Murder in Saanich

This blog has been created for the sole purpose of sharing as much accurate information as possible about the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak and to keep her case in the forefront of everyone’s minds.   “The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them.” 

 As a group of concerned citizens, we can do our best, in this case, to ensure that information posted on this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Some of the information posted on this site are theory/opinion/speculation based, some information was gathered from media sources, and some information was gathered from what the investigators have already shared publicly about Lindsay’s case.  There is a lot of false information on social media about Lindsay’s murder and our aim is to provide the known facts and the more accurate information about Lindsay’s case. The information the investigators shared publicly can easily be found online.

This site is also for the exclusive use of individuals who wish to share their working theories, and opinions.  We encourage you to express yourself freely. We believe in the “Freedom of Speech”, however any comments that contain inappropriate content that violates the TOS of word press will not be approved.

The Saanich Police, RCMP, Victoria Police, and multiple other agencies have worked extremely hard on this case, yet it still remains unsolved. Saanich Investigators have received help from police partners across the Country AND IN THE U.S.   The investigators working on Lindsay’s homicide had this to say about the case:

  • “This is not a “cold case.” It is an open and active investigation. This case is very complex given the fact there was little to no forensic evidence found at the scene. All DNA was traced back to Lindsay. It is quite the norm for a police department to remain tight-lipped in a homicide investigation so they do not jeopardize the integrity of the case.”
  • “The solvability rate in a case like this is measured in YEARS, not months. There is no smoking gun in this case.  Someone needs to come forward with that key piece of information. Someone out there has that information.” 
  • “One of the factors HAMPERING  the investigation is that if the killers were hired professionals, they might be from outside Vancouver Island.”  

Ninety-six percent of murder cases are solved within 48 hours, usually because the victim and the offender are known to one another. Murder investigations are solved in one of three ways:

1)  strong forensic evidence like DNA, footprints or fingerprints;

2) direct or corroborated witness testimony that places the killer at the scene;

3)  a confession from a suspect.

There are approx. 948 unsolved homicide cases in Canada and a much higher rate of unsolved homicides in Countries like the United States. 

There is a lot of misleading/fabricated information posted on social media, even false confessions.  We encourage viewers to trust in the credible information the investigators who are actively working on Lindsay’s case have shared publicly over the false information posted on social media by people who have no direct knowledge of the case.  There are people on social media who are intentionally fabricating information to suit their own personal agenda.

Detective Staff Sgt. Chris Horsley, one of the Investigators actively working on Lindsay’s case shared some details about her case on Crime Watch Daily – Murder For Sale which aired in 2017.  Garry Rodgers is writing a factual book about Lindsay’s murder. If you would like to read some credible material check out Garry’s website.  Someone Knows Something – The True Story of Lindsay Buziak’s Unsolved Murder.  There have been quite a few American podcasts about Lindsay’s unsolved murder published over the years. Most of those podcasts are based on disinformation and unfounded rumours.  The True Crime Garage podcast is an exception. The hosts revisit factual information shared publicly by the investigators. Although there are still some inaccuracies mentioned such as the “referral client” rumour and the rumour that Jason refused to submit a sample of his DNA, for the most part, many of the known facts have been presented.  True Crime Garage – Lindsay Buziak

If you have any information that could help in identifying the individuals responsible for Lindsay’s vicious murder please contact the following:

Saanich Police at  

1-888-980-1919 (toll-free call throughout Canada)

The dedicated Tip Line at 250-475-4356 

Crime Stoppers at   

Feel free to contact admin at  if you have any questions or concerns pertaining to this website.

Thank you.



“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”  –  Winston Churchill







261 thoughts on “Murder in Saanich

  1. This blog was developed for the sole purpose of sharing as much accurate information as possible about the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak and to keep her case in the forefront of everyone’s minds. It was our hope that by sharing some facts about this case that attention would be directed towards the individuals who we believe are responsible for Lindsay’s murder and that those individuals would one day be brought to justice. People have the right to disagree with the outline of our blog and that is okay.

    We have a right to share our theories and opinions like anyone else. It doesn’t matter if at one time we believed the Zailo’s could have been involved. We also believed the Calgary drug organization could have been involved. What matters is what we believe now which is that the Calgary drug organization is responsible for Lindsay’s murder. Theories and opinions can change over time. We focused on just the FACTS that have been available for 11 years, removed negative influences, rumours, falsehoods, disinformation and applied common sense to form a sound theory(which we believed in years ago)that the Calgary drug organization is responsible for Lindsay’s murder.

    There are many people who support the SPD, the Zailo family, and Garry Rodgers credible website. There are those who do not. Everyone has the god-given right to support whoever they choose to support and should not be threatened, maligned, or falsely accused of nefarious activities because of who they support. Just because we do not support the grieving Father’s theories or those of his followers it does not mean we are “trying to discredit a grieving Father, torture grieving parents or are trying to derail their personal agenda.” Those allegations are ludicrous. The lady who made those inane allegations makes the same claim against any person who does not follow her BS. She is under the mistaken impression she has the power to influence everyone with her BS but she does not. She only has the power to influence the gullible ones. To make absurd demands on people and demand their support OR ELSE, is preposterous. We can have empathy for Lindsay’s family and still support who we choose to support. We happen to sincerely believe the Zailo family is not involved in Lindsay’s murder and that the SP and other agencies have worked tirelessly on Lindsay’s case. No one should expect a murder to be solved without any solid evidence (eg. FORENSIC EVIDENCE THAT LEADS BACK TO THE KILLERS) to prove who was responsible regardless of the different spin the lady wants to put on it. Certainly, TWO FALSE CONFESSIONS and the other BS she spews is not EVIDENCE, no matter what she calls it. The killer’s obviously covered their tracks which have resulted in an 11-year-old unsolved murder. There are many unsolved murder cases just like Lindsay’s that had no smoking gun! There is still hope that her case will be solved.

    Justice is not about telling falsehoods, spreading disinformation, threatening people, or making false allegations of nefarious activities against others just because they happen to support people who this lady does not support. Justice is not about maliciously trying to discredit people just because they run a blog that shares accurate information about Lindsay’s investigation. This lady believes she yields the power to influence others with her BS. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She can not accept the fact there are people who are not so easily influenced and who refuse to hop on her tilted wagon. This lady often uses the grief of another parent as her weapon to assault and discredit innocent people of all sorts of things. She does this under the guise she is seeking justice for Lindsay. Losing a loved one, as heartwrenching as that is, does not give ANYONE a license to fabricate stories about innocent people or to intentionally tarnish a person’s good name and character just because they are a grieving parent. Losing a loved one does not give a person a license to hurl false allegations towards others and claim they are responsible for posting insensitive comments on another blog. The sole motive for making those kinds of allegations is to try and discredit others. Additionally, I agree wholeheartedly that people should not be making heartless comments about the victim, the victims family or towards anyone else for that matter. My suggestion as a blog administrator would be, rather than APPROVE those type of comments(ABDULA comment is an example) simply delete them. Again, it appears to be a strategic game move when comments like the “Abdula” character are approved then the group thinkers pounce and accuse innocent people of posting the comment. Why would administrators approve a disrespectful, heartless comment like Abdula’s in the first place? Especially when admin has the authority to delete it. Where is the logic behind that? Someone once tried to post a comment under the name “Lindsay Buziak” on this blog and we did not approve it. The comment was heartless AND it also went against the TOS of WordPress. (impersonating a deceased person) Talk about playing games. Who on earth would do that?

    I think this lady has lost sight of the fact that she is intentionally hurting innocent people with her false allegations and fabricated stories just because she believes grieving parents have the right to hurt others because they may be angry. Anyone who has lost a loved one knows what grief feels like. We each experience and feel grief differently. No one wishes that kind of pain on anyone. For those that have lost a loved one to violence, I can’t even imagine. Our hearts go out to all of you.

    There are a few people who support Lindsay’s Father and his website who are not happy about this blog or who we support. These people are hell-bent on making veiled threats about exposing our identities and continue to make false allegations about us in an attempt to discredit us and this blog. They do not want the public to know the real facts about Lindsay’s case. They claim this blog is trying to derail their personal agenda. Some of these people call us nasty, vile names I have not even heard a trucker use. Some of these people have tried to contact us and have attempted to post nasty comments on our blog. We will not tolerate that despicable, bullying behaviour from anyone! I have also noticed a clear pattern with some of these people. They personally attack ANYONE who does not support their theory or who calls them out on their BS! I’m sure members of the public have noticed the same pattern as well. These people appear to go after a new target every week. Past/current targets have been members of the SPD, Politicians, Dr. Phil, people on social media, some of Lindsay’s friends, etc. Pretty much ANYONE who does not agree with their theories and opinions will be attacked. This week it happens to be Garry Rodgers turn. That was expected. It was just a matter of time before they went after Garry Rodgers to try and discredit him too. Notice how these people attack as a group? It’s referred to as “groupthink”. Notice how these group thinkers have ZERO evidence to support any of their BS allegations? They consider TWO FALSE CONFESSIONS fabricated by the crazy lady SOLID evidence? The lady who fabricated the TWO FALSE CONFESSIONS is now vigorously promoting the most recent one about RZ. She has actually convinced HERSELF it’s real! The one she fabricated about Ross in 2017 did not yield the results she expected so she had to abandon that one. Notice how the other group thinkers were so quick to parrot her? Seriously, how easy would it be to fabricate some ridiculous BS story about any of them? Some of these people should be ashamed of themselves for using Lindsay’s unsolved murder as a platform to spew their venom.

