Excerpts from the “Standard System for Investigating and Classifying Violent Crimes”

Organized or Disorganized, Physical Evidence, and Weapon.

“The general condition of the crime scene is IMPORTANT in classifying a crime. Is it like a group excitement killing: spontaneous and disarrayed with a great deal of physical evidence at the scene? Or does the crime scene reflect a METHODICAL, well-organized subject who did not leave a SINGLE PRINT or PIECE of PHYSICAL EVIDENCE behind? The LATTER may be seen with an ORGANIZED CRIME HIT, as in the CRIMINAL COMPETITION CATEGORY.”

**NOTE** (Sgt. Horsley stated: “There is nothing in her life — and we’ve conducted an extensive background [check] — that would indicate that she was involved in anything criminal, in anything of a domestic violence relationship, and that is the most perplexing thing.”   June 3, 2010: “Horsley said the brutal nature of the slaying might have been intended to make it APPEAR to be a crime of passion or to send a message to someone.”

(It’s possible this murder could have been personal in nature AND connected to organized crime.  Lindsay was acquainted with some of the members involved in the Calgary drug bust. One of the investigators said Lindsay tried to contact one of the family members of Erickson Delalcazar when she was in Calgary.   Also, MMD was Lindsay’s ex and RG was Lindsay’s best friend. They were friends of the Del group.   Lindsay’s best friend RG  also worked at the same real estate office as Lindsay.(people have made claims that only a realtor could have set up the murder but that is false)  RG also had knowledge of the vacant home on Desousa and it was part of her job description to enter MLS data into the computer system.  RG entered the MLS info into the computer system for the Desousa property on January 9, 2008. RG also had knowledge of Lindsay’s personal life that realtors did not have.   The “past client” story has never been confirmed by the investigators so it may not even be a factor in this case.(some claim only a realtor would have the info about Lindsay’s past clients but if relevant, RG would also have access to that info).   People involved in serious crimes are known to insert themselves into the criminal investigation and stay in close contact with the victims family to gather counterintelligence which is what RG did.)

“Another aspect of crime scene examination concerns the WEAPON. Questions the investigator needs to answer about the weapon include the following:  Was it a WEAPON of CHOICE, BROUGHT to the crime scene by the offender? Or was it a weapon of opportunity acquired at the scene? Is the weapon ABSENT from the crime scene, or has it been left behind?”

(In this case, it was a weapon of choice brought to the crime scene by the suspects. Based on media reports the weapon was never located. Was it kept as a souvenir by the mastermind?)

Body Disposition.

“Did the offender seem to have NO CONCERN as to whether the body would be DISCOVERED? These are some questions whose answers will aid the CLASSIFICATION of a homicide.”

(In this case, it appears MAYBE the planners wanted the body to be discovered by Jason. Or, Jason happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  It’s also possible the murder was set up to appear as though the Zailo’s were involved(choosing a vacant home listed by re/max, possibly attempting to make the murder appear to be a crime of passion, etc). After Lindsay’s murder,  some people who may have been involved in the conspiracy went directly to the police station and fingered the Zailo’s as being involved.  Apparently, RG previously spoke of her hatred towards SP so interesting she went to the police station and appeared to be so cooperative.  She didn’t appear to be too cooperative when they requested she partake in a polygraph examination. RG suddenly stopped cooperating with the investigators after that.)

Other Crime Scene Indicators.

“There are other crime scene indicators common to certain offences that help investigators classify crimes MOTIVES. Examples are wounded victims, NO ESCAPE PLAN, and the probability of WITNESSES. The nature of the CONFRONTATION between the victim and the offender is also important in determining the MOTIVE and classification. How did the offender CONTROL the victim? Are restraints present at the scene, or did the offender immediately BLITZ and INCAPACITATE THE VICTIM?”

