Someone Knows Who Murdered Lindsay Buziak And Why


The many faces of Mila Rojo Beltran ( Leo Beltran’s sister)




Photos dated:  2012 – 2017.  Mila was 38 years old the year Lindsay was murdered. Description of the female suspect puts her age between 35 – 40 years old. There are no photos available of Mila prior to  2012.  Mila is most likely the female suspect who lured Lindsay to the Desousa property. One thing that is consistent with Mila is the way she parts her hair. Mila’s weight has fluctuated from year to year after Lindsay’s murder.  She had a smaller frame at murder time.

2012 photo

Leopoldo Rojo Beltran  from Culiacan, Sinaloa and currently living in SD, California.

[“You can be a person who just works and minds their own business in Victoria, yet through a very brief network of friends, you could be absolutely connected to people that are involved in very bad things,” Horsley said.]

(Leopoldo was connected to a Mexican drug cartel. Leo was charged with “possession of proceeds of crime” for his part in the Calgary drug operation. On June 9, 2009, the Crown entered a stay of proceedings in relation to this charge.  Leo also entered a guilty plea to an offence of returning to Canada without the prescribed authorization, contrary to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  CBSA was aware as early as April 20, 2008, that Leo Rojo Beltran was in Canada and had information about his location. He was not legally authorized to be in Canada during this time period. (Leo was likely under surveillance in connection to Lindsay’s murder that’s why he was not apprehended earlier).  On April 1, 2010, Leo appeared in court for his sentencing hearing. The sentencing Judge had this to say: “The offender submits that he will not fight removal from Canada. He may now be willing to leave Canada, but that appears only because he was prosecuted. The offender submitted that his time in custody and lengthy house arrest upon release should be considered in his application for a discharge. He also argues that the CBSA delayed prosecuting him and in doing so, allowed him to stay in CanadaI am not persuaded by these arguments.  The delay in prosecuting was explained in the Agreed Statement of Facts as the offender was a target in another ongoing investigation.  The offender is sentenced to four months and thirteen days in custody.”  (Interesting Leo has not attempted to enter Canada again since his last deportation. He must have something to be concerned about and feels more secure in California.)

The investigators said “we firmly believe there is a reasonably sized group that have personal and first-hand knowledge of Lindsay’s murder. Those are the people we have always sought out and we will continue to do so.”   Head of the Calgary operation, Leo Beltran had the power to order Lindsay murdered and/or participated in it himself.  A few of the other members(some who were never charged or mentioned in the media) were involved in the conspiracy along with Lindsay’s best friend RG.  One of the investigators said on Dateline “it may be that one of the two people who were at the home is, in fact, the mastermind behind this and perhaps the money”.  In 2010 the investigators said they do not believe the killers live in Victoria.  (Leo was deported in 2010) They also said, “The answers that we’re looking for just simply may not be in the Victoria area, so we need to put the net out wider.” They set up an international tipline too.    It appears the investigators know who the killer(s) are and where they live.)

Leo Rojo Beltran’s sister (Mila) lived in Burnaby at the time of Lindsay’s murder.  One of the vehicles used to courier cocaine to Calgary was parked outside Leo’s sister’s residence in Burnaby.  Prior to that, the vehicle was parked in the garage of Leo’s home in Calgary.  Leo’s sister spoke Spanish.  She resembles the composite sketch of the female suspect.  Unfortunately, the only photos available of Mila are from 2012-2019.  Mila was 38 years old at the time of Lindsay’s murder. The police said the female suspect was between 35-40 years old.  Lindsay received 1/2 dozen calls from a woman in the Vancouver area.   Leo’s sister is now living in LA, California and some of the remaining family members are still living in Mexico and Southern California.

Medardo Rivas (2018)

Miguel Rivas (2018)


VID (Ovidio Acevedo)                                                           Rianne G.

( RG worked in the same real estate office as Lindsay and had been in a relationship with VID. RG was aware of the vacant property where Lindsay was murdered. Allegedly RG refused to cooperate with the SP and refused to submit to a polygraph exam.  RG never returned to her position at Remax after Lindsay’s murder. The investigators have also had RG on their radar from the beginning.  She has reluctantly spoken to investigators from time to time but it was only because she did not want them to make an appearance at her place of employment.

I don’t believe the killer’s and conspirators are concerned one will turn on the other or are worried about being eliminated. They are confident in their loyalty.  This group has been leading normal lives since Feb 2008 with no concerns whatsoever. They have no fear.  Some of them have gone on to marry and have children while others remain stuck in the same rut as before. Can’t hold down a job, can’t sustain a relationship, have anxiety issues, substance abuse issues, etc.

As for people who may not have been directly involved in Lindsay’s murder but have information, they may be too scared to come forward and share what they know because they know the Mexican drug cartel are involved.  Maybe some people have even threatened by the killer’s –  “you say anything and we’ll come for you too.”   There are ways to share what you know anonymously.  Information can be forwarded to, or by calling the dedicated Tip Line at 250-475-4356 or 1-888-980-1919 (toll-free call throughout Canada) or Crime Stoppers at


Erickson Delalcazar                    Emerson Delalcazar    

     Jefferson Delalcazar

Sandy Delalcazar

Eldriegson Delalcazar

CH ???   What does he know??