Timeline Of The Calgary Drug Bust and the Timeline Of Lindsay Buziak’s Murder

Calgary Drug Bust (January 22, 2008)

“Officers had been WORKING on the investigation for about TWO MONTHS when, around 9:00 pm Tuesday, they witnessed what they believed was a DRUG TRANSACTION between TWO vehicles.” This vehicle search LED the officers to the home on Hawthorne Dr.

The following article….. http://www.metronews.ca/news/calgary/2008/01/24/cocaine-bust-2nd-biggest-in-city-history.html     supports the theory that someone snitched on Erickson approx TWO MONTHS before he was busted. This does not mean that after ERICKSON was busted in January he was made aware someone snitched on him TWO MONTHS EARLIER in NOVEMBER.  All Erickson would have known was someone snitched on him period! (for those of you who intend to put your own spin on this article to cause confusion and distraction).

Erickson had been under surveillance on the night of Jan 22, 2008, when the police witnessed a drug transaction in progress. (Erickson and Graham) It was said on Crime Watch Daily that the Calgary group knew someone had spoken to the police which led to Erickson being busted. We know based on statements from the authorities that Lindsay was not the snitch but after Erickson was arrested his group went on the hunt to find out WHO THE SNITCH WAS! When you don’t know who the snitch is one tends to BLAME someone. Since Lindsay was in Calgary weeks earlier and she was friends with Erickson and company it is highly probable someone fingered Lindsay as the snitch. When you lose millions and millions of dollars and the fancy lifestyle, that’s a HUGE MOTIVE for MURDER. The news article mentions the home on Hawthorne was the home of the suspects.(owners or renters doesn’t matter) The only two people arrested that night were Erickson and Graham.   We also know that a safe containing 42 kilos was found in that home. When the article was printed(Jan 23rd) the police had not yet found the 42 kilos inside the safe(safe was not opened until Jan 28). The article stated this was the second largest drug bust in Alberta history but it turned out to be the LARGEST drug bust in Alberta history after they opened the safe and found the 42 kilos and seized an additional 13 kilos months later. Web detectives can throw all these facts into the washing machine and put them on the spin cycle but the facts will remain the same.

Published on Wed Jan 23 , 2008 – Staff Sgt. Monty Sparrow shows off the goods from a massive drug bust made in Calgary Tuesday night. Drugs were seized from a car and later more were found at the home of the suspects along with cash, four weapons and body armour.

Calgary police seized 25 kilograms of cocaine after witnessing a drug transaction in progress. The surveillance led them to the cache of drugs, guns and $200,000 in cash in the car and in a subsequent search of a home on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday night a two-month investigation proved fruitful when officers observed a drug deal and followed one of the vehicles to an alley in Thorncliffe. When they searched it they found five kilos of cocaine and $100,000 in cash.

A search warrant was then executed on a home in the 300 block of Hawthorne Dr. NW where police found another 20 kilos of cocaine, another $100,000 in cash, three handguns, a rifle and body armour.


Police have charged 30-year-old Graham Scott Taylor of Calgary and 28-year-old Erickson Lopez Delalcazar of Victoria with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. They remain in custody.

Another article was in relation to the Dateline show that aired in 2010. The article stated there was a TWO MONTH UNDERCOVER CALGARY POLICE INVESTIGATION going on prior to Erickson’s arrest. The police said the cocaine bust and any connection it could have with Lindsay’s killing has been “exhaustively investigated” by Saanich Police. “They must have come against a wall in that line of inquiry as well,” he said. (NO ONE came forward with the information the police needed is how I am reading that statement.) The reason they went on Dateline was in hopes of generating new leads as they “hit a wall.”   What did the investigators discuss on Dateline the majority of the time? The Calgary angle. The experts reviewed the file and tossed theories around as to who killed Lindsay and why. While their theories VARIED, all seemed to agree Lindsay was specifically targeted and that the murder was “artfully designed.”.  There are those who believe the Calgary drug bust had nothing to do with Lindsay’s murder based on the premise that the burner phone used in her murder was purchased November 2007 which was prior to the drug bust.  Although the phone was purchased November of 2007 that does not mean the phone was purchased specifically to plan Lindsay’s murder.  The phone may have been purchased along with multiple other burner phones from various outlets and they used one of those phones to lure Lindsay to her death.   The investigators are obviously aware of when the burner phone was purchased and from what store yet they are still investigating some of the people involved in the Calgary drug bust and the investigators have gone on record and stated the Calgary drug bust angle is one of their working theories.  They have never gone on record and stated anything about the Zailo’s in a negative light other than they cleared them.  

