Murder in Saanich

This blog has been created for the sole purpose of sharing as much accurate information as possible about the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak and to keep her case in the forefront of everyone’s minds.   “The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them.” 

 As a group of concerned citizens, we can only do our best, in this case, to ensure that information posted on this website is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Some of the information posted on this site are theory/opinion/speculation based, some of the information was gathered from media sources, and some of the information was gathered from what the investigators have already shared publicly about Lindsay’s case.  There is a lot of false information and petty gossip circulating on social media about Lindsay’s murder and our aim is to provide some of the known facts and more of the accurate information about Lindsay’s case. The information the investigators shared publicly can easily be found online.

This site is also for the exclusive use of individuals who wish to share their working theories, and opinions.  We encourage you to express yourself freely. We believe in the “Freedom of Speech”, however any comments that contain inappropriate content that violates the TOS of word press will not be approved.

The Saanich Police, RCMP, Victoria Police, and multiple other agencies have worked tirelessly on this case, yet it still remains unsolved. Saanich Investigators have also received support from police partners across the Country AND IN THE U.S.   The investigators working on Lindsay’s homicide had this to say about the case:

  • “This is not a “cold case.” It is an open and active investigation. This case is very complex given the fact there was little to no forensic evidence found at the scene. All DNA was traced back to Lindsay. It is quite the norm for a police department to remain tight-lipped in a homicide investigation so they do not jeopardize the integrity of the case.”
  • “The solvability rate in a case like this is measured in YEARS, not months. There is no smoking gun in this case.  Someone needs to come forward with that key piece of information. Someone out there has that information.” 
  • “One of the factors HAMPERING  the investigation is that if the killers were hired professionals, they might be from outside Vancouver Island.”  

Ninety-six percent of murder cases are solved within 48 hours, usually because the victim and the offender are known to one another. Murder investigations are solved in one of three ways:

1)  strong forensic evidence like DNA, footprints or fingerprints;

2) direct or corroborated witness testimony that places the killer at the scene;

3)  a confession from a suspect.

There are approx. 948 unsolved homicide cases in Canada and a much higher rate of unsolved homicides in Countries like the United States. 

There is a lot of misleading/fabricated information posted on social media, even false confessions.  We encourage viewers to trust in the credible information the investigators who are actively working on Lindsay’s case have shared publicly over the false information and petty gossip posted on social media by people who have no direct knowledge of the case.  There are people on social media who are intentionally fabricating information to suit their own personal agenda’s.

Detective Staff Sgt. Chris Horsley, one of the Investigators actively working on Lindsay’s case shared some details about her case on Crime Watch Daily – Murder For Sale which aired in 2017.  Amazon Top 10 BestSelling author Garry Rodgers has a website about Lindsay’s unsolved murder.  Someone Knows Something – The True Story of Lindsay Buziak’s Unsolved Murder.  There have been a number of American podcasts about Lindsay’s unsolved murder published over the years. Most of those podcasts are based on disinformation, unfounded rumours and petty gossip.  The True Crime Garage podcast is one of the exceptions. The hosts revisit some factual information shared publicly by the investigators. Although there are still a few inaccuracies mentioned in the podcast, for the most part, it’s an accurate account of what the investigators have shared publicly.  True Crime Garage – Lindsay Buziak

If you have any information that could help in identifying the individuals responsible for Lindsay’s vicious murder please contact the following:

Saanich Police at  

1-888-980-1919 (toll-free call throughout Canada)

The dedicated Tip Line at 250-475-4356 

Crime Stoppers at   

This website is monitored by a group of Admin. Feel free to contact us at  if you have any questions or concerns pertaining to this website.

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“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”  –  Winston Churchill













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  1. It’s so obvious the boyfriend was set up. He didn’t need to show up at the scene to create an alibi. If he was involved he could have gone to the bank, used the ATM and been seen on camera, been in a pub with a group of friends or been away for the weekend with people that could vouch for his whereabouts. Only an idiot would choose a house that was listed with their own company, then show up at the scene of the crime. Who the hell cares where he parked his car, as for going straight upstairs do any of us really know what we would do in a panicked situation such as this? The stairs were right in front of him so it makes perfect sense he would go that way.

  2. I think someone tried to set up the boyfriend but failed miserably at it. They must be lacking some brain cells cause the coppers know who did it. Such an amateur move. The only ones who were fooled are the fools who believe he did it.

  3. This smells of a set up to make others look guilty when they are not. It’s like when someone murdesr a loved one and then rifle through all the drawers to make it appear to be a robbery. It’s so lame and so stupid to even think cops would fall for that. There is a good reason they are cops and we are web detectivdes. I do not believe for one second that the mom and husband murdered this young girl.

  4. It seems pretty obvious to me after watching both episodes the detectives know who is behind the murder.One of the investigators mentioned they had no DNA that could ID the killers so no wonder this case is still not solved. Yes, they have forensic evidence but not in the form of prints or DNA matches.

    If the drug gang was not involved why did they pressure people and want to know who they talked to?

  5. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, it is not unusual for a loyal network of criminals involved in a conspiracy to commit murder to remain silent. It is well known the investigators have been on the tail of the Calgary group for years and they have REFUSED to cooperate. RG has been approached multiple, multiple, times and REFUSES to cooperate. She has made it very clear she does not like the police. What criminal does? These people are loyal to each other and they likely have some type of guarantee in place so no one can double-cross the other. RG’s loyalty will always remain with the Calgary group and her best friend Vid. They are family. She has nothing to fear because she likely helped the killer(s).

    The team of investigators has been very clear in that there were no DNA and or fingerprints that could lead them to the identity of the killers. There has been no confession. The only way this case will be solved is by “loose lips”. The experts on Dateline made that point in 2010. The mastermind is certainly not going to talk. If it wasn’t for the mastermind the murder would have never taken place.

    The Zailo’s fully cooperated with the investigation and partook in a polygraph. They were cleared in 2009 and again in 2010. Someone is obsessed with the Zailo theory so they are putting a new spin on the conspiracy theory by claiming the Z’s forced RG to murder her friend. Just a bunch of nonsense and zero evidence to support the theory. It wasn’t too long ago they claimed Aaron Perez did it and even claimed a police officer was the stabber.

  6. I heard thru the grapevine there has not been a criminal profiler in this case. I’ve been meaning to stop by and give my analysis in this case. My analysis is now complete and I would like to brief you on my final report. From everything I have read about this case, there is no doubt in my mind Lindsay was murdered by some of the perps associated with the Calgary drug organization. The drug bust timeline, the murder timeline, and the perps connections to Lindsay cannot be disputed. What we have here is “motive”, “opportunity”, and “means”. I have even factored in the perps “post-offence conduct” and “history of violence”. Circumstantial evidence is based on reasoning and inference-drawing through probability. One must apply logic, common sense and experience to the evidence. One must consider the inherent probabilities and improbabilities, frequently eliminating the possibility of coincidence. I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the only rational inference that can be drawn from the circumstantial evidence is one of guilt. I have given some serious thought about where Jason parked his vehicle that night but in my professional opinion I do not believe that is a motive for murder nor is it relevant evidence.

    I would like to weigh in on the conspiracy theory that Jason and his Mother orchestrated this horrendous murder. In my professional opinion, simply put, there are people who suffer from severe “tunnel vision” and they are not open to integrating any new thoughts or evidence as it becomes available.

    In my professional opinion, there is a reason vigilante justice doesn’t work. Within the curfew of a witch hunt, due process and unbiased investigation take second priority to WRATH and the injudicious perception of justice. We see the bandwagon kicking into gear, and using the age-old fallacy that the more popular a claim is the more likely it is to be true, we join in.

    • Read about the JonBenet Ramsey murder in the US to see how easy and plausible it is for people to believe a major conspiracy theory only to eventually find out it was nothing more than a delusion based on unsound argument all made up for a TV show. The experts seemed like nice enough people but they lacked the skill to solve the case and left themselves wide open to a lawsuit that has been filed against them. One which they are sure to lose.

  7. I just watched Dateline and there is no circumstantial evidence to even SUGGEST that Jason is involved in LIndsay’s murder. Why are so many viewers freaking out about where he parked his car? What does where he parked have to do with a murder.

  8. RG was in a relationship with vid at the time of Lindsay’s murder. Vid is a very violent individual. The Delalcazar’s also has a history of violence against women. A person with a history of violence is more likely to murder someone than a person with no history of violence. Jason has no history of violence or history of drug trafficking. However, Erickson Delalcazar who was arrested in the ALBERTA DRUG BUST and IMO is a very viable suspect in Lindsay’s murder conspiracy and is now currently facing SIX counts of assault (domestic). One of the investigators on Lindsay’s case stated publicly “You can be a person who just works and minds their own business in Victoria, yet through a very brief network of FRIENDS, you could be absolutely CONNECTED to people that are INVOLVED IN VERY BAD THINGS”. RG has admittedly bragged about seeing large volumes of drugs on a regular basis and it was no big deal to her. She had no problem engaging in relationships with drug traffickers and violent individuals. Look at her past history. R fears no one. R left the REMAX office to make it appear as though she feared her Manager. It was all for show. If she truly feared her Manager she would have left REMAX long before February 2008. Moreover, RG never gave any reasons for her fear. Just like she never gave any reasons for her suspicions the Zailo’s were involved in Lindsay’s murder.

    RG claimed she would do anything to help find justice for Lindsay. She had plenty of opportunities to cooperate with the investigation and partake in a polygraph exam. She declined. RG does not like the police and has admitted that openly. It has been said by many that if RG was involved in Lindsay’s murder than she was likely the mastermind. IMO a woman was the mastermind behind this murder. RG had the intelligence to pull it off, the others did not. A news article quoted Detective Horsley as saying “the brutal nature of the slaying might have been INTENDED to make it APPEAR to be a “crime of passion” or to send a message. RG was the first person to point her finger at the zailos as being behind Lindsay’s murder without giving any reason for her suspicion. If she did give a reason for suspecting the Zailo’s it was “Lindsay told me she might leave Jason.” A theory soon developed that Lindsay was murdered because she was leaving Jason. The rest of the innuendos soon followed to strengthen that theory. The investigators are not on the trail of the Zailo’s they are hot on the trail of the Delalcazar group and have been since February 2008.