    Since there is a murder investigation underway and this blog has named some very dangerous individuals it is understandable why we would have concerns about our identities being exposed, and why we would be concerned for our safety. I am sure there are people who have the same concerns as us. I saw a comment on the LBM blog a while back it read: “I care about the safety of people out there. The conspirators and killers of Lindsay Buziak are walking around free amongst us.” That is a very true statement and obviously written by someone who truly cares about people’s safety. I don’t see what the purpose would be of someone intentionally exposing peoples identities unless they really don’t care about the safety of others. If the real killers are in fact some of the individuals that have been named on this blog then those individuals are not going to be pleased about the unwanted public attention directed towards them. We know some of these individuals are murderers. As far as I can see most of the people who post about Lindsay’s murder do so under alias names. I guess that means they must have the same safety concerns we have. We are certainly not threatening to expose their identities.

    To the lady who continues to make veiled threats, do you really want to put us in harm’s way simply because you are angry that you could not influence us into believing your BS? If I was a newbie I would not jump on your tilted wagon. You are a loose caboose! This lady who is responsible for most of the BS posted about Lindsay’s case posted sensitive information about us that had been shared with her. She does not care about anyone’s safety. Regardless of her evergrowing BS, we have never posted her identity on social media. NEVER! What is the purpose behind her reckless behaviour other than she is just a moron with a personal agenda, which is to wreak as much havoc on others as she can? Yes, I can criticize her too just as she so easily criticizes so many others. I honestly believe this lady is trying to impede the investigation. What other explanation can there be to explain the TWO FALSE CONFESSIONS she fabricated and all the other BS she spews? She actually once even accused a police officer of murdering Lindsay. How can someone claim they are all about seeking JUSTICE FOR LINDSAY yet spew so much BS? There is something really corrupt about this lady!

    Certainly, some things need to be addressed here. First and foremost why the hell is this crazy lady from the US so engrossed in a Canadian murder case? Surely, there are plenty of unsolved murder cases in her own area she could fixate on. Most of the unsolved murder cases in the US are older than Lindsay’s. She makes these unrealistic claims that Lindsay’s murder should be solved based on nothing to support that assertion other than her BS and TWO FALSE CONFESSIONS she fabricated! She has no clue whatsoever about Canadian criminal law. She certainly has an unhealthy obsession with us. Her sole focus seems to be on falsely accusing us of torturing a poor grieving Father which is completely false! She says that a lot. I wonder how long it took her to dream up her most recent BS strategy which is accusing us of trolling the LBM blog with comments aimed at derailing her personal agenda? My guess would be that she is the one trolling the LBM blog under her alternate alias names arguing and fighting with herself for the sheer purpose of trying to discredit us. That is something she is fully capable of doing. There is a reason why she has 40,000 pseudonyms.

    For someone to use another person’s fear as a means to try and intimidate or silence them is a cowardly act in my opinion. This blog is not going anywhere so deal with it, lady! You have to wonder why this lady is even resorting to making false allegations against us? Does she feel threatened by the information we share about Lindsay’s case? She claims she wants JUSTICE yet she spends all her time trolling social media sites making threats against us, posting BS about Lindsay’s case, and criticizing the SP. The admin on this blog is only trying to share factual information and direct public attention to the individuals who we truly believe murdered Lindsay. How is that harming Lindsay’s case? Isn’t that trying to get Justice for Lindsay? Why should the real killer’s fly under the radar? I have also noticed this lady uses the same strategy to try and discredit others who do not support her delusional theories and BS. She makes the exact same false allegations against others claiming they too are trying to discredit a grieving Father. For the record, we did not develop this blog to try and discredit a grieving Father in any way, shape or form. This blog was developed for the sole purpose of sharing as much accurate information as possible about Lindsay’s unsolved murder and to keep her case in the forefront of everyone’s minds. We have accomplished that goal.

    When we developed the blog in 2017 we were threatened and instructed not to talk about the lady from the US or reference the LBM blog. This lady was given free rein to malign, mock, and criticize us and many others to anyone who was easily influenced by her. Well, enough of that. The lady has been talking utter nonsense for years! For the record, we are not torturing grieving parents, we are not trying to discredit a grieving Father, we do not have a personal vendetta against anyone, we do not post false information on this blog, we are not threatening to expose anyone’s identities, and we are not intentionally trying to put anyone in harms way like this lady is trying to do. This mentally unstable lady was given sensitive information about us which allowed her free rein to use that information as a weapon. We have every right to express ourselves freely just like everyone on the LBM blog does. We have every right to support whomever we wish to support just like the lady from the US does. It’s too damn bad if she doesn’t like it!

    If people don’t agree with the information on this blog that is their right and we have no problem with that. No one is forcing anyone to support us or our theories. We are not the ones making threats or using intimidation tactics to force people to support a specific theory. Our theories and the accurate information we share is not going to change whether we have support or not. This blog will stand as is. Support and respect are earned it is not something you can order people to do based on threats, intimidation, and lies!

    No amount of threats or BS this lady hurls our way is going to shut down this blog. Her continued threats and twisted head games are not going to silence us as she anticipates. She does not have the authority to silence anyone. Remember that lady! I expect this lady to put an entirely different spin on this post and instruct the other group thinkers who are influenced by her to attack as she appears to be the PR for the LBM blog. They only attack as a group.

    Justice for Lindsay and her family.

    • really glad I found this site and have subscribed to it and it’s comments. Seems to be a voice of sanity in the midst of all the discussion and the back and forth about this very tragic murder case. Incidentally, I happen to be an American myself and I am interested in this case, too, but I hope you don’t put me in the same category as the woman that you refer to, above, as being a crazy American lady obsessed with a Canadian murder case. Unfortunately, you are right, there are a number of cases here in the US that we could focus on, and I am interested in some of those as well, but I find this case particularly interesting and therefore, and I’m hoping especially sincerely that this one is solved. So please don’t think I’m unbalanced just because I’m a US citizen who’s interested in this case. This blog has been very refreshing to read in terms of your support of the police who are trying to solve this case, Lindsey’s family, and the Garry Rogers blog, which I have found to be another voice of sanity just as yours is!and you are so right, you can support Lindsey’s family especially her father, just as you can believe that he and his followers are aiming all of their energies in the wrong direction in terms of who is guilty of Lindsay’s murder. I do think that Mr. Rogers’ point of view makes a great deal of sense and he has made statements but back that up, and it would seem that you for the most part, if not in total, agree with him. I just wanted to leave a comment here to say how glad I am to have found this site and to read what you have to say, and to offer a little moral support. Wish I had more to offer than that, I think I know the other blog to which you refer, that one being the one written by the person you referred to as being the crazy American lady… My God, if she is putting any of your lives at risk by trying to reveal who you are, that is absolutely unconscionable.

      • Thanks for your interest in our blog Lynn. Since we are aware of exactly who the crazy lady is we have serious concerns as to her motives, unhealthy obsessions, and interest in Lindsay’s case. Not to mention her unhealthy obsession with the investigators who are involved in this case. I will leave it at that. We certainly do not put all US citizens into the same category as her just because they are interested in this case so no need to worry about that.
        This blog has been active for over two years now. We are confident in the accuracy of the information we have shared. Most of which are known facts the investigators already shared publicly. We have also included our own personal theories and opinions. Justice for Lindsay.

        • Thank you so much for your kind words! Keep at it, you folks are on the right track, and are doing so with respect for Mr. Buziak, despite disagreeing with him about the persons responsible for his daughter’s murder. I do wish he would listen to your point of view and spend his time and energy going in the right direction, Lynn L.

        • ” We also believed the Calgary drug organization was involved. What matters is what we believe now. ” Does this mean that you no longer believe a drug organization was involved? I understand if you prefer not to elaborate, or for whatever reasons cannot elaborate, I was merely curious, thanks in advance.Lynn L

          • Lynn, I amended my original comment for clarification purposes. “What matters is what we believe now which is that the Calgary drug organization is responsible for Lindsay’s murder. Theories and opinions can change over time.”

