2010 – Dateline Show Led To Speculation Boyfriend and Family Were Involved.

There are people(mostly Americans) on social media creating podcasts and youtube videos about Lindsay’s murder but none of these people have any direct knowledge of the case whatsoever.  The majority of the information in the podcasts/youtube videos is false and/or misleading and the hosts regurgitate the same false information. It’s safe to say the murder timeline is about the only information that is mostly accurate.  I think it’s important for people to do their OWN research and focus on the known facts shared by the investigators(like Dr. Phil did) rather than focus on the fabricated information posted on social media.  The Americans who are creating these reckless podcasts should probably focus on their own unsolved murders.  The USA has a much higher rate of unsolved murders than Canada does that’s for sure.

The Dateline show that aired in 2010 certainly brought some negative attention to the Zailo family even though the investigators who appeared on the program discussed the Calgary drug bust connection to Lindsay’s murder. There was also a Lindsay Buziak FaceBook discussion forum that shed a negative light onto the Zailo family.   I personally know some of the people who were involved in that discussion group and unfortunately, they too believed the rumours and gossip about the Zailo family.   Some of those people joined the discussion group to share their personal opinions and theories but unfortunately, their theories were based on false/misleading/fabricated information. The discussion group quickly turned into a witch hunt!  Everyone who participated in that group discussion should take responsibility for their own actions.  We have to be mindful that words hurt and we can never take them back.  Even if you believe you are being supportive of a specific cause there are other ways to help someone besides participating in a witch hunt so to speak.   I recommend doing your own fact-checking, keep an open mind, don’t believe everything you hear, don’t repeat everything you hear, and trust in your own instincts.  Be a leader, not a follower.  Although some of these people did participate in the FB discussion group they did not knowingly post fabricated information about the Zailo family or members of the SP.  These people are not involved in any of the ongoing smear campaigns waged against the SPD/Zailo’s nor did they participate in intentionally fabricating stories about innocent people.  They did not participate in fabricating “false confessions”, either.  These people did not intentionally try and mislead the public with false information.   What some of these people did was still wrong because they contributed to the witch hunt by posting their reckless thoughts/comments and they supported all the wrong people!    Some of these people have taken responsibility and accountability for their actions.  Some have not.  It’s safe to say some of these people have learned a very valuable lesson in that you don’t believe everything you hear/read nor trust people just because they may appear trustworthy.  More than anything you should never repeat things publicly that may be harmful to others just because you are told it’s true by someone you may think is credible.   It’s never okay to participate in public discussion groups, etc and openly accuse people of being involved in a murder conspiracy based on gossip!  Even stating your personal thoughts and theories can harm someone’s reputation.   I know some of the people who were involved in the discussion group are truly sorry for their actions and regret supporting all the wrong people.   For now, all they can do is show their support to the Zailo family and the SPD and to try and share some of the known facts about Lindsay’s case. They can try and shine a spotlight on the real group of people who are likely responsible for Lindsay’s murder.

Most of the ill-informed people on social media seem to focus on Jason’s actions at the crime scene and somehow arrived at the conclusion that based on Jason’s actions alone he and his Mother must be guilty of conspiring to murder Lindsay.  There is absolutely no evidence to support the theory that the Zailo’s are involved in Lindsay’s murder.  The ill-informed people have even fabricated another “false confession” this time putting the blame on a different Zailo family member.  In 2017 they fabricated a “false confession” and blamed a local criminal for Lindsay’s murder. Where does it end? If they really believed in their theory they would not keep changing the name of their suspects every other week.

Jason’s actions at the crime scene (1-7) are not at all suspicious and come with a logical explanation.(in parenthesis). Jason and his family are innocent and the real suspects have been out of the spotlight for 12 years!   It’s obvious there is a group of people engaged in a smear campaign with a personal vendetta against the Zailo family and the SPD and they have lost sight of seeking justice for Lindsay.  This is supposed to be about justice for Lindsay, remember?

1)  “Jason parked on Desousa for 10 minutes facing away from the house then moved his vehicle to Torquay for 10 minutes. Jason sat outside for a total of  20 minutes while Lindsay was being murdered.”