    Erickson and friends were unaware someone ratted on them until the 4th week in January 2008. They beat down doors and dragged people out of their beds demanding to know who talked to police. They did not beat down the door at Jason and Lindsay’s residence and drag them out of bed. During this timeframe the crime phone had not yet been activated which suggests they had not yet planned on who they were going to kill, IMO. If RG pointed her finger at Lindsay as the rat she would have no need to fear any retribution from the Delalcazar’s. Why would she if she was part of the conspiracy? RG is considered part of that family, so to speak. She remains loyal to them. As someone mentioned in another post, these people are loyal to each other and they likely have some type of guarantee in place so no one can double-cross the other. It’s been 9 years and this murder remains unsolved. No one has come forward with key information pertaining to this case. If RG did pin the blame on Lindsay, she had her own personal reasons for doing so. This murder was “personal”. One of the detectives said “while Buziak was clearly the INTENDED target, she may have been slain BASED ON MISINFORMATION”. He also stated “It is also possible Buziak’s killers were under the MISTAKEN IMPRESSION she had REVEALED INFORMATION she shouldn’t have, he said, or perhaps that she was somehow CONNECTED to a dangerous person WITHOUT KNOWING it” ” This same detective spoke on Crime Watch Daily and said “The phone was only ever used for one thing and that was to phone Lindsay Buziak,” said Horsley. “It’s a level of planning that clearly shows Lindsay Buziak was the target. The issue is was she really the target or was she a scapegoat of convenience? Based on some of what the Detective said it sounds highly plausible someone could have blamed Lindsay for the Alberta bust. The Detective further suggested, “that Lindsay was a target of this murder but it may have been a target of opportunity where they needed to solve a problem and she was the solution.” IMO, if the members of the drug group were behind Lindsay’s murder, all they needed was a burner phone (which they had a supply of as they were in the drug business), an empty house they could lure Lindsay to (RG was aware of DeSousa listing) and the right connections to enlist a couple to carry out the murder. They could have very easily orchestrated this murder in less than two weeks. The motive here is strong!

    I have yet to see the detectives on Lindsay’s case appear on television and suggest one of their working theories was the Zailo’s did it. However, they have publically discussed the Alberta drug bust as one of their working theories.

    • Is it possible RG wanted to see her friend Lindsay dead? Is there a narrative that can make some sense of this. She had the opportunity but where is the motive?

    • Webber!!!! Finally someone who has a superior intellect! #yougowebber #welcometothefold Clearly you can see the forest through the trees. Unlike that F’n darkly lover #whatshername #CSIgonewrong? Maybe that darkly lover should create a hit show for wild theories gone wrong You cant create a script like this! #Go hit the streets! ##whiteisright #supportyourownkind #Fakenews #freethezailos

    • The violence the Delalcazar brothers inflict on innocent people just never ends. The only way the brothers ever dealt with conflict was with violence.
      Erickson Lopez Delalcazar – currently in custody again.
      Geez, how many times has this guy been in custody since 2008.

      I don’t see Jason Zailo in jail ever. What’s that all about?

  9. Statements that fall within the traditional categories of hearsay exceptions are presumptively admissible. They can nevertheless be challenged under the principles of necessity and reliability.

    The traditional categories of exceptions consist of the following:

    Where the statement is an admission by an accused person
    When the statement is made against the declarator’s interest
    When it is made in the course of the declarator’s duty
    When the statement is part of a public or governmental document
    Dying declaration
    Statements made when the declarator was in a state of shock or surprise
    Statements describing the declarator’s physical or psychological condition
    Sworn testimony from a previous hearing
    Past recollection recorded
    Statement conveys “state of mind”
    Statement conveys “present intentions”
    Statutory exceptions
    Statement is part of the narrative of the evidence


    The co-conspirators’ exception to hearsay permits the admission of out-of-court statements made by a co-conspirator.

    The Crown must prove:

    that there was a conspiracy
    that the accused was a member of the conspiracy
    the utterance was in furtherance of the conspiracy.

  10. I watched the Dateline show and read the comments on their site. I get why Jason and his friend didn’t panic and smash the windows to gain entry into the house. They wanted to act like full grown men and figured they would call the police first and request a “welfare check”. That shows they did not panic. Calling the police first would be the normal response for people who are concerned about someone. Can you imagine if Jason didn’t call 911? People would be talking about that too for 7 years. People are still talking about the way he parked 7 years later and it’s not even relevant. It’s just plain weird to me. Whether Jason parked facing away from the house or whether he parked on the side of the road, that’s all they talk about and that’s the only thing they learned from the show. They don’t have any other evidence to support Jason was involved in murder so the only thing they can focus on is his parking. That’s just weird. Thankfully, these people are not running the investigation. They would still be measuring the angle of Jason’s vehicle to see how close to the curb he parked.

  11. Well with that theory, you just gave the BF a motive If she hooked up with the ex like you suggest. You defend the BF without any question and attack the ex and Rianne. Looks like maybe you afraid of somebody? You describe the ex as violent and dangerous and Rianne as a psychopath and allege that she conspired to murder her friend out of jealousy and used her connections to violent drug dealers. You place the BF above suspicion, hiding his background and connections on your site. If these things you report here are true, attacking dangerous people (who know who you are) on social media is pretty stupid, unless you know what you are saying is total bullshit.

    • polygraph, I watched the crimewatchdaily episode and the boyfriend is not under suspicion. Why are you alleging people are hiding the boyfriend’s background? The boyfriend is employed as a mortgage broker and that is public knowledge. I read FMWS’s post and I don’t see anything in their post that suggests they are protecting anyone or afraid of anyone. You don’t sound like a very credible poster because you are accusing another poster of saying things they did not say. Why would you do that? That is very odd behavior in my opinion.

      • So much negativity focused on Jason, and I don’t get why. He’s been cleared. I personally think the ex-boyfriend’s actions are far more suspect. His breakdown on the dateline show seemed fake and I have to wonder why he was even on the show. if he was the ex and had been out of Lindsay’s life for at least a year there was no need for him to be there. I’d like to know the reason he felt the need to appear on the show. Guilt maybe, or trying to make himself look like a good guy when he might not be one at all. Something to think about.

        • I agree, there is a lot of negativity focused on Jason but I believe that’s a case of trolls on social media who have no idea about the case. Therefore, they are left to talk about minor details which have no relevance to the case.

          Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions about the ex-boyfriend. His actions on Dateline may be genuine just like the actions of the other boyfriend.

  12. Bloggers are consistently pointing the finger at SZ claiming she lied on dateline about Lindsay telling her she was afraid of M. SZ had no motive to lie about M because S’s son was not a suspect and he had already been cleared by the SP. Lindsay’s own Mother suspected M as being involved. Mother always knows best.

    I’m not trying to blame M or anything. I have no idea if he was involved. I just think it looks pretty suspicious that M was still connected to Lindsay at the time of her death and that Lindsay was distraught over M the day before she was murdered. Something isn’t adding up here.

    • I wonder how differently things might have been if Jason and his mother had never agreed to appear on the Dateline show in 2010. They were seen as guilty by millions of viewers and what an injustice that is if they were innocent and only trying to do the right thing by Lindsay. I no longer base my entire opinion on the dateline show being that it is ten years old. The recent Casefile podcast and Crime watch daily has cast an entirely differently light on another group of suspects. It’s looking like Jason & his mother may not be guilty of anything. I guess doing the right thing doesn’t always turn out to be the right thing to do. For everyone’s sake I hope someone is arrested for this murder soon.

  13. I just watched Crime Watch Daily and was surprised to learn that some people close to Lindsay declined to be interviewed for the program. I can understand why Jason declined, the last time he appeared on Dateline he was crucified for being honest. The events of that night have not changed. The events make complete sense regardless of how many times they are dissected. It’s not Jason’s fault that some viewers can’t see the forest for the trees. Nothing has changed since Jason’s last interview in 2010. He was cooperative with the police. There is nothing more he can say. He gave a full account of the events and based on forensic evidence, a timeline of communications, witness testimony, video surveillance, a successful polygraph exam, and successfully completing numerous interviews the cops are satisfied and said he’s not a suspect. My main concern is why the other persons of interest have not cooperated with the authorities and never participated in a polygraph exam.

    As for the others who declined an interview, I’m sure they had their own valid reasons for declining.

  14. I don’t know who is responsible for Lindsay’s murder nor do I know much about any of the people that anyone posts information about. What I do know is the relationship between Matt and Lindsay was NOT good. Of course they had “good” times but most of the time it was tumultuous and very unhealthy, VERY unhealthy. Witnessing what went on between them during their relationship, day after day,…I was convinced Matt was behind it from the beginning.

    Please know that everyone close to Lindsay has their reasons for who they stand behind…Please respect their beliefs and opinions. Do not judge anyone.

    Lindsay was a wonderful caring individual and was loved by so many people. She would be giving everyone big hugs and thanking everyone who is taking the time to try and help solve her murder.
    RIP Linds…We all miss you

  15. I watched the dateline show a few days ago and I just have one comment about the boyfriend’s mother. I think her actions when her son looked like he might cry was a knee jerk reaction to a highly sensitive moment. No mom wants to see their child hurting and if the boyfriend was suffering from PTSD or any trauma stemming from his girlfriend’s murder his mother would be very concerned.

  16. I just watched the dateline episode last night. I have one question, why would the mystery couple or anyone else allow their electronic tracks to be traced? Everyone in their dog is aware of cell pings and cell phone tracking so why would anyone involved in a major crime such as murder have their phone turned on and the battery in place knowing their electronic tracks would be traced? The phone travelled to the Island Friday evening sometime. So why not remove the battery first? I don’t believe this is a case of a dumb criminal. More like a diversion. Nothing else about the dateline show stood out to me.

  17. I watched the show and it is so clear to me that most of the information about the boyfriend comes from commenters and not the detectives who actually worked on the case and know whats true n false. The mother took a walk with Lindsey the day before and told her she was afraid of her ex-bf. I believe that because the cops had been called on the ex bf before and some of her friends confirmed and even the ex confirmed on the show that they had a tumultuous relationship. That was one of the reasons she broke up with the ex. The cops were never called on her current bf at that time. The cops would have confirmation of the walk so no point in trying to lie about such a thing. Lindsay never got the name of the referral client the couple just told her it was a friend of her husbands. Jasons friend had checked the main floor of the house so thats why jason ran directly upstairs. Jason was asked to meet Lindsay there so I can understand why he and his friend found the body. Nicki got a call from jasons mom and there was a logical explanation for the call and the cops were satisfied, thats all that matters. Someone made up the part about the accent. I hope this case is solved soon.

    • i saw comments on dateline fb site about the builder being friends with the boyfriends mother but I believe that is all nonsense. Noone in their right mind would plan a murder and choose a house that belonged to their personal friend. Someone also made up a rumor that the builder owned a coffee shop with the mother but that turned out to be false too.

      • The builder and the boyfriends mother were definitely not friends. If that was true Shirley would have been asked to market the builder’s property. She wasn’t. The builder listed with someone else. You can only make sense of something when you know the truth.

