Statements made in ITEMS 1-55, were based on unfounded rumours, misinformation, innuendos, gossip, hearsay, speculation, distortion, fabrication, deception, and inaccuracies. The following statements #1-55 were made by social media ranters who are obsessed with the Zailo theory. Some of the ranters have attempted to post on this website and have emailed the admin of this website. The ranters claim the SP have made inconsistent statements but in fact, it is the ranters who make inconsistent statements and regurgitate inaccurate information.  Most of the time the ranters do this intentionally as a way to discredit the SP and others.  They have failed in their attempt.    We do our utmost to ensure the information on this site is as accurate as possible and when the ranters read it they quickly create follow-up comments with more inaccuracies.  The ranters do not like the facts to be told as it blows a hole in their Zailo conspiracy theory.   There is a difference between having an opinion and theory versus fabricating stories and intentionally distorting facts. In the meantime, we will continue to keep our viewers up to date with accurate information.

1.  “SP is not actively investigating the Lindsay Buziak murder.”

2.  “SP used a CVSA machine as a means to clear suspects in the LBM.”

3.  “SP said Lindsay called Erickson while he was in Calgary. ”

4.  “SP accused Lindsay of being a snitch when she wasn’t a snitch.”

5.  “Shirley is known for many years to be involved in cocaine trafficking by many people.”

6.  “Don’t tell the SPD anything because they protect the criminals.”

7.  “The people responsible for orchestrating Lindsay’s savage murder will not be brought to justice unless the case is handed over to an independent LE agency with zero ties to Saanich.”

8.  “The bungled SPD investigation will never result in any Zailo arrest.”

9.  “The Canadian Government needs to investigate the Zailo cash flow which is coming from one or more phases of questionable activity.”

10.  “The SPD has been releasing conflicting information to the public and have been doing a very poor job with the investigation overall.”

11.  “I was just re-watching the Dateline episode to confirm more conflicting information released by the SPD. They said Lindsay contacted someone who was arrested in the Alberta drug bust alluding to Erickson”

12.  “Dateline said the plan was elaborate and it would have taken more than 2 weeks to plan after the drug bust took place.”

13.  “Chris Horsley likes to use “witch-hunt.” He said on Dateline, after the drug bust, the drug dealers were on a witch-hunt to blame someone for the loss of millions and that may have been Lindsay. Now he says we are on a witch-hunt. Well if they stopped making up shit about Lindsay’s murder being tied to a drug bust, people would not have been looking in that direction. The SPD has to stop distracting the focus from the Zs by bringing up the drug-bust bullshit. The SPD needs to work with Victoria PD and start investigating the Z family illegal cash flow they already know about.”

14.  “It is time we go on the hunt for all the bullshit the SPD keeps feeding us. They are as guilty as the actual murderers in deflecting the focus of the events away from the truth and onto a totally unrelated drug bust. The really messed up in the handling of the case.”

15.  “During the Dateline episode, McCoy states that Lindsay spoke to two friends when she visited Calgary and one was arrested in the Alberta Drug bust.”

16.  “Why was the SPD so misleading? I find it very disturbing that SPD would put out false information that resulted in a huge distortion of the facts resulting in a major distraction from the real perpetrators.”

17.  “Although its great Chris Horsely wants justice and started an investigation, its not true this is a witch hunt, that’s not the correct way to say what is going on here. The guilty parties are just that guilty and nothing has been done about them, its so very obvious who wanted Lindsay dead & reasons why, its all been explained here over and over and over. Demanding answers &,seeking truth and justice for a young lady butchered and left behind does not constitute a description of this is nothing more than a witch hunt.”

18.  “Its interesting that SZ has always lived above her means and doesn’t try to hide her cash by trying to blend in with the other people who are in her income bracket. We know she did not inherit millions from her mum’s estate. She is known for many years to be involved in cocaine trafficking by many people. This is not just a rumor.”

19.  “The SPD know she is involved in illegal activities but fail to investigate so maybe she is above the law??”

20.  “They send Chris Horsley out in front of the camera to keep repeating the lame theory about the Alberta drug bust connection including misleading the public about who Lindsay talked to while visiting Calgary 6 weeks before her murder. It seems a deliberate distraction coming directly from SPD.”

21.  “It took me all morning but I was finally able to figure out the email address of Chief Bob Downie at SPD through trial and error. I encourage everyone who genuinely wants to see the individuals responsible for the murder of Lindsay Buziak brought to justice, please email this guy and tell him it appears that he is responsible for obstruction of justice unless he hands the case over to an independent and unbiased team of investigators. The Crown has labeled it an interesting case but Bob has no one assigned. Leads go unchecked. There is a substantial amount of evidence that has come to light and the SPD have not looked into any of it. We know because we communicate with each other here and have the street information. It is beginning to appear like they are covering up for some especially since they cleared the Zailos in spite of their known lies and illegal activities linked to the Lopez cartel.”

