Example of a Witch Hunt

A prime example of a “WITCH HUNT” conducted by so-called EXPERTS!

I have noticed many similarities(in bold) between the Zailo witch hunt and the Burke Ramsey witch hunt. The “so-called Experts” in the JonBenet Ramsey case got it all wrong and so do the Armchair detectives who are trying to investigate a homicide case when they have no access to the case file.  In both cases some of the information presented is fabricated, dangerously misleading, includes unproven, disputed and misleading statements, and in Lindsay’s case, the civilian investigators actually believe they have cracked the case.


Read for yourself.

3 Big Ways ‘The Case of JonBenet Ramsey’ Got It Wrong – – From confirmation bias in the 911 tape analysis to dissecting an ‘appropriate’ response to death, how CBS’s documentary didn’t tell THE WHOLE STORY

A complete reinvestigation is what CBS’s The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey promised, but the only thing they delivered was a witch hunt that culminated in naming Burke Ramsey, JonBenét’s then nine-year-old brother, as her killer, and implicating John and Patsy Ramsey in a coverup.  The Ramseys were rightfully exonerated by DNA evidence in 2008

Absent any new physical evidence or meaningful new witness statements, the fruits of this reinvestigation, led by former FBI agent and criminal profiler Jim Clemente and behavioral analyst Laura Richards, were almost ENTIRELY SUBJECTIVE, at times DANGEROUSLY MISLEADING and dependent on a flawed police investigation that will very likely never result in the killer being brought to justice.

Confirmation bias, selective hearing, and the misleading 911 call analysis –
The first step in Clemente and Richards’ reinvestigation was analyzing Patsy Ramsey’s 911 call, specifically an inaudible portion at the very end when the phone clicked but did not disconnect. Because the operator did not hang up, the call continued to record, but no one has ever been able to conclusively decipher the extremely muffled, inaudible voices heard faintly in the background.    Clemente and Richards made a vague reference to this analysis, BUT DIDN’T DISCLOSE that it had been leaked and that they were aware of its conclusions, as any investigator in this case surely is. INSTEAD, they claimed they were going to use “more modern audio technology” to figure out how many voices were on the tape and what they were saying. A cursory review of the Twitter reactions to this segment indicates that many viewers could not make out any of what Clemente and Richards claimed to hear.    “In the headphones, it was incredibly clear,” Clemente tweeted, the implication being that despite devoting substantial time to playing back the audio over and over again, viewers should just trust what Clemente and Richards said they heard.

Clemente and Richards presented themselves and their team of investigators as INFALLIBLE, THEIR EXPERTISE AS INARGUABLE AND THEIR OPINIONS AS INDISPUTABLE FACTS. More than once, they made UNPROVEN, DISPUTED or MISLEADING STATEMENT WITHOUT PROVIDING FURTHER EVIDENCE, like the claim that John Ramsey disappeared for an hour and a half the morning of the murderin actuality, he was in his study and the Boulder police just didn’t notice. They also RUSHED to DISPROVE ALTERNATE THEORIES. After one attempt to get through a replica model of the basement window, Clemente and Richards concluded there could not have been an intruder because the spider web in the corner was “destroyed” and the real spider web in the Ramseys basement window was undisturbed.

Yet when laying out their theory for Burke Ramsey as the killer, these experts literally MADE UP A STORY ABOUT BURKE KILLING JonBenét (on accident or in anger, but probably unintentionally) by hitting her in the head with a flashlight because she took a piece of his pineapple. The proof? JonBenét had undigested pineapple in her stomach. Even if this theory had been proven back in 1996, at age nine, Burke would have been too young to be legally prosecuted in Colorado, and he certainly couldn’t be held responsible for any horrendous cover-up instigated by his parents. To unleash a witch hunt on him now without rock solid proof of guilt is a cruel RATINGS ploy.

The repercussions of depending on such controversial evidence go beyond this case, as jury members (the majority of which are not educated in the law) are often asked to weigh similar evidence and testimony when deciding guilt or innocence. The Case of JonBenet oversold the same flawed methodology that has manipulated juries and resulted in countless wrongful convictions coupled it with cherry-picked evidence and an extreme case of tunnel vision in order to finger a nine-year-old for a 20-year-old cold murder.     That’s disturbing and irresponsible, no matter who killed JonBenét Ramsey.



Burke Ramsey, JonBenét’s brother, sues CBS in $750 million slander suit –
The lawsuit says documentary slandered JonBenét’s brother by accusing him of killing his sister.

