazar denied bail.
  • February 1, 2008: Lindsay was having a mental breakdown over MMD. She talked to a good friend about this during the day and on Friday night she talked to SZ about Matt as well. Lindsay told SZ she was afraid of MMD. MMD is friends with Vid and the Del group.
  • February 1, 2008:  The burner phone traveled to the Victoria area less than 24 hours before Lindsay’s murder and cell records indicate the crime phone pinged off a tower in the Cook/Finalyson area.  Both MMD and Vid lived close to that cell tower.
  • February 2, 2008: The male suspect made a call to Lindsay to inform her he would be attending the showing alone.  Lindsay asked him how he got her cell number and he said “from a friend”. Same story the female suspect told Lindsay when she asked her how she got her phone number. (this is unconfirmed information). (some people claim that Lindsay’s cell number was listed on her website and that Lindsay asked the couple how they got her name.  Her name was also listed on the website so why would Lindsay ask the suspects “how did you get my name?”
  • February 2, 2008: Lindsay is lured to 1702 Desousa Place at 5:30 pm by a mystery couple under the guise they are interested in purchasing the home.  The investigators said it’s possible the conspirators may have set the murder up to appear as though it was a crime of passion.
  • 2008 – 2010: SP spent approx. a year and a half investigating people involved in the Calgary drug bust. At the beginning of the investigation, it was reported in the press at that time that SP stated they did not need any help from the public nor did they say a “reward was necessary”.  It was reported the investigators hit a brick wall while investigating the Calgary angle  and that was the reason they appeared on Dateline. The SP had offered TWO people charged in the Calgary drug bust a deal, “Miguel Rivas Franco and Alycia Faithful-Lebrun.” Alycia allegedly passed a poly. Miguel was Erickson’s best friend so he likely refused to talk.
  • 2011-2015:  Various sources stated the focus of the investigation was on the Del group from day one.  Over the years talk on the streets was all agencies involved in the Lindsay Buziak investigation were hot on the trail of the Del group.
  • 2015:  Talk on the street was that cops were banging on the doors of RG, Vid, Del’s, Charbal Hage, Medardo, and associates.
  • August 2016:   Avneet Dhanowa is a friend of VID’s and the Del group.  Avneet posted a comment on the Lindsay Buziak Murder blog and he thought he was posting as an anonymous user.  His comment read — “So, what do you think would happen to someone that tries to extort a drug dealer with major connections?”  Avneet used his work computer to post his comment and the IP was traced back to his employer.  Avneet denied making the post but the evidence says otherwise.   Since Avneet is friends with VID and the Del’s it is believed he was referring to Leo/Medardo/Erickson/VID as the people who had the “major connections”. Police found no evidence that Lindsay was extorting anyone. (Police said on Dateline: “Perhaps Lindsay said the WRONG THING to the WRONG PERSON”


  • Erickson Delalcazar was the only one busted (January 22, 2008) besides Graham Taylor prior to Lindsay’s murder. The remaining twelve members were busted AFTER Lindsay’s murder.
  • Jason and RG said Lindsay called the suspect couple “THE MEXICAN’S”.  One of the accused in Calgary drug bust was Mexican. He had a sister who lived in the Vancouver area and she spoke Spanish.  RG also spoke Spanish.  The female suspect spoke with an accent.
  • RG was one of Lindsay’s best friends and worked at the same re/max office. She was in a relationship with Vid and was aware of the vacant Desousa Property. RG did not return to her job at the re/max office after Lindsay’s murder.
  • RG denied being in a relationship with VID.
  • RG operated as a MOLE within the Lindsay supporters group, under the pretense she was trying to seek “Justice For Lindsay.” RG was spoon-fed information to see where she took it. She went straight to VID and MMD with the info. RG refused to participate in the “Dateline Show”. RG refused to cooperate with the investigators and refused to take a polygraph. Who does that and claims they will do ANYTHING to help find “Justice for Lindsay”?  It was reported by the media that Matt was cleared by the SP and he also cooperated with the SP.
  • Lindsay’s murder appeared to look like a hired hit, carried out by a couple who LURED Lindsay to the DeSousa residence. The female suspect spoke with an accent.  The extent of Lindsay’s injuries has never been made public other than, Lindsay was stabbed multiple times. The police have stated the couple who murdered Lindsay were unknown to her.
  • It was noted in Leopoldo’s 2010 sentencing hearing “returning to Canada without the prescribed authorization” that he was a TARGET in ANOTHER ONGOING INVESTIGATION. They were likely referring to Lindsay’s murder investigation.
  • “In furtherance of Operation High Noon, a tracking device warrant was obtained and was installed on the Quest in June 2008 while it was still located at the Edmonton address. Later, the Quest was driven back to Calgary and parked in the garage of the residence of Mr. Miguel Rivas-Franco’s brother-in-law, a Mr. Leopoldo Beltran.”
  • “The Quest then returned to Vancouver the next day on June 12, 2008, and went dormant for a period of approximately 4 months. For almost the whole of that time, the Quest was stationary, either in an underground parking garage in Surrey, BC or parked in front of a home in Burnaby, BC occupied by Mr. Beltran’s sister.”
  • The female suspect called from the VANCOUVER area and the cell phone used in this crime traveled from the Vancouver area to the Island.
  • It is clear after reading the court transcript that these people were being surveilled for approx 10 months after Lindsay was murdered.

There was a rumour going around town in 2011 that a member of law enforcement said: “People are going to be SHOCKED when they find out who was involved in Lindsay’s murder.” That statement was likely made because there has been a Zailo witch hunt going on for 10 years. THE ONLY PEOPLE who will be SHOCKED will be the people taking part in the witch hunt when they find out it’s NOT THE ZAILO’S!!!!