  18. I just finished watching the Dateline episode ‘dreamhouse mystery’. Such a tragic case. My heart goes out to the family. I noticed the detectives seemed to talk more about the drug bust theory. My interpretation was they thought they were going to solve the case early on but hit a wall. The only resolution, in this case, will be when someone comes forward with some good information. Tough case.

  19. One of the hallmarks of a murder is the degree of separation taken to re-direct an investigation. Misdirection has been at the forefront of Lindsay’s murder before it ever took place. This was a greed & revenge killing and that can mean only one thing. The drug dealers were out for payback, unfortunately they took out the wrong person in the process. What I want to know is why did they go out of their way to set up others, hoping they would take the fall? It makes no sense.

  20. After watching the Crime Watch Daily show I am just sickened by this horrific murder. That poor girl!! Seems like the majority of the readers believe Lindsay’s murder is tied to the drug bust in Alberta. I am in agreement with that analogy too. These people don’t like to get their hands dirty so often they employ people on their payroll to settle a score for them. They are nothing but cowards!!! When you cross people dealing at that level there is blowback. I am not implying Lindsay crossed anyone but perhaps they may have perceived it that way. What strikes me as odd is the fact that this girl had no criminal history and from all outward appearances did not associate with any heavy players in the drug business. From what I’ve read she had connections to the guy Ericksen so maybe he had some connections higher up? What about her friends? Sometimes you have to look at her inner circle to find answers. Was any of Lindsay’s friends tied to the drug business? This case if baffling.

  21. I just saw the show crimewatchdaily episode hosted by ana garcia. What a tragic loss for the family. My heart goes out to everyone who loved and knew lindsey. My initial thought was the ex-boyfriend but changed after the police officer spoke. It sounds like this murder is drug related and someone who personally knew lindsey helped the drug traffickers in the murder plot. From some of the comments I have read lindsey knew some of the drug traffickers personally and knew a secret so I think that was the motive. I hope the monsters are put behind bars.

  22. I just watched Crime watch daily it is a very informative show. I don’t believe the boyfriend or his mother are involved, there’s no motive that I can see. It makes more sense her murder has a drug connection.

  23. I just watched the same episode as JenPeterson and was so outraged at the obvious suspects – the drug cartel . Fingering Jason and his Mom was the obvious deflection clear as day.

  24. I just watched the Crime Watch episode…never heard of this murder before but 4 things came to mind. The drug bust. The ex bf. The drug cartel. Jealousy. Jealousy is a monster.

  25. Saw Lindsay’s story on CrimeWatchDaily. Just a few of my thoughts:

    1. Remote possibility, I know, but was any connection to her real estate job explored and any close friends with jealousy issues?

    2. I think the dress the woman wore was a deliberate act to put the focus on the couple as hired killers brought in to commit the act. In other words, draw attention away from the real culprits. Pretty brazen if you ask me. Sounds like the dress was a dead end. The cop said it could be purchased at any department store.

  26. I just watched the crime watch daily show and can’t believe it is so obvious. I believe the drug bust is the motive and lindseys murder was arranged by the cartel. Lindsey may have heard something.. Wow! . So obvious to me!

  27. hi,
    I watched the dateline show last night and crime watch show. At first I was leaning towards the new boyfriend but after watching the other show I changed my mind. I don’t think either of Lindsey’s boyfriends was involved. I think this murder has to do with drugs.

  28. The SP cleared Jason Zailo as a suspect years ago yet the public continues to crucify him. He passed a polygraph, and cooperated with law enforcement. Jason, his family, and friends attended the 2011 memorial walk for justice and Jason was interviewed by the press on that walk. Every time there is a Dateline rerun he is crucified once again. Though the dateline experts all said, “it’s not Jason” the public found him guilty based on his outward façade and perceived his mother’s behavior to be covering for him. The SP have been after the Calgary Drug Bust group right from the beginning, but many refuse to take the word of the cops. It seems some will stop at nothing and will continue to crucify this young man with no evidence whatsoever, other than his behavior seems a little off. I think it would be wise for Jason Zailo to contact the Dateline show and ask them to stop the re-runs of the show because all it is doing is continually re-victimizing the Zailo family.

  29. The so-called reinvestigation of the JonBenet Ramsey case – a prime example of a “WITCH HUNT”!!! I noticed the experts on the JonBenet case even made up a story that Burke killed his sister. That is exactly what some posters have done by claiming Shirley’s retired SP officer b/f was the mastermind and stabber. That is the most reckless comment I have ever read. First of all, Shirley was in a relationship with a different man in 2008, secondly, where is the evidence to support a retired police officer was involved in the murder? After watching the so-called experts MISLEAD viewers about the JonBenet Ramsey case and reading viewer comments some people actually believed Burke killed his sister. The same is happening in Lindsay’s case. Some readers are believing misleading comments and false information about the Zailo’s.

    3 Big Ways ‘The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey’ Got It Wrong – From confirmation bias in the 911 tape analysis to dissecting an ‘appropriate’ response to death, how CBS’s documentary didn’t tell THE WHOLE STORY

    A complete reinvestigation is what CBS’s The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey promised, but the only thing they delivered was a witch hunt that culminated in naming Burke Ramsey, JonBenét’s then nine-year-old brother, as her killer, and implicating John and Patsy Ramsey in a coverup.

    Absent of any NEW physical evidence or MEANINGFUL NEW witness statements, the fruits of this reinvestigation, led by former FBI agent and criminal profiler Jim Clemente and behavioral analyst Laura Richards, were almost ENTIRELY SUBJECTIVE, at times DANGEROUSLY MISLEADING and DEPENDENT ON A FLAWED POLICE INVESTIGATION that will very likely never result in the killer being brought to justice.

    Confirmation bias, selective hearing and the misleading 911 call analysis
    The first step in Clemente and Richards’ reinvestigation was analyzing Patsy Ramsey’s 911 call, specifically an inaudible portion at the very end when the phone clicked but did not disconnect. Because the operator did not hang up, the call continued to record, but no one has ever been able to conclusively decipher the extremely muffled, inaudible voices heard faintly in the background. Clemente and Richards made a vague reference to this analysis, BUT DIDN’T DISCLOSE that it had been leaked and that they were aware of its conclusions, as any investigator in this case surely is. INSTEAD, they claimed they were going to use “more modern audio technology” to figure out how many voices were on the tape and what they were saying. A cursory review of the Twitter reactions to this segment indicates that many viewers could not make out any of what Clemente and Richards claimed to hear. “In the headphones it was incredibly clear,” Clemente tweeted, the implication being that despite devoting substantial time to playing back the audio over and over again, viewers should just trust what Clemente and Richards said they heard.

    Clemente and Richards presented themselves and their team of investigators as INFALLIBLE, THEIR EXPERTISE AS INARGUABLE AND THEIR OPINIONS AS INDISPUTABLE FACTS. More than once, they made UNPROVEN, DISPUTED or MISLEADING STATEMENT WITHOUT PROVIDING FURTHER EVIDENCE, like the claim that John Ramsey disappeared for an hour and a half the morning of the murder – in actuality, he was in his study and the Boulder police just didn’t notice. They also RUSHED to DISPROVE ALTERNATE THEORIES. After one attempt to get through a replica model of the basement window, Clemente and Richards concluded there could not have been an intruder because the spider web in the corner was “destroyed” and the real spider web in the Ramseys basement window was undisturbed.

    Yet when laying out their theory for Burke Ramsey as the killer, these experts literally MADE UP A STORY ABOUT BURKE KILLING JonBenét (on accident or in anger, but probably unintentionally) by hitting her in the head with a flashlight because she took a piece of his pineapple. The proof? JonBenét had undigested pineapple in her stomach. Even if this theory had been proven back in 1996, at age nine, Burke would have been too young to be legally prosecuted in Colorado, and he certainly couldn’t be held responsible for any horrendous cover-up instigated by his parents. To unleash a witch hunt on him now without rock solid proof of guilt is a cruel ratings ploy.

    The repercussions of depending on such controversial evidence go beyond this case, as jury members (the majority of which are not educated in the law) are often asked to weigh similar evidence and testimony when deciding guilt or innocence. The Case of oversold the same flawed methodology that has manipulated juries and resulted in countless wrongful convictions, coupled it with cherry-picked evidence and an extreme case of tunnel vision in order to finger a nine-year-old for a 20-year-old cold murder. That’s disturbing and irresponsible, no matter who killed JonBenét Ramsey.

    Read Burke Ramsey’s 108 page “Complaint For Defamation” against CBS, Jim Clemente, Laura Richards, W. Spitz, and Henry Lee the SO-CALLED EXPERTS.

    1. This defamation action is brought by Burke Ramsey to redress the permanent damage to his reputation resulting from Defendants’ false accusation that he killed his sister, JonBenét Ramsey.

    17. Defendants’ accusation that Burke Ramsey killed his sister was based on a compilation of lies, half-truths, manufactured information, and the intentional omission and avoidance of truthful information about the murder of JonBenét Ramsey

    • Unfortunately, years ago I was once a believer in the Zailo guilt and expressed my opinions and theories freely. I did not, however, partake in any malicious intent to spread lies or fabricate stories. I can honestly say, at that particular time I truly did believe certain things that were being said about the Z’s and thought it was highly possible they conspired to have Lindsay murdered. The information made sense to me at that time but in retrospect, I believe I too had tunnel vision and relied on misinformation to form my opinions.

      As the years went on I began to question the validity of the information sources and my opinions and theories began to change. It started to make more sense another group was involved and there was some factual information to bolster that theory. I guess one could say I myself participated in a Witch Hunt because I based my theory on speculation and misinformation rather than actual evidence. For that I am sorry. Trial by social media or an online witch hunt, whatever you want to call them, have one thing in common, they’re dangerous, and in the anonymous land of cyberspace, often innocent people get caught in the crosshairs. I am not the same misguided blogger I was years ago. I try my best not to post unverified content and I feel I have learned from my past mistakes. I think social media can also be a useful conduit for communication, expressing opinions, and even helping with investigations.

      • We may have thrown away the pitchforks and replaced them with keyboards, but witch hunts are still very much as alive as they were hundreds of years ago.

        Hundreds of years later, little has changed.

        Dubbed “Trial by Social Media”, online witch hunts work in very much the same way. The accused is identified, judged and condemned for an alleged transgression, and subsequently exposed to the angry, accusing townsfolk. There is no fair trial. No chance to hear both sides of a story. No critical analysis and no following the evidence. Once the bandwagon has started, it is very difficult to stop.

