The Conspirator’s???

Composite sketch of female suspect – ??? relative of Beltran, Rivas, Delalcazar OR ??

Leopoldo Rojo Beltran   (Citizen of Mexico)

Medardo Rivas Franco

Miguel Rivas Franco

(Leo Beltran’s sister lived in the Vancouver area.  One of the vehicles used to courier cocaine to Calgary was parked outside Leo’s sister’s house in Burnaby. She spoke Spanish. Leo is a citizen of Mexico and was involved in the Calgary drug bust. Lindsay received 1/2 dozen calls from a woman in the Vancouver area.  Could that woman be Leo’s sister? Some of Leo’s family members are living in Mexico and LA, California.  I believe the cocaine came up from California.)


VID (Ovidio Acevedo)               Rianne, one of Lindsay’s best friends????

( She worked in the  same real estate office as Lindsay)


Erickson Delalcazar         Emerson Delalcazar            Jefferson Delalcazar


Sandy Delalcazar                    Eldriegson Delalcazar


Charbal Hage ???