            We 100% believe the Calgary drug organization is responsible for Lindsay’s murder. There is zero evidence to support any other working theory. Especially, the Zailo theory!

    • Hi, I just wanted to apologize for wrongfully accusing you people of being posters “see closely”, “Svetlana” and “Ashley Marie” I realize now that I am just paranoid and confused and it’s likely due to sleep deprivation. That is probably another reason why I release so much disinformation too. I’ve done my darndest to straighten it out it but honest to God I just don’t know where to begin. It’s just too much!

      I have been working tirelessly on the civilian parallel investigation going around in circles and also trying to keep track of all my pseudonyms. It’s so embarrassing when I expose myself by arguing with my other pseudonyms. It seems I have also been chasing down false leads, like false confessions, etc. and distracting myself further in the process. No wonder I’m not getting anywhere with this civilian investigation! I am no further ahead than I was 11 years ago. The only thing I’ve managed to accomplish in all these years is to accumulate more pseudonyms and criticize people. I know it’s not nice to criticize others but I can’t help it.

      It seems as though you people are on the right track here. Keep up the good work. Once again, I am truly sorry.

  2. The motive that best fits this crime is the drug angle, with very heavy players involved, It’s the reason there’s been no arrests. If this was an out-of-country cartel hit like is suggested here, good chance this murder will never be prosecuted. Certain the cops know who murdered this young girl but they don’t have the legal authority to enter another country to do what needs to be done.
    The boyfriend did it theory dead-panned years ago because there was so evidence of his guilt. The guy is innocent. You can beat a dead horse for only so long – then its time to step back and let common sense rule the clouded brain. No conspiracy, no foul play that I can see. This is a cartel hit ordered to prove who’s in control. You don’t fuck with the cartel. They silenced an entire community by fear – which was their intention. The loss of millions is sometimes the cost of doing business, the payback for a perceived betrayal is a much higher price. Death. As long as people continue to target the boyfriend they do a disservice to an innocent life lost. Keep the focus on the drug angle. It’s the only angle that makes sense.

  3. It appears there is a small group of people who continues to falsely accuse the Saanich Police of trying to publicly discredit them but the reality is, this group are doing a fabulous job of discrediting themselves. This group continues to intentionally spew and regurgitate the same crap day after day regardless of the damage they may be inflicting on decent human beings who have done no wrong. It is readily apparent this group is trying to blacken the name of the Zailo’s and members of the SPD because they are angry and want to punish them for perceived wrongs. This group appears to consist of a small number of very vindictive individuals who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Their goal is to ramp up their smear campaign and try and ruin the good name of the Zailo family and some members of the SPD. Their conduct is unconscionable.

    A personal vendetta seems to have been waged against the Zailo family at first but has now grown to include some members of the SPD. It appears the only people who are immune to the group’s wrath now are people who join in on the smear campaign. It’s now open season on anyone who dares to defend the Zailo’s or the SPD or who dares to voice an opinion that may differ from the opinion of this specific group. What this group is doing is morally and ethically wrong on every level imaginable. They are obviously attempting to mislead the public with false and damaging statements about the Zailo’s and some members of the SPD under the guise they are seeking justice for Lindsay. It looks like this group has a personal agenda and it is not about seeking justice for Lindsay. It is more about running a smear campaign against specific members of the SPD and the Zailo family. That is where their sole focus appears to be at now.

    It appears since the team of investigators working on Lindsay’s case is not focused on the Zailo family whom the group in charge of the smear campaign insists are responsible for Lindsay’s murder, it has angered them beyond an unhealthy level. The group’s letter-writing campaign is all about more mud slinging and less about justice for Lindsay. What a complete waste of time. The group wonders why the letter campaign was a failure. Who the hell would pay any attention to the crap they spew? I would suggest if they are going to write letters asking for assistance they should at least be honest and try to appear a little more professional. Now it seems Dr. Phil and his wife are being vilified on social media because the group is angry Dr. Phil did not portray the SP and the Zailo family in a negative light like they were hoping for. The group attacks Dr. Phil’s wife just because she is an attractive woman. These vindictive group of people should be ashamed of themselves.

    I think everyone would like justice for Lindsay and her family but smearing the name of innocent people such as the Zailo’s and trying to ruin the good name of some members of the SPD is not going to get justice for Lindsay. Fabricating stories about innocent people because you are angry at them is only going to hurt Lindsay’s case in the long term.

    The group of people behind the smear campaign are actually helping the real suspects get away with murder and they are assisting the future defense lawyers, who will one day represent the people who murdered Lindsay. Mark my words on that.

    The people who are really responsible for Lindsay’s murder are relishing in the thought that the group in charge of the smear campaign has been focused on all the wrong people and taken public attention off of them.

  4. Just reading an old news article from 2008. I always thought that Lindsay Buziak’s murder was connected to the people that were involved in the Calgary Drug Bust. Just so much evidence pointed that way. I believe she was an innocent victim targeted by some very dangerous people. I pray they find her killers one day soon.

    Calgary Alberta

    The Canadian Press · Posted: Sep 25, 2008 4:56 PM MT | Last Updated: September 25, 2008

    Cocaine-snorting executives driving drug trade: Alberta solicitor general
    Fast-living executives and middle-class people who get high at parties are partly to blame for driving the drug trade and increasing gang activity, Alberta’s solicitor general said Thursday.
    “But they don’t relate to the fact that by the use of their drugs — whether it’s crack, cocaine or even marijuana – it contributes to the gang and the organized crime activity that we see on the streets.”

  5. Who Is Really Responsible For Misleading The Public With Inaccurate Information About Lindsay’s Case?

    I read these posts on various social media sites.  I felt it was important to address the misleading/inaccurate information in these posts and point out who is really responsible for misleading the public about Lindsay’s case.  It is NOT THE SP. It is people on social media with a personal agenda who are intentionally trying to mislead viewers. 

    click on the link to continue reading………

  6. Vancouver Island Homicides Pt 1. A look at recent Vancouver Island homicide cases and why many remain unsolved

    Vancouver Island Homicides Pt. 2: Why are police so secretive?
    Extended Interview

    EXTENDED: Interview with Vancouver Island’s top homicide cop

    WATCH: Insp. Dave Hall is the officer in charge of the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit. He sits down with CHEK News reporter April Lawrence to give an in-depth look at how the unit operates, why they’re so secretive, and why homicide investigations often take so long.

  7. In Lindsay’s case, it’s pretty apparent the murder was not committed in the heat of the moment. The killer’s had the presence of mind to meticulously cover their tracks (NO DNA or FINGERPRINTS).

    Joe Clayton is a primary crime scene responder at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He has 14 years of field experience and also is an expert in certain areas of forensic science. “In Mr. Clayton’s opinion, shows like “CSI” aren’t making criminals any smarter. The truth is, crime scene investigation and forensic science are always trying to catch up with the criminals, not the other way around. And while there are certainly people who meticulously plan a crime and how to get away with it, Mr. Clayton’s experience with crime scenes tells a different story: Most violent crimes are committed in the heat of the moment. The perpetrator is in an agitated state, possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and doesn’t have the presence of mind to meticulously cover his tracks. It’s the rare criminal genius who studies forensic science so he can commit the perfect murder and get away with it.”

    “It certainly makes it harder when these are pre-planned events and people have conspired beforehand to make sure they are not apprehended,” Horsley said.

  8. The public has lost confidence in the SPD investigation we need an outside review of the file by an outside expert like Jim Clemente start to finish otherwise we are going on blind faith. The Lindsay case is solvable but seemed to lack focus and direction.

    • This is an active & open homicide investigation and anyone who thinks for one minute that the Saanich Police would turn over their files for review to a conspiracy theorist such as Jim Clemente is sadly mistaken. Jim Clemente does not solve murders. He creates drama and destroys innocent lives all the while reeling in huge financial gain. Waging a war against a police department for a murder that is not yet solved is irresponsible, and clearly the actions of ill-informed people. This case is in the hands of the SP and it will stay in the hands of the SP right where it belongs. Arrests will happen when there is enough evidence to get a conviction.

      Here is an article that was published in the newspaper a few days ago. 19-year old Devon Allaire Bell was murdered (stabbed in the heart) in a Surrey Park while playing basketball in 2011. (RCMP – IHIT case). His attackers were caught on video, and that video was made public. To date, no one has come forward to identify any of the 5 males in the video. Devon’s father said, “it’s painfully obvious that the police don’t have enough evidence to lay charges”. Devon’s parents live in anguish/pain but they have never once blamed the police for the lack of arrests. Like in Lindsay Buziak’s case the code of silence is a big part of why this case has not been solved. If anyone is to blame here it is the justice system that sets the bar too high for cases to be approved by Crown Counsel. RCMP and IHIT have their own unsolved murders to deal with just as Saanich does. Leave the professionals to do their job.

