Lindsay wrote these notes in her daytimer as she spoke to the female suspect on the telephone.  The female specifically asked to view the property at 5:30 pm.   It was reported on Dateline that Lindsay received a half a dozen calls from the female and the first call was made from the Vancouver area. 

The conspiracists insist Jason is pointing a butter knife at Lindsay. Jason is actually pointing the butter knife at his friend, not Lindsay.

Page 4 of a “Multiple Listing Contract.”  The red arrow indicates the area on the contract where the “DESIGNATED AGENT’S SIGNATURE” is required.  Realtor’s do sign contracts not just their clients.  Investigators confirmed that Jason was dropping off “some form of real estate documents” that needed Lindsay’s signature and that is the reason he went to the property that evening.  A “Multiple Listing Contract” would fit into the category of “real estate documents”.  Whatever deal Lindsay and Jason were working on was apparently “time-sensitive” and had to be dealt with prior to Jason’s hockey game and prior to the birthday party, Lindsay was going to attend that night.


Replica of dress female suspect wore


Entrance to the ensuite in master bedroom

Floor plan of the main level of the Desousa property. Jason’s friend entered through the patio door and let Jason in via the front entrance.   Jason’s friend did not see Lindsay on the main level after gaining entry. There are logical and reasonable explanations for the events that unfolded that night. 


Floor plan of upper level (once Jason reached the top of the stairs the master bedroom(X) was in plain view and he found Lindsay’s body on the floor)



View of the back of the patio fence:  According to reports, the killer’s escaped from the back part of the fence where the big tree sits.  Police only confirmed the killer’s escaped out the patio door they did not confirm whether or not the killers jumped the fence or kicked out the fence boards.

 View of the side of the fence that faces Desousa: Jason boosted his friend over this part of the fence and his friend entered the house via the back patio door.  Jason was 6′ 245 lbs and his friend was much smaller so it was decided his friend would be the person to climb over the fence.

View from inside the patio area:  It was reported the killers escaped from the part of the fence with the (red triangle). Police have not confirmed this information.  Police have not confirmed if the fence boards were kicked out by killers, removed by the builder,  or removed by crime scene investigators.  It’s possible the killers climbed over the fence the same way CO did. If the killer’s kicked out the fence boards it’s safe to assume the boards would have been taken to the crime lab.


Composite sketch of the female suspect.