(We know the killer’s plan was to exit via the front door but they were spotted by Jason and CO so they turned around and went back inside. There were rumours circulating the owner kicked out 3  fence boards to allow painters access to the stored paint on the patio. It was also reported the killers had inside knowledge of the missing fence boards and that’s the escape route they chose.  That story never made any sense. If the killers had inside knowledge of the hole in the fence that’s the route they would have taken in the first place and they would not have attempted to walk out the front door.   It has been confirmed the owner carefully removed the boards so the painters could enter the patio area to finish staining the patio fence rather than trample through the house with dripping cans of stain.  The investigators have never confirmed the killers escaped through the space in the fence.  They said the killers escaped out the patio door.   Maybe they climbed over the fence the same way Jason’s friend did after he spotted the open patio door. (speculative)

**NOTE** (There was a meeting days after Lindsay’s murder.  It was alleged that VID pointed a gun at Jason and demanded to know what Jason saw at the Desousa house. This would suggest that VID was aware Jason and CO saw the suspects attempting to leave.  Who would point a gun at someone and ask them what they saw if they were not involved in the murder?   Jason’s friend CO was also allegedly confronted by a group of thugs who wanted to know what he saw. It was done under the guise they were just trying to help get answers.  Did the event with CO really happen or, just gossip? If it did happen, it appears as though someone wanted to know if  Jason and CO could ID the suspect couple.)


“Staging is when someone purposely alters the crime scene or plans a third party discovery of the body, prior to the arrival of police. There are two reasons that someone employs staging: to misdirect the investigation or to protect the victim or victim’s, family.”

“When a crime is staged, the responsible person is usually SOMEONE WHO HAD SOME KIND OF ASSOCIATION or RELATIONSHIP with the VICTIM.”

“Individuals suspected of staging crime scenes have specific ways of speaking and telling stories that embed shreds of the truth within the threads of their lies. Crime scene stagers are people who aim to deceive friends and loved ones, investigators, prosecutors, forensic pathologists, and they completely frustrate the criminal justice process. The goal of the crime scene stager is to direct the attention of the investigation away from the truth, sending law enforcement professionals on a wild goose chase.”

(In Lindsay’s case, let’s look at the possibility Lindsay’s best friend RG was one of the conspirators. Is it possible her plan was to steer the investigation away from herself and the Del group by her conduct when in contact with the investigators? In the beginning, it was alleged she appeared to be cooperative with the police, appearing as though she was trying to help the case move forward while pointing the finger directly at the Zailos. She inserted herself into the civilian investigation under the pretense she wanted to help.   Is it possible RG was pathologically envious of Lindsay and used the Calgary Drug Bust as a reason to have Lindsay murdered?  All RG had to do was tell the del group that Lindsay was the snitch. RG’s boyfriend was Vid and Vid allegedly despised Lindsay. The information shared by the authorities leans more towards the Calgary drug bust connection as the strongest motive. These people lost a lot of money and they know someone snitched on them.  It’s also possible one of the guys (Leo Rojo Beltran) involved in the Calgary operation who had the authority to order the hit, was the man who actually went inside that house and murdered Lindsay.   It’s doubtful Lindsay ever met this guy and he would certainly need some help luring Lindsay to a vacant home.  RG would certainly be able to provide that information about her best friend.  All she had to do was provide Lindsay’s cell number, the address of the vacant home and a few other details.)

****NOTE****  The investigators shared one of their leading theories on NBC Dateline and this is what they had to say.

Josh: It seems to me that you’re really looking for probably at least 3 people here. I mean you’re looking for the two people in the home that committed that murder and then I’m guessing whoever paid them.

McColl: I think you’re absolutely right and it may be that one of those two people who were at the home is, in fact, the mastermind behind this and perhaps the money but it’s equally possible and more likely there is a 3rd, 4th, or 5th person involved.  (could McColl be referring to Beltran as the mastermind/killer and some of the others in the Del group as more of the  conspirators?)

Josh: That’s a criminal conspiracy of some significance, to wipe out this young realtor. What set of facts possibly fits with that?

McColl: A large amount of money, a large amount of drugs, considerable wrong done to whoever the financier is behind this. (referring to the Calgary drug bust)

***NOTE***   Leopoldo was connected to a Mexican drug cartel and he was a high ranking member in the Calgary operation.  It’s highly possible Leo was the killer(speculation).  After all, isn’t that how they take care of snitches in Mexico?  It’s quite eerie that Lindsay referred to the suspects as “the Mexicans”, the female suspect spoke with a thick foreign accent, the name used to register the burner phone was “RODRIGUEZ” AND the investigators  stated in 2010 “when the killers are found you won’t find them living in Victoria.”  This would be an accurate statement if referencing LEO and his sister as they live in California now.  In 2010 the investigators also set up an “international tipline.”  It appears to me that the investigators likely know who the killers are otherwise how would they know they don’t live in Victoria?