( As depicted on dateline Jason drove into the cul-de-sac, turned around at the end, made his way back down Desousa, sat for a few minutes outside the house then turned right onto Torquay and parked in the “now empty” parking spot. When Jason and CO first arrived on scene there was already a vehicle parked in the indent parking spot on Torquay so that’s why Jason didn’t park there. While Jason was parked on Desousa the suspects were busy escaping out the back.  It was likely the suspect’s vehicle that was parked in the indent parking spot on Torquay.   By the time Jason drove back towards Torquay, he noticed the vehicle had left, so he turned right onto Torquay and parked in the same spot.  So, the suspects had already murdered Lindsay and were about to leave when Jason arrived on the scene.  The suspects had already FLED the scene while Jason was on Desousa.  People on social media seem to really focus on Jason’s actions surrounding this event and have altered the event to fall in line with their conspiracy theory.  The reality is, Jason and his friend already witnessed the suspects attempting to leave out the front door so while Jason and his friend were on Desousa driving the killers BOLTED out the side patio doors and fled the scene. It really doesn’t matter where Jason parked because the suspects ESCAPED and FLED the scene within the first few minutes of Jason’s arrival.

2)  “Jason brought his friend as a personal alibi witness”

 (If Jason was really involved in the conspiracy or murder he would not require a personal alibi witness at the crime scene.  Jason already had eye-witnesses from SHC, video footage of the route he travelled from Sauce to  SHC, his departure time from SHC, his travel time to the Desousa property, telephone records, ping data, etc.  Logically, Jason did not require a personal alibi witness to prove where he was at murder time(5:38-5:41 pm). People also claim Jason looked directly up at the SHC surveillance camera but the reality is, the surveillance camera at SHC was not even WORKING.  It was the surveillance camera at the business next door that captured Jason’s departure from SHC. How would Jason know if that camera was even working or not??  Even without the video evidence, Jason still had a solid alibi for murder time.   If Jason was involved in the conspiracy part why would he need to bring a friend to the crime scene as an alibi witness when he had already established a solid alibi??  His friend actually became a WITNESS along with Jason because they both saw the suspects attempting to exit the front door.  Wouldn’t it have been wiser for Jason to come alone and discover Lindsay’s body and tell the police HE didn’t SEE ANYONE LEAVE if he were involved?  Wouldn’t it have been wiser for Jason to wait outside until the police arrived to do the welfare check?  Jason and his friend were able to provide police with a partial description of the suspects.  As an investigator mentioned on another crime show, if Jason arrived a few seconds later he would have run into the suspects right in the driveway.  So, how does it make any sense that bringing along his friend to the crime scene was beneficial for Jason if he was involved in the conspiracy?  Jason already had an airtight alibi established for murder time.)

3) “why did Jason run directly to the master bedroom? ”

(the reality is he didn’t. Once he reached the landing at the top of the stairs he could see Lindsay’s body on the floor in the master bedroom before even entering the room. If the room at the top of the stairs happened to be a restroom and not the master bedroom everyone would be asking “why did Jason run directly into the restroom?) 

4) “why did Jason run directly up the stairs?”

(Prior to gaining entry into the residence Jason and CO called out Lindsay’s name,  rang the doorbell, attempted to reach her by telephone with no success. Once they were able to gain entry through the patio door CO entered the home and did not see Lindsay in any of the open rooms on the main floor. Have a look at the floor plan of the main level of the home. Photos  CO was basically able to see most of the rooms on the main floor after he entered the home and probably reported to Jason he had not seen her.  That is likely why Jason ran directly upstairs to check the upper level.  It seems logical to assume Lindsay may have been on the upper level.  If Jason was involved in the conspiracy wouldn’t it have been wiser for Jason to tell his friend “you go check upstairs I will check downstairs?”  Why point suspicion at himself if he were involved?  Jason and his friend’s actions were appropriate under the circumstances.)

5. “How did Jason find the open patio door so quickly and then boost his friend over? Why didn’t Jason go to the other side of the house where there were two other doors or even check the backyard first?”

(The reality is, CO found the open patio door, NOT Jason. The two of them had split up to look for a way into the house.  Jason went to the right of the house and CO off to the left.  CO spotted the open patio door almost immediately and called out to Jason before Jason even got the chance to get to the other side of the house to begin his search for an entry point.  The reason CO was boosted over the fence and not Jason is that Jason was  6’1″  and weighed  250 lbs.  It made far more sense to boost CO over the fence since he was only 5′ 11″ and 185 lbs.) (height/weight info based on ONLINE HOCKEY STATS not fabricated information from the Zailo conspiracists)

6)  “Why did Jason text Lindsay at 5:38 to say he was “just a couple of minutes away” when he already spoke to her on the telephone at 5:30 to say he would see her in 10-15 minutes? Why did Jason have to ask anyone for directions when he had GPS in his vehicle?”