22.  “JZ put Lindsay in the high-risk category when he chose not to consider the importance of Lindsay’s safety which demonstrated by not making an effort to meet her at the showing on time.”

23.  “Don’t forget that RZ is bragging around town that he failed the polygraph.”

24.  “Police don’t believe it was random and they are convinced it was planned and executed by someone close to her who worked in real estate possibly in the same office.”

25.  “The attack was started with a stab in the back.”

26.  “With his own eyes, Jeff Buziak saw what they did to his precious daughter.”

27.  “If you talked to Chris Horsley, he will confirm many of these things.”

28.  “During 2007, the Zs threw $millions to keep Lindsay in the fold. It has not been established where they got the cash.”

29.  “SZ lied and told police Lindsay said the night before her murder that she was afraid of Matt. This was a deliberate attempt to fake blame on the MacDuff clan.”

30.  “We also know the DA gang was at his house directly after Lindsay’s murder because of cell phone tower pings.”

31.  “We are a team of investigators wo are dedicating our time voluntarily in assisting the SPD in solving Lindsay’s murder if they like it or not. We have a trained FBI profiler who has viewed the Z interviews.”

32.  “You may not agree and may not like my opinion but I used information from credible sources to put it to together.”

33. ” Lindsay tried to get away from the whole family twice within a 4-5 month period before her murder.”

34.  “I have asked many times, why would the DelAlcazars come to believe Lindsay was an informant in an independent manner? No one has given me even a weak theory that would hold water.”

35.  “Jason sat outside the house, when he was supposed to be in the house with Lindsay, while she was butchered and didn’t call police until after the killers escaped.”

36.  “Whenever I mention Zailo involvement, I get a few staunch Zailo supporters who attack me but they never have reasonable explanations for the astonishing, incriminating Zailo behavior.”

37.  “If Shirley told SPD that Lindsay told her the night before her murder that she was afraid of Matt, during a polygraph and passed, I think we know how valid the results of that test are.”

38.  “I still have not seen a reasonable explanation or any explanation about where the Zailo’s get all their money. It is not my business normally but in this case it could be a potential motive for murder. Many people here say Shirley is a gangster.”

39.  Two different statements by the same ranter:  1. “believe it is confirmed that JZ CALLED and spoke to Lindsay at 5:30 but only he knows what she said. ”    2. “Why did Jason TEXT Lindsay and call everyone else? So Cohen would hear what Jason said and there would be no record of what the other person said. Just because Jason called Shirley’s phone doesn’t mean she answered it herself. Anyone could have been at her home to answer her phone. Shirley and Ryan could have been communicating with a burner phone in Saanich while Paul was at her home answering Jason’s call. Jason called Ryan who just happened to be a few blocks away establishing his whereabouts as well.”

40.  “It appears they stabbed her in the back first indicating emotional and personal feelings of betrayal. Then the killers stabbed her in the face and mural ages her new breast implants. How would they know about those?”

41.  “They were able to keep her captive because she had a real estate commissions pending. As soon as those were paid, Lindsay was leaving.”

42. “The SPD have said publically that this website might interfere with their successfully prosecuting someone charged with Lindsay’s murder. I believe they don’t like the site because we are calling them out for protecting the Zailos and for poor investigating.We point out facts and lies and contradictions made by the Zailos and themselves. They distract from the Zailos using the Alberta drug bust as a motive. They are supposed to be professional criminal investigators but we make a mockery of their poor handling of the investigation.”

43.  “Only pure evil brings their children into a life of cocaine dealing like Shirley did.”

44.  “JZ was handcuffed and questioned for hours before Brad got him released.”

45.  “The polygraphs would not have taken place until a later date when the CVSA in use was discovered in 2011. Look at the SPD press releases and you will not see any reference to a “polygraph” until years after 2008. Why is this important? Because as years pass, the lies will be less detectable using a polygraph. They know a lot more now than they knew in 2008.”

46.  “Since 2008 a lot of intel about the Zailos involvement in crime has been collected. SPD is afraid to pursue the Zailos because of the threat of law suits. How pathetic is that? The real mice are the SPD. Hickford and the Zailos has them by the balls and they know it. The case needs to be turned over immediately. We need to keep sending emails and letters to Goodale. Shirley must have a lot of LE by the balls in order to have avoided being arrested for cocaine trafficking for all these years.”

47. ” In my personal opinion at this point, most people who understand the nature of Lindsay’s life and acquaintances at the time of her murder agree that the Zailos were involved in the planning of her murder.”