        But online, where information can be disseminated across the globe in seconds, social media witch hunts put their offline equivalents to shame. To put it in colloquial terms, social media witch hunts are witch hunts on steroids. They go quicker, bigger and reach more people than their namesake witch hunts ever could. Instead of having dozens of angry voices baying for your blood, you may have tens of thousands.

        Trial by Social Media condones vigilante justice

        Either explicitly or by implication, “Trial by Social Media” is essentially a call to arms for those that work outside of law enforcement to take the law into their own hands. We are not only asked to judge, to harass but sometimes to identify and condemn.

        We live in a world with legal justice systems, and whether you agree or disagree with your legal system or with a specific sentence handed out, there is still never a place in any civilized world for vigilante justice, whether it’s online or offline.

        And established legal justice systems are not just designed to deliver punitive sentences; they are also there to create a fair hearing so the truth will (or should) ultimately prevail and misinformation dismissed, which leads us to our next, very important point…

        Trial by Social Media campaigns don’t get their facts straight

        There is a reason vigilante justice doesn’t work. The baying mob is unlikely to have – nor care about – the facts. Within the curfew of a witch hunt, due process and unbiased investigation take second priority to wrath and the injudicious perception of justice. We see the bandwagon kicking into gear, and using the age-old fallacy that the more popular a claim is the more likely it is to be true, we join in.

        Which is why social media witch hunts usually have their facts wrong, or at the very least present only one side of an argument, omitting the inconvenient facts that disrupt the angry rhetoric.

        Legal Influences

        Legal influences. Particularly viral posts about real cases have the potential to influence legal proceedings. So if charges are ever brought against guilty parties, damaging and libelous posts can make it difficult to prosecute.

        In high-profile cases, “Trial by Social Media” could cause prejudice in jury pools which could potentially cause cases to be dismissed because of unfair trials.

        Internet culture needs to change

        While our witch hunts have evolved and are now largely orchestrated through 21st century technology, it still represents a relic part of our human nature, and that needs to change. With the ability to bring our accusations in front of millions of people with a click of a mouse, witch hunts can reach more people, faster and easier than ever before.

        Which is why we all need to be careful about what information we choose to share online, especially concerning information that vilifies, accuses and condemns others. The risks of collateral damage is just too high, and when we hit share, we don’t have the luxury of foresight.

      • My advice is, never trust a so-called source pretending to be a supporter seeking justice for a murder victim. It is a well-known fact that suspects align themselves with people who are close to the murder victim AND align themselves with people involved in a parallel investigation simply to gain counterintelligence. The biggest red flag is in the suspects QUESTIONS and LACK of GENUINE SUPPORT! If someone really wants to help they will show you with action NOT QUESTIONS!!! If their help is sincere, redirect them to the authorities and encourage them to share what they know to the authorities. The authorities have the investigative tools and techniques to determine the validity of the information the public does not.

        Suspects will often infiltrate people much in the same way undercover police do in “Mr. Big” operations. The suspect will build a relationship with you to gain your confidence then make you believe they are sharing helpful information with you when in fact it is false information. The suspect has one goal in mind, they want you to divulge information to them about the parallel murder investigation. Typically, the suspect will learn about your personality and habits prior to developing a relationship with you. Once the friendship is established there is an increase in communication.

  30. When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it – always. Mahatma Gandhi

  31. My heart breaks for Lindsay’s family and for so many other families that have suffered the loss of a loved to the hands of murder or a child gone missing never to be found. Is it justice denied, justice delayed or a justice system that just isn’t working? My friend’s younger sister Delaine was just 13 at the time she went missing in August 1983. Her badly decomposed body was found in a field South of Manning Freeway in Edmonton a few months later, and at that time everything pointed to a serial killer. Delaine’s murder changed their lives forever, taking it’s toll as the years passed them by. Today they still pray that one day an arrest will be made. They have never given up hope.

    The family of young Michael Dunahee who went missing from Blanchard Park in Victoria in 1991 still cling to the hope that one day their son Michael will be found. Their community was their strongest support then and today. Crystal and Bruce have always been strong advocates for justice They are to be commended for their perseverance through this terrible nightmare they have endured. They have carried on their lives never blaming anyone for Michael’s not being found.

    This morning’s news headlines brought tears to my eyes, at the same time saddened and angered me as I am sure it did many others. The mother and uncle of Jassi Sidhu were on a plane awaiting extradition when at the last minute were taken off the plane when a BC court ordered a delay. An honor killing in 2000, 17 years have passed and the mother and the uncle continue to slip through the cracks of our justice system. Now this IS justice denied. What will happen next is anyone’s guess. I must admit that last week when I heard the mother and the uncle were going to be extradited to India I did not jump for joy because in the back of my mind I had a feeling it would never happen. I guess it is because I don’t have much faith in our Canadian justice system.

    What I am trying to say is that 1,000’s of families have been torn apart by murder. It’s rips the heart and soul from the inside out and unless we have walked in their shoes we cannot begin to feel their pain and who are we to judge their behavior through their years of waiting for answers. I pray that these families and all the others out there who have lost a loved one to murder see the justice they so rightfully deserve. It is just so wrong when the living must pay the price while the killers roam the countryside’s of this country. JUSTICE DENIED, JUSTICE DELAYED, and a justice system in need of repair.

    • In Lindsay’s case, it is the lack of DNA evidence at the crime scene that has dragged this case on. I’m sure the investigators are just as frustrated. Millions of dollars have been spent on this case. Lack of arrests in this particular case does not mean justice has been denied or delayed. Each murder case is unique. Some cases have an abundance of DNA/forensic evidence and are more easily solved.

      Who is judging the victim’s behaviour?

  32. I hate it when people complain about a certain word in a post as being unprofessional and immature when in fact they should be more worried about their own stupid, irresponsible comments. It really grinds my gears in general.

    It seems some armchair detectives believe they are running the investigation. You actually have one armchair detective requesting a DNA report of the crime scene from another armchair detective who she suspects is Jason, Ryan or Shirley. As if, any of the 100’s of suspects named would even have a copy of the DNA report of the crime scene. How does that even make sense? I am 100% serious, where are these people coming from? You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

  33. In this CRIMESTOPPERS re-enactment the woman is seen wearing a swirl pattern dress and the man is wearing a long dark coat. This description supports what one witness described seeing.

    A male witness to seeing Lindsay greet the couple in the driveway at the Desousa home.
    A male on his way home from work stops to speak to Jeff Buziak in his vehicle on Torquay. He describes what he saw as a male in a long coat and the woman in a swirl pattern dress.

    Apparently Jason witnessed a male and female starting to exit the front door, then turn around and go back in. The male shown is not wearing a long dark coat, but rather a short light jacket.

    What is the explanation for this discrepancy? Is it possible the killer removed his long dark coat inside the house, then the woman put it on. Was she seen leaving that house in a long dark coat?

    • The discrepancy is, one is a TV show while the other is a CRIMESTOPPERS re-enactment. I don’t see the actors in the CWD show wearing coats period. The male is wearing a buttoned shirt. The female actor is wearing a long sleeveless dress, not a short, swirl patterned dress.

      The guy that was talking to Jeff describes seeing “three people standing there, one in a long coat”. That’s all he said. It’s also possible the news report reported incorrectly.

      • As the Crime Stoppers re-enactment depicts a male in a long coat I am suggesting the guy Jeff was talking to was talking about the male at the house, not the 2 women. The article below talks about the male wearing a light to medium-brown jacket and was well dressed. A jacket is NOT a long coat. That’s why I suggested that the male went into the house with a long coat and exited the house without it on. The woman may have been wearing the coat. I realize that it is just a TV show but, so as not to confuse the viewers, perhaps having the couple dressed similar to what they were wearing in the Crime Stoppers video would make more sense to the average person watching. Just my opinion.

        Investigators released a sketch of a woman described as being 35 to 40 years old — with short blonde hair. The man is described as Caucasian, around six feet tall, with a medium build and dark hair. He was wearing a light to medium-brown jacket and was well dressed.

        • In my opinion, it’s irrelevant what the couple were wearing. No one is going to ID them based on the clothes they were wearing anyway. His coat could have been hot pink and it wouldn’t make a difference. Crimestoppers video describes the color of the dress as being “red, black, and white” yet the dress in the video is “pink, white, and black.” Obviously, there are inaccuracies in the Crimestoppers video. Is that the same car Lindsay was driving that is in the video? Was the female actor portraying Lindsay wearing the identical clothes Lindsay had on that day? The actress hairstyle is nothing like Lindsay’s.

          It’s been nine years and people are still arguing about what color the dress was and if the coat was long or short. If the female wore a wig or not. It was suggested many, many, years ago that maybe the man exited the house without his coat on but how is that going to advance the case now? Jason and Cohen saw the man exit the house. I’m sure they were able to tell the police if the guy was wearing a long or short coat.

          Keep in mind it’s the CTV REPORTER who is stating what the man was wearing. A reporter once said Lindsay was stabbed over 40 times and that turned out to be inaccurate reporting.

  34. Would the Island crime unit have cracked the Buziak case?

    The Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit, made up of 18 officers from RCMP detachments and municipal forces, was formed in 2007 to investigate serious cases such as murders. The unit, which can provide experienced officers and specialized resources to communities, is seen as a way for various police departments to co-operate on major cases.

    But the Saanich police department, which also provides major crime services to Oak Bay on contract, opted out. Police Chief Mike Chadwick, deputy chief at the time, said the department’s homicide detectives solve most of their cases on their own and in a cost-effective way.

    Less than a year later, on Feb. 2, 2008, one of the region’s highest-profile murders occurred in Saanich — 24-year-old real estate agent Lindsay Buziak was stabbed to death in a vacant home in Gordon Head. After two years without an arrest, it raises the question: Should Saanich have joined?

    According to former Saanich police chief Derek Egan, the answer is still no. In a July 2009 interview, he said he didn’t regret not joining the unit and didn’t think the choice had anything to do with why Buziak’s murder is yet unsolved.

    Saanich police have only two unsolved homicides in the last 25 years, said Price. Last year, when the RCMP and Victoria police joined forces to form a Vancouver Island homicide squad, Saanich opted out of the deal because it said it was happy with its own homicide clearance rate.

    Saanich police have said Buziak was the target of the killing, and they don’t believe the wider community is at risk.

    That kind of assurance keeps the public from fearing crime in the absence of an arrest, said Simon Fraser University criminologist Neil Boyd.

    “I’d be surprised if there’s any lack of confidence in police about an ongoing unsolved homicide,” said Boyd. “About ten per cent of all homicides are unsolved, and that’s not a negative reflection on police … that’s a reflection of the reality in some small number of cases.”