      • As far as the SPD never allowing an outside expert consultant to analyze the Lindsay Buziak file you are most likely quite correct that is why there is going to be a push to have the file removed from their hands. The public has completely lost confidence in the competency of the SPD the only way to even begin to restore that confidence is to have an independent expert like Jim Clemente review the case file. Your comments regarding Jim Clemente are obviously designed to destroy his credebility in the readers mind, nonsense and under handed.

        • Good luck with your campaign to have a police file removed from a police department based on what you think is going on. You would require hard evidence to back up your baseless claims and unfounded accusations. You have none.

          Your comments regarding the SPD and the other agencies that have worked on this case are obviously designed to try and destroy their credibility. The public, Members of the Saanich Police Board(municipal police departments are overseen by an appointed police board made up of civilian members of the community, and the Mayor), RCMP, IHIT, and the RCMP Office of Investigational Standards and Practices, just to name a few, have full confidence in the competency of the SPD and it’s members regardless of your nonsense.

    • JKenda, the public has not lost confidence in the SPD investigation as you state. Have you conducted any legitimate polls or collected any stats from the public (other than the pseudos) to show the public has lost confidence in the SPD or is that your personal opinion? You are entitled to your own opinion but please don’t speak on my behalf as I am a member of the public domain and I have full confidence in the TEAM of investigators/outside agencies working on this case. They know Lindsay’s case is solvable.

      From my observations, I see a small group of ranters on social media who criticize the SP and then the followers join in and repeat the same rant. JKenda, do you have access to the homicide file? How did you come to the conclusion “the case seems to lack focus and direction?” Your statements lack common sense considering you have no access to the case file, therefore, you have no idea what the investigators have been doing for the last 10 years. Lack of arrests means LACK OF HARD EVIDENCE to ARREST and CHARGE the individuals responsible for Lindsay’s murder(hence no identifiable DNA, fingerprints, confession, etc). That is the reality of this case. Lack of arrests in Lindsay’s case is NOT an indicator of poor investigative skills, poor job performance, corruption, etc. as some people would like their audience to believe. JKenda, perhaps you should have a look at the links provided on this site so you may have a better understanding of homicide investigations and charge assessment guidelines before you too pass judgment based on zero first-hand knowledge of the case.

      There are hundreds of unsolved homicide cases in Canada just like Lindsay’s due to the fact there was no “smoking gun.” It is simple as that. The SP has made it very clear that the killers did not leave any DNA, fingerprints, or other forms of forensic evidence at the crime scene that would lead to their identity. No one has confessed either. You can’t beat a confession out of someone! It appears as though the team of investigators knows who the conspirators are and possibly even the killers BUT, you need hard evidence to move the case forward. The disgruntled followers are too quick to jump on the bandwagon of what the ranters say. Be a leader, not a follower.

      As for any outside reviews conducted by outside experts, no one can do a review without access to Lindsay’s case file. Dateline did not even have access to Lindsay’s autopsy report(they did have access to some information like photos) that is why they could only say: “Lindsay was stabbed dozens of times.” A reporter once falsely reported that the police said Lindsay was stabbed “54 times” then had to retract the statement. The police have never publicly stated the nature of Lindsay’s wounds. Other’s have reported she was stabbed “20 to 30 times”. Jim Clemente had full access to the “JonBenet Ramsey” case file and he was NOT able to SOLVE the case or bring NEW EVIDENCE to light like he CLAIMED HE WOULD DO. All Jim did was literally MAKE UP A STORY ABOUT BURKE KILLING JonBenét. There is now a $750 million defamation lawsuit against Jim Clemente and others. As for Jim’s analysis on “OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession” Jim Clemente came to another lame conclusion that OJ lied and that OJ did in fact murder, Nicole. The whole world already knew that.

      We have our own experts in Canada from the RCMP Office of Investigational Standards and Practices which reaffirmed the investigational processes being undertaken by Saanich Police.

      • I have been looking into this case for about 8 years and have spoken with most of the characters concerned I am not an ignorant new comer I am also very familiar with you by the way, you could learn much from the information you posted your self or do you just cut and paste reams of info, I guess a Leopard cannot change his or should I say her spots. In the case of Jon Bennet Ramsey I hope you noticed the experts that worked as part of Clementes team are considered some of the best in the world if not the best. Notice also the conclusion of the experts is the only conclusion the evidence fits. Very good investigation Clemente and his people are also working the Casey Anthony case airing tonight on A&E we need them to look into the Lindsay Buziak case, the case is solvable but not solvable by sitting around the crime stoppers phone waiting for somebody to solve it for them. Saying the file is still being actively investigated to keep the file locked down is garbage.

        • To be quite frank, you sound like a broken record. You are correct in that, a leopard never changes HIS spots, just HIS pseudos. We are also very familiar with you by the way. Who said, “the SP were sitting around the crime stoppers phone waiting for someone else to solve the case?” Repeating the same blather over and over again will not solve this case. Do you have access to the homicide file? How did you come to the conclusion “the case seems to lack focus and direction?” I noticed you did not respond to either question.

          I am also very familiar with the experts on the JonBenet Ramsey case and still hold the same opinion of their conclusion regardless of your rant. The $750 million defamation lawsuit against the so-called experts speaks volumes.

          cut and paste from WordPress: “Responsibility of Contributors. If you operate a blog you are entirely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from, that Content. By using, you represent and warrant that your content and conduct do not violate these Terms or the User Guidelines.”

          JKenda, we consider your comments claiming the SP are “incompetent” inappropriate so consider yourself blocked from commenting any further on this site. Thank you.

  9. Exactly!!! People on social media claim the police make inconsistent statements but the reality is, the reporter is the one who often mistakenly states the police said something when they didn’t or people on social media spin the statement to suit their agendas. Here is a perfect example of a REPORTER who claimed the POLICE stated something they DID NOT, then RETRACTED it! (this is also a perfect example of how people on social media intentionally post inaccurate information to suit their own agenda). The autopsy results were sealed and anyone who would doubt that is lacking in common sense. Lindsay was fully clothed when her body was found. How would first responders be able to see ALL her wounds in the event they leaked information? Sure they would have seen wounds that were not covered by her clothing.


    Lindsay Buziak’s brutal killing unsolved six years later
    24-year-old victim was stabbed to death in a $1-million home in Greater Victoria
    CBC News Posted: Feb 02, 2014 5:59 PM PT

    A previous version of this story mistakenly stated police said Buziak was stabbed 54 times. In fact, police have never released details of the stabbing.

    Feb 03, 2014 5:28 PM PT

    • Sgt. Horsley’s statement on Adam Stirling Show: “We are, without any doubt aware that there are postings on there that are complete fabrications. These are people that are creating anonymous usernames, they’re posting nonsense and in some cases are deliberately postings things as though they’re facts. It saddens us that people are doing that, it probably saddens us even more that there is a large percentage of people reading and believing this RUBBISH. So, it makes it very difficult for investigators.”

      “It has been noted that Internet sites, blogs, and other social media platforms have provided a forum for much speculation relating to this murder and ongoing investigation,” said Leslie. “Although not actively participating, the Saanich Police are aware of the many falsehoods, accusations, and erroneous information posted on the Internet. While providing clarification is difficult, the investigators are aware that much of the posted information is either false, misleading, or deliberately fabricated.”

      He said the investigation conducted by the Saanich Police was subject to a review by the RCMP Office of Investigational Standards and Practices (OISP), which reaffirmed the investigational processes being undertaken by Saanich Police. As with all police agencies across Canada, the standards of Major Case Management (MCM) provide a strict framework relating to the manner and structure of the police investigational team. Also, Saanich Police participated in Strategic Advisory Groups with other homicide officers from across the Province including members of IHIT from the lower mainland. All of these steps were undertaken to ensure the highest level of investigational standards were being met.

      “Saanich Police have worked tirelessly with the RCMP and Victoria Police in partnerships to achieve success. After 10-years of work, we regret that success has not been achieved to date in our investigation,” said Leslie.

      • Unfortunately, years ago I was once a believer in the zailo guilt and expressed my opinions and theories freely. I did not, however, partake in any malicious intent to spread lies, intentionally try and mislead viewers or fabricate stories about the Zailos or anyone else. I can honestly say, at that particular period in time I truly did believe what was being said about the Zailo’s. After all, why would people make it up? I was somewhat gullible I guess. The information made sense to me at that time but in retrospect, I believe I had tunnel vision and relied heavily on misinformation and rumors to form my theories.