48. ” It was the Zailos who provided the murder plan provided by an individual with a law enforcement background. I believe this because there were so many distractions used to throw off the police investigation, something only someone with training would understand. They had access to police officers in Saanich. It has been reported that SZ is dating one. I think he might be the mastermind who did the stabbing.”

49.  “The Zailos got the drug dealers mad at Lindsay and used them to do their dirty work, driving the phone around to places where they lived linking them to the murder. They can’t say anything to police now that they know they were fooled because they would incriminate themselves”

50.  “Clearing a suspect without having any other suspects is absurd. Sitting and waiting until someone confesses without going out to interview key witnesses is absurd.  SPD’s lack of interest and maybe even obstruction of Lindsay’s murder is absurd.  The SPD has been releasing conflicting information to the public and have been doing a very poor job with the investigation overall including a scandal using CVSA as a means to clear suspects.  I have come to the conclusion that the SPD will never be able to clear Lindsay’s murder.  There are serious issues going on in Saanich that we as the public will not be able to change.  The misinformation that has been released to the public is evidence enough. ”

51.  ” Avneet posted a statement implying that Lindsay was extorting money from her boyfriend drug dealer and we shouldn’t be surprised she was murdered for it.”

52. ” Lindsay may have told the woman client when she called on Friday that she was busy that weekend and could schedule something on Monday. The only event that would draw attention to committing murder in Saanich on that specific Friday was the seven senior police officers’ retirement and the party that followed.”

53.  “There are a few who believe Rianne was involved but there is zero evidence at this point to PROVE her involvement.”   “Sounds like Rianne was used by the conspirators and then tossed to the curb. She should be seriously concerned for her safety since she is the weakest link”.

54. “The murder of Lindsay Buziak made the Zailo’s more successful in real estate sales after Lindsay’s murder.”

55. “The dress worn by the female suspect was found in a thrift store.”


Response to FALSE/FABRICATED statements made in ITEMS 1-55 above  – The information provided below is accurate information based on corroborated/substantiated information from verified reliable sources, including statements from members of the SPD made on Dateline, Crime Watch Daily, Casefile28 podcast(not all the information as told by the podcaster is accurate), press conferences, news articles, etc.

1.  Sgt. Horsley stated on the Casefile28 podcast that the file is still active, – “we are not going to close down an ACTIVE murder investigation, it’s simply not going to happen, nor would any other police agency. This case is still being actively investigated and I personally have received some tips this week that need to be followed up.” Sgt. Horsley had this to say in  June, 2017 on Crime Watch Daily: “This is a solvable case and we are confident that Lindsay’s murder can be solved,” said Sgt. Horsley.”  (The ranters claim all the information on Casefile28 is accurate which means they agree with Sgt. Horsley’s statement.)


2.  SP never used the CVSA machine in the LBM investigation. They used it for hiring purposes. “We have not used it in a homicide context, other than to verify witness statements,” Jantzen said. “He says the CVSA was not used at any point during the unsolved Lindsay Buziak case, though polygraph tests were administered in the investigation.”

3.  Josh from Dateline made the statement  “Lindsay called Erickson while he was in Calgary” not the SP. The ranters claimed the SP made that statement but they were incorrect.

4.  SP said on Dateline: “It is also possible Buziak’s killers were under the mistaken impression she had revealed information she shouldn’t have, he said, or perhaps that she was somehow connected to a dangerous person without knowing it”.

5.  There is no evidence to support Shirley was ever involved in drug trafficking.  It takes one person to start a rumor and 50 others will repeat it.

6.  No one should be advising the public to withhold information from the SPD during an active murder investigation.   You have to question the motive of people who would make such a suggestion.

7.  There have been multiple agencies involved in Lindsay’s case, including the RCMP.  

8. The SP and other agencies have worked very, very, hard on this case. Some people assume the case was bungled because it remains unsolved.  It is easy to criticize when you don’t know anything about the investigation.    “The RCMP audited the Saanich murder file to ensure the investigation was up to standards. McColl called the results “favourable.”

9.  There is zero evidence to support the lies that Zailo cash flow is coming from one or more phases of questionable activity.  It takes one person to start a rumor and 50 others will repeat it.

10.  The only people releasing conflicting information to the public are people who continue to repeat rumors and gossip such as the ranters.  The ranters want you to believe that the SP released details of the autopsy which is false.  The autopsy findings were sealed and the SP has never divulged any details about the extent of Lindsay’s injuries.  Here is an example of a REPORTER claiming the SP made a statement when in fact they did not.     (Corrections: A previous version of this story mistakenly stated police said Buziak was stabbed 54 times. In fact, police HAVE NEVER RELEASED DETAILS of the stabbing. Feb 03, 2014 5:28 PM PT)


11.   False, the SP never said that Lindsay contacted someone who was arrested in the Alberta drug bust alluding to Erickson.   Josh the correspondent from DATELINE said that.