(When Jason spoke to Lindsay at 5:30 he was just leaving SHC and he had likely not yet entered the NEW Desousa address into his vehicles GPS.  Since Desousa was a NEW street it had not been entered into Google Maps yet therefore his GPS could not locate the street. (it can take up to a FULL YEAR for a new street to be entered into the google maps system).   It was reported Jason called his brother for directions.  It was reported Jason also contacted  Lindsay for directions.  It was reported that investigators have evidence that Lindsay had been texting Jason directions to the Desousa property.(police have not confirmed this story) It makes sense if Jason sent that second text “just a couple of minutes away” he was probably just letting Lindsay know he would be there shortly after receiving directions to the property. )  If Jason was involved in her murder he would have no need to text Lindsay at 5:38 pm for alibi purposes as his solid alibi had already been established at 5:30 pm.  

7)  “when Jason’s friend looked over the patio fence and saw the  open patio door why didn’t he notice the opening in the fence where the 3 missing boards were which was directly across from where he was standing?”

(CO’s primary focus was to look for open doors and windows to gain entry. He was not looking at the fence for missing boards. PHOTOS It was dark outside and it would have been difficult to spot an opening in the fence unless there was a beam of light shining through the opening. There were trees and shrubs along the outside of the patio fence.  It was reported the owner of the home kicked out the fence boards to allow painters access to the patio. Does it make sense the owner would KICK OUT the fence boards?  It makes more sense he would carefully remove the boards rather than kick them out. It was confirmed the painters were in the final stages of staining the patio fence and the owner removed the boards to give them easy access to the patio. Otherwise, the owner would have to meet the painters at the residence and walk through the house to get to the patio area.  It makes logical sense why the stain was left outside the patio area and why the boards were removed. As for the suspect’s escape route it’s also possible the suspects escaped the same way CO got in by climbing over the fence.  I don’t believe the police ever said that the suspects escaped out of the opening in the fence. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t.

If the podcasters did some of their own research rather than parrot what someone else said they would have a better understanding of what really happened based on details shared publicly by the investigators.   It’s not a good idea to parrot false information from non-credible websites, bloggers and youtube videos.   There is a very good reason why many gullible people believe in the zailo conspiracy theory.  Most have come to that conclusion based on fabricated information. The podcasters are simply feeding the frenzy.  If none of the information/circumstances/events are even true how can you have a sensical theory or come to a sensical conclusion? You can’t!

Media releases:

Speculation about the killing of a Victoria real estate agent has prompted police to hold an extraordinary news conference to quell rumours about the involvement of the victim’s boyfriend and his family.

Lindsay Buziak was killed in February 2008 after being lured to a vacant property in the Victoria suburb of Saanich by a couple who had phoned her to arrange a showing of the home.

A story on the U.S. television news show Dateline last Friday about the slaying of the 24-year-old led to speculation that Buziak’s boyfriend and his family were responsible, police said Wednesday.

“We feel that it was important to clear the air,” said Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen. “Fingers had been pointed as a result of this program.”

Jantzen said police willingly participated in the Dateline story in the hope it would generate new leads in the investigation.

But the news story also created problems for the family of Jason Zailo, Janzten said.

Jantzen said Zailo and his family are not suspects in the case.

“The Zailo family … have met with our detectives … of their own free will, voluntarily, and have satisfied every investigative request that our detectives have had of them,” Jantzen said.

He said Saanich police have received several hundred calls about the case since the show aired and was seen by about six million U.S. viewers.

But the majority of calls contained suggestions about how detectives should proceed rather than hard evidence, said Jantzen. 

“Horsley said police don’t believe her killers live in the Victoria area, so investigators are working with the NBC show Dateline to get the message out across the continent.”

In the report, Insp. Rob McColl and Det.-Sgt. Chris Horsley say they “desperately need some help” in the case. They took the unusual step of appearing on an American news magazine show with hopes of generating tips. An international tip line has been set up as well as a local one.


2010 FaceBook comments by people who knew Lindsay personally.  These people  also participated in the LB Facebook discussion group in 2010  in hopes of sharing some of what they knew and putting the attention on the real group of suspects.  Unfortunately, this helpful group of people were not believed.  THEIR TRUTH is being posted on this site as a reminder of how easily it is to be mislead and to also show respect to them when it was not shown to them in 2010.


