Dear Ranters

Dear Ranters:

There are a few things I would like to point out. There is a small group of ranters on social media who believe they know everything about homicide investigations and how they should be run. The truth is, the ranters know nothing. That is quite evident after you read their comments.  This is likely the reason they fabricate endless stories and assassinate the character of innocent people, including the Saanich Police who have worked extremely hard on Lindsay’s case and continue to do so. Since one of the RANTERS mentioned this website in one of their manic RANTS I will address the truth here.  There were a few people who were involved in supporting another site and decided to part ways for a number of reasons. The RANTERS are once again attempting to mislead each other(their alter pseudos) and their viewers into believing these people left quite abruptly, to start their own site that they allege, is solely dedicated to defending the SPD and the Zailos (they neglected to mention these people believe in the guilt of the Del group, not the Zailo’s). The RANTERS are claiming these people were threatened by the SP and are acting out of fear. This is yet another fabricated story to add to the long list of other fabricated stories they RANT about.   At NO TIME were any of the people who started their own website threatened by the Saanich Police but, they were threatened by othersThese ranters have no credibility and that is obvious when you read their comments.   I heard the RANTERS have tried to get a few websites shut down because members of the public were openly expressing their disdain for the horrible civilian investigation the RANTERS are attempting to run. They got called out on their bullshit. These RANTERS believe they yield the power to criticize others and fabricate stories but when they are criticized, and rightfully so, they don’t like it. They work hard on fabricating stories and try to shut down anyone who disagrees with their sinister behaviour. Anyone with a brain can see what is going on here.

I personally have always supported the Saanich Police and believe they will solve the murder of Lindsay Buziak. It is my belief when people find other social media websites to be negative, offensive, malicious, or inaccurate they have the right to create their own website. When one presents their own counter-narrative, they give others a chance to see multiple aspects of complex issues and help them reach their own conclusions. The majority of social media users believe in the “freedom of speech” and like to express their own ideas, opinions, and be able to present as much factual information as possible, without being censored. For those that choose to fabricate stories, assassinate peoples character, mislead viewers, and try to discredit the Saanich Police, that is your choice but others have the right to separate themselves from that garbage. If you don’t like a particular site on social media my advice is, don’t read it. If people choose to believe in the innocence of the Zailo’s or choose to defend the Saanich Police, that is their right.

From my other observations, the majority of ranters copy and paste old material they read on other social media sites from years ago. Most of the material is someone else’s rant or information that was fabricated.  What type of armchair detective copies and pastes opinions, old theories, and rants from other social media sites and presents them as their own? That’s plagiarism! It also appears foolish because even the original theories lacked substance. The Ranters have no clue what they are ranting about and it’s in the public’s best interest that they step down from their parallel civilian investigation. They cleared the most likely suspects almost right from the get-go. The DELCAZAR’S!!! The investigators from the Dateline show even spelled it out to the RANTERS. They said, “it wasn’t JASON!”  The RANTERS can put their own spin on things but they are only fooling themselves.  Everyone knows what the experts on Dateline said and what the investigators have said.  Fabricating stories for the sake of being right is a sign of desperation and weakness. It wouldn’t surprise me to see one of the  RANTERS copy and paste excerpts from the blog pages on this site and put their own fabricated spin on things to fit their conspiracy theory.  An expert at fabricating stories is something you should not to be proud of.

Some individuals (the RANTERS) have tried to promote the theory that Lindsay’s murder was the work of the Zailo’s and it was personal in nature. They claim it was not related to the Alberta drug bust. This is simply not true. Jason has no history of domestic violence and the remaining  Zailo family members have no criminal history or history of violence. The experts on Dateline said “It wasn’t Jason” and the Saanich Police cleared the Zailo’s for obvious reasons. Since the Saanich Police have first-hand knowledge of the case and the RANTERS do not, I believe what the Saanich Police have to say rather than Ranters who have no experience in investigating complex homicide cases. Statistics show most people who fabricate stories on numerous social media sites do so because they are angry, bitter, trolls.  Some are simply suffering from  delusion and spend every waking moment posting comments using their 40,000 pseudo names. They post day and night and function on very little sleep.   It’s no wonder their rants make little sense.    All of their stuttering explanations, deflections, diversions, finger pointing is all a big farce. This is not worthy material for a Hollywood movie. The 10 – year mark has passed and they are still ranting about the same thing. I do have to say it’s refreshing to see the ranters are no longer demanding the case be handed over to the RCMP. They are now using the term “outside agency” or “fresh eyes”. I guess they have finally accepted that the RCMP has been working on Lindsay’s case all along.