12.  False, dateline never said the murder would take more than 2 weeks to plan. This is what they said:

Dwayne: “It was artfully designed, work went into this. Someone sat around a table like we’re doing right now and came up with that plan. I think someone got paid to go commit that murder.”
Josh: “And they were told, make her suffer, make it brutal?”
Dwayne: “I believe that.”

13.   The Calgary drug bust angle makes the most sense, that’s why the investigators followed that path from the beginning. They have evidence to support that theory.  The SPD are not the ones making up stories it is the ranters trying to distract away from the drug bust to make their own theories work.  The ranters do not have access to the same information the investigators have therefore, they are left to make up stories.

14.  The only people who are feeding the public bullshit is people who believe the rumors then repeat them.  They are as guilty as the actual murderers in deflecting the focus from the truth and onto a totally unrelated theory that does not even work nor has any supporting evidence.

15. False, Josh Mankiewicz from Dateline stated that Lindsay spoke to two friends when she visited Calgary and one was arrested in the Alberta Drug bust” not McColl. During the recent Crime Watch episode, Sgt. Horsley says that she reached out to a RELATIVE of Erickson DelAlcazar.

16.  I find it very disturbing that people continue to put out false information about the Zailo’s and SPD that results in a huge distortion of the facts resulting in a major distraction from the real perpetrators of this crime.

17.  The person behind these rants are not demanding answers or seeking the truth for justice for Lindsay.  They are actually the ones intentionally putting out false information about the Zailo’s and the SPD as you can see by all the ridiculous statements made above.

18 .   There has been no evidence to support Shirley was ever involved in drug trafficking or money laundering.  It takes one person to start a rumour and 50 others will repeat it.

19.  There is no evidence to support Shirley was or is involved in illegal activities other than someone started that rumour.   Any police department who is made aware of illegal activities would investigate those allegations if presented with evidence.  How would a member of the public know if the SPD investigated someone or not?   That type of information is private.

20.  Sgt. Horsley is working on the Lindsay case so he would know the facts versus a  ranter who is repeating and starting rumors. It appears to be a deliberate attempt at trying to discredit the SPD.

21.  Repeating lies and rumours is NOT EVIDENCE. The SPD does not share information about leads in a criminal case so how would the ranters if any so-called leads were not investigated?   I would not consider rumours or gossip to be “substantial amounts of evidence”.   Street information is extremely unreliable at best.  Consider the source of the so-called street information.

“Police consider it a “whodunit,” not a simple “smoking gun” homicide, McColl said. “It’s common that these investigations are measured in YEARS, not months.” “This is completely different [than other homicides] in the sense that we have people who have been SENT or HIRED to set up the victim — to go to the house and commit the murder,” he said. This makes the investigation extremely complicated, Horsley said, in that the killers might have come from OUTSIDE Greater Victoria.”

22.  The investigators on the case have publically stated that JZ was supposed to meet Lindsay AFTER the showing to drop off some papers. One of Lindsay’s colleagues has also gone on record with information that supports Jason was supposed to be at the house after the showing.     JZ is not the person who put Lindsay in a high-risk category.  Some of the friends Lindsay associated with put her in a high-risk category. The investigators made the following statement:   “You can be a person who just works and minds their own business in Victoria, yet through a VERY BRIEF NETWORK of friends, you could be absolutely CONNECTED to people that are involved in VERY BAD THINGS,” Horsley said.”

23.   SP publicly cleared the Zailo’s after they all passed a poly. From my recollection of events, it was MMD who had to repeat the polygraph because the first one came back inconclusive.  The rumor that Ryan went around town bragging that he failed lacks common sense.  Ryan passed so it makes no sense Ryan would tell people otherwise.

24. Police never said, “it was someone who worked in Real Estate that planned the murder.”    Dateline experts said:

Josh: “Is the person behind this somebody Lindsay knows or is the person behind this someone unknown to her?”
Dwayne: “someone she knows.”
Yolanda: “somebody I think, very close to her, somebody in the same type of business.
Alan: I agree, I think it’s somebody that she knows. I mean in the same real estate firm, ummm who knows.”
Josh: “Jason Zailo was a suspect for a long time in this case?
Alan: “Right.”
Yolanda: “Right.”
Alan: “It wasn’t Jason.”
Josh: “You don’t think it was Jason?”
Alan Jackson: “No, and look, let’s not forget, what’s rule #1 of committing a homicide? You don’t bring a witness to a homicide. He had somebody with him. Not that you drive right to the house, where the murder took place, that you hired or had anything to do with, you don’t do that, the dumbest criminals don’t do that.”