Shirley did take a long walk with Lindsay (not allegedly) and they talked about lots of things, her friends, Matt. Lindsay called Shirley and asked her to go for a walk because Jason was going to a hockey game, SZ met her and they went for a walk and a dinner for more than 3 hours. Lindsay said she was afraid of Matt at times and Matt confirms on Dateline that their relationship was stormy at times and Dateline stated that Lindsay called the police on him at least 3 times. Maybe that is all connected.

As you can see even on here that there is hatred, even L. hated SZ even though he has never ever met her in real life.  I think everybody has his/her fans in life and also some people you cant get along with. I am sure that MMD did different things with LB and some of that she missed clearly, on the other hand she was probably satisfied with JZ

L, here is a response for your questions:   Anne is a friend of SZ’s, she submitted a list of questions for SZ to answer…. read below.

1) It would help the suspicious public to know what the actual arrangement was re either Lindsay signing papers or “checking on” Lindsay during the showing.

– Jason and Lindsay were doing a deal together that day on a listing of Jason’s and that the paperwork had to be dealt with in a timely manner (before Jason’s hockey game.) And yes realtors do not sign contracts they have their clients sign it, they were doing a deal together remember, most likely Lindsay’s clients had to sign this.

2) People continue to speculate re the phone call SZ made to NB. Can this be explained?

– Jason stored a few numbers in Shirley’s phone because the SPD had his phone. If you look up the person that is the head of the admin staff at Re/Max (Chatterton office) I’m sure you can figure out how the mistake was made, as Shirley speaks to this person on a regular basis.(it doesn’t excuse Shirley hanging up, but she does have poor phone etiquette when she is in a rush)

FYI Shirley does NOT know how to speak any other language besides English nor how to speak with any sort accent.


Regarding Lindsay’s supposed ‘nervousness’ prior to the showing, this issue is hotly contested. Lindsay’s father has stated on numerous occasions that Lindsay was worried about the showing. Lindsay was not so much concerned about the ‘mysterious buyers’ but was excited about the big sale she was going to get. Jason’s purpose for going to the house was to deliver papers to Lindsay on a deal they were working on together.
On another note, I don’t believe that Lindsay ever actually got a name from the ‘mexicans‘ as to who the ‘referral client’ was.

(The SP also dismissed reports that Lindsay was apprehensive about the showing –   https://www.pressreader.com/canada/times-colonist/20100630/textview

Kristina :

a) SZ rents 2768 Claude Road to ZM who is NOT a convicted killer, he was charged but NEVER CONVICTED, that’s a huge difference (look at court documents)
b) there is NO PROOF of any other tenants being criminals etc, check your facts before posting


It was stated here before that Lindsay and Jason were working on a deal together (NOT MORTGAGE RELATED) and yes that needed to be signed by Lindsay’s client, thats why he was there. And these are facts

D – frustrating not knowing – lets just think of some initials and we can discuss that for the next 350 posts or we can get a cup of coffee at Timmy’s or…..let me think, what initials did we not have had yet ..uhmmmmm.
Ohh I found one ….Delalcasar – just arrested two brothers, criminals,drug dealers, and related to the former friend of Lindsay

Bob as per
“JB – The friend Lindsay met drives a gravel truck and is in the gravel truck game. He is an admirier of Lindsay and would not put her in harm and would do anything to solve this case.He has no links to Matt that I know except Victoria. Matt did a polygraph right after Lindsay’s murder and is arranging to do another shortly to have it current.

Why would Matt “update” a polygraph test ? Did he not pass on the first test? You can not make a test go “current”


I have asked police about polygraphs and the only reason for doing it again is that you failed/inconclusive the first test, what’s up with that ?


Photo # 32 does convince me of the FACT that JZ can now safely put some butter on his French Toast.
butter knife yeeez

Ok…been trying to catch up on the posts…But, I have viewed the “famous photo #32” and can honestly say that I think it is a joke. I have never seen a post ever that has so many assumptions in one single post. I followed the link, and there are other photos in which Jason is smiling and having a good time!!

For all those who see “murder” in the picture….get a life!!! I mean who is the bigger joke…D for his assumptions or the fucking morons who actually agreed with him.