Word on the street is the ranters are using their fake police credentials to try and put a new spin on the murder narrative. (they will likely fabricate more stories and add to their silly Z conspiracy theory and claim the Z’s set up the Del’s and police officers were involved.) Just listen to the conflicting information that has been spewed to the public by the RANTERS. The RANTERS want you to believe the murder was related to the Zailo’s to deflect attention away from the real murderers. They know the Del group was involved in the largest drug bust in Alberta history, they know Lindsay was best friends with Vids girlfriend, they know about Vid’s history of violence against women and Erickson’s too, they know Lindsay’s best friend worked at re/max and the dateline experts said someone very close to Lindsay planned her murder, they know Lindsay’s best friend was aware of the EMPTY House on Desousa, they know Linsday’s best friend pointed her finger at the Zailo’s for murdering Lindsay yet she could never tell anyone why she thought it was the Zailo’s.(very odd) They know the del group lost millions and millions in revenue and they also know Del’s know someone talked to the police which is why they were busted. They know Lindsay associated with some very bad people according to what the SP said on Dateline and we all know who they meant when they said that. They know the del group have never cooperated with the police like the Zailo’s did.  They know the police have been investigating the Alberta drug bust angle for years and that Jason was cleared in 2009 BEFORE DATELINE and again in 2010 AFTER DATELINE aired.  Huge motive but since it doesn’t fit with their lame conspiracy theory they want to silence other sites who talk about it.

There has been a long history of RANTERS leaking inaccurate information to promote their conspiracy theory. They were recently overheard ranting about R. Dosanjh at Timmy’s(while munching on donuts)who they claimed was a Saanich Police officer. R. Dosanjh was not an SPO so I would suggest they brush up on their detective skills. 99.9% of the information the RANTERS rant about is garbage, fabricated stories, rumours or information obtained from news articles (but altered to fit the RANTERS conspiracy theory).

The ranters are constantly mocking the Saanich Police for requesting the public assistance in Lindsay’s case.  The SP is not asking the public to solve the case they are simply asking people to step forward who they know have key information.  There was a recent article in the newspaper about another unsolved murder case.  The investigators with the RCMP’s Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit has also asked for the public’s assistance in ONE of their UNSOLVED homicides.  The reality is, it’s standard procedure for police agencies to ask for the public’s assistance.  The RANTERS often spin the facts to suit their own agenda.

(“Investigators with the RCMP’s Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit continue to look into Thompson’s death, and would like the public’s assistance in piecing together his movements in the days and hours before his body was found.”
Anyone with information is asked to call the crime unit’s information line at 250-380-6211 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Crime Stoppers will pay up to $2,000 for information that leads to an arrest.


The RANTERS are also constantly ranting on and on about the SPD clearing the Zailo’s and how that should never have happened.  They rant about other individuals not being named suspects and how others have not been publicly cleared like the Zailo’s were.  They are of the belief that no one should be cleared until arrests are made but that is simply not the case in criminal investigations.   If the RANTERS understood how criminal investigations were run they wouldn’t have all these silly questions or make all these silly statements.  I have included an excerpt from a recent article on the “Carmen Robinson” case which recently received a fresh lead.  In the article, the police clearly state that over the years they CLEARED multiple people.  No arrests have been made and the case remains open.  I am sure the same can be said for the Lindsay Buziak case.  From my understanding, the only reason the SPD publicly cleared the Zailo’s was because of all the finger-pointing generated after Dateline aired.  

Police back on 1973 Carmen Robinson Case:

“Numerous police investigators have worked on the case over the years, clearing family and friends and ruling out any disgruntled ex-boyfriends. But they’ve uncovered virtually no leads, physical evidence or witnesses.”

