Delalcazar’s 2007 – 2008

The Delalcazar’s and associates consider themselves to be “Untouchable”.  In 2007/2008 some of the Delalcazar family members and their associates were funneling cocaine from BC to Calgary.  Life was great in those days.  Fancy cars, women, new homes,  fancy clothes, dinners in the best restaurants, drinks on the house, they thought they had it all.  The dream didn’t last long.  In 2008 members of the Del crew was selling off their assets  (derived from proceeds of crime) to pay off the debt for a load of cocaine that was seized in the Calgary drug bust.   Homes, cars, jewellery, etc.  Now they slither around Victoria looking over their shoulder.

Jefferson bragging on Facebook about some of his purchases (derived from proceeds of crime).


Sold to the highest bidder!!

Sold to the highest bidder!!!

VID was forced to dump RG approx. 9 months after  Lindsay’s murder because he could no longer afford her.  RG enjoyed being treated like a Princess but that cost money and Vid no longer had the funds to keep up with the demands of a Princess.    They remain “confidants”  today.


Jefferson.  SOLD to the highest bidder!

Eldriegson.  Sold to the highest bidder.

Emerson.  Sold to the highest bidder

The bro’s used to wear matching attire.  They thought they were the hottest ticket in town.


Medardo   2017



Jefferson 2007/2008

Eldriegson and Jefferson. 2007/2008

Eldriegson, VID, Emerson, Jefferson

Jefferson, VID, and Eldriegson


Jefferson and Eldriegson



Erickson, Jefferson, and Eldriegson (the 3 STOOGES)

They coordinated their attire before hitting the clubs.

Jefferson, Sandy(head of the fam), and Eldriegson