 TIMELINE OF THOSE ARRESTED:  Erickson Del Alcazar and Graham Scott Taylor were the first TWO to be arrested on January 22, 2008, while the remaining TWELVE individuals were arrested MONTHS later.(AFTER LINDSAY WAS MURDERED)

January 22, 2008 (total of 25 kilos of cocaine seized that night)($217,000 in cash)
January 28, 2008 (42 kilos of cocaine found inside a safe that was seized Jan 22/08)
months later (13 kilos seized)

total80 kilos 

“The cocaine would be worth $8 million on the streets, said Staff Sgt. Darren Cave of the drug unit. In addition, police executed numerous search warrants and recovered the packaging for an additional 20 kilograms of cocaine that reflects the level and sophistication of the group in moving more than 100 kilograms of this drug.”The active part of the investigation ENDED in DECEMBER 2008.”



– Erickson Lopez Delalcazar, 28, of Victoria

Miguel Ernesto Rivas Franco, 28, of Calgary;  (Medardo’s Brother)

Leopoldo Fernando Rojo Beltran, 34, of Calgary;  (Married to Medardo and Miguel’s sister)

– Graham Scott Taylor, 30, of Calgary;   Alycia Lynn Faithful-Lebrun, 26, of Calgary;

– Christian Balmore Zepeda, 37, of Calgary;   Thuan Xuan Ngo, 33, of Calgary;

– An Xuan Go, 27, of Calgary;  Kayla Elizabeth Wright, 24, of Calgary

– Duncan Howard Bailey, 24, of Calgary;  Kevin James Wambolt, 23, of Calgary;

– Anthony Raymond Middlekoop, 25, of Calgary;   Carlos Enrique Aguirre, 41, of Calgary;

– Roberto Stanley Olmedo-Rajo, 26, of Surrey, B.C.

“The involvement of police in Victoria suggests the cocaine may be transported from Mexico along the coast — avoiding the United States — and coming in through Victoria, he said, adding he believes the lack of marine border security on the coast leaves an “open gate for drug smugglers.”



Lindsay was murdered February 2, 2008, 12 days after Erickson Del Alcazar was arrested in the largest cocaine seizure in Alberta history.  Erickson was denied bail the day before Lindsay’s execution.     The Del group lost millions and millions of dollars in revenue.   Days after Erickson was arrested (JAN 22nd) a witch hunt occurred.  According to info obtained from Crime Watch Daily, the Del group pulled people out of their beds in the middle of the night demanding to know who they spoke to.  The Del group were aware someone had spoken to the police.   After the witch hunt occurred a burner phone(drug traffickers purchase burner phones in bulk from various outlets and have a supply on hand. The phones would not have been purchased from the same store)  was activated(approx JAN 30th) and a female from the Vancouver area called Lindsay requesting to view a vacant house on DeSousa Place.  It’s highly possible the Del crew fingered Lindsay as being the snitch based on misinformation OR, someone flat out lied fingering Lindsay as the snitch.  The Detectives who appeared on Dateline in 2010 had this to say  “It is also possible Buziak’s killers were under the mistaken impression she had REVEALED INFORMATION she shouldn’t have, he said, or perhaps that she was somehow CONNECTED to a dangerous person without knowing it”. The timeline of Erickson’s arrest on January 22, 2008, Lindsay’s prior visit to Calgary (DEC),  the witch hunt that occurred days after Erickson’s arrest,  the activation of the burner phone approx. Jan 30th, the phone call from the mystery woman to Lindsay,  Erickson being denied bail,  and the timeline of Lindsay’s murder on Feb 2, 2008, was no coincidence and there is certainly a strong motive here.  These are all indisputable facts.  The burner phone that was used in the crime was purchased in late November 2007 yet there were no other indicators that Lindsay’s murder was being planned.  It appears as though all the planning started AFTER Erickson’s arrest.  There were many people who wondered why after purchasing a burner phone in late Nov 07 would the killer’s wait two more months to plan the murder.   It makes perfect sense now that the burner phone was probably bought along with multiple other phones to be used in the drug ring operation.   The perps used one of those phones to lure Lindsay to her death.