If the RANTERS really cared about justice they would stop fabricating stories. Clearly, the ranters do know some true facts but since they don’t fit with their conspiracy theory they ignore them. Good armchair detectives do not ignore facts. These ranters are doing a very good job of discrediting themselves. The majority of readers polled are saying “WTF is going on with these ranters?” The ranters are clearly upset their conspiracy theories have been debunked and now they are on a ranting campaign. Not only do they continue to fabricate stories about Saanich Police Officers they are also fabricating stories about public citizens in general. No one needs to discredit these ranters they are doing a good job all on their own.

Here is some advice from an experienced armchair detective, if someone tells me a long-winded story about Joe, Bob, jack, or john the first thing I do is fact check. I also check out the source of the information to see if they are a credible source. There are some real wingnuts out there that rant on and on about nothing in particular. They have a hidden agenda so be careful. These ranters will use any platform they can to attack the people who they believe wronged them. Take your average career criminal for example. They dislike the police so they take every opportunity they can to rant about how much they hate the police. Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc, etc. Even if someone runs a website about a completely different topic of discussion the criminals will find some way to get on that site and rant about the big bad policeman. Statistics say that the majority of people who do not like the big bad policeman are criminals. They blame the big bad policeman for putting them in jail. I bet you any money if someone broke into their house or stole their vehicle the police would be the first people they would call for HELP! People with any common sense do not take anything the ranters have to say at face value. I think some of the ranters are high when they go on these rants. It certainly sounds like they are on something or stopped taking their meds. Nothing makes sense. I, for one notice the rants come in cycles. I notice 100’s of posts made in a short span of time then all is quiet for a few weeks. That sounds like someone who is MANIC! They spend all day and night on social media traveling from site to site ranting about nothing.

Let’s look at the common sense factor. Most of the ranters complain things don’t make sense to them. That is understandable considering most of them lack common sense. Just look at the content of their rants. None of them make sense. Many facts about Lindsay’s case have been publicized by the Saanich Police in hopes of generating new tips or to quell rumours. What do the ranters do? They run the information through the spin cycle and regurgitate it in a different form so it fits their murder narrative. If you can’t keep simple facts straight and intentionally mislead viewers then you are not a very credible person. Simply put, you cannot be trusted.

Let’s look at “freedom of speech”.  Some ranters bitch their rights to freedom of speech has been violated on other social media sites such as FaceBook and Twitter yet if the RANTERS are criticized on other websites they are the first people to try and censor you and try and shut your site down.

Let’s look at the “suspect dress” that was found in a thrift store. It looked NOTHING like the actual dress the Saanich Police had on display at one of their pressers YEARS AGO. The police even stated months before the dress find at the thrift – “We think we may have even found the exact brand of dress,” said Horsley. “It wasn’t a designer high-end name brand, unfortunately, it was something that could commonly be bought in the department store. So, unfortunately, the dress lead didn’t pan out for us.”   What a complete waste of time ranting on and on about a dress that was a different color and different pattern altogether.  Did you notice there was no picture posted showing the BACK of the dress?  That’s because there was NO SWIRL PATTERN on the back of the dress.   The Saanich Police have stated publicly on numerous occasions that legally they have to investigate all tips, fake confessions, nonsense, etc. as these issues will come in court by the defence.  These non-relevant tips are actually a waste of police resources.    In other words, if someone claims to have found the EXACT DRESS the female suspect wore the SP are obligated to investigate it.  Even if they already know in advance the dress looks nothing like the dress the female suspect wore.  It would be the same procedure if someone called in a tip that they found a blonde wig they believe the female suspect wore.  The tip would need to be investigated even if they knew the female suspect did not wear a wig.  The  1 or 2 posters still talk about the non-relevant dress!

Time to pay attention ranters. You have gone out of your way to TRY and discredit the Saanich Police and your average public citizens who disagree with your rants but the end result is, you’ve only discredited yourselves. You cannot solve this murder so hang up your hats. You do not have the resources to investigate or solve this murder yourselves. You do not have the expertise or experience to solve this murder. You do not have the ability to partner with other outside agencies to help you with this unsolved murder. You do not have first-hand knowledge of this case or any knowledge of homicide investigations. All you have is your rants!