    Buziak’s father, Jeff, told the Times Colonist in March he was frustrated someone was not behind bars. But he added he wasn’t frustrated with police because he felt they were taking the amount of time they needed to close the case without mistakes.

    Meanwhile, police dismiss suggestions the public needs more information.

    “When you don’t have a smoking gun, the investigation is complex, and I believe that the majority of your readers know that,” said Price. “We’re not getting the same public pressure we are getting from the media.

    “I think the public has a great deal of confidence in our ability to do our job.”

  35. Information from Investigators:

    Sgt. Horsley: “The VAST majority of the information put out in the public domain is simply not true.”

    Sgt. Horsley: “When they went upstairs, there’s a master bedroom and an en-suite bathroom,” said Sgt. Horsley. “We know that when Lindsay turned to show the en-suite bathroom she was then attacked from the rear. There’s no defensive wounds whatsoever. We don’t believe she had any pre-indication that something was amiss.”

    Sgt. Horsley: “Some of the things that people take as the gospel are certainly incorrect. You know the poor victim there, injuries to the victim were NEVER disclosed, autopsy report NEVER been disclosed, although we have admitted this was a horrific attack we have never indicated any type of injury or nature of injuries.

    Sgt. Horsley: “She told Jason ‘They’re here,'” said Horsley. “But at no time did she say anything that would be cause for warning — ‘I’m worried,’ ‘I’m scared,’ ‘These people creep me out.'”

    Sgt. Horsley: “The killers were actually about to walk out the front door and leave, and he turned into the cul-de-sac and interrupted them leaving,” said Sgt. Horsley. “If he had been five seconds later he would have driven right into the suspects walking out here into the driveway.”

    Instead, he tells police the couple turned around and closed the door.

    “And his assumption is these are the clients and the showing is just starting as the door closes,” said Horsley. “He then parks outside because he is waiting for the showing to end.

    “Mr. Zailo and his friend were under intense police scrutiny. However, Mr. Zailo was cooperative with police,” said Sgt. Horsley. “He also partook in a polygraph exam, and he passed.

    Police say the evidence supports Jason Zailo’s version of events.

    Sgt. Horsley: “We think we may have even found the exact brand of dress,” said Horsley. “It wasn’t a designer high-end name brand, unfortunately, it was something that could commonly be bought in the department store. So, unfortunately, the dress lead didn’t pan out for us.”

    Sgt. Horsley: “Really, what it’s become is a modern-day witch hunt, and it’s just an internet witch hunt,” said Sgt. Horsley. “So it’s an ongoing issue and whether it affects the potential trial down the road, I don’t know. I’ve had those discussions with Mr. Buziak because it is potential that it could impact our successful prosecution.”

    • There are a multitude of reasons why potentially prosecutable homicides go unsolved in this country. A lack of DNA and forensic evidence is one, but most importantly it is a society that prefers to not get involved. Witnesses unwilling to co-operate with investigators for fear of being implicated in a crime themselves or because they don’t trust law enforcement. Witnesses who have been intimidated and are too afraid to come forward to tell what they know. Threatened/intimidated by the killers, or perhaps scared into silence by a friend or family member who has begged them not to get involved. Everyone has a mind of their own, so if they decide to withhold key evidence that is on them, not the people that they were intimidated by.

      The Big One; A lack of willingness to get involved, to report wrongdoing, to co-operate with authorities, to want to make their communities safer. People are reluctant to assist, part of a no snitch culture that authorities say can make solving a killing impossible. Police investigate and find all the facts. The people solve crimes by stepping forward and doing the right thing. It is witnesses who solve crimes and those willing to testify are the heroes. Cowards choose to remain silent and this is where the problem lies.

      Detectives will try to explain to victims’ families that they won’t be calling every day or every week to update them about what’s happening with their loved one’s case. In most cases, that’s simply because there’s nothing new to say.

      When new information surfaces that might help a case, detectives don’t share that information in great detail with victims families to avoid jeopardizing the investigation.

      Other hurdles to conviction can involve the physical evidence itself.

      Obtaining physical evidence often is much easier in domestic cases or homicides where the victim and the perpetrator had close contact. Domestic violence homicides, are usually easier for police to solve.

      In many gang-related homicides, physical evidence is limited. In those instances, investigators, instead, often must rely heavily on witnesses, who often can’t be found or are reluctant to testify.

      Stop the blame game! There are people out there who have the answers to solve this murder, but they choose not to come forward — not giving one thought to the suffering family waiting desperately for answers. Stop blaming the police for things that are beyond their control. Put the blame where it rightfully belongs.

      • Here is an example of a murder case that went unsolved for NINE YEARS because very little evidence was left at the scene. Police had their suspect but nothing to prove it. They needed someone to talk. I suspect the same thing is happening in the Lindsay Buziak case. The police know who the conspirators are but have no evidence. This requires someone to come forward with knowledge of the crime. It’s not too complicated of a process to understand. If there is no physical evidence or other solid evidence to identify the killers then how else can the killers be identified? Same goes for the conspirators.

        In the case below, someone came forward after NINE YEARS and TALKED. BAM, case solved.

        Passage of time sometimes helps a cold case

        Late one Sunday night in the fall of 1989, an intruder knocked on the sliding glass door of Diane Corkum’s Shaughnessy basement suite and killed the 35-year-old Vancouver mother with a gunshot to the chest.

        Investigators suspected Corkum’s custody battle with her estranged partner, and father of one of her three children, may have led to her death. But very little evidence was left at the scene and the trail ran cold after police were stonewalled by the partner’s family and friends.

        Some nine years after the murder, Corkum’s former partner had had a falling out with his older brother over a property dispute and now wanted to talk. He reached out to a newly formed provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit and told investigators that his brother Allan Arthur Dunbar had confessed to the crime a couple years after Corkum’s murder.

        Dunbar told his brother that he had done him a favour by eliminating his estranged wife, whom Dunbar had hated for trying to take his nephew away from the family, according to court documents.

        The new evidence helped the Crown get a first-degree murder conviction and a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

        “Based on that information, it is evident that the Crown’s case against Mr. Dunbar was entirely circumstantial. The strongest evidence against Mr. Dunbar appears to have been the evidence of his brother, Ronald Dunbar, and his half-sister, Patricia White. They testified that Mr. Dunbar had admitted to them, approximately two years after the killing, that he was the one who had killed Ms. Corkum. Ms. White’s daughter also testified about a conversation between her and the appellant from which the jury could infer that the appellant was involved in Ms. Corkum’s killing. Two police officers who spoke with the appellant shortly after the murder also testified that the appellant was aware that Ms. Corkum had been shot, although they HAD NOT PROVIDED HIM WITH THAT INFORMATION and the appellant said that he had not heard about the murder from any other source.”

        • As most people know, the police ask for public assistance all the time when they have unsolved murder cases sitting on their desk. Especially cases that lack the evidence that can ID the offenders. Let’s hope someone comes forward with what they know because that’s the only way Lindsay’s case is going to get solved.

          Most unsolved cases have plenty of baffling details as well as odd events that might or might not be related. It also serves as a reminder that Greater Victoria has its share of unsolved murders as well, and some of these cases have been cold for decades.

          A more recent murder is that of Lindsay Buziak, the real estate agent who was stabbed to death while showing a home in Saanich in 2008.

          The Buziak case has become one of the most notorious unsolved murders in the capital region. Again, somebody out there knows something. Let’s hope they come forward eventually.

  36. The article below was posted on the website in 2010. The Saanich Police URL that was included with the article is no longer working.

    It has been quoted by various individuals that Lindsay sent a TEXT to Jason at 5:30 pm but Lindsay actually made a PHONE CALL to Jason. There were witnesses at SHC who were near Jason when he received the call from Lindsay. The article below also mentions that when Lindsay called Jason, Jason agreed to meet Lindsay at the house. This confirms Jason was never originally supposed to be with Lindsay at the 5:30 showing. There was also a co-worker of both Lindsay and Jason’s who came forward and confirmed Jason was supposed to meet Lindsay after the showing.

    Reward and Tip Line

    Lindsay Elizabeth Buziak was murdered at 6pm on February 2nd, 2008. She was showing a house at 1702 De Sousa Place, to a man and woman interested in purchasing it. This was a rouse though. Lindsay was intentionally targeted, she was intentionally lured to the home, and she was intentionally killed.

    After exhaustively investigating this crime for the past two years, this is what we know.

    Lindsay was working as a real estate agent when she got a call from a woman wishing to see a home that was for sale on De Sousa Place. Arrangements to view the home were made and Lindsay met a man and a woman just before 6pm on February 2nd, 2008.

    Just before meeting these potential clients, Lindsay made a phone call to her boyfriend Jason Zailo, who agreed to meet her at the house.

    After the call with Lindsay, Jason and a friend went to De Sousa Place to ensure the viewing went well. He made a phone call to Lindsay just before arriving, which she did not answer.

    When they got to the home, they found the front door locked but could see shoes inside in the foyer. No one came to the door. Jason called 9-1-1 requesting police check Lindsay’s welfare but prior to police arriving at the home, Jason and his friend had entered the home and found Lindsay’s body in an upstairs bedroom.

    Jason and his friend have been ruled out as suspects.

    Several other people have been considered persons of interest in the file but as of this time, none are deemed to be suspects.

    Officers have investigated leads that have taken them to the Lower Mainland, Calgary and Washington State.

    We do know that in late 2007 a cell phone was purchased in the Vancouver area and used exclusively for this crime. This phone was activated in the Vancouver area in January 2008.

    We know that a woman with an accent made contact with Lindsay using this crime phone. This is the woman who is believed to be involved in Lindsay’s murder.

    We know that the phone travelled from the Vancouver area to Greater Victoria within 24 hours of Lindsay’s murder.

    We know the phone was registered to a “Paulo Rodriquez”. We believe this name to be fictitious. With this subscriber name, was an associated address in the Vancouver area. We have concluded that this address, which does exist, was used as a diversion and has no direct association with any suspects in this crime.

    A year ago we held a media conference which focussed on two people, a man and a woman, who we believe murdered Lindsay. They are still our primary suspects.

    The man is described as:

    * Caucasian
    * About 6′ tall
    * With a Medium build
    * Dark, possibly brown hair
    * Wearing a light to medium brown jacket
    * Overall he was well dressed

    The woman is described as:

    * Caucasian
    * 35 to 40 years old
    * With short blonde hair
    * Wearing a distinctive white, black and red/pink dress

    Currently, we have a core team of four investigators working this file but over these two years, we have employed 73 different officers, tasked with a multitude of responsibilities to help solve this crime.

    We have followed up on over 800 investigative leads, 130 of them in the last year. On December 2nd, 2009, a re-enactment, produced in conjunction with Crimestoppers and Chek TV, first aired. Since then we have received eight additional tips.