I think most of the people on this board need to get their facts straight. Sure everyone wants to find out who committed this murder but DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THE POLICE!!!!!! The police cleared Ryan, Jason, and Shirley! All these rumours and gossip are a joke. Many of the statements written on here by people are a so far off from the truth I hope people aren’t buying into anything that these people are posting. I really hope that everyone involved is brought to justice but I think it would be a lot more pro-active to look at other scenarios, move past the Zailo’s. The Saanich police would not come out and clear them of wrongdoing if they were not 100% that they were not involved.


Reading these posts I think that too many posts seem to be personally attacking mostly Shirley for how she acts. I know that Ryan, Jason and Shirley all volunteered for polygraph tests and all passed without any suspicions.

Kristina :
J. – Kristopher has a point. Saanich Police have claimed the Zailo family are not presently persons of interest.  Kristopher, please give us your thoughts before you leave. Its good to have someone new on board with fresh ideas. please!

Bob :
I wonder how long the relationship was between Matt and Lindsay
and did they really move on ?


Why would anybody with “real experience” come on here, give their opinion out of years of experience and what do you do ?? You ditch whatever they say and you go back to your imaginary world of fiction and assumptions. The poly test is being held in a very small room and takes 3-4 hours, it is done by a highly trained professional combined with the polygraph machine and consists of questions on and off the machine for hours. These people can see if you lie or not and the machine is an addition to that. Good luck fooling both of them, why do you think EVERY LAWYER ADVISES THEIR CLIENTS NOT TO TAKE IT even though it is not admissible in court. THINK PEOPLE, and yes these are FACTS      NOT FICTION.

First of all where is stated by the police (not NB) that SZ used a “fake accent”?
Don’t forget that she passed a polygraph test, and from what I know about it it is quit intence that test, and no they don’t ask you stupid questions.
I said that Jeff was OK with SZ explanation about the mistake phone call and there was NO strange accent used, I believe she is English speaking..
Did Matt pass a polygraph test ? Did we beat that horse to death like we did the Zailo’s?
We are here to present NEW ideas not the same old over and over again, I look back at so many postings and I am not convinced of other peoples innocence.
Someone close to Lindsay – maybe in the same office – someone she knows

Calgary drug bust as being related, I M O it needs to be disected more:
DelAlcasar brothers, arrested for drug trafficing etc. etc….
DelAlcasar (other brother) arrested in calgary for drugs lost 30 million in revenue !!
DelAlcasar, the guy who Lindsay met (former riend)
DelAcasar, who is connected in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary ??????????????

they where together from 2001-2006 that is five years..
SZ past a polygraph so it is most likely that she tells the truth
Who did Lindsay call the police about 3 times
Who had a “rocky relationship” with Lindsay
Who was close to Lindsay

you are wrong D, one call was made to NB (mistake) leading back to SZ


I agree with you on Matt, we should dissect this one more:
The facts are: the mother believes he has something to do with it ( and you would think that the mother knows most because Lindsay lived at home for some of the 5 year relationship with Matt. I don’t think people call the police on their partners just because of “a stormy relationship” their must have been more to that.
didn’t somebody say that Lindsay was going to go back to MMD

here is my vision:   1. shirley is NOT connected to JD. She went to the house but did not go through the yellow tape I assume, she must have been there to assist JZ.    J. more or less accused JZ of his involvement, logical you say something back. There is no evidence of accent used on phone call to NB, it was a mistake call accepted by J.
2.JD is NOT connected to SZ, cleaning a house before a showing is common knowledge, you want to sell the place so you clean it. JD is NOT a partner with SZ boyfriend
3; Z’s are NOT friends with JD
Just wanted to clarify some things here

news flash : the DelAlcazar brothers are arrested in Victoria, known drug ealers,criminals and the brothers of the DelAlcazar who was with Lindsay
What is there not to understand about this people ??
There is your link, oooh yeah Calgary was not a link he….just the biggest drugbust etc but no link just a coincedence.

Bob :
D, don’t you think that SP did not check that and many other things out yet, if you read J’s comment : SZ called her son R. who already was in town to go and check on JZ and LB, do you think SZ was quicker than him in getting there…

I just feel that all of us here are just filling thousands of post with the same BS, we are NOT GETTING ANYWHERE with this, just frustrating thats all.
Lets focus on something better that will lead us to the REAL KILLER(S) fcol.

