La Reina – Queen Of Diamondz

BIO –  La Reina (Rianne Gracia) makes her debut onto the scene stepping into the studio and on stage for the first time in 2009.   Intent on leaving her imprint on Canadian hip-hop, the self-proclaimed Queen holds nothing back when it comes to her music.

“I write about what I live; whether it’s a broken heart, new love or injustice in the world. Some people say you’re not this, or you’re not that, and I respect their opinions, but I don’t make apologies for who I am.” 

It is no coincidence that Reina’s first project is entitled “Queen Without A Crown”. It is her introduction to the industry and wanted to make it clear who she is and what she represents. “It is a culmination of pain, experience and growth; simply put, it’s about what life gives and takes away, and how we handle it.” 

Spitting in both Spanish and English, she strives to be heard and share her life through music. “I feel so blessed to be able to tap into the essence of who I am and come out stronger because of it…My path has served not only as the catalyst of my creativity and growth as an artist, but also my healing as a person. For that I am forever grateful.”

She concludes by saying, “I live my life by a mantra that was shared with me by my best girl who passed on too early;  “some people dream of success, others wake up and work at it.” This is the story of an artist doing her thing. Period.















Author: FAC