    Each tip has been thoroughly investigated and documented.

    We have interviewed hundreds of people and identified a number of people of interest. We believe that one of these people has the information we need to solve this, but for whatever reason, be it fear, loyalty, or criminal intention, they are not talking.

    We do not have a suspect identified, nor have we made an arrest.

    To ensure that we are conducting the best investigation possible, we have completed both an internal audit of the file, and an external review by an outside agency, namely the Office of Investigative Standards and Practices. The results of both found that we are meeting all the necessary standards for a major case management file.

    Lindsay’s family, along with the Greater Victoria Real Estate Board and the Canadian Real Estate Association, is now offering a reward of $100,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. We are confident that someone out there has the key piece of information needed to solve this crime. It is hoped that this reward will provide the motivation necessary to relieve the burden that Lindsay’s murder is weighing on them.

    Anyone, with any information, is asked to call the Saanich Police at 250-475-4356 or Greater Victoria Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Lindsay did not have a high-risk lifestyle, she was not a criminal, and she was not inviting danger towards herself. She was a young woman just starting out in life and she is deeply missed by her family and friends. Help us solve this most treacherous of crimes.

    • In 2010 the police said they had a number of people of interest. They said one of those people had the information they needed to solve the case, but for whatever reason, be it fear, LOYALTY, or criminal intention, they were not talking.

      In my opinion, they are probably describing RG. She has refused to take a polygraph and refused to cooperate. She is LOYAL to that crew and always has been. She claimed she would do anything to help Lindsay’s case but all she has done is remain loyal to Lindsay’s killer’s!!!!

      That is just my personal feeling about R.

  37. Lindsay’s sister said on Crime Watch Daily that she adored Jason and that Lindsay & Jason were very happy together. She came across as sincere. If Lindsay was thinking of leaving Jason maybe he didn’t have a clue, then she changed her mind and there was no need for him to ever know. No one has ever stood up and said that Jason was violent or abusive towards Lindsay because he wasn’t.

    A girl is murdered, the first suspect is always the boyfriend, then the ex-boyfriend, jealous friend or co-worker. In Lindsay’s case someone in this group has to be involved. I’ve read extensively and come to this conclusion. Jason is not involved in the conspiracy to murder Lindsay, but he knows who is. The ex-boyfriend Matt isn’t involved in Lindsay’s murder but he knows who is. His guilt is eating away at him but he’s sworn to that code of silence for the safety of himself and his family. Vid and Lindsay’s girlfriend who worked in her office were a couple. Vid and Lindsay hated each other and everyone knew it. How could Rianne be friends with Lindsay knowing she hated her boyfriend? Serious resentment boiling inside? Was Lindsay making every effort to get Rianne to break away from Vid knowing he was connected to the drug cartel and would Vid not be enraged knowing this? There is enough evidence to show that Vid is involved in Lindsay’s murder but obviously not enough to arrest him.

    The cops have said many times that they believe the killers are not local but most likely hired from out of the country. This made sense until I read that Vid had threatened Jason and demanded to know what he saw that night at the house. If Vid wasn’t involved he wouldn’t be confronting Jason in the first place. More important though, if the killers were not local why would Vid even care what or who Jason saw that night. If this threat did take place this tells me that the killers may have been local and that Vid and the others were concerned that Jason might have recognized the couple. I suppose it’s possible the man would be unknown to Jason but the woman might have been. Then again we are told that Lindsay did not know the couple she was greeting that evening. I don’t believe Lindsay was a scapegoat. Someone wanted Lindsay out of the way, and what better way to do it then point the finger at her as the snitch. Whoever called the hit took the word of someone in that group. Why point the finger at Lindsay when you know she wasn’t the snitch? Jealousy makes a strong motive for murder.

    • As I stated in one of my previous posts, I don’t believe Lindsay even told Jason she was contemplating leaving him. That would explain Jason’s answer on Dateline when he was asked if there was any truth to the rumor that Lindsay was going to leave him. I think Jason answered honestly because Lindsay never told him or broke up with him. It’s not uncommon for men and women to discuss personal issues with friends to get advice. Lindsay’s friends said Lindsay decided to stay with Jason in the end.

      If you believe both Jason and Matt know who murdered Lindsay are you saying they went to the police with their suspicions or are you saying they are obstructing justice by withholding this information? Both Matt and Jason partook in a polygraph and from my understanding both passed. If you had knowledge of who murdered your girlfriend you would not pass a polygraph and be successful in the interviews. I’ve heard many rumours that certain people fear for their lives and that is the reason they did not come forward. Sorry, but I don’t buy into that. Firstly, if you feared for your life you would not be wandering around out in public right after Lindsay was murdered. Also, CrimeStoppers offers individuals to share information anonymously. Hundreds of people came forward and were interviewed by police. The suspects would have no idea who and what was said to the police. Weren’t the suspects going around yanking people out of their beds demanding to know who snitched on them? Obviously, they had no clue who snitched otherwise they would not have been doing that. Also, if someone pointed their finger at Lindsay as being the snitch why didn’t they go after Lindsay BEFORE the others? Sounds like they went after their own people who were involved in the drug operation. When that didn’t yield any answers they targeted Lindsay. Most likely because Lindsay was in Calgary 6 weeks prior and likely because RG fed her boyfriend Vid some info about Lindsay that was not true.

      Lindsay was murdered twelve days after Erickson was busted. Lindsay was murdered AFTER the crew had already yanked people out of their beds demanding to know who they spoke to. The only two people who were arrested at that time was Erickson and Graham. So, it’s easy to determine who was conducting the witch hunt and demanding to know who spoke to who. At this point in time, Lindsay had not yet been targeted as being the snitch.

      From my observations, Matt was not afraid of Vid or the Del alcazar’s. It was Matt who ordered Vid to let Jason go during the meeting shortly after Lindsay’s murder. If Vid was the boss and Matt feared Vid as you allude to, Vid would not be taking orders from Matt. Also, people who are involved in organized crime do not normally associate with law abiding citizens on a regular basis.

      I don’t think people are murdered just because someone hated their boyfriend. People involved in organized crime don’t go around talking about their business and how they operate either. How would Lindsay know the inner workings of the Del alcazar drug operation? Lindsay was not involved in the criminal element. Why would people in organized crime trust Lindsay with their business? Since her friend RG was involved in a relationship with vid R would know the inner workings of the drug business. Remember, criminals associate with people they can trust and who they know are loyal to them. R was loyal to VID. R was Vid’s sister’s best friend and R had been in relationships with other drug traffickers. She had the rep as being a “gangster girl”. R knew what Vid did for a living just like Jefferson Del Alcazar’s girlfriend knows what he does for a living.

      As stated in a previous post, Vid wanted to know what Jason and C. saw because Vid was involved and he was told by the killer’s that Jason and C. saw them attempting to leave. Otherwise, why point a gun at Jason and demand to know what he saw? Same reason C was cornered and asked what he knew/saw. Only someone who was involved in the actual crime would engage in that sort of behaviour. Jason and other’s have the ability to ID people through photographs if the SP had particular suspects in mind. Vid would be concerned no matter where the killers were from. Why do you think SP has been focused on these characters? I am sure they are aware of the gun incident. I bet they were surveilling some of these characters at the time of the incident. People obviously informed the SP of this incident. If you were not involved in the crime you would not be concerned about what the witnesses saw.

      Why do you feel the man was unknown to Jason but the woman may have been known to Jason? If that was the case, why have the police not arrested the woman?

      If someone pointed the finger at Lindsay as being the snitch knowing she was not, that makes her the “scapegoat”. A scapegoat is a person who is blamed for something others did. The police know who the real snitch was. It’s also possible Lindsay overheard something do to with the Del business through her association with R. There is a real strong motive here as the Del crew lost millions and millions of dollars in revenue. I have not seen a better motive yet. The other motives I’ve read about are baseless with no evidence.

      • My bad, poor choice of words on my part. Of course Lindsay was someone’s scapegoat. Current boyfriend, old boyfriend or girlfriend Rianne who worked in Lindsay’s office. If the current boyfriend gave her up he would have done it to save himself. It would make him a coward but not a player in the conspiracy to murder Lindsay. He may have been late arriving at the house that night fearing for his own safety so just waited around not sure what was going on. Old boyfriend whom she still loved? If he had money invested in that drug shipment like Vid & the Delalcazars and was told that Lindsay was the snitch that would be motive to want her dead. My 1st choice is Vid’s girlfriend Rianne. She gave Lindsay up to save herself, then helped the others plan Lindsay’s murder. Her uncooperative behavior over the past 10 years supports her direct involvement in the crime. Jealousy, money, pick your poison… I think her boyfriend (partially) shared what he knew with the cops. Rianne lied to the cops and the ex-boyfriend … who really knows.

        • I have read a lot about this case and so many twists and turns my head is spinning.

          Current boyfriend theory: If he arrived late fearing for his own safety he would not have run into the house. Since he passed all interviews and the polygraph I doubt he had anything to hide. If he gave her up for whatever reason that makes him involved which means he would have failed poly and interviews.

          Ex boyfriend: He too partook in a polygraph so if he was involved he would have failed the test. I’m iffy on this guy.

          RG: How was she saving herself by giving up Lindsay? These people are all about loyalty that is why no one has talked. RG is my number one pick based on what I know about her.

  38. Well it looks like the Crown finally approved the charges against Erickson Delalcazar. Six separate incidents where he assaulted his ex-girlfriend. I pray the judge throws the book at him on October 3rd and sends a clear message. Domestic violence and beating woman is NOT acceptable.

    20014-1-K DELALCAZAR, ERICKSON Lopez 1 Western Communities Provincial Court
    31-Aug-2017 09:00 AM 002 FA Offences – Langford

    Document Count Offence Date Statute Nature Accused City Of Offence
    20014-1-K 1 15-Feb-2016 CCC – 266 Assault Commit DELALCAZAR, ERICKSON Lopez
    20014-1-K 2 20-May-2016 CCC – 266 Assault Commit DELALCAZAR, ERICKSON Lopez
    20014-1-K 3 22-May-2016 CCC – 266 Assault Commit DELALCAZAR, ERICKSON Lopez
    20014-1-K 4 03-Jun-2016 CCC – 266 Assault Commit DELALCAZAR, ERICKSON Lopez
    20014-1-K 5 01-Jul-2016 CCC – 266 Assault Commit DELALCAZAR, ERICKSON Lopez
    20014-1-K 6 17-Dec-2016 CCC – 266 Assault Commit DELALCAZAR, ERICKSON Lopez

    • Erickson is a very DANGEROUS man. Imagine, SIX TIMES he assaulted her. Can you imagine the other times that went unreported? Erickson has a prior conviction for domestic violence dating back to 1999.