Read Burke Ramsey’s 108 page “Complaint For Defamation” against CBS, Jim Clemente, Laura Richards, W. Spitz, and Henry Lee the SO-CALLED EXPERTS.

1. This defamation action is brought by Burke Ramsey to redress the permanent damage to his reputation resulting from Defendants’ false accusation that he killed his sister, JonBenét Ramsey.

17. Defendants’ accusation that Burke Ramsey killed his sister was based on a compilation of lies, half-truths, manufactured information, and the intentional omission and avoidance of truthful information about the murder of JonBenét Ramsey



In reading the  civil claim and statements made by the so-called experts involved in the CBS documentary The Case of JonBenet Ramsey, again I have noticed many similarities between one particular defendant “James Kolar” and  social media blogger’s who rigorously promote the conspiracy theory, “The Zailo’s Did It.”  PROOF?  There is none. 

James Kolar was the AUTHOR of a self-published and commercially UNSUCCESSFUL BOOK, Foreign Faction.   This book relied upon as a SCRIPT for the JonBenet Ramsey documentary Kolar also played an ACTING ROLE in the documentary as one of the seven “world-renowned” investigators who would allegedly conduct a “complete REINVESTIGATION starting from SCRATCH.” Kolar was a police officer who was BRIEFLY employed by the Boulder District Attorney’s Office from 2004-2006.   Kolar was hired by the Boulder DA as an experienced AGENCY ADMIN to help build an investigations unit. Kolar had NO significant experience in CRIMINAL HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION and NO COLD CASE HOMICIDE EXPERIENCE but CLAIMED that as of July 2005, he was taking the place of former LEAD RAMSEY INVESTIGATOR T.B., who had retired from the Boulder DA’s Office. Prior to July 2005, Kolar had NEVER been involved in the LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATION OF THE MURDER OF JONBENET RAMSEY. In July 2005, Kolar acknowledged that he was UNFAMILIAR with the JonBenét Ramsey INVESTIGATIVE FILES and that it would take “some period of time” to become FULLY ACQUAINTED with the INVESTIGATIVE FILES. Subsequently, Kolar requested a meeting with the Boulder DA Lacy and key members of her team and MUCH TO THE SURPRISE of the Boulder DA, announced at the meeting HIS THEORY THAT BURKE COMMITTED THE MURDER and claimed that he had gone through the investigative files searching for any tidbit that might be used to SUPPORT HIS THEORY.   The presentation by Kolar to members of the Boulder DA’s Office of his accusation against Burke has been described, among other descriptive terms, as “LUDICROUS,” “TOTAL SMOKE AND MIRRORS,” and “SPECULATION BASED ON HEARSAY.” Kolar’s employment at the Boulder DA’s Office ENDED shortly after his presentation in the Spring of 2006.

Kolar subsequently sought to PERSONALLY PROFIT from his REJECTED THEORY against Burke by writing Foreign Faction, which he SELF-PUBLISHED after the manuscript was REJECTED by traditional publishing houses. Prior to 2016, Kolar also CONTACTED SEVERAL MEMBERS of the mainstream MEDIA, including CBS, ABC, and NBC, SEEKING INTERVIEWS and PUBLICITY for his BOOK, but his promotional efforts were uniformly REJECTED.


Again, I have noticed the exact same actions and behaviour from some of the bloggers on social media who are forcibly trying to promote the conspiracy theory “The Zailo’s Did It.”  They have a conspiracy theory much like Kolar did and that’s ALL IT IS.   Not one spec of evidence to support the theory.    I don’t believe the viewers of the documentary were aware that prior to July 2005, Kolar had NEVER been involved in the LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATION OF THE MURDER OF JONBENET RAMSEY.  The blogger’s on social media have never been involved in the murder investigation of Lindsay Buziak. Interestingly enough, Jim Clemente led the team of experts on the JBR documentary and promoted the James Kolar conspiracy theory. It was all for RATINGS.   Jim Clemente also stated, “In my opinion, the Ramsey family did not want law enforcement to SOLVE THIS CASE, and that’s why it REMAINS UNSOLVED.”   I have noticed the blogger’s on social media have said the exact same thing as JIM CLEMENTE.  They too have accused the SP of “not wanting the case solved”   The blogger’s claim they are looking at Lindsay’s case with an objective eye but in reality, they are not. The objectivity of the team on the JBR case was also questioned, particularly in taking “hazy’ assertions and DECLARING them as FACT.  The blogger’s on social media sites assert that Jason did not act appropriately as a grieving boyfriend and they could determine that by viewing Jason’s body language during his 2-minute appearance on Dateline.  Even Jim Clemente said you can’t make a personality assessment based on a 2-minute interview!    Jim Clemente:   “You can’t make a personality assessment based on just one interview, sitting in front of a bunch of cameras. It would be irresponsible to do that.”

