How To Manufacture A Conspiracy Theory

The following outline is a general idea of how the Zailo conspiracists came up with the Z  theory and the extreme measures they use in an attempt to sound more credible:

1. Pick a high profile murder that happened.

2. Postulate a conspiracy was behind the murder (the Z’s did it, the Government is corrupt, the police are corrupt, blah, blah,). This is all you need to get going, but there are a few techniques you can use to fill in the blanks about what really happened during the murder. (In this case, make a claim the Z’s had the help of Law Enforcement and claim they directed the killers on how to carry out the murder.  Don’t worry about making your theory sound plausible, just worry about promoting your conspiracy theory. Use every platform available on social media to convince others your theory is the only one that is plausible.)

3. Cherry pick factoids, take details out of context, mine quotes from public figures, elevate obscure minor incidents to center stage (eg: Jason parked his car facing away from the house), juxtapose unrelated events, OBSESS over coincidence (Jason parked his vehicle the wrong way), point to suspicious lack of evidence that (if it existed) would support your theory (Jason contaminated the entire crime scene so now there is no forensic evidence to support your theory), and always, always have pictures with big red arrows pointing to NOTHING in particular.

The general rule is: stitch together everything that vaguely supports your theory or calls into question the mainstream explanation and IGNORE OR DENY EVERYTHING THAT DOES FIT (The Calgary drug bust for example).

4. Develop believers (gather as many people as possible to share your conspiracy story)  a conspiracy needs to be exposed and one person crying in the wilderness, will UNlikely be heard. Worse, they may be silenced by the Zailo supporters (anyone who disagrees with your theory basically).   (Use multiple pseudo names to give the appearance you have hundreds of supporters)

5. Publicize the theory anywhere you can, websites, Podcasts, You Tube, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.  At one time conspiracists would publish books (this is another option to promote your conspiracy theory) and pamphlets. These days the internet is a wonderful tool not just for telling make-believe stories but also finding and conversing with like-minded conspiracy believers. There are many ways to communicate, and the dilemma is how to convince a perhaps doubtful public of your conspiracy theory. Depending on the audience, use dignified disgust, or narrate the rumors and gossip like a newsreader. Be loud and obnoxious if you have to be.

6. In later stages, once your campaign to promote your conspiracy theory is well-developed, continue to REPEAT your theory over and over and over again.

7. Denounce skeptics and other bloggers who debunk your claims the Zailo’s did it, and make it clear that anyone who doubts your theory is a Zailo supporter or a member of the Zailo family. You could even take it a step further and accuse them of being the killer.

8. Compile a list of a tiny number of “experts” (retired Lawyer/Solicitor, Anti Money Laundering Investigator, Former FBI Agent) and use the pseudo-people to support some of your fabricated claims, to lend a veneer of credibility to your comments.  Wherever possible, use misattributed, unsourced, and quotes taken out of context from anyone who does not support your theory to imply they do.

9. Create lists of “unanswered questions” that, regardless of how well-answered they are, will always remain “unanswered.”

10. Extrapolate weak indicators. Seek evidence that might support your theory(even if you have to fabricate it). Initially, this might lead you to make some UNWANTED CHANGES to your original conspiracy theory, though once you have established the theory you should stick to its claims at all costs(even if they are proven wrong beyond a reasonable doubt).  Your evidence can be fabricated and need not prove any cause. Plausibility is more important than proof. A useful source is a previous form, where they have done something similar in the past. (For example, if Jason parked his car the wrong way in the past.) An extension of this principle is to take accusations as evidence, so if you know someone who can verify Jason did this in the past, then you can claim this as proof.

11. Exaggerate all the rumors and gossip you have heard and make it fit your conspiracy theory. This is important if you want your theory to appear workable. (even when it’s not)

12. Interpret silence or denial from the people you falsely accuse of being the conspirators as confirmation your conspiracy theory is true. In your head, whatever they do, it proves their complicity. You would expect them to deny involvement if they were a part of a conspiracy and they do.

13.  Sometimes it’s a good idea to add new suspects to the conspiracy theory to generate more publicity.  People get tired of the same rants so good to spice things up a little.  Add one of the victims friends to the story and fabricate a love triangle. Make it sound like a daytime soap opera.  This will really peek the interest of your audience. (the 40,000 alter pseudos)

14.  In the event your conspiracy theory is proven to be false, simply incorporate one of the suspects from the current leading theory into your debunked conspiracy theory and put a new spin on it.  Connect your new suspect to the Zailo’s anyway that you can, even when you know it’s false.  No matter what, you cannot let go of your original “Zailo’s did it” conspiracy theory.   Your fabricated story is your money maker.