        As the years went on I began to question the validity of the information sources and my opinions and theories began to change. It started to make more sense another group was involved and there was some real factual information to bolster that theory. I guess one could say I at one time participated in the witch hunt because I based my theory on speculation and misinformation rather than actual facts. For that I am sorry. I believe 110% the Zailo’s are innocent.

        Trial by social media or an online witch hunt, whatever you want to call them, have one thing in common, they’re dangerous, and in the anonymous land of cyberspace, often innocent people get caught in the crosshairs. I am not the same misguided, gullible person I was years ago. I try my best not to post unverified content and I feel I have learned a very hard lesson from past mistakes. I think social media can also be a useful conduit for communication, expressing opinions, and even helping with investigations.

        • I at one time believed the Zailos were responsible for Lindsay’s murder, and I didn’t hesitate to speak my mind. When too many things weren’t adding up & not making sense I knew I had made a mistake. I have learned not to believe everything I hear, to use common sense and trust my instincts and not rush to judgement. Often the truth is right in front of us, we just need to pay attention. It’s a refreshing change to see people lending Jason some support. It is very clear that Jason is not involved in this conspiracy to murder his girlfriend. I know it now, just wished I had not been so stupid back then to believe everything I heard. Often what we perceive to be the truth isn’t so.

      • The zailos were the victims of a witch hunt a long time ago.They were vindicated. There are a few remaining stragglers still carrying on but no one is paying attention.

  10. It’s been 10 years since Jeff Buziak’s daughter Lindsay was murdered. The young realtor was showing a home when she was stabbed to death.

    In the intervening decade, Buziak says he’s come to accept his daughter’s death, but he says he’ll never accept that police have not made an arrest.

    “[The] police know who killed my daughter,” Buziak said. “They know what is going on, and yet they can’t seem to take it over the goal line.”

    Buziak believes police have enough evidence to close the case, including a confession posted on a website Buziak maintains, dedicated to finding his daughter’s killer. But police say the case is still under active investigation.

    An ongoing investigation

    Sgt. Chris Horsely says Buziak is mistaken about the quality of the evidence.

    “He is really forming his opinions based on things out there [on] social media, internet, websites and blogs [that] are putting things out there that for the most part simply aren’t true,” Horsely said.

    “If we had the grounds to go forward to seek charge approval from Crown counsel, we certainly would have done so at this time.”

    Horsely said the investigation into Lindsay Buziak’s death is ongoing.

  11. Global News interview: S/Sgt. Chris Horsley from the Saanich police gives an update on the Lindsay Buziak case on the tenth anniversary of her murder.

    News Anchor: Well, police are renewing their commitment to the community a decade after the murder of a local realtor, 24-year-old Lindsay Buziak was stabbed and killed while showing a home in 2008, her killer has never been brought to justice. Joining us this morning is S/Sgt. Chris Horsley from the Saanich Police Dept. Thank you very much for being with us today. Now, tomorrow as you know, marks 10 years since Lindsay’s murder, I know this isn’t an easy question to answer but why haven’t we seen any charges laid?

    CH: Well, certainly it’s a complex investigation as all homicide files often are, sadly it has been 10 years and we certainly wish we’d had a quicker result for the friends and family of Lindsay Buziak, however, the investigation is still ongoing and we are hopeful that we will be successful in bringing those responsible before justice.

    News Anchor: I understand that there has been lots of information, tips, even confessions that have been posted online, how useful has that information been?

    CH: Well, the stark reality is, it’s been of no use whatsoever. You know I guess it’s a testament to the modern era we are in with social media platforms, websites, and blogs. We have people that are creating fake identities, posting anonymous information, even confessions like you mentioned. All of those have to be investigated and they were, unfortunately, those have been proven to be completely false and in many ways it makes what is already a hard task even harder we are having to go through this myriad of nonsense that people are posting anonymously and it certainly makes it far more challenging for the police.

    News Anchor: Now, considering you’re saying that a lot of these posts and confessions have been false is this a matter of having a suspect, someone in mind but not having the evidence to prove it?

    CH: Well, with any homicide investigation where it’s not readily apparent at the onset who’s responsible there may be many investigative avenues and we’ve certainly gone down lots of those, we’ve had suspects, we’ve ruled out suspects and we’re certainly continuing with our investigation but by no means is this a cold case. Therefore, it’s an active file with the Saanich Police and we certainly wouldn’t discuss our suspects openly on TV

    News Anchor: Of course but you do say this was a targeted, pre-planned, murder so someone went to great lengths to make sure no evidence was left behind?

    CH: Yeah, often there is a solvability factor with all homicides and you know you may have loads of forensic evidence, or perhaps witness testimony and of course other ones you’re lacking in those areas, and that greatly reduces that solvability factor however, we firmly believe every single homicide is solvable including this one but, you know it certainly makes it harder when these are pre-planned events and people have conspired beforehand to ensure that they are not apprehended. Those are definitely tougher to prove

    News Anchor: And, I understand police believe that there are people out there withholding information, what’s the message you want to get out right now?

    CH: Well, we certainly know that there was pre-planning for this event, we know that more than one person was present at the actual crime scene we also know that theres likely conspirators that acted beforehand so we firmly believe there is a reasonable sized group that have personal and first-hand knowledge, those are the people that we’ve always sought out and we will continue to do so, unfortunately, of course, it often gets lost in the white noise of social media with people posting things that they really don’t have that first-hand knowledge of.

    • Saanich Police believe multiple people have first-hand knowledge regarding the murder of Lindsay Buziak.

      The 24-year-old realtor was stabbed to death while showing a home in Saanich’s Gordon Head neighbourhood on Feb. 2, 2008.

      “As with other pre-planned and targeted murders, the perpetrators and/or conspirators have taken steps to avoid apprehension by police. We believe multiple persons have personal and first-hand knowledge regarding the murder of Lindsay Buziak and have withheld this information from police,” said Sgt. Jereme Leslie with Saanich Police.

      He said Saanich Police have worked tirelessly with the RCMP and Victoria Police in partnerships to achieve success.

      “As with all criminal offences in B.C., the standard of Crown counsel charge approval must be met. Saanich Police are continuing to work towards success in this investigation, and the case remains active and ongoing as we move towards a successful conclusion to this investigation.”

      The community will show its support for Buziak’s family at Friday’s Lindsay Buziak Memorial Walk for Justice which starts at 10 a.m. outside Royal Oak Burial Park. It will wind its way to the site of the murder before ending outside Saanich’s Municipal Hall.

      Jeff Buziak has continued his pursuit of justice for his daughter, relentlessly searching for answers in her murder. He set up a website,, where individuals can anonymously share tips. A shocking confession was posted to the website last year, something police are aware of.

      “It has been noted that Internet sites, blogs, and other social media platforms have provided a forum for much speculation relating to this murder and ongoing investigation,” said Leslie. “Although not actively participating, the Saanich Police are aware of the many falsehoods, accusations, and erroneous information posted on the Internet. While providing clarification is difficult, the investigators are aware that much of the posted information is either false, misleading, or deliberately fabricated.”

      He said the investigation conducted by the Saanich Police was subject to a review by the RCMP Office of Investigational Standards and Practices (OISP), which reaffirmed the investigational processes being undertaken by Saanich Police. As with all police agencies across Canada, the standards of Major Case Management (MCM) provide a strict framework relating to the manner and structure of the police investigational team. Also, Saanich Police participated in Strategic Advisory Groups with other homicide officers from across the Province including members of IHIT from the lower mainland. All of these steps were undertaken to ensure the highest level of investigational standards were being met.

      “Saanich Police have worked tirelessly with the RCMP and Victoria Police in partnerships to achieve success. After 10-years of work, we regret that success has not been achieved to date in our investigation,” said Leslie.

        • Media Releases

          10 Year Remembrance of Lindsay Buziak Murder

          On February 2, 2008, local realtor Lindsay Buziak was murdered in the Gordon Head area of Saanich, British Columbia. Since this date, investigators from the Saanich Police have worked diligently to identify, apprehend, and prosecute those responsible.

          As the investigation approaches the 10-year milestone since Lindsay’s murder, the Saanich Police wish to reaffirm their organizational commitment as they work towards justice for Lindsay Buziak and her family and friends.

          It has been noted that Internet sites, blogs, and other social media platforms have provided a forum for much speculation relating to this murder and ongoing investigation. Although not actively participating, the Saanich Police are aware of the many falsehoods, accusations, and erroneous information posted on the Internet. While providing clarification is difficult, the investigators are aware that much of the posted information is either false, misleading, or deliberately fabricated.