Bob :
you rather keep talking in circles, arn’t you getting tired of repaeting the same things over and over again. this is just what I mean, the calibur of some “wanna bee detectives ” on here is appalling .  You posted very little, maybe you should make sense or get out.

I think Lindsay was fine with showing the house to the people that showed up. If you are that uneasy, why would you go into the house ?

Eli, with all this knowledge of SZ’s properties, what can we do with this now?

It was on Check TV that de zailo’s own a condo in Shutters, it is in name of RZ
218-66/68 Songhees Road, Victoria (title search)

Hi, can anybody answer M,   I was wondering the same thing, where are we going with this, what does it prove, realtors make a lot of money we found out in the meantime, SZ has been a succesfull realtor for a long time, inheritance etc.??

the truth hurts, you are obviously obsessed in a certain direction and what did that do in solving this crime ? We are not talking business here, far from it. We are a bunch of people doing their best in HELPING whoever in trying to get leads. We are not SOLVING anything.

Hi All – reading these last couple of pages and I think again there is a lot of talk but not to much walk.   J. don’t believe anything and everything people say or write unless you get it out of the first hand.  J – I would like to appologize for the group in how they treated you, you are a very valuable person to have on here so you can tell us how it works in real life, I remember you saying that you have had 30 years of experience and nobody beats the lie detector, and taking advil before your test makes no difference either.
J- I agree with you that is is virtually impossible to pass the test with 3 people and lie.

E.  there is a ton of people “very close to Lindsay” but yet you are only focusing on 2 or 3 what about the rest, lets concentrate on that because your “leads” are not going anywhere.  What is the motive for killing her: seing something at REMAX, very unlikely because she only worked there for less than a year, she saw something in 2006 and there was no REMAX at that time. And I don’t think Jason was even in the picture when she saw something back in 2006.  Former relationships: what do we now about former boyfriends?

Well E, it is “your word” (inexperienced, assuming) against the word of an experienced police officer of 30 years.
And yes, if I was treated the same way as J.  I would have said screw you all I don’t need this abuse, im out.

I did some research on transactions from the Westshore REMAX office, every contract of purchase goes the Chatterton “Head” Office conveancing department and every contract has a lawyer on it of choice of the seller and buyer. Ray Blender is the general manager for all the offices.
These are facts!   Assumptions again, get your facts straight.

As for Lindsay’s prior boyfriends, I think we’ve covered that & can find no connection.
Isn’t it funny that you say that because we have been digging into the Zailo’s forever and that does not get us anywhere and yet we keep on digging.
As for the boyfriends: I don’t see too much digging going on there.
Hmmmmm I wonder why that is?
I would like to say “I think we’ve covered that & can find no connection”.


” And J calls his mother in the middle of the night?? If that was all over her leaving, then I consider them crazy enough to do this. But just the thought that she would leave…is enough to plan her murder??? She hadn’t even left 6 weeks later…and they still killed her. WHY did Shirley take that walk with Lindsay on the night before?? To question her loyalty? Lindsay didn’t even LIKE her!!! What else could Lindsay have known?


just to compliment M: WE ARE 6857 POSTS LATER and we are still talking about the same BS. NO I am not a Zailo (nor a Zailo lover) you dumbasses. The only thing you are doing on here is keeping each other “alive” with your assumptions, you KNOW nothing just as the rest of us and the SP, Dateline and whoever is/was involved in this.
Have you ever considered that NOBODY comes on here because of the reason that they are trashed, convicted etc by you guys, nobody in their right mind would come on here to support you “armchair cops” leave the real detective work to people who have studied for it and know what they are doing.

Discussing? you are not discussing anything just repeating the same shit on a different day as in the last 11 threads or is it 12 by now…..ahhh losing count.
Nothing that you “discuss” is new and the newcomers just keep repeating the same questions:   So the cell phone was purchased in 2007 and activated in January 2008. Interesting timeline. pfffff look back




Just some clarification here, you seem to be confused:
the buyers give their agent parameters to work with and as a result of that de sousa place and who knows what else came out of that, next step was to call the listing agent(s) to make an appointment and then the showing takes place, nowhere in this procedure it was mentioned that SZ “picked or pushed” a certain listing so don’t state that as being true, those are your assumptions. BTW you should ask J how the procedure is since he is a realtor himself. Maybe you can rectify this yourself.

