RIP Lindsay November 2, 1983 – February 2, 2008


This precious angel was born on November 2nd 1983
and taken from her family and friends on February 2nd 2008.


Precious sweet Lindsay always in our hearts,
We treasure the memories that dare to keep us apart.
Family and friends all loved you so,
And no one understands why you had to go.
Nearly ten years have passed and we still shed tears,
Cause we do not understand the last nine years.
You are our guardian angel leading the way
You are our inspiration that is all I can say.
We will honor your memory and abide by the laws.
But we expect justice to be served regardless of its flaws.
Your spirit, your smile, we shall always embrace
We’ll right the wrongs and keep up the pace.
Focused and determined, hoping closure is near.
Justice comes when least expected, that is so clear.