      S. should be very proud of herself for finally finding the courage and strength to leave him. Erickson, thinks he can get away with anything. What is really frightening is how some of the WOMEN who are in relationships with the other Delalcazar brother’s ganged up on poor S. after she was assaulted on July 1, 2016.

      The Del brother typically gets into relationships with MUCH YOUNGER girls. Reason being, they are easier to keep in line.

      I remember when one of S. friends came forward and spoke of the July 1, 2016, assault. Here is what she had to say.

      “The sad reality of this situation with S. is that people are defending Erickson and saying he would never hurt her. I didn’t think so either when I first met Erickson. People calling S. crazy and saying she made up her black eyes. Believe me, these are not made up, I’ve heard many stories of Erickson beating S. and have had friends witness it first hand, he has even pulled a knife on her. I was baffled that people would defend Erickson after his history that is well known and all over the internet. She is going to end up dead if she does not leave him!!!”

      I still believe Erickson is involved in Lindsay’s murder. Erickson had the MOTIVE, OPPORTUNITY, and the MEANS to conspire with others to murder Lindsay.

      Unfortunately, Lindsay had no idea just how DANGEROUS Erickson was but Lindsay’s friend RG did!!!

      “Some domestic violence is life-threatening. All domestic violence is dangerous, but some abusers ARE MORE LIKELY TO KILL than others and some are more likely to kill at specific times. The likelihood of homicide is greater when the following factors are present:”

      Threats of homicide or suicide: The abuser may threaten to kill himself, the victim, the children, relatives, friends, or someone else;

      Weapons: The abuser possesses weapons, and has threatened to use them in the past against the victim, the children, or himself.

      “Ownership” of the victim: The abuser says things like “If I can’t have you no one can” or “I would rather see you dead than have you divorce me”. The abuser believes he is absolutely entitled to the obedience and loyalty of the victim;

      Centrality of victim to the abuser: The abuser idolizes the victim, depending heavily on him or her to organize and sustain the abuser’s life, or the abuser isolates the victim from outside supports;

      Separation violence: The abuser believes he is about to lose the victim;

      Repeated calls to law enforcement: A history of violence is indicated by repeated police involvement;

      Escalation of risk-taking: The abuser has begun to act without regard to legal or social consequences that previously constrained his violence;

      • Close friend of Erickson Delalcazar, Vid Acevedo, is another dangerous violent man. He was charged but never convicted of the charges below. Why? Because the Crown would not go forward with the charges as his ex-girlfriend refused to testify. This is what these men do. They put the fear of god into their woman to silence them.

        January 6, 2017
        Acevedo and Delalcazar were charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. On MAY 4, 2017 the judge ordered a Stay of Proceedings.” (SOP) END

        Erickson Lopez Delalcazar convicted for his part in the January 2008 Calgary Drug Bust. He served his time, then came back to Victoria. Back to selling narcotics and beating women.

        11-Jul-2000 106633-2-C ACEVEDO, EDGAR Ovidio 2 MVA 24 1 Driving without driver’s licence G
        67367-1-K 1 23-Jun-2008 CCC – 264.1(1) Uttering threats Commit ACEVEDO, EDGAR Ovidio
        67367-1-K 2 23-Jul-2008 CCC – 264.1(1) Uttering threats Commit ACEVEDO, EDGAR Ovidio
        67367-1-K 3 23-Jul-2008 CCC – 264 Criminal Harassment Commit ACEVEDO, EDGAR Ovidio
        67367-2-KA 1 07-Sep-2008 CCC – 145(3) Breach of undertaking or recognizance Commit ACEVEDO, EDGAR Ovidio Parksville BC
        67367-2-KA 2 16-Sep-2008 CCC – 145(3) Breach of undertaking or recognizance Commit ACEVEDO, EDGAR Ovidio Parksville BC
        67367-2-KA 3 23-Sep-2008 CCC – 145(3) Breach of undertaking or recognizance Commit ACEVEDO, EDGAR Ovidio Parksville BC

  39. “What really set the alarm bells off was the front door of the home was LOCKED and in the real estate business, and Mr. Zailo is a realtor, he knew that is something that is simply not done and once he attempted entry and the door was locked that was the cause for the initial 911 call.”

    • It is not too hard to grasp why jason called 911. He said he did not see anyone around and the door was locked. Lindsay did not answer his calls. I would have called 911 too.

  40. Criminal Investigators

    Criminal investigation is an applied science that involves the study of facts, used to identify, locate and prove the guilt of an accused criminal. A complete criminal investigation can include searching, interviews, interrogations, evidence collection and preservation and various methods of investigation.

    Criminal investigators are professionals in the law enforcement team who try to solve crimes, prevent the occurrence of future crimes, and searching and detaining suspects. They require a bachelor’s degree in a field related to criminal investigation. The ideal majors include criminology, criminal justice, or psychology.

    One major difference between public and private investigator is the training that they have to go through before they qualify to do criminal investigations.

    Private Investigators

    A freelance detective who carries out investigations on behalf of private clients. Private investigators often work for lawyers in civil and criminal cases.There are differences between private investigators and public investigators. Police officers and government agents are public investigators. Private investigators do not have ready access to privileged government information about most of us nor do they always share investigative leads and similar intelligence with other investigators.

    A private investigator’s job status alone does not imbue her with an ability to carry firearms.

    Private investigators pay for their own equipment, some of which can get quite expensive (such as radios, computers, still/video cameras, automobiles, etc.). Public-sector investigators (police, etc.) do not pay from their pockets for such equipment.

    Armchair Detectives

    A wannabe investigator who does not personally visit a crime scene or interview witnesses; instead, he or she either reads the story of the crime in a newspaper or has it recounted by other people. A good armchair detective should never believe what someone tells them. They should investigate the rumors and try and determine if they are true or false before accusing innocent people of a crime. They should do as much research as possible and be very careful of developing “tunnel vision.” Armchair Detectives have no direct ties to the police or other investigative agency. They try to solve or help solve various crimes even though they have nothing to work with other than the internet. They do not get paid for their investigative services.


    The criminal justice system is built on a few important principles. B.C. shares these basic principles with all common law criminal justice systems around the world.

    Presumption of Innocence – Every criminal case begins with the presumption that the accused person is innocent. It is up to Crown counsel, representing the community, to PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime.

    Due Process – Due process is related to the presumption of innocence. It involves a thorough examination of the facts of each case – and recognition of the importance of protecting the legal rights of those charged with criminal offences.

    Crown Independence and Responsibilities

    In Canada, a crime against one person is regarded as a crime against society. Crown counsel do not represent the police or victim. They represent the community as a whole.

    Crown counsel are independent officers of the court and are protected from outside influence by the Crown Counsel Act. The courts have described the role of Crown counsel in Canada as a quasi-judicial function and matter of public duty.

    The first duty of Crown counsel is to ensure the prosecution process is fair to all, evidence is presented thoroughly and accurately and the independence and integrity of the justice process is maintained. Their duty as professionals is to evaluate and present evidence to the court in a vigorous manner. They ensure justice is done in a fair, impartial, efficient and respectful manner.


    Don’t talk about your testimony with ANYONE until you testify.

    The lawyers will start with some simple questions about you and try to determine what you know about the alleged crime. Make sure your answers are based on what you actually saw and heard, and not on what you think probably happened – it’s ok to say that you don’t know. Do not give opinions unless one of the lawyers asks you to.

  42. My question,

    There are three different times of death:
    1. The physiologic time of death, when the victim’s vital functions actually ceased.
    2. The estimated time of death, the time the medical examiner estimates that death occured.
    3. The legal time of death the time recorded on the death certificate.

    Normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees, and a woman’s body temperature is often slightly higher. After death the human body cools by about 1.5 degrees per hour for the 1st 12 hours.

    The approximate time of Lindsay Buziak’s murder was somewhere between 5:38-5:42 pm. The boyfriend Jason entered the home at approximately 6:15pm and found Lindsay’s body lying on the floor in the master bedroom. His comment on Dateline was, “I touched her skin and I knew she had passed away. The body had dropped in temperature by an approximate 1 degree. Would a 95.5 degree temperature have been enough for a person who touched her skin to know that she was “dead”

    • it’s not quite that straight forward. The 1.5-degree-per-hour factor varies, depending upon the environment surrounding the body, room temperature, body weight/size of the victim, clothing, and other factors. Excessive blood loss from being stabbed multiple times would drop the body temperature at a much faster rate. Therefore Lindsay’s body temperature for sure could have been a few degrees lower than the 1 degree temperature drop you suggest. The reality is, Jason is not the killer, he had an alibi and his finding the body must have been a gut-wrenching moment. His words on dateline may have been a poor choice of words but who knows what anyone of us might say when put on the spot like Jason was. He appeared on the show and that took courage. Many others chose not to appear.

  43. Infomation on a polygraph and why people are advised to lawyer up during a criminal investigation. (NOTE: Jason fully cooperated against the advice of counsel. Although he “passed” the polygraph he continued to fully cooperate with everything the police asked of him ) There are some who try and lead you to believe Jason only lawyered up because he was guilty of a crime but that is utter nonsense.

    In the course of our practice, it is common for individuals under investigation to ask whether they ought to participate in a police lie detector test. Although every situation is different, the answer to 99.9% of inquiries is “no, absolutely not.” From there, we provide clients with specific legal advice on how to properly respond to the police request so as not to harm their interests or expose themselves to unnecessary risk. Although there may be circumstances where it’s in the individual’s interest to participate, those occasions are extremely rare, unique, and nuanced.

    When a person is under investigation, it is CRITICAL for that person to obtain proper legal advice from a lawyer who specializes in criminal law immediately and before there is any agreement or refusal to participate in a polygraph examination. Failure to do so could have lasting, severe, and irreparable consequences that are explained further below. The importance of obtaining specific legal advice from a properly qualified lawyer at this stage cannot be stressed enough. If police have reached the stage of requesting a polygraph test, they are treating it seriously; any person requested to participate ought to as well.

    A “polygraph examination” is more commonly known as a “lie detector” test. Requests by police to participate in such examinations can come at ANY TIME. Request to participate are most frequent at the beginning of an investigation when police are trying to obtain evidence and develop a theory of the case. A criminal charge is not required for police to make such a request. For that matter, police are not required to even consider that person a “suspect”. However, it would be counterintuitive and rare that police would waste their time and expense on obtaining polygraphs from people they are not interested in. Put it this way, if police felt a person was telling the truth, why would they need a lie detector? As a matter of common sense, would you ask someone to participate in a lie detector test if you believed them?