When Lindsay was in Calgary visiting her Father in December 2007 she reached out to one of Erickson Del alcazar’s family members. The investigator said on CWD they do not know why Lindsay tried to make contact with this person.  It is alleged Lindsay’s best friend Rianne was in a relationship with Ovidio Acevedo who is a close associate of the Del Alcazar’s.  He has a history of violence and drug trafficking.  Rianne was employed at the same office Lindsay worked at and Rianne was aware of the empty Desousa house where Lindsay was murdered.   After Lindsay was murdered Rianne abandoned her job and never returned to the re/max office.   Rianne has freely admitted she was extremely envious of Lindsay.


After the drug bust, the Del group were forced to sell off their combined assets to pay the suppliers(cartel) for the cocaine that was seized.  Wouldn’t the cartel have gone after the Del group, NOT LINDSAY, if they did not receive the money for the cocaine that was seized?  How would the drug cartel even be aware of Lindsay?    The Del group were furious they had not only lost the cocaine and millions and millions in revenue but they lost their connection to the suppliers as well.   The suppliers wanted nothing to do with these guys anymore.   It’s also highly possible the Del group murdered Lindsay to try and impress the suppliers(drug cartel) “hey look we took care of business”.

****Erickson Lopez Delalcazar and Graham Scotty Taylor arrested January 22, 2008.

****Witch hunt occurred at the hands of the Del group days after Erickson was arrested. They pulled people out of their beds demanding to know who talked to the police.(as per Sgt. Horsley on CWD)

****  Crime phone used in Lindsay’s murder was activated approx. Jan 30, 2008.  A female from the Vancouver area called Lindsay to set up an appt. to view the empty house on DeSousa Place. They lured Lindsay to her death.

*****Erickson Del Alcazar denied bail on Feb 1, 2008

*****Crime phone used in Lindsay’s murder traveled to the Island 24 hours prior to her murder. (February 1, 2008)

*****Lindsay murdered February 2, 2008 (the killers knew she would arrive alone at the house)

*****Del group paid suppliers for the cocaine that was seized.  The Del group wanted to get back to business but the cartel wasn’t having it.  The cartel cut off ties with the Del group.

The investigator’s working on Lindsay’s case has appeared on Dateline and Crime Watch Daily.  They have openly discussed their working theory that Lindsay may have been murdered due to the Calgary drug bust.   Lindsay was associated with some of these people but had no idea how dangerous they were.  She was associated with them when she was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend MMD and associated with them through her best friend RG.  One of the investigators appeared on Crime Watch Daily in 2017 and continued to discuss the Calgary drug bust theory.   He mentioned there has been an internet witch hunt ongoing about the Zailo’s for years and they are not suspects.

Quotes from some of the Investigators working on Lindsay’s murder case:

“You can be a person who just works and minds their own business in Victoria, yet through a VERY BRIEF NETWORK of FRIENDS, you could be absolutely CONNECTED to people that are involved in VERY BAD THINGS,” Horsley said.

Horsley said the brutal nature of the slaying might have been intended to make it APPEAR to be a crime of passion or to send a message to someone.

Police say there’s no evidence to indicate Lindsay Buziak was involved with crime or drugs but it is clear she knew people who were.

Sgt. Horsley stated: “There is nothing in her life — and we’ve conducted an extensive background [check] — that would indicate that she was involved in anything criminal, in anything of a domestic violence relationship, and that is the most perplexing thing.”

Absolutely NO evidence to connect any Zailo family member to this murder and they were publicly cleared in 2009 and again in 2010(The distractors want you to believe Jason was cleared only after Dateline aired but that is incorrect).  Any information such as where Jason parked his vehicle is not relevant and is not evidence.  Any other information has been fabricated by gossip mongers.  The Zailo family are NOT drug traffickers and are not involved in money laundering.  No one feared the Zailo’s.  Jason was not supposed to be with Lindsay at the showing, etc, etc.  All manufactured stories to fall in line with a conspiracy theory.  The SP are running this investigation not the ranters.