It was stated here before that Lindsay and Jason were working on a deal together (not mortgage related) and yes that needed to be signed by Lindsay, thats why he was there. And these are facts.

please show me where that was stated because (as you know being an ex-realtor yourself) you don’t call another realtor “for houses to show” unless it is the listing realtor – NOT ?- I am sure SHIRLEY WOULD NOT GIVE LINDSAY any houses to show, why would she ?
And yes realtors do not sign contracts they have their clients sign it, they were doing a deal together remember, most likely Lindsay’s clients had to sign this.
Lindsay was a smart, bright girl and a successful realtor, do you really think she needed Shirley to do her work for her I don’t think so for a moment. And besides that she was going to leave the Z’s and the office, why would she have one of the Z’s involved in this deal of a lifetime.


B. I was wondering when someone dared to come out and say how absurd many if not most of the postings have been. Being really interested in the case after seeing in on dateline, I researched and found the facebook group, and put up some posts a while back which I later deleted when there was so much fighting and negativity and oversized egos and manipulation. For some time I thought that there was a good chance someone would provide information to help solve this crime. Instead it has been more or less a witch hunt. Oh, yeah, I don’t like his eyes, he must be devilish, oh she has red hair – definitly witchcraft….oh my goodness. The majority of people cannot get the facts straight (the few facts that are actually available), the others haven’t even read all the stuff yet create “facts” and state opinions as “facts”, very few actually do any research before they state stuff, the rest is just “I know for sure they have done it – yeah I feel it – I have the vibe.” It’s incredible what has been happening here. I realize now how important it is there is a police because otherwise, you have a mob driven by a mob mentality.

No, I am not a friend of the Zailos. No, I don’t live in Canada. No, I don’t know if the Zailo family is innocent or guilty. What I know is that this has been ugly. In case that they are innocent, I guess you think you can just apologize. I guess in this feeding frenzy the outcome justifies the means.

I wish very much that the cowards that committed this horrible crime will be caught – but what has happened on here is not right. Yes, I know that what happened to Lindsay and her family is not right but two wrongs don’t make things right.

Kristopher, I think most of the people on this board need to get their facts straight. Sure everyone wants to find out who committed this murder but DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THE POLICE!!!!!! The police cleared Ryan, Jason, and Shirley! All these rumours and gossip are a joke. Many of the statements written on here by people are a so far off from the truth I hope people aren’t buying into anything that these people are posting.

I really hope that everyone involved is brought to justice but I think it would be a lot more pro-active to look at other scenarios, move past the Zailo’s. The Saanich police would not come out and clear them of wrongdoing if they were not 100% that they were not involved

let’s be honest, you hate the Zailo’s and you believe in their quilt It is called denial. You have made up all your “facts” to discredit them, yet have never given proof to accuse them. WHERE ARE YOUR FACTS. The police clearing Jason, Ryan and Shirley by way of a polygraph does give them a *presently cleared* card. The questions are never scrutinized by a lawyer, and their responses are not influenced by any good attorney.


“Mi  and Ang were also discussed, came forward and look at how that turned the discussion around, maybe if the Z’s came forward to offer their assistance in a mature manner the same would be done for them.”

The Zailo’s gave all their info to the SP and all did the poly and we are still bitching about them… go figure.


SZ reportedly made a phone call to NB – police deemed to be a mistake.  That is a fucking fact
Thank you.


Mr B, yes I have let the police know the little bit that I knew..



D. & E research has physically LINKED the “respectable” SZ and members of her family with known felons – drugs etc. What’s us innocent law-abiding citizens to believe? THERE IS A LINK TO ZACH MATHESON (TENANT) ONLY . THE OTHER STUFF IS ONLY ASSUMPTIONS NO FACTS



Kristina :

Again you should know that the MANAGER DOES NOT HAVE TO APPROVE ANY SHOWING, YOU ARE AN INDEPENDENT ENTREPRENEUR, stop with your assumptions and try to get some things going that are true facts.

E: you are telling BS again on here, stop doing that and get some real facts going, Jason is presently cleared as a person of interest. Your mind is going out of control


M, thanks for your serious question, here is a serious answer :

Give me a REAL MOTIVE other than the BS about leaving Jason (jp is still alive I think)

Give me facts than back up your thoughts and maybe we can move on.

J. I mostly read this site, occasionally make a post, but I have to say that I feel it’s getting a bit too much.  What bothers me is the constant invitation for new people to add their input…yet when they do, unless it falls in line with the belief of most of you here, it is immediately dismissed as either Zailo supporter or one of the Zailos themselves.