Human behaviour and language are not ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL, especially with the introduction of trauma. Interestingly enough, Jim Clemente also voiced his opinion that Burke did not respond or emote “appropriately” when interviewed about the murder of his sister, JB.


The totality of the evidence points to one conclusion and that is JonBenet was murdered by an unknown male who entered the home through an unlocked front door.  The Ramsey’s were exonerated in 2008 after DNA at the scene was found to belong to an UNKNOWN MALE unrelated to the Ramsey family. (There are conspiracy theorists who for obvious reasons disagree with the fact the Ramseys were exonerated just like they disagree with the fact that the Zailo’s were publicly cleared. As per what the DA said in the Ramsey case, “the Boulder Police ignored important evidence and ran around the Country looking for something negative on the Ramsey’s. The Ramseys were clean.”    In Lindsay’s case, people on social media are ignoring real facts and running around manufacturing dirt on the Zailos.  The Zailos are clean.)

“Lacy, who was the Boulder County DA from 2001 until 2009, said the Boulder police investigation had ignored important evidence that pointed away from the Ramseys and instead focused on them while “trying to get the death penalty.”

“They were running around the country looking for something negative on that family,” Lacy said. But the Ramseys, she said, were clean.”

“The 1997 DNA contained enough information or DNA markers to be entered into the federal DNA database called CODIS.”

“The new touch DNA from JonBenet has been compared with what exists in CODIS, but no match has been found.”

Since the SO-CALLED EXPERTS are now being sued by Burke Ramsey, they are  backpedaling from their initial comments below:

“Spitz’s statements that he is sure that Burke was JonBenet’s killer are now self-servingly misrepresented as subjective statements that cannot, as a matter of law, be interpreted to convey statements that assert provable facts.”

On the CBS show, Spitz said it could be possible to believe Burke struck his sister in the head with a heavy flashlight and accidentally killed her. They were said to be arguing over a midnight snack of pineapples.

He then argued his first amendment rights meant he could hypothesize Burke killed JonBenet.

Spitz added in the Tv interview: “It’s the boy who did it, whether he was jealous, or mentally unfit or something … I don’t know of the why, I’m not a psychiatrist, but what I am sure about is what I know about him, that is what happened here.”


Burke Ramsey Defamation Lawsuit Against CBS May Proceed –  January 16, 2018

JonBenet Ramsey’s brother Burke Ramsey can proceed with a $750 million defamation lawsuit against CBS and others, a Michigan Circuit Court judge has ruled.

Michigan 3rd Circuit Court District Judge David Groner Friday denied a motion by CBS, among others, to dismiss Ramsey’s 2016 suit over The Case of JonBenet Ramsey, a 2016 docu-series that Ramsey’s suit claims accused him of killing his six-year-old sister in Boulder, Colorado back in 1996.

CBS Corporation, as well as other defendants including Critical Content and various experts and consultants, say the series never named Burke as the killer and that the program carried a disclaimer stating “The opinions and conclusions of the investigators who appear on this program about how it may have occurred represent just some of a number of possible scenarios.”

But Friday’s decision ruled that the disclaimer doesn’t negate “potentially defamatory meaning.”


What Dr. Phil had to say about the so-called experts and Burke Ramsey:  

The Burke Ramsey Interviews: Your Questions Answered – September 2016

Today, Dr. Phil addresses some of the thousands of viewer questions, and, in a preview of part 3 of Burke Ramsey’s interview, discusses the hard evidence that exonerated Burke and his family.   

Dr. Phil has training and expertise in both clinical and forensic psychology.   Because of his broad training, education and experience in the field of psychology, and his unique ability to communicate in common sense language, Dr. McGraw is frequently called upon for his expert opinion on current events by major national and international news outlets.    Dr. Phil has a highly trained team of investigators and if anyone can get to the truth it’s Dr. Phil.  Dr. Phil uses the services of Jack Trimarco, “top polygraph operator on the globe.” Jack Trimarco is a former FBI Special Agent and FBI polygraph examiner, he has conducted over 3,500 polygraph examinations.  It’s not uncommon for Dr. Phil to request his guests submit to a polygraph examination by Jack Trimarco.  Nothing gets past Jack Trimarco or Dr. Phil