          The murder investigation conducted by the Saanich Police was subject to a review by the RCMP Office of Investigational Standards and Practices (OISP), which reaffirmed the investigational processes being undertaken by Saanich Police. As with all police agencies across Canada, the standards of Major Case Management (MCM) provide a strict framework relating to the manner and structure of the police investigational team. Also, Saanich Police participated in Strategic Advisory Groups with other homicide officers from across the Province including members of IHIT from the lower mainland. All of these steps were undertaken to ensure the highest level of investigational standards were being met.

          Saanich Police have worked tirelessly with the RCMP and Victoria Police in partnerships to achieve success. After 10-years of work, we regret that success has not been achieved to date in our investigation. As with other pre-planned and targeted murders, the perpetrators and/or conspirators have taken steps to avoid apprehension by police. We believe multiple persons have personal and first-hand knowledge regarding the murder of Lindsay Buziak and have withheld this information from police.

          As with all criminal offences in British Columbia, the standard of Crown Counsel charge approval must be met. Saanich Police are continuing to work towards success in this investigation, and the case remains active and ongoing as we move towards a successful conclusion to this investigation.

          Sgt. Jereme Leslie

          SPD File 2008-02682 refers

          • People are withholding information in Buziak murder case, police say

            Saanich police say they have worked diligently for the past 10 years to find the people responsible for the murder of Lindsay Buziak.

            On the eve of the 10th anniversary of her murder, Saanich police sent out a statement reaffirming their commitment to get justice for Buziak, her family and friends.

            The 24-year-old real estate agent was stabbed and killed while showing a vacant home in Gordon Head on Feb. 2, 2008.

            Saanich police said they believe a number of people have personal and first-hand knowledge of her murder and have withheld this information.

            “Saanich police have worked tirelessly with the RCMP and Victoria police in partnerships to achieve success. After 10-years of work, we regret that success has not been achieved to date in our investigation. As with other pre-planned and targeted murders, the perpetrators and/or conspirators have taken steps to avoid apprehension by police,” the statement said.

            Lindsay’s father, Jeff Buziak, has been highly critical of the police investigation. He has created a website about her murder.

            Saanich police say websites, blogs, and social media platforms have provided a forum for a lot of speculation about the murder and the investigation.

            “Although not actively participating, the Saanich police are aware of the many falsehoods, accusations, and erroneous information posted on the Internet. While providing clarification is difficult, the investigators are aware that much of the posted information is either false, misleading, or deliberately fabricated,” the statement said.

            The Buziak murder investigation was reviewed by the RCMP Office of Investigational Standards and Practices. Saanich police also participated in strategic advisory groups with other homicide officers from across the province including members of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team from the Lower Mainland.

            All of these steps were undertaken to ensure the highest level of investigational standards were being met, said Saanich police Sgt. Jereme Leslie.

            “As with all criminal offences in British Columbia, the standard of Crown counsel charge approval must be met. Saanich police are continuing to work towards success in this investigation, and the case remains active and ongoing as we move towards a successful conclusion to this investigation,” said Leslie.

            At 10 a.m. Friday, Jeff Buziak will lead a 17-kilometre Walk For Justice starting at Royal Oak Burial Park. passing the house where Buziak was killed, and ending up at Saanich Municipal Hall.



            • It’s good to see the SP set the record straight. It was so tiring reading the long winded rants demanding the SP hand the investigation over to the RCMP. The RCMP have been working on the case all along. Let’s hope people let it all sink in. Justice for Lindsay!!

              • Jenny don’t hold your breath.The ranters will never stop ranting about the RCMP, the Zee’s, where J-z parked his truck, shirl did it,j-z sat outside for 30 minutes, email the MPs, write the PM, SP need to solve this even though they have explained the complexity of the case, it goes on and on and on. You can’t lead a bunch of wild horses to water or force them to drink it.

              • I agree, the public needs to start trusting what the police are saying but for some reason many won’t. Jason Zailo was ruled out as a suspect years ago and the ones who continue to target him are not helping the situation.

    • I wish the people who are withholding information would cooperate voluntarily like the Zailo’s did. The individuals who are withholding pertinent information are the reason why this case remains unsolved!!!!!!

  12. The only reason Lindsay’s murder case is not solved yet is that it is a very complex case and one can only assume there is not enough sufficient evidence to move the case forward, YET. The police likely know who the conspirators are and most likely the reason why they spent a considerable amount of their time in Calgary early on. We know the Zailo family do not live in Calgary. The majority of people in Victoria know the Zailo’s are not involved and know the Delalcazar crew are likely the top suspects. It is clear the Zailo’s still has all the same support from their friends, co-workers, etc. and they continue to thrive in their careers. On the other hand, people are scared of the Del crew and this is one of the reasons people are afraid to come forward. The Del crew have a reputation for being extremely violent. Especially, Vid and Erickson. The SP seems to be focused on the Del crew, not the Zailo’s. The SP are the ones investigating the case and know all the facts, not the web detectives. Web detectives tend to manufacture stories because they don’t know all the facts so they make them up as they go along. Others come along and read that as being the “gospel truth”. So much misinformation out in the world wide web on this case.

    The case is complex because there was no DNA or fingerprints that could identify the killer’s, little to no forensics, no eyewitnesses, no confession, no murder weapon, NO SMOKING GUN! This makes the investigation EXTREMELY COMPLICATED! The Dateline experts gave their opinion that this case would NOT BE SOLVED based on “forensics”. “Someone who has information about Lindsay’s murder needs to step forward. This case will be solved based on “loose lips”. There are numerous cases across Canada that remain unsolved. Not all murder cases are solved in the first 48 hours.

    Cases that are solved within the first 48 hours usually have an abundance of evidence at the scene and other supporting evidence that pointed directly to the killers. Maybe even a confession in some cases. The Kimberly Proctor case is a perfect example of a case with a “smoking gun”.

    In a 2008 news article Saanich Police said public tips weren’t needed to solve the case. A month after the killing, the family considered putting up a reward, but the police told them they had sufficient information and there was no need to do so. A logical conclusion would be the SP were aware who the conspirators were in early 08. Sounds like someone was going to give up some information but later balked which stalled the investigation. The only way this murder is going to be solved is when someone talks! Criticizing the police and accusing them of being corrupt and involved in the murder will not speed up the process in solving the case. Unfortunately, when you have insufficient evidence because the killers were careful not to leave any, you have to rely on “loose lips” and that can take many years. I notice some people will criticize the police and in the next breath, they are quoting what the police said and instruct people to pay attention to what the police said. That is hypocritical in my opinion. Either you believe they are corrupt or not. You can’t have it both ways.

    “When you don’t have a smoking gun, the investigation is COMPLEX, and I believe that the majority of your readers know that,” said Price.


    Police consider it a “whodunit,” not a simple “smoking gun” homicide, McColl said. “It’s common that these investigations are measured in YEARS, not MONTHS.”


    Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell, who saw the walkers off as a show of support, said Saanich police have worked hard on the case. “What the case really needs is it needs a LEAD, it needs another lead,” he said. “All the leads up to this point have been pursued and they’ve reached either a dead end or they’ve reached a level where the officers feel that they would not be able to achieve a result in court that would end up in a solid conviction.”

    Saanich police Acting Sgt. Jereme Leslie said the case remains open and active, although the investigation isn’t being carried out full-time. It is not considered a cold case, he said.

    “Investigators work multiple files as the normal course of duty in the detective division,” he said. “All tips and leads are triaged appropriately as they’re received.”

    Leslie said that while officers have been transferred into and out of the police effort over time, the main people have been there from the start.

    “The key investigators have always retained continuity of the investigation,” he said.

  13. This murder has all the components of a woman’s involvement. A woman scorned can be lethal and dangerous, and violations of trust are most often the cause for vengeful actions, in some cases a simple rejection can be the trigger,“not-so-quiet” retaliation is usually a trigger-haired response to a buildup of anger and pain. Yeh I’m certain this murder is connected to the Calgary bust but there’s more to this. Angry drug dealers would have sat in wait outside Lindsay’s home or office, then on sight, put a bullet in her head. The person that masterminded this murder knew Lindsay’s schedule, knew how much Lindsay loved her real estate career and was becoming successful, and would love a big commission sale. I see this woman as conniving and calculating who knew how she could deflect the investigation in another direction. Sure enough it worked. Not sure who the woman is but it’s someone who was insanely jealous and wanted Lindsay gone. Maybe this woman’s goal was to get back at a man who had rejected her, and that man was someone who loved Lindsay. What a better way to get back at someone that had wronged you then to take out the person they loved. Lindsay was no snitch so if this woman lied and said she was, and the drug dealers called the hit based on that information then that woman knowingly sent Lindsay to her death. If this is how it went down, then this woman even used the drug dealers to achieve her goal. Now they’re all involved so no one can give up the other.