Some of the facts, in this case, are baffling. Clearly, Lindsay was lured to the house by complete STRANGERS, under the pretense they wanted to purchase a property. It appears as though the suspect couple was hired to murder Lindsay yet the type of injuries Lindsay sustained appeared to be very personal in nature (multiple stabs wounds) which could suggest a “domestic” related murder. If we are to believe the rumours that Lindsay was stabbed over 40 times, that suggests a more personal rather than STRANGER, VICTIM assault. Experts on Dateline said some of the stab wounds were completely unnecessary. That suggests the killers continued to stab Lindsay after death.   In addition, if a friend such as RG suggested someone should stage the murder to appear as though the boyfriend was involved, then it’s also possible RG could have planned and maneuvered for Jason to discover Lindsay’s body. RG would have personal knowledge of Lindsay and Jason’s plans for Feb 2nd.  It’s also possible Jason and CO’s arrival was just a coincidence and the conspirators did not plan for Jason to discover the body.(Since the killers attempted to leave out the front door then fled out the back after spotting Jason I am going to assume the conspirators did not plan for Jason to discover the body.  He was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Is it also possible no one was actually hired to murder Lindsay rather it was people directly connected to the drug bust that murdered her out of revenge? One of the guys who was charged in the  Calgary drug operation had the power to order the hit and/or carry it out himself.  People on social media are under the mistaken impression that people involved in organized crime take out their targets using a gun.  That is simply not true.   The killers may have had their own reasons for using a knife as their weapon of choice.  One of the investigators mentioned that perhaps the killers were trying to make the murder appear to be a “crime of passion.”  

If RG is one of the conspirators behind Lindsay’s murder and intentionally pointed the finger in the direction of the Zailo’s as being involved, her plan worked because many people believe the Zailos are involved based on false information.  That has kept the public attention off the real killers. RG did not fool the investigators though. They know 100% who the conspirators are they just don’t have the hard evidence to prove it in a court of law.)

**NOTE** “Horsley said the brutal nature of the slaying might have been intended to make it APPEAR to be a crime of passion or to send a message to someone.”

Forensic Findings.

“Forensic findings are the analysis of physical evidence pertaining to a crime scene, evidence that is used toward LEGAL PROOF that a crime occurred. This evidence is often called a silent witness, offering objective facts specific to the commission of a crime. The primary sources of physical evidence are the VICTIM, the SUSPECT, and the CRIME SCENE. Secondary sources include the HOME or WORK environment of a SUSPECT, however, search warrants are NECESSARY for the collection of such evidence.”

(RG was obsessed with “True Crime Shows” and “Forensic Files”. It is my belief the person who is involved in this murder had knowledge of forensics/DNA/Fingerprint evidence. They specifically chose a VACANT HOUSE so there would be less chance of contaminating the crime scene with evidence that could identify the killers. They intentionally attacked Lindsay from the rear so she would not be able to defend herself and possibly generate forensic /DNA evidence. It’s possible the first wound killed Lindsay because she had NO defensive wounds. RG worked at re/max and was aware of the vacant home at Desousa Place and it’s close proximity to a safe house where the killers likely went. RG also knew that Lindsay would have FOUGHT for her life.  There was no DNA/forensic evidence found at the scene that could ID the killers. I don’t believe that was LUCK!

**NOTE**  Detective Horsley said Buziak had NO IDEA she was about to be attacked and NO OPPORTUNITY TO FIGHT HER KILLERS or to make any 911 or other CALLS FOR HELP.

**NOTE**  September 18, 2010:  “Crime scene investigators found NO FINGERPRINTS, DNA or other PHYSICAL evidence in the house.”

Crime Scene Red Flags.