I do not know (just like any of you) who killed Lindsay.
I do not know to what extent, if any, the Zailos are involved.
But, I cannot, with a clear conscience, continue to participate in these discussions.
They are destroying someone’s life, hurting them personally and financially.

Best of luck to you, Mr B,in finding the killers of your daughter.
Hopefully, they will be found and punished.



J, I know nothing about this crime. If I did, I would have already told the right people…the police.This site isn’t about finding the truth anymore.It’s out of control.It’s a hate site.

To the others – a woman is dead. This isn’t a game. Period. This isn’t something for your amusement. You’re not helping J one little bit when you keep feeding this frenzy of innuendo and gossip. The reason I came on here is to have my say which is: None of you has any right to be smearing people’s name the way the posters do on here. Somebody needs to take some control of what’s going on here.You’re talking about REAL people not Agatha Christie characters in a book. REAL. There’s no new evidence.When there isn’t any new evidence people on this board seem to feel a compulsion to make it up and call it evidence.If the police don’t think it’s evidence, then it’s not. Stop the hating already – it’s only causing more mayhem and it’s not helping to solve this crime!

Did Jason ACTUALLY say he had documents for her to SIGN, or just papers to BRING her? Big difference. Realtors don’t sign papers UNLESS it was a listing agreement, so..
no hurry. BUT, if it were to bring her an offer that SHC made on a property, then TIME MATTERED.

G – a made-up name if ever there was one – what do you know that is a FACT?
No one is foul-mouthed. A few people are fed up and sick and tired of gossip. None of you has any right to be smearing the names of people that have been cleared..none of you. M was cleared, you’re not smearing him anymore.I don’t see him on this board helping anything.But you don’t smear his name, do you?? You don’t have any clear-cut credible evidence.You have gossip and hate mongering on your minds. Not the same thing. Ask the police if it’s the same thing G?

Bob :
“Is there any chance that Jason could be in a Satanic or Masonic cult? I’ve heard that Victoria is #1 for satanic worshippers, including doctors, lawyers & politicians. Now Lindsay stumbling across THAT would be a GOOD reason to kill her!! He certainly dresses & looks the part.”

All this shows me is that you are running out of things to say here you keep going on an on about the zailo’s but really ask yourself where has it gotten you but nowhere keep trying and you will be here in the same place in another 3 years LOL

Hi E- I think you are confused “with what she saw” that did not happen in Victoria but in Vancouver in 2006.
Someone close to her – could be the Vancouver connection to (co-workers)

And  Jason wasn’t even in the picture when she saw something, it was back in 2006


I personally found all of SZ real estate properties (good he)
I personally found the friends of the Z’s AND the acquaintances
I made up that they are involved in drugs etc (looks good on my report)
I know for sure that they know someone who is a bad guy
I don’t know anyone who has done anything wrong in their life (and I am the only one I have been told)
I think they are planners (they are good at planning things so if you need a good planner I know one)

After working years you have no shred of evidence pointing at the Zailo’s

I really think I should hang up my investigator’s licence and go to sleep now.

Hello everyone, I have not been able to participate lately but I would like to say today on this special day:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LINDSAY and I wish all of your loved ones all the strength they might need in these difficult times.
I know that if you were here you would have a blast tonight, I will have one on you girl !
Evelyn and Jeff and of course Sarah, may God be with you on your way to recovery.
God bless you all.


Happy Birthday, Lindsay.
On this special day, we all hope that a little miracle will happen and a light shines down on us and gives us some direction to go to solve this useless crime.
Jeff, Evelyn, Sarah, and Family, our thoughts are with you.

Lindsay, rest in peace

today is Lindsay’s 27 th Birthday – Happy Birthday it is so hard to believe your not with us. We all miss you.

Jeff, Evelyn and Sarah and family I wish you strength to carry on

Does anybody here has ever thought of the fact that the experts on dateline might have been totally wrong, how is their score in having things right.

L – apparently you are “new” on here.
First, off all, Jason does not need anyone “in his corner” at all because he is cleared by the Saanich Police and is “presently” not a person of interest so I don’t know where you are going with your comment.
He is not waiting (I assume) of your respect or sympathy.
Third of all, back to the polygraph and 2+ hours of interrogation
Fourth of all, the timeline does not fit him as being the killer period.














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