25.  The nature of Lindsay’s injuries has never been disclosed. People are repeating unfounded rumors.  Sgt. Horsley stated on CWD Linsday was attacked from the rear. He did not say she was stabbed in the back. “At the same time, investigators confirmed that Ms. Buziak died from multiple stab wounds, according to a forensic autopsy conducted Tuesday. But in order to PROTECT the ongoing investigation, they wouldn’t reveal the EXTENT OF HER INJURIES, other than to say there was no evidence she was sexually assaulted.”

26.   Lindsay’s body was covered by a sheet and there was a police officer in attendance to make sure Lindsay’s Dad did not look at his daughter’s injuries. Standard police procedure.  Furthermore, I don’t recall the Father ever stating publically that he saw Lindsay’s wounds.

27.   Sgt.Horsley has never confirmed the rumors about the nature of Lindsay’s wounds.   Sgt. Horsley had this to say on  CWD: “When they went upstairs, there’s a master bedroom and an en-suite bathroom,” said Sgt. Horsley. “We know that when Lindsay turned to show the en-suite bathroom she was then attacked FROM THE REAR. There are no defensive wounds whatsoever. We don’t believe she had any pre-indication that something was amiss.”   There is no way a seasoned detective would reveal hold back information. Especially the nature of the first wound and what area of the body was struck first. At one point a REPORTER incorrectly reported that Lindsay was stabbed 54 times!

28.  There is no evidence to support the rumor the Zailo’s spent millions on Lindsay to keep her in the fold.  Just more unfounded rumours.

29.  Since no one was with Shirley and Lindsay on the walk none of us know what was said.  What we do know is police use a variety of investigative tools including the polygraph to determine whether witness statements are true or false.   Shirley was not the only person who told the police Lindsay was afraid of Matt.

30.  Cell records of potential suspects/POI are not public knowledge in active murder investigations. Only the police know where certain individuals were before, during, and after Lindsay’s murder.  They have never disclosed such information to the public.  A news article did mention that the “crime phone” pinged from towers in the Vancouver area days before Lindsay was murdered.  The SP disclosed the crime phone traveled to the Victoria area less than 24 hours before Lindsay’s murder and cell records indicate the crime phone pinged off a tower in the Cook/Finalyson area.

31.  It is ridiculous for the obsessed ranters to believe they can solve a high profile murder case.  It is just not logically possible.  A member of the public may have that key piece of information needed to advance the case to the courts but it is the SP investigators and LE members from other agencies who will solve the case.   The Zailo’s appeared on Dateline in 2010 and the airtime was probably less than 2 minutes.   I find it highly unlikely a trained FBI profiler from outside Canada or anyone else for that matter could determine someone’s guilt or involvement based on what the Zailo’s said on Dateline, news articles, and inaccurate blog information. The only information an outsider could make an informed opinion on would be if they had access to Lindsay’s case file, which they do not.   How can someone do an analysis based on hearsay and fabricated stories?   If that is the case I would be questioning their credentials.

From my understanding, the RCMP here in Canada have their own criminal investigative analyst.  The analysis is based on a review of the evidence from the crime scene and witnesses.  The analysis is done from both an investigative and behavioural perspective.   A criminal investigative analysis cannot REPLACE a thorough investigation and the accuracy and detail of a CIA are limited by the accuracy and detail of the INFORMATION on which it is based.  CIA does not use crystal balls or psychic experience; it is a logical, systematic approach for analyzing behaviour.

32.  How would people know their sources are credible?  Just because someone tells you something does not make it true.  Police use a variety of investigative tools and techniques to determine if someone is telling the truth or not.  The public does not have access to these tools or techniques, therefore, it is impossible for members of the public to say their sources are CREDIBLE.

33.   Lindsay went on a ski vacation with the Z’s a month before she was murdered. Lindsay and Jason both moved from the Shawnigan property and moved into a condo owned by another Zailo family member, and Lindsay continued to work in the re/max firm where SZ was the manager. Lindsay also went for a walk and out for dinner with Shirley the night before she was murdered and shared personal information with Shirley. If Lindsay was trying to GET AWAY from the WHOLE FAMILY as some believe, then she had ample opportunity to do so.  She chose to stay with Jason.  Her friends said as much.

34.  The police have outlined their working theories and shared facts on Dateline/CWD/Podcast surrounding the Calgary drug bust angle.  Some people choose to ignore the facts and distract using falsehoods.

35.   Jason was not supposed to be in the house with Lindsay at 5:30 nor did he sit outside while she was being murdered. Lindsay was murdered between 5:38-5:41 pm and Jason arrived at 5:45. If Jason was supposed to be at the house at 5:30 why did Lindsay ask one of her best friends to meet her there at 5:30?  