  14. When the female suspect telephoned Lindsay she allegedly told Lindsay she got her phone number from her husband’s friend. Apparently, the female suspect told Lindsay she did not know the name of the friend as it was her husband’s FRIEND. It appears to me that the female suspect did not give Lindsay the name of the friend. The SP has never acknowledged a male telephoned Lindsay. There were earlier rumors circulating around town that the female suspect gave Lindsay the name of one of her former clients and that Lindsay tried to contact the former client but could not reach her. That rumor only fuelled more speculation that only a realtor would know Lindsay’s former clients therefore only a realtor could be involved in Lindsay’s murder. The SP has never acknowledged anything surrounding a “referral client” because it’s probably not true.

    The following quotes taken from a news story states Lindsay was not apprehensive about the showing;

    “Media reported widely that Buziak expressed trepidation at the showing, but Saanich police yesterday dismissed those reports, saying while Buziak felt the showing was unusual because she was not the listing agent, she wasn’t apprehensive about it.

    “While some reports indicated Buziak asked her boyfriend, real estate agent Jason Zailo, to check on her at the house, Horsley said Zailo went to the house because he had real estate documents for Buziak to sign.”

  15. You know what I think? The popo know Lindsay was murdered because of the largest cocaine bust in Alberta history.It doesn’t matter what internet detectives think.

  16. The FACTS outlined in the articles below substantiates the Calgary drug bust timeline and the DATE Erickson was arrested which was PRIOR to the other 12 individuals whose arrest was well after Lindsay’s murder. The safe containing 42 kilos of cocaine was OPENED on January 28, 2008. Police had earlier seized 25 kilos in total from Erickson/Graham. In total 67 kilos of cocaine was seized following ERICKSON and Graham Scott Taylors arrest. The burner phone that was used by the killer couple was activated LATE January 2008 as per SPD. The SPD reported publicly that only the female telephoned Lindsay. They have never acknowledged a male telephoned Lindsay. Burner phones are often purchased in bulk (not a large quantity from the same store, but rather a number of phones purchased from different outlets) and drug traffickers have a supply on hand. (as per news article: “The cell phone the couple used to contact Lindsay was purchased late November 2007 at a Vancouver convenience store. The phone was activated late January, 2008 in Vancouver. The phone travelled to the Island 24 hours prior to Lindsay’s murder. Vancouver is from where the first calls to Lindsay were made, confirmed by hits on cell towers in the city. Police said at least half dozen calls were made to Lindsay and after her murder the cell phone was never used again.) The SP are aware the burner phone was purchased November, 2007 and that the purchase was made prior to Lindsay’s trip to Calgary in December. Regardless of when the burner phone was purchased the Calgary drug bust seems to be the leading theory of the SPD.

    The articles clearly state the 12 other individuals were arrested AFTER Erickson and the 67 kilos that were seized followed Erickson’s arrest. You can’t argue with FACTS or a timeline that shows a very strong motive.

    Excerpts from 2 news articles – one dated June 2009 and the other one dated January 23, 2008.

    Jun 08, 2009 11:25 AM MT “The investigation began in January 2008 when police twice seized cocaine from a home on Hawthorne Drive in northwest Calgary. Two men, one from Calgary and the other from Victoria, was arrested and charged.”

    “Police continued to investigate and eventually arrested 12 more people, all but one from Calgary. They each face multiple drug-related charges, although two were recently charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine.”

    Over a several-month period, these individuals are alleged to have used a number of vehicles with hidden compartments to transport drugs between the provinces. It was during the transport that police were able to stop these vehicles and seize another 13 kilograms of cocaine,” said Cave, reading from a statement.

    January 23, 2008 “At approximately 9 p.m., on Tuesday, January 22, 2008, members of the CPS Drug Unit conducted a traffic stop in the 300 block of Hawthorne Drive N.W. Inside the vehicle officers discovered five kilograms of cocaine worth an estimated $150,000. An additional $105,000 in cash was also found. Further investigation led drug unit officers to a home on the same block. A search warrant on the home revealed a further 20 kilograms of cocaine worth an estimated $600,000, as well as another $112,000 in cash.

    During the execution of the search warrant at the residence, a large safe was located in the garage.

    This safe was opened on Monday, January 28, 2008. Inside, police discovered 42 kilograms of cocaine, valued at $1.26 million.

    In total, 67 kilograms of cocaine was seized as a result of this investigation, with a value of over $2 million. The street value of these drugs is estimated at $6.7 million.

    “This is now the largest seizure of cocaine in the history of the Calgary Police Service,” said CPS Drug Unit S/Sgt. Monty Sparrow.

    Graham Scott TAYLOR, 30, of Calgary, and Erickson Lopez DEL ALCAZAR, 28, of Victoria, B.C., are charged with one count each of possession of cocaine/crack for the purpose, and
    possession of property obtained by crime.

    I agree with the experts on DATELINE that JASON had NOTHING to do with Lindsay’s murder and the conspirator’s had a history of violence and a criminal background. Jason and family had neither. It is really interesting to note that both on Dateline and on Crime Watch Daily the investigators seem to be focused on the Calgary drug bust and have only positive things to say about Jason and family.

    IRREFUTABLE FACTS stated by a highly, experienced Detective:

    “The phone was only ever used for one thing and that was to phone Lindsay Buziak,” said Horsley. “It’s a level of planning that clearly shows Lindsay Buziak was the target. The issue is was she really the target or was she a scapegoat of convenience?”

    According to one theory, the answer to that may be tied to somewhere Lindsay went the December before her February murder.

    “In January before her murder, the largest drug bust in Alberta history occurred,” said Sgt. Horsley. “We’re talking millions upon millions of dollars’ value in cocaine. The people that lost the drugs know that someone spoke to the police.”

    “She does not personally appear to have any enemies, so what is the motive for the killing?” said Horsley.

    Police do have some strong theories though. One of them tied to a trip Lindsay Buziak made to Calgary just six weeks before her murder.

    “This was in December and the murder was in February,” said Sgt. Horsley.

    Apparently, while Lindsay was in Calgary, she reached out to an old acquaintance from Victoria, once by phone and another time through Facebook.

    “We don’t know the nature of the call. We don’t know why she called him. We don’t know she was on his Facebook site,” said Sgt. Horsley.

    What they do know is that the person she contacted was the family member of a man named Erickson Delalcazar, and that shortly after Lindsay went back to Victoria, Delalcazar, along with 13 other people, was caught in the biggest drug bust in the history of the province.

    “What we can say is that people lost a lot of money and the people that lost the drugs know that someone spoke to the police,” said Horsley. “A witch hunt occurred where people were being questioned, people were being pulled out of their beds in the middle of the night and asked ‘Who have you spoken to?’ because they know someone spoke to the police.”

    “Really, what it’s become is a modern-day witch hunt, and it’s just an internet witch hunt,” said Sgt. Horsley. “So it’s an ongoing issue and whether it affects the potential trial down the road, I don’t know. I’ve had those discussions with Mr. Buziak because it is potential that it could impact our successful prosecution.”

    What is important is to rely on what the investigators have shared about this case. Based on their appearances on Dateline and Crime Watch Daily they appear to be focused on the Calgary drug bust, and Lindsay’s association to KNOWN drug traffickers within her large circle of friends, which included ERICKSON. Lindsay herself was NOT INVOLVED in crime or drugs BUT, she was associating with PEOPLE WHO WERE and the police do have EVIDENCE who Lindsay associated with. There is NO DISPUTING the FACTS. The drug angle appears to be the LEADING THEORY in her murder. The Zailo’s were not even discussed on either show because they are not suspects.

    One of the Dateline experts Alan Jackson said this: “It wasn’t Jason. Let’s not forget, what’s rule number one of committing a homicide? You don’t bring a witness to a homicide, he had someone with him. The perfect alibi is NOT that YOU drive right to the house where the murder took place that YOU HIRED OR HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH, you don’t DO THAT!”


    2010: Speculation about the killing of a Victoria real estate agent has prompted police to hold an extraordinary news conference to quell rumours about the involvement of the victim’s boyfriend and his family.

    Lindsay Buziak was killed in February 2008 after being lured to a vacant property in the Victoria suburb of Saanich by a couple who had phoned her to arrange a showing of the home.

    A story on the U.S. television news show Dateline last Friday about the slaying of the 24-year-old led to speculation that Buziak’s boyfriend and his family were responsible, police said Wednesday.

    “We feel that it was important to clear the air,” said Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen. “Fingers had been pointed as a result of this program.”

    Jantzen said police willingly participated in the Dateline story in the hope it would generate new leads in the investigation.

    But the news story also created problems for the family of Jason Zailo, Janzten said.

    Family co-operative

    Zailo was Buziak’s boyfriend, and he and a friend found her body in the $1-million vacant house she had been scheduled to show to the mystery couple.