    Therefore, when people are requested to participate in such examinations, they are almost always suspects or “persons of interest” – even if the police insist they are not. When police say a person is not a “suspect” it may be just another way of saying there is not enough evidence to consider them as one. However, once a person complete a polygraph test that may all change – indeed, that is probably the point. It is very common for police to lack the grounds to arrest someone until after someone has completed a polygraph examination, even in instances where a person “passes” the test or vehemently denies their guilt.

    If a person is innocent, there is no obligation to prove it to police.

    Often times, people who see themselves as innocent feel they should participate to quickly clear their name. It’s human nature to want people, and police, to believe they did not do anything wrong. This human desire towards exoneration does not serve the person/suspect well under police investigation.

    If one knows they are innocent, that should be enough for peace of mind. Trying to convince police to reverse their suspicions exposes oneself to considerable risk with little, to any benefit. As indicated below, even if a person “passes” a polygraph examination, that result isn’t admissible in court to prove innocence anyway. Further “passing” a lie detector test is not conclusive to police and the investigation will continue as they see fit – except now police have a statement that may become relevant to impeach credibility at a later date.

    If you’re guilty…well do we need to say more?

    In addition to the reasons set out in this paper, it should be obvious to any person who is guilty of a crime that it is not in their interest to participate in a lie detector test. This is the same whether a person is guilty to the full extent to which the police are alleging, or even if the person feels they are only partially guilty. A person seeking to set the record straight on their degrees of guilt is rarely favourable to their interests, and rarely changes the police view on how guilty that person is. Invariably, this type of approach just serves to dig a person deeper and deeper into legal problems and lies.

    A suspect is never obligated to give any statement to the police, even upon arrest. In almost all instances, lawyers will advise a person not to make a statement to police if they are under investigation for myriad reasons. Since a polygraph examination requires questions and answers, it too is a statement and the same principles against self-incrimination apply.

    People who seek to exonerate themselves through their exculpatory statements will invariably provide facts and omissions that may later serve to impeach their own credibility. This is because the more people talk the more likely it is for these facts and omissions will appear exaggerated, incorrect, misstated, or unreliable to police. Those inevitable shortcomings will then be exploited under cross-examination at trial. Even people who seek to tell nothing but the truth can look incredible under a skilled cross-examination. Offering any sort of statement provides the examiner the means to craft skillful impeachments and cross-reference every fact to hard evidence that may contradict a person’s version of events.

    Fortunately, under Canadian law, silence, or refusal to participate in a police investigation is not admissible to prove a person’s guilt. Silence is not evidence and it cannot be cross-examined upon – it’s as simple as that.

    Polygraphs are limited in their reliability:

    The reliability of polygraph testing is of considerable debate and controversy that is far too in depth to explore in this short article. Suffice to say that the science is not perfect (or we would not have a need for courts and trials). The inherent unreliability in this sort of testing simply means that passing means very little to police and is not in any way determinative in police believing in a person’s innocence. On the other hand, FAILURE often adds to suspicions and conclusions of guilt of the investigators.

    Regardless of their admissibility, polygraphs still serve as very useful investigative tool for police. When a suspect is confronted with failed polygraph results, they often offer a confession.

    • If RG truly believed the Zailo’s were responsible for Lindsay’s murder she would have submitted to a polygraph test when she was requested to do so. I guess she knew she would FAIL IT! She told anyone who would listen to her BS it was the Zailo’s.

    • If Matt MacDuff passed the polygraph he would have demanded that the Saanich Police publically clear him just like they did the Zailo’s. He would have been screaming his innocence all over the streets of Victoria. The fact that he wasn’t publically cleared and has remained silent on this topic all these years says it all. He failed – and that makes him a possible suspect.

      • There was no need for Matt to make any public demands to clear his name because no one was pointing the finger at him calling him a murderer or conspirator like they were the Zailo’s. Quite the contrary.

        I don’t know either way if he passed or failed. Only the police know.

  44. A criminal mastermind

    She’ll lie, cheat, and manipulate to get whatever it is she wants, and she’ll do all of this with a coldness of heart.

    She is charming. She knows how to talk, how to lie. She can make friends at the drop of a hat, and seem like the sweetest person in the world. She will put a bullet in your head just as soon as she SHAKES YOUR HAND.

    She probably doesn’t appear in public too often or does all of her own dirty work. She is extremely careful and never makes mistakes. Effectively emotionless. If you outlive your worth, or make a mistake, or BETRAY her trust in the SLIGHTEST, you are DEAD. And not just dead. Wiped away. Gone. Off the face of the planet, because not only are you dead, your entire family is dead, as is anyone who knew you well. Your records have been wiped. You were never there. This woman is ruthless, efficient, and cares not at all.

    It isn’t that female criminals don’t exist….it is just that they have a different set of morals than men. The women are often more RUTHLESS and unpredictable. Women have a cold way about them that is balanced by their ability to CRY themselves out of just about ANY situation. Of course, this tactic does not often work on other women….they use it against men to freak them out and make them feel cold.

    Eventually, she will even SEE YOU PUT AWAY FOR YOUR CRIMES, happy to LET YOU ROT behind bars.

  45. There is enough evidence to support that Lindsay’s murder may be a result of the huge financial loss certain people took in that 2008 Calgary drug bust. There is denial by some who seem to try and deflect anything that shines light on the fact that she was in contact with drug dealers when she clearly was. That’s not helping the situation. Those who conspired to murder Lindsay will certainly spend a lot of years doing time. But what about the person that gave Lindsay up? Cowardly snitches will often lie and incriminate an innocent person just to take the heat off themselves. Is this person guilty of a crime? In my mind they are just as responsible for Lindsay’s murder as the actual conspirators, but does the law look at it that way, I don’t know. The only way the conspirators would think Lindsay was the rat, is if someone told them she was. That person may have been fearing for their own life, and did the cowardly thing putting the blame on Lindsay.

    Lindsay confided what she knew to someone, I’m thinking a close girlfriend or her boyfriend. If she told her boyfriend that may be why the cops were all over the Calgary Drug bust from day one right after her murder. I wonder too, if the drug dealers suspected Lindsay of ratting them out, would they have confronted her boyfriend with what they thought. They were going crazy after the bust trying to get answers so it is possible. Erickson had already been arrested and charged so the secret drug bust and his involvement was out there. Then there’s Lindsay’s girlfriend who worked in her office and dated Vid. If they suspected her would she have put the blame on Lindsay? Someone out there knows something and is staying silent. That is a coward.

    When a citizen reports a crime that is about to take place, or has already taken place this does not constitute snitching, it’s called being civically responsible and doing the right thing. It takes guts to snitch and a coward not to. It takes great courage to stand against the criminal garbage that plagues our society and not many have the stomach for it.

    Was this murder personal? I’m just not so sure it was anymore.

  46. I stumbled upon some information that was made by a retired police officer in 2013. The officer was not related to Lindsay’s case but was simply offering a framework for murder investigations in general. There was a lot of speculation about the nature of Lindsay’s wounds, the CVSA machine, corruption, etc. I thought I would share the retired officer’s statements. It might clear up a few things.

    “FACT – The Saanich Police does NOT use the CVSA for criminal investigations. If the Zailos were tested as stated by SPD, it was on a polygraph.”

    “FACT – The RCMP and the Office of Investigational Standards(RCMP) reviewed the Saanich file and found it to be sound and based on good investigative principals. The case went through another recent peer review, again to have another opinion.”

    “FACT – The RCMP, Victoria Police, IHIT, or anyone else does NOT want to to take this case. They have their own unsolved homicides to worry about.”

    “If there was evidence to support criminal charges, they would be before the courts. The model for ALL Canadian police agencies is the same. Major Case Management consists of a three person team who oversee a large case. This is, in turn, managed higher up by administrators. Even if there was a corrupt cop, they would NOT be able to STEER or MISGUIDE a case through this process. There are simply too many checks and balances.”

    “False info – Lindsay had a large wound on her neck. OK, so where did this tidbit of info come from. SP have NEVER released any details from the Post Mortem(and so they shouldn’t) yet we are now privy to autopsy information???”

    “Jeff clearly told the group that he did NOT EXAMINE or look at Lindsays injuries at the hospital or when he viewed her body. As an investigator, I would take steps to ensure that he was not able to look at the injuries. One, to PROTECT the investigation and Two, to protect a grieving Father.”

    “The SP did say that REPORTS of injuries were GREATLY EXAGGERATED by CHEK 6 news. The total number and nature of wounds are a VERY closely guarded SECRET.”

    “So where did this internet “truth” come from??? I would urge you to consider this information.”

    “Keeping “holdback” info on a murder is a tough thing.”

    “Besides police we have witnesses, ambulance, fire fighters, body removal, etc, etc Yes, even someone at the funeral home could release info that you want kept quiet.”

    “In this CASE, I believe SP kept a TIGHT LID on the information. Their comments regarding Dateline were not about any INJURIES. Dateline were NOT given this info either. Safe to say that Lindsay was stabbed to death and in this respect, Dateline was not incorrect. Other than that, Dateline knows no more than you do.”

    “We are trapped in this cyber world whereby we take peoples information and attempt to assess the truth or veracity of the information. This is almost IMPOSSIBLE to do when we do NOT know these people.”

    “In short, everything on here is HEARSAY. We do not have access to the FACTS.

    “Do not become so focused that you develop “tunnel vision” and make your theories FIT no matter what the evidence states.”

  47. Here it is Monday, a new week, and hopefully the week the Buziak family will get some answers. A posted confession and a replica dress someone found at Value Village in Victoria. All in one week! Incredible timing. The media questions whether this could this be a twisted prank or a genuine confession? If this confession turns out to be a hoax and the perpetrator is caught he/she should be charged with public mischief and obstruction of justice, and their name should be published for all to see. And maybe the person responsible should be “billed” for the hours of manpower and police resources this will take to investigate. This is no laughing matter.

    A twisted prank? Hardly, it is vengeful vicious attack on an innocent grieving family and must be taken seriously. Or it could be the conspirators trying to distract! Ross Addicott won’t be hard to find and once the police question him – maybe even polygraph him the truth will be told. In this newscast Lindsay’s father claims he copied and pasted the post and sent it to the police, and I’m wondering why he didn’t just forward the post to them in its original format? For that matter why was it even posted at all. Why not just keep it quiet, send it to the police and let them investigate.

    As for the dress, I’d like to know why the person who purchased it didn’t take it directly to the Saanich Police Dept. rather than taking it home with them? Why didn’t Lindsay father tell the friend to do that. So many things that make no sense, and I guess we’ll all just have to wait for the answers.

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