36.  The ranters have never presented any credible facts or evidence to support the theory that the Zailo’s were involved.  Most of what has been claimed to be fact or credible source info are falsehoods or unfounded rumors.

37.  SZ wasn’t the only person who told the police Lindsay was afraid of Matt. I think we all know what the results would be if the ranters were hooked up to a poly.  The polygraph is just ONE of many investigative tools and techniques used to corroborate witness testimony by LE.

38.  Just because someone said SZ was a gangster does not make it true.  Thankfully, there are members of the public who do not believe in nor participate in parroting rumours from unreliable, unverified sources.  Thankfully, there are real investigators working on this case and not inexperienced armchair detectives.

39.  It was stated in a media release on the Saanich Police website that Lindsay called Jason. “Just before meeting these potential clients, Lindsay made a phone call to her boyfriend Jason Zailo, who agreed to meet her at the house.” This is more evidence that supports the fact that ranters distort the facts and put their own spin on things when they claim Lindsay TEXTED Jason.   An employee from re/max also came forward and stated she was in the office with Lindsay and Jason when they were discussing the showing.  The employee said the plan all along was for Jason to meet Lindsay AFTER the showing.  Evidence supports Jason was meeting Lindsay AFTER the showing.   The police also stated Jason was going there to meet Lindsay later to drop off papers.  Ryan was not in the Saanich area, he was having dinner with another family who lived in Colwood, BC which is approx. a 30 minute drive to Gordon Head  As for Shirley communicating with a burner phone and not being at home to answer Jason’s call, the SP has all the phone records and the Zailo’s were all cleared.  If  SP had no evidence to prove the phone call between Jason and his mother existed they would not have cleared them.  Simple as that.    The theory lacks common sense anyway.  Shirley was a realtor who had her cell phone with her at all times.  If Shirley was in the Saanich area her phone would have pinged from that area not the Colwood area were she resides.   If Shirley was at home and received Jason’s call from a landline then phone records would have placed her at home in Colwood and not at the murder scene committing murder. Who said Paul was even at the Colwood home to be able to take Jason’s call?  Maybe Paul was in Duncan, BC and SP have phone records to prove Paul’s whereabouts which means he could not have taken Jason’s call?  To claim Paul was covering for Shirley is just another reckless statement and fabricated to make the conspiracy work.    Either way, you look at the scenario, there would be supporting evidence to prove the phone call took place and where Shirley was between 5:30 and 6:45 pm.   The SP has the evidence to know where each person was at what time.  The RANTERS have nothing except made up scenarios.

40. Police never disclosed the extent of Lindsay’s injuries.  As per news article:   “At the same time, investigators confirmed that Ms. Buziak died from MULTIPLE STAB WOUNDS, according to a forensic autopsy conducted Tuesday. But in order to protect the ongoing investigation, they wouldn’t REVEAL the EXTENT of her injuries.”

41. No one held Lindsay captive based on her commissions.  If someone was truly terrified of certain people and wanted to get away from them, they could have gone to live with a relative or friend instead of continuing to live with the person they were apparently terrified of.  Lindsay did not need her real estate commissions in order to move out. If Lindsay was terrified of Jason why would she ASK Jason to meet her at Desousa after the showing? Why did she go out for lunch with him before the showing?  Why did she go for a walk and have a nice dinner with Shirley the night before she was murdered?  Those are not the actions of a person who is terrified of their boyfriend and family.

42.  Hundred’s of potential suspects have been named on the blog in the past 9 years who are innocent. They were named based on unfounded rumors and innuendos.    This may cause problems for a successful prosecution as stated by one of the investigators.

43.  There is no credible evidence to support SZ was involved in cocaine trafficking.  If someone said Peter Rabbit was the getaway driver does that make it true?

44.   JZ was arrested and interrogated for HOURS.  Jason was released only after he provided a DNA sample. Jason cooperated fully against the advice of his lawyer. This was all stated on Dateline in 2010.

45.   Feb 2, 2009, SP stated Jason was not a suspect and he and his friend continued to cooperate. In 2010 the SP again publicly cleared the Z’s.  We know all family members partook in a polygraph  in 2010 not in 2011 as per information from  the ranters.   The SP said:  “there has been much in the community, publicly, as far as some finger pointing, rumor, speculation, innuendo, in many forms including the MEDIA. Today, as of today, the Zailo family, which includes Shirley Zailo, Ryan Zailo and Jason Zailo have met with our detectives over the past couple of days of their own free will, voluntarily, and have satisfied every investigative request that our detectives have had of them”.