    Jantzen said Zailo and his family are not suspects in the case.

    The Zailo family … have met with our detectives … of their own free will, voluntarily, and have satisfied every investigative request that our detectives have had of them,” Jantzen said.

    2011: “Jantzen says the CVSA was not used at any point during the unsolved Lindsay Buziak case, though polygraph tests were administered the investigation.”

    2017: “Mr. Zailo and his friend were under intense police scrutiny. However, Mr. Zailo was cooperative with police,” said Sgt. Horsley. “He also partook in a polygraph exam, and he passed.”

    “Based on forensic evidence, timeline of communications, witness testimony, video surveillance, we know he’s not the killer,” said Sgt. Horsley. “Was he perhaps somehow involved in the planning? Well, he successfully passed a polygraph and he successfully took part in all these interviews with us. So at this point in time he’s not considered a suspect.”

    • If only 2 people were arrested in that Jan bust & Erickson Delalcazar is the Victoria connection with ties to organized crime, then it’s no wonder him and his friends have been the main focus of this murder investigation since the 08 bust. Did he or someone in his group have the power to call a hit? They just lost millions so they had reason to want whoever turned them in to pay the price. Lindsay’s boyfriend has no criminal past, and I haven’t seen anywhere that he had connections to Erickson or his friends. Even if Lindsay was leaving him so what, couples break up all the time, it’s hardly a reason to want her dead. Jason may have been doing everything he could to get Lindsay to distance herself from that group of friends in order to maintain her clean reputation in the real estate business. People need to look at the facts in this case and maybe they’d see things differently.

    • Thank you for providing the detailed posts. They are well laid out and easy to follow.After carefully reviewing the material the only motive that appears to fit with the timeline of Lindsay’s murder is the Alberta bust. I have long suspected some of these people had something to do with Lindsay’s murder.I have been following this case from the onset and there were things being said about the Zailos that did not add up. It was tidbits of information passed on down the line and we all know how unreliable that can be. After reading the posts I am in agreement with what the detectives have said. There has definitely been a witch hunt going on in regards to the Zailos. I can understand why people come to the Zailo’s defense.Especially if they know the truth.
      I live in Victoria and the Zailo’s are a well-known, successful family.They are very well liked in the community. They have many dear friends who have stood by them and supported them. What strangers are saying about them is simply not true.

      I think everything will sort itself out when the case is solved.

    • Like many others I do not question Jason Zailo’s innocent for one minute. I realize the gossip will never stop but anyone looking at the facts will realize he was not involved. The guy is a victim of circumstance, and I’m convinced he was set up. Lots of people have a good idea what happened and have talked to the cops. People need to remember that Lindsay’s old boyfriend of 5 years was friends with Erickson, Vid & others involved in the drug trade. I don’t think her ex is involved but like others, he might know who is. The Avneet poster definitely knows who’s involved and I doubt he ever went to the cops. Who does the guy think he is defending drug dealers. OUR guys – OUR streets. Such a display of egotism. The cops already know who is responsible for this murder, so they don’t need to talk to Avneet. His post would only go to solidify what they already know. The drug dealers are the suspects in this murder, always were and always will be. The only ones with real motive.

  17. FACTS: Erickson Delalcazar was NOT BEING WATCHED FOR ONE YEAR as stated on social media. This is FALSE information. Erickson was in JAIL following his arrest on January 22, 2008. The other 12 individuals were arrested between MAY 2008 and DECEMBER 2008 as a result of surveillance AFTER the police search at the Hawthorne address/Erickson’s vehicle search. Alycia LeBruyn’s fingerprint was also found on one of the bricks of cocaine that was seized.

    FACTS: Staff Sergeant Bossley was the lead investigator on a joint Calgary City Police and RCMP Investigation named “Operation High Noon” into suspected cocaine trafficking between British Columbia and Alberta. The investigation was conducted by the Drug Undercover Street Team from November 2007 to December 2008.

    Okay, this is where it gets tricky. Pay particular attention to the TIMELINE and DATES of when ERICKSON was arrested versus when the other 12 were arrested (you can read these FACTS from the court transcript rather than listen to hearsay).

    Since the investigation began NOVEMBER 2007 it was likely due to someone SNITCHING on Erickson and the Calgary operation. This would explain why the investigators were surveilling Erickson on the night of January 22, 2008. Typically, an investigation begins when someone snitches to the POLICE about a drug operation. Note, the investigation was looking into “SUSPECTED COCAINE TRAFFICKING BETWEEN BC AND ALBERTA.” The person who snitched likely had inside information that certain individuals were funneling cocaine into Alberta from BC. and reported this to the CCP/RCMP sometime in November 2007. This information resulted in the start of the investigation. Staff Sergeant Horsley also provided information to Crime Watch Daily in 2017 and said “the people involved in the Calgary drug bust KNEW SOMEONE HAD SPOKEN TO THE POLICE and a witch hunt occurred.” This information confirms there was a snitch. Some claim there was no snitch. Losing millions of dollars in revenue is a very strong motive for murder. The FACTS above supports the working theory that someone snitched on Erickson. He was the only one who had been ARRESTED prior to LINDSAY’S MURDER, besides Graham Taylor.

    It is NOT at all a far reach for anyone to believe that Lindsay was murdered due to Erickson’s arrest. Erickson may have believed Lindsay was the snitch that resulted in his arrest on January 22, 2008, and the loss of a total of 80 kilos of cocaine. Rg was Lindsay’s best friend so it is not a far reach for Erickson to think Lindsay may have been the snitch. Especially if Rg made a subtle hint to Erickson that Lindsay was the snitch. The ONLY TIMELINE that is key here is the date of Erickson’s arrest and the date Lindsay was murdered. Lindsay was murdered 11 days after Erickson was arrested. The remaining 12 individuals involved in the Calgary drug operation were still conducting business and were arrested months AFTER Lindsay’s murder.

    Some believe the conspirators began planning Lindsay’s murder as early as November based on the purchase date of the burner phone. Lindsay had not even visited her Father until DECEMBER and it was at that time that he said Lindsay talked about breaking it off with Jason and seeing something she shouldn’t have seen. Lindsay had only mentioned this to her Father. The problem is, the burner phone had already been bought. Lindsay did not mention the possible break up to her friend NB until December. NB claims Jason overheard that conversation and that’s when the conspiracy to murder Lindsay began. The problem is, the phone was PURCHASED in NOVEMBER BEFORE the events unfolded in DECEMBER. The timeline doesn’t fit.

    The SPD has a leading theory and it has nothing to do with the Zailo’s.

    • Don’t forget what Erickson’s friend Avneet had to say about Lindsay.


      AVNEET: >>> “The loss of innocent life is always unfortunate and sad; however, there are no innocents in this game. If you snort coke recreation-ally (largest user base of coke), you’re part of the problem. If you date or hang out with drug dealers, and you live off their proceeds of crime, then you’re part of the problem. Yeah, you could do away with Vid and the gang, only to have their replacements ready and willing to take over, and they could be far worse. OUR guys have kept the Vancouver gangs off OUR streets, who are 100 times worse than these guys. Is that what you want? Drive by’s and shootings? These guys have the kept the streets clean of them. Who else is going to stop them? The people on this forum? Please.The war on drugs is a failure; it’s best to try and control/regulate it then to try and prohibit it; street level dealers don’t bring drugs into the country, Vid and his gang don’t bring drugs into the country; they allegedly distribute them when it arrives in the country. The people that bring coke into the country are private business owners, corporations and white collar folks, but I don’t see anyone chasing after them, you all want to blame the local boogeyman. So, what do you think would happen to someone that tries to extort a drug dealer with major connections? I suspect the same thing would happen when you try an extort and important politician or business man. Also, extortion is illegal.”

      Avneet was basically trying to blame Lindsay for being murdered. Typical coward move. Avneet also confirmed his friends Erickson/VID had MAJOR CONNECTIONS. I assume those MAJOR CONNECTIONS were the DRUG CARTEL who supplied Erickson and company the cocaine that was SEIZED in the Calgary drug bust. Avneet also gives his friend VID some credit for keeping the gangs off our streets.

      More facts that supports the working theory that Lindsay was murdered due to the Calgary drug bust.

      • ” If you date or hang out with drug dealers, and you live off their proceeds of crime, then you’re part of the problem.”

        Is Avneet referring to Jeppers lady in his post? As far as I know, Jepper has never had a real job and is a known drug trafficker. So is Jepper’s lady living off the proceeds of crime? What about Vid’s lady? Vid is unemployed and is a known drug trafficker too. I feel bad for their kids.

        As for Lindsay, she was gainfully employed and so was Jason. Avneet must have been referring to himself and his own friends when he wrote that post.

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