“An offender who stages a crime scene usually makes mistakes because they stage it to look the way they think a crime scene should look. While doing this, the offender experiences a great deal of STRESS and does not have time to fit all the pieces together logically. Inconsistencies thus begin appearing at the crime scene, the Forensics, and with the OVERALL PICTURE of the offence. These contradictions often serve as the red flags of STAGING and PREVENT misguidance of the investigation. These red flags often occur in the form of crime scene inconsistencies.”

(I believe RG and the others have been on the investigator’s radar for years. They likely know her multiple early statements were false. People’s words will betray them. People will always word their statement based on all their knowledge. Therefore, their statement may contain information they DID NOT INTEND TO SHARE. Even though people may want to withhold information, sometimes they give more information than what they realize.)

Forensic Red Flags.

“Do the injuries fit the crime? Forensic results that do not fit the crime should cause the investigator to think about staging. The presence of a PERSONAL-TYPE ASSAULT. This type of assault also includes excessive trauma beyond that necessary to CAUSE DEATH(overkill). Generally, the MORE EVIDENCE there is of OVERKILL, the CLOSER THE RELATIONSHIP is between the VICTIM AND THE OFFENDER.”

“An investigator who suspects a staged crime scene should look for other signs of close offender association with the victim. In addition, when an offender STAGES a DOMESTIC HOMICIDE, they frequently plan and MANEUVER a THIRD-PARTY DISCOVERY of the victim.”

(Someone like RG had inside knowledge that Jason was going to be at a meeting at SHC and would be meeting Lindsay at the house LATER. Clearly, the killer’s wanted Lindsay alone and if JASON was at the house with Lindsay she would not have been murdered, simple as that. The killers would not have been able to carry out this murder if they knew Jason was going to be with Lindsay at the house. It is my belief they had inside knowledge that Lindsay would be at the showing ALONE.  A close friend such as RG would have that knowledge. )

Dateline 2010:

Josh: “Saanich Police continued to investigate whether the motive was personal and they were not yet done focusing on the people who Lindsay Buziak would have described as her friends.”

Josh: “Is the person behind this somebody Lindsay knows or is the person behind this someone unknown to her?”

Dwayne: “someone she knows.”

Yolanda: “somebody I think, very close to her, somebody in the same type of business.

Alan: I agree, I think it’s somebody that she knows.” correct, I mean in the same real estate firm, ummm who knows.

Josh: “what needs to happen for an arrest to be made?

Dwayne: “someone needs to come forward.

Alan: “yes, agreed.

Yolanda: “Unfortunately, you have an empty house, you have very little that was touched, so it is a forensic nightmare.”

Alan: “this case is not going to be solved based on forensic evidence, this case is going to be solved by loose lips, somebody is going to talk about something.”


“The killing remains unsolved. Police consider it a “whodunit,” not a simple “smoking gun” homicide, McColl said. “It’s common that these investigations are measured in YEARS, not months.”


“This is completely different [than other homicides] in the sense that we have people who have been SENT or HIRED to set up the victim — to go to the house and commit the murder,” he said. This makes the investigation extremely complicated, Horsley said, in that the killers might have come from OUTSIDE Greater Victoria. Buziak was lured to the home by a man and a woman who said they were interested in viewing the million-dollar property at 1702 De Sousa Pl. in Gordon Head. A woman used a cell phone, purchased exclusively for the crime, to call Buziak. The victim was asked to show the house at 5:30 p.m., even though she wasn’t the listing agent. Buziak grew nervous when a man called back to say he’d meet her alone, but she went anyway, asking boyfriend Jason Zailo to check up on her.”

Detective Chris Horsley: “If it is a murder for hire, it makes it that much HARDER for us to SOLVE. “Saanich police say despite following thousands of leads, they’re no closer to solving the case than they were 2 years ago. “The answers that we’re looking for just simply may not be in the VICTORIA AREA, so we need to put the net out wider.”

“This (killing) was VERY ORGANIZED,” said Saanich police spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen. “There was A LOT of PLANNING and EFFORT and FORETHOUGHT. These are the most COMPLEX CRIMES. And this is the most egregious crime and often they can become LONG-TERM and COMPLICATED.”