“Insp. Rob McColl, who is head of Saanich’s detective division (and Sampson’s boss) said the force stopped using the CVSA device for criminal investigations in 2007, not because they lost faith in its ability to detect lies, but because the RCMP INSTALLED A POLYGRAPH OPERATOR in Victoria, which made it more economical to use that device. He said Saanich police still use the CVSA device to screen prospective recruits.  He says the CVSA was NOT USED at any point during the unsolved Lindsay Buziak case, though POLYGRAPH TESTS were administered IN THE INVESTIGATION.”

The Saanich Police does NOT use the CVSA for criminal investigations. If the Zailos were tested as stated by SPD, it was on a polygraph.” Saanich police say the CVSA is just an instrument for interviewers to use, and they trust in the hires they’ve made in the last decade since the machine’s been used.“We stand by the use of this machine for the purpose of vetting potential employees,” “We have NOT USED it in a homicide context, other than to verify witness statements,” Jantzen said. He says the CVSA was NOT USED at any point during the unsolved Lindsay Buziak case, though polygraph tests were administered the investigation.”

46.  Rumours and lies are not considered intel.  There is a reason armchair detectives are not capable of solving criminal cases.  They do not know the difference between intel and gossip.

47.  Lindsay’s Mother went on record with her belief that Matt was somehow involved in Lindsay’s murder. Lindsay’s sister has gone on record in support of Jason and said she adores him. The majority of Lindsay’s friends are still friends with Jason and do not believe Jason or his family are responsible. Jason’s friend CO also believes in Jason’s innocence and he was at the crime scene.  CO is even back working with Jason.  

48.  At the time of Lindsay’s murder, Shirley was NOT dating a retired SP officer.   Some ranters have suggested that a retired Saanich police officer was the mastermind behind Lindsay’s murder and the stabber.  That is just ludicrous.

49.  There is no evidence to support the theory that the Zailo’s are associated to any of the Delalcazar drug ring.  There is no evidence to support the Zailo’s directed anyone to drive around with the crime phone in their possession.   The ranters listen to rumors and then repeat them. In some cases, they even fabricate stories.

50.  What is really absurd is how the ranters assume the SP have no suspects in Lindsay’s murder.   How absurd to think the SP has not interviewed key witnesses over the years. What is even more absurd is the reckless accusations that the SP are obstructing Lindsay’s case and they are not even interested in her case anymore.  The ranters routinely accuse the SP of releasing misinformation but it is they who are repeating unfounded rumors and fabricating stories on a daily basis.

51.  Avneet did not say Lindsay was extorting money from her drug dealer boyfriend Jason, what  Avneet said was….” She dated drug dealers.”   This is a classic example of a RANTER distorting what was really said.

52.  Officers retired on January 31, 2008, not Friday, Feb 1, 2008. The retirement party was not Friday, February 1, 2008. The female suspect first called Lindsay on Wednesday, January 30, 2008/(speculative), which was 8 days after Erickson was busted. The female suspect called Lindsay again on Thursday, Jan 31st and Friday, Feb 1st. A total of a half a dozen calls were made to Lindsay from the Vancouver area.  The male suspect called Lindsay from the Island on Saturday morning, Feb 2nd.

53. Someone claimed RG was not involved in Lindsay’s murder but when their theory was proven to lack any substance they created a new theory and incorporated Rianne into it. The new and improved theory now states Rianne did it on the orders of the Z’s. The ranters are now even trying to claim that the Z’s set up the Del’s to take the fall because they have to somehow fit the del’s into their conspiracy theory.   There is zero evidence to support the Zailo’s were associated with the Del’s organized crime group. The Zailo’s passed polygraphs.  Three members of a family all passed a polygraph.   That is considered evidence to support they were not involved in the conspiracy to murder Lindsay. Other forms of investigative measures were also taken to clear the Z’s, not just the polygraph.

54.   The Zailo’s had MORE SALES  in 2007 which was prior to Lindsay’s murder so the statement in #54. above is inaccurate just like all the other statements. (Shirley only had 28 sales in 2017 but over 52 sales in 2007.)

55.  The dress that was found in the thrift store is not he EXACT same dress the female suspect wore.  As you can see from the picture, the dress that was found at a thrift store looks nothing like the dress that was on display at the Saanich Police conference.  In fact, the dress found at the thrift store did not even have the same pattern, colours, or have a pattern on the back of the dress.  The next thing they will claim is that the sketch of the female suspect looks exactly like Shirley and claim Shirley was wearing a blonde wig.

2010:  Yesterday police had a mannequin with a distinctive pink, black and white shift dress they believe the woman was wearing.”

 A sign depicts the reward made by the family (along with the Greater Victoria Real Estate Board and the Canadian Real Estate Assoc.) and a dress the police believe closely resembles what the suspect may have worn.

NOTE: The ranters would like the viewers to believe the only event that would draw attention to committing murder in Saanich on that specific Friday was the police officers’ retirement and the party that followed. Not only is that story ludicrous, they intentionally gave the wrong date for both events.    I notice a clear pattern of the ranters intentionally misleading the readers with false information.


We are aware misinformation exists. People lie, people get confused and share bad information, people don’t vet their sources, incorrect information is easily spread, etc.    Debunking is the act of providing information or inducing interactions intended to correct misinformation.


Sgt. Horsley: The file is still active, we are not going to close down an ACTIVE murder investigation, it’s simply not going to happen, nor would any other police agency. This case is still being actively investigated and I personally have received some tips this week that need to be followed up.”

Sgt. Horsley: “The VAST majority of the information put out in the public domain is simply not true.”

Sgt.Horsley: “I know that conspiracy theories run amuck here. Do you really think someone is going to plan a murder based on the retirement schedule of the SPD? The SPD has zero authority to call in any retired detectives. The majority of the 7 senior officers who retired did not even work in the detective division. For those that did work in the detective division, none of them offered to come back. That happens in every police department. You lose knowledge, and you lose that skill set. The people we had on this investigation were very experienced. I have no doubt the quality of their abilities were no different than the ones who went out the door. One retired detective offered Jeff Buziak to come and work on the case two years after Lindsay was murdered. That offer did not go to the SPD.”

Podcast host: “why has the case not been handed over to VIIMCU?”

Sgt. Horsley: “For the simple reason the way it is structured. The VIIMCU does not take on historical cases. So this case at the time of the murder we were not part of that unit, therefore, the way the management structure is, is that we were responsible for the homicide investigation. SP is part of that unit today but they still do not take on historical cases. They have a heavy workload as do we but I think what people need to understand is that many of the people that work on Lindsay’s case within the SP, came from backgrounds similar to that integrated major crime unit, primarily the primary investigator who had worked 20 years with the RCMP before coming to Saanich. He had MORE major crime experience than anybody that we actually sent to the integrated unit. So, there is no doubt in my mind that we had experienced people making the decisions on this case.”

Podcast Host: “Thoughts on the case?”

Sgt. Horsley: “Some of the things that people take as the gospel are certainly incorrect. You know the poor victim there, injuries to the victim were NEVER disclosed, autopsy report NEVER been disclosed, although we have admitted this was a horrific attack we have never indicated any type of injury or nature of injuries. One thing off the top of my head I know on the podcast it mentioned when the witnesses showed up at the murder house there were people seen through obscured glass. The fact of the matter was the people were actually seen, the door was open and the witnesses actually observed the male suspect exiting the house so ummm just lots of little things that we’ve tried to clarify. I’ve certainly had a lot of discussions with Jeff Buziak over the years but we don’t expect it to be 100% correct however we wish that the rumors, the innuendos, all those things didn’t exist on the level that they do.”

“By and large the podcast is a fairly accurate portrayal of the events leading up to the murder. Certainly, little things, but like I said, they’re little. However, I think the bigger picture here when you step back is this is going to be one of the first murder trials where the internet is going to play a large part which is, how many potential suspects have been posted on the internet. Have they all been ruled out? It makes for a daunting task for whatever agency is investigating any crime like this when so many potential suspects are being discussed openly because obviously, the prosecution is going to have to shut down all those avenues and prove that those people weren’t in fact responsible. That in itself makes the workload absolutely mammoth and that’s what a large part of our job is. Every tip we receive we have to document and every tip we have received we have to show that that tip is a dead end and that is a huge task. I think we are dealing with people that have obviously shown they are willing to inflict severe violence on people and with any homicide of this nature were we strongly believe in conspiracy to commit murder has occurred these people planned to kill Lindsay and coming forward could potentially make that person a target so of course there is an element of fear there.”

“Do we believe that there are people in the Greater Victoria area that are in a position of knowledge regarding the murder, absolutely, we certainly do and we certainly believe those people may have the knowledge we need to be successful in this case. I know a lot of people in Greater Victoria, I really do, from all sorts of walks of life and is it possible I’ve had a conversation with someone who is potentially involved in this conspiracy to commit murder, absolutely. I believe there is actually a high probability I’ve spoken to someone involved in this crime.”

“This case is completely solvable, I think maybe there was a down point maybe a couple years in there was a high level of frustration but I believe in my heart this file is completely solvable and that in fact were far closer than the public realize to actually solving this case. The team has worked very, very hard. We work ultimately for Lindsay’s Mom, Evelyn, we work hard for Lindsay’s Father Jeff, and her sister Sara but ultimately, we work for Lindsay and although I’ve had some very difficult conversations with family members and I can certainly feel their frustration because they’re not getting information from us. Ultimately, I’m working for Lindsay and I’m working for the end goal of finding the people responsible and